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  1. Well, 2nd trip on new lake. Had one on boilie, one on solid bag with liquids and pellets. One on particles, guess which went! Particle! Typical! Can't show pic as them the rules! Yonny,Greekskii, yes I totally agree with what you say. But after speaking again to a couple of regulars who have not caught in their last 4 trips on boilie approach. They are fed twice a week on pellet n maize. It's what they're used to a consider it a safe feed I guess? Put some more of my concoction in tonight ready for a day sesh Saturday. We shall see...
  2. I know BUT from what I've been told, those who start on boilie never end up staying on em
  3. Fishing a lake which apparently does better on particle. Always been a boilie man so thoughts????
  4. If I had to choose only one hook bait. It would be specialized. So much confidence in em. Have got all the S types in my bait pouch thing. Those and my faithful maple pops.
  5. Exactly my point, used to be good on here, comments flying around, arguments, laugh's
  6. Bought a blackview p1000 pro mobile phone. 5 days battery use ain't bad! Perfect for fishing
  7. It's alot more quiet on here, remember when you used to have loads of new notifications. Nothing now.
  8. Yeah, not been on for ages. Shame, he had some valid points
  9. Had my car tax DEC 31, mot cost me £400. My own tax for work due end of month. Welcome to 2019! Ffs
  10. Oh and 3 new avid reels to go on said rods
  11. Thinking was I didn't want to drag around 12 footers all winter, obviously had to get the scope rod bag and the titan hide as it all fits. Nice n compact
  12. Oh actually I bought 3 x 3.5lb tc madfish rods, scope type things. Stripped em down, new butt grips etc. Full carbon blanks, £80 for 3! Bargain!!
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