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  1. Silver fish set up

    I think Argos do waggler set up for beginners.....
  2. Nash Dwarf BP-6

    Seen those, you'll be buying more in a few months. Feel cheap
  3. Candle lamp/heater

    Snugpak for me anyway
  4. Nash Dwarf BP-6

    Not sure on the price, I've had some reels over the past few years, rovex included, wychwood riot, tf gear v8 to name a few. Rather pay the money and have peace of mind they won't let me down. Cheaper isn't always better and that sounds cheap, less than £20 a reel. Dubious
  5. Candle lamp/heater

    Interesting, I really want to avoid dragging coins and pots fishing!
  6. Candle lamp/heater

    Hiya, had flu over the break so not great. How can I make one???
  7. Any of you guys know the best candle lamp heater? Seen the Nash one but not paying silly money!
  8. JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner Chair.

    How did you wear it out? Just out of interest? Ha ha
  9. What is your newest purchase

    Cheers cm, even an old member couldn't be bothered to search the archives­čśé
  10. JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner Chair.

    Went into my local tackle shop and said I needed something sturdy because I kept breaking chairs! He got this from out the back and bet I couldn't break it. So far so good
  11. JRC Stealth X-Lite Recliner Chair.

  12. First time fishing in France

    Gigantica road lake, contact directly
  13. Nash Dwarf BP-6

    They're big but just right. Not big pits as such but not tiny either
  14. Nash Dwarf BP-6

    Daiwa emblem blacks, they are so nice and not silly money