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  1. Rod tubing

    Carpet shop for cheapness I spose mate
  2. Rod tubing

    Afraid not mate, only work with 4ft long tubes for banners etc. Best bet is gutter down pipe with ends. Had rods delivered in that.
  3. Throwing stick..

    Ha ha, I did that, was baiting up an island, thought it was only me there, quite windy day, catapulting out baits and occasionally some would go around the island to a channel. I heard a little voice say " I don't mind prebaiting but this is silly mate!" Obviously I apologised profusely and scuttled back to my swim!
  4. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    Well like I said, I have a bag of nash cultured things, not had a nibble! Now if they worked would they be overpriced??
  5. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    Groundbait even!
  6. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    A mate of mine put me on these baits, yes I caught on standard shop bought or bait company baits but I fished a hard ish lake with a few 20s in there. I used these and had one out, then again and again. Ended up with 5 20s in a month. Just a small cagey lake. Used em other places and they've gotten bites over my maple so I use maple boilies as roundabout shall we say and these a hookbaits. Seems to work, might sound overpriced and out of some people's pocket, especially as one have 6 pots in my bag. Confidence that's all
  7. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    What you're confident in. That's all mate
  8. WTF

    Complete bunch of jobsworth expletives
  9. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    Missed the point and my other post mate, just one of many captures on them
  10. What is your newest purchase

    Steep for a tackle box though
  11. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    I have looked into it, even got someone to make em, but they're just not the same
  12. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    I could post more pics from my desperation Hookbait.
  13. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    Ha ha yeah, would to someone who's never used em. I suppose this fish is out of desperation then! 😂😂
  14. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    Good coffee
  15. Nash - Cultured Hookbait

    Too true! I don't get to do lots of sessions as such, mainly days so any room for 'trying' something is limited. Rather pay the money on hooks and bait knowing I have the best chance