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  1. manc70

    1st Set of Scales!

    Reuben Heaton for me
  2. manc70

    Nash H-Gun Barrow

    I,ve got the [hgun] can,t fault it and I,ve got quite a bit of gear comes with under barrow bag and folds flat enough to get in my astra You pays your money amd takes yer chance Bill
  3. manc70


    Thanks lads I knew I,d get the info off here Bill
  4. Good evening lads whilst tidying the shed out I cam across these an Apollo tubular steel rod made in England . Cormoran black star winkle picker ,And Cormoran classic feeder with 2 tips Thease are not for sale so I think I can put them on here if not please delete my post Can anybody shed any light on them I think the Cormoran came from Germany please correct me if I am wrong Thanks in advance Bill
  5. manc70

    broken pole help

    Managed to repair it on the bank on Monday just a bit of a pain getting the old one out and getting the new one back Thanks Bill
  6. manc70

    broken pole help

    HI Ian the pole broke not the elastic and I have bought the replacement pole I think I unbolt the broken pole and replace it with the new one do I put the new pole in assembled or broken for ease of replacement hope this helps I suppose if I get it out easy broken down I would get the new one back the same way ( THINKING OUT ALOUD ) Thanks Bill
  7. manc70

    broken pole help

    Yes the three that go left to right wondering if I assemble the new pole before threading through or with it in the collapsed position Hope you understand what I am trying to say Thanks Bill
  8. manc70

    broken pole help

    The middle one of three
  9. Can anyone help me replace a broken pole for JRC STI 2MAN broke mine last week on the bank I have bought another one and wondered if anyone had replaced one and could advise me on the best way to replace it Thanks Bill PS didn,t get the jrc tx 2g got this one instead with 2 wraps
  10. manc70

    bivvys again

    Just ordered the jrc tx 2g £265 complete with winter wrap
  11. manc70

    bivvys again

    I tell you what this forum does,nt half save us money we would be buying daft and buying twice
  12. manc70

    bivvys again

    Thanks Ian my heads in bits deciding which to go for must admit to liking the jrc range with all the reccomendations and I,m toying with the idea of a Carp Zone Hurricane Bill
  13. manc70

    bivvys again

    Thanks again Newmarket went on search might look at the carp zone hurricane £159 complete with overwrap also looking at the jrc range Bill
  14. manc70

    bivvys again

    Are all the lads on here of the same opinion regarding JRC if so I respect that you have probably more hours on the bank than the guy that told me [ What model would you recommend with my budget ] As you can see I have taken on board your thoughts Thanks Bill
  15. manc70

    bivvys again

    Thanks Newmarket but I,ve been told to stay clear of the jrc sti bivvy