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  1. been awake since 9 am yesterday so good night and nice to meet you all
  2. my m8s use them for the pelonie ( excuse my sp3lling lol ) and bacon grill cheers i'll get some
  3. P.S. if im postin wrong sorry but this is my first time on a forum
  4. m8 the pet shops a min walk and tuesday im fishing next door to our local fruit farm. beltin little fishery ( millride essington) but they've recently change from £15 - (get ready for it cus im well fogin pied off) to £26 shockin i know but it's only gonna get worse so chin up for now ay
  5. im also going to try a fudge- sliced into 10mm on a hair could work. what u think
  6. im going to get my seed from the pet shop and use it just like this
  7. thanks for the welcome lads. i went to the local tackle shop and they had no bogeys still to try and cant wait... so i asked him for the cheapest groundbait he had, i later found he had just sold me ground up bread. i wasnt to impressed but it was only £1.50 a bag, i also bought a bag of 4mm pellet £3.50 a tin of black eyed peas 54pence ( funkier than chick peas lol ) a kilo of corn £1 and a pint of maggots dead and frozed from a day on the cannal got to the venue in cannock rosemary tiles. lots of fish showing but blacked - oh well baybe next week.
  8. i had a few ideas lol... after watching a video on youtube on how to use it. and im from wolverhampton m8
  9. trying to talk my misses into fishin with me, would make like lots easier lol
  10. just read through this, top advice and friendly so i've joined thanx
  11. hi lads i'm mitch. i was looking on the net for ideas to reduce the cost of bait and came across an article on hear about a lad that was thinking of jacking it in ( no way never ), the advise was fab and very friendly ( nice to see to mant s on some of these sites). so anyway im off to buy some bird food and kryston bogey pellet and corn. cant wait to try it sick of boilies
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