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  1. I suppose my budget is £80 max for a set. I've seen Fox Warriors on Gumtree for £35 each which seemed good. There's lots of cheap good rods on Gumtree actually. So 2.75lb TC will be good to play fish on even if im casting short to medium distances?
  2. Do rods deteriorate much? Would it be ok to buy second hand rods if they are seemingly in good condition? If so, I might buy second hand good rods rather than standard brand new rods.
  3. When ledger fishing, like carpinthenet said, you do not need to strike your rod. You should wait for the alarms to bleep, and your line should be spooled off as you should be using a bait runner reel. You wait for the fish to hook itself unlike that of floating fishing where striking the rod is necessary. I agree it's probably just line knocks from passing fish, or movement around your bait causing little bleeps. Certainly never strike when ledger fishing. Good luck!
  4. Hello guys, So I've been using rods with TC of 2.5lb and I'm looking to renew my rods. I'm finding it very hard to find rods which come in the 2.5lb, most are 2.75lb to 3.25lb. Would I notice a difference from a 2.5lb TC to a 2.75lb?? I don't usually cast huge distances and so I believe 2.5 gives me enough casting range with lots of playing action.
  5. Hello mate, I'm from Norfolk too and fished Taswood a few nights ago, on Grove too! I had two 13lb carp, one common and one fully scaled mirror. I've fished there once before on Grove too, and had two 12lb carp. The fish start at around 10lb in there I believe, and I thought they went up to mid 20's but from my most recent visit, I was told there's been low 30's pulled out. The baliffs there tell you to fish to the far bank (fishing is done on one side only) so to cast to features such as the pads or reed beds. I believe the first swim is very interesting although I've never fished it.
  6. Thank you very much for all your comments.
  7. So I can see loads of topics on magic baits and ground baits to aid carp fishing but I haven't seen any about size. I always use a cell boilie, I think they're 16mm. Perhaps even 18mm? I don't think it says on the bag. I normally catch on these and I've heard they're a good all round hookbait. Also when I ask baliffs or complex owners about favourite baits/ successful baits on the lake, if he doesn't mention them and I ask, they always seem to agree that they'd be good to use. However, would bigger baits like this reduce my chance of catching? Are they too big? I've fished small lak
  8. I wish to change because they're cheap rods and one of them is quite old. I've heard better rods give a far better experience when playing fish as well as casting. I do like 2.5lb TC and would prefer to stick with that TC.
  9. I'm not new to carp fishing, but new to bigger venunes and complicated At the moment I use a very simple rig show here if you click the link provided however the hair rig is made with braid. http://www.masterblanker.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/beginners011_resize.jpg I don't fish huge venues, I'm moving into the size of a few acres, nothing to big. I won't be casting large distances, more so a maximum of probably 20 metres. Basically I've read and heard of loads of rigs such as chod rigs and helicopter rigs but what I'm looking for is a safe (fish welfare) and effective rig whic
  10. I've been carp fishing for a couple of years, catching carp up to around 12lb. I'm looking to update a bit of my kit as I'm moving to bigger venues from the typical acre sized lakes which you can almost guarantee a catch. I've had a shot at about 10 or so 24hr sessions at various lakes and am now looking for a safe (in terms of fish welfare) and simple but effective rig I can use on most lakes. I won't be casting great distances if this matters. I use cell boilies usually which I pull out of the freezer- think they pop up? This is the rig I normally use- it's very quick and easy to mak
  11. I've moved on to fishing on the ledger rather than float fishing in order to catch larger carp. This is my rig: I put a ledger bomb straight onto my mainline, then a small bead and straight onto a swivel. The swivel obviously leads down onto a size 10 hook with a hair rig for a boilie. The line between the swivels and hook is braid (12lb) and the mainline is 12-15lb depending where I go. (This Is probably too heavy for the fish I catch currently). Think it may be known as a running ledger rig. It's very simple. I've you've got tips or new rigs, please explain fully as I'm no pro when
  12. So I've started fishing on the ledger and I've got two rods, a cheap 2.75lb rod and an ok 2.5lb rod. Last year I bought the ledger stuff, getting those two rods from my uncle, now I'm taking fishing seriously and id like to buy 2/3 new rods. I've got 2 Korum free spin KXi 60 reels which I bought myself last year, £50 each. I generally fish smaller lakes, a few acres in size, with carp up to 20/30lbs. I don't know whether I should go for a 2.5 or 2.75lb test curve rod. I've always liked the idea of 2.5s as there's probably more playing action in them. I have had a 27lb catfish on my old ro
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