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  1. Surface fishing.

    As easy as that can't believe I didn't think off that :/
  2. Surface fishing.

    I have been trying fishing on the top because lately the fish have been biting more on the top but when I cast out my floaters alway seem to stay really close to my bubble float?? I have about 4 feet between the hook and float. I have been read around but not found anything about this problem?
  3. Running rig.

    Yeah that cool thing don't come quick unless it's to do wish money lol could always try paying the fish hahah
  4. Running rig.

    okay thanks guys will try this out tonight. Can't wait been most night this week. I've got a lot better finding the fish had a good night last night apart from where I was casting my last casting hit the dam bush and I lost my setup and my new hook that I only just got but hey
  5. Running rig.

    na I keeping my line tight and I have the tip of the rod on a slight bend
  6. Running rig.

    Na 2oz is what I use all the time.
  7. Running rig.

    Here one for ya. Ever time I use a running setup I don't get no bites so I used a fixed lead and in the hour I had 3 screamers? The lead I use is a 2oz don't know if that' make a difference.
  8. Barbed or barbless the safest?

    ohh really oh know lol
  9. Barbed or barbless the safest?

    thanks so much for all the info and help i am really grateful!!! barbed or barbless hooks what would you guys say??
  10. Running rig.

    Does so like a good line to have. What you mean last longer the mono?? When should you change to fresh line??
  11. Running rig.

    that okay mate was just looking at the line the reviews are all good. What the main reason you use the brand??
  12. Running rig.

    sorry mate. I just when I have hooked the odd tree you see people over I'm front pointing and laughing so now I laugh about it rather that than crying.
  13. Running rig.

    haha the odd tree lmao. Thanks guys have ordered a pack and can't wait for them to come
  14. Running rig.

    Is it these ones as can only find Gardner covert mugga? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/190645550093?&varId=490052549165
  15. Running rig.

    well use the running rig today had a really good time have a good lot of bites only hooked 3 i say hook because half way they came out 1 was my bad 2 the hook bent badly 3 my reel knotted will defo need to get better branded hook now!!