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  1. Been using beds of pellets and not fishing, then had 2 single days fishing about 3 hrs a time and nailed a 13 1/2 1st evening and a 14-2 the next. Bed of mixed pellets with a coconut and tigernut 12mm boilie. Next target a white koi carp looks about the 20lb plus size, looks wary but hopefully will let its guard down. Not monster fish but from the pond they are nice fish, thanks for the advice and tight lines
  2. Looks good dalthegooner, will defo give it a go. Got to keep the west country economics going. Cheers for the link
  3. True, will try that androoooo, will oil take anything else flavour wise or do you think they would separate?
  4. Been told sunflower oil works in the colder weather to create an up and down slick effect? Never used it before but willing to try it
  5. Got a shed load of pellets would a good carpet of pellet sweet corn hemp ect pull them in? With sweet corn on hook work do you think?
  6. Will try some chops and odd shapes see if that works?
  7. Stalking isn't a viable option as it is a sheer face on 3/4 of the pool only a couple of swims to cast from, but whole pool can be reached with a cast, will try some natural baits I think, I was hoping a bright pop up would work but not sure as no interest in boilies?
  8. With maggots would you hair rig a bunch or go straight on the hook? Looked at maggot clips on ebay but they look very cumbersome? Have heard of superglueing to a small cork ball to create a popped up bunch, seems a bit fiddly though
  9. Thanks for advice, if I try it will use sparingly
  10. I'm going to fish a small(less than an acre quarry) average depth of about 8ft deep. There isn't much sign of anyone fishing it. I have had a look over the last couple weeks and put a few boilies in a couple of swims but they haven't been touched. I know there are carp in there as seen about 10 fish mid double in there sunning themselves and I saw a couple of very large carp in amongst a very overgrown snaggy areas. Any help much appreciated Thanks
  11. I have heard soaking pop ups in sunflower oil gives added attraction is this true?
  12. As the wet weather is fast approaching need a brolly to keep out of the weather. Don't do overnights due to family commitments. Just something to shelter in for a few day sessions. Don't want to spend a silly amount as won't be used much more than once a week. Cheers for any advice
  13. After using the rods am delighted, lovely action and brought me a bit of luck in the shape of a 13 1/2 common. Also checked the voodoo rod and its a handmade through action 2 1/4 tc rod feels a nice rod so over the moon with purchase Cheers for the comments all and tight lines
  14. Looking forward to using the rods weekend. As fo 150 yard casts not an issue 40-50 max on the 2 pits I fish. Feel better now I haven't wasted my money, cheers
  15. Just bought 4 rods 2 x Nash hooligun 12ft 2-3/4 tc and 2 others a pph voodoo? And another nothing on the rod at all. Only bought them for the 2 hooligun rods. Payed £36 delivered to my door. A few scuffs but no damage to rings or reel seats. I think they are in pretty good nick. Only fish small waters that hold carp up to high twentys maybe a thirty now? Cheers for any opinions
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