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  1. Cheers mate. I will re think but I don't have a load of it. My thoughts were a couple of hundred quid for some half decent gear that would suit someone who was looking at getting into carp fishing. Some shimano and fox stuff too! I agree whole heartedly. Only I'm not really doing for me, it's more so I can have something to hand down to my future children when I er.... What's that word again.... Oh yeah.... DIE!
  2. Cheers guys! Shame they don't let you sell stuff on here to other like minded people! Oh well. The reason for selling is because I'm trying to get as much money together as possible to add to my house deposit fund because we all know that in a few more years, nobody will be able to buy a house with out being filthy rich!
  3. Hi guys, Just wanted to know if there is a classified selling section on the forum I could post my stuff on to? I've had a look but can't see one? Unless I'm being a numpty!
  4. I was there a couple of weeks ago mate! Tried to jump on lake 1 but it was very busy so ended up on lake 2! There are still some decent carp in lake 2 just not the monsters of number 1 although I had 1 10lb mirror! I would avoid 2 at the moment only because it's weedy beyond belief! I know their on top of it and have introduced a dye to the lake to kill the savage weed there is and they are planning on removing a load of it on the 8th or 9th of this month I believe! After that it should fish far better! Either way, ask the guys in the tackle shop when you buy your ticket, for
  5. Farlows is my local, and I'm of down there tomorrow as it goes for a day session! I now use carp company opm and/or Icelandic reds over a bed of hinders little gem pellets! So far been working well! No monsters yet as I've only been fishing lake 2 ( lake one has been fairly busy recently ) but I have had some smaller double figures out! Also had a few on the source!
  6. Just watched a few of the videos of the reel fishing lads! They've had some belters out of there! Can't wait to get back down now!
  7. Hi guys, I havnt been on here for a while, busy isn't the word, however I was wondering about my nearest carp lake farlows! Has anybody on here fished it? Any hints and tips to part with or words of wisdom? I remember fishing here as a kid and it was full of trout etc, but now it is an up and coming big carp fishery! Any help would be appreciated!
  8. I'm with ya! I mean, I knew bait size is gonna mean a larger hook because otherwise it would just get lost! But yeah, if the fish are seeing the hook then we wouldn't be catchin them! Haha. Stupid on my part! I suppose it boils down to bait presentation and how we distract the fish off the hook?
  9. Dogs are awesome but I don't have one at the moment! I do however keep 4 snakes 1 x common boa 1 x Columbian/common boa 1 x kayuadi reticulated python 1 x apricot pueblan milksnake and a red footed tortoise! There enough of a hand full at the moment with 3 of my snakes being large constrictors! All good fun though!
  10. Hi guys, I just wondered when to fish certain hook sizes? I know bait size and the fact that big carp have big rubbery lips plays a part and so a larger hook makes sense, but isn't a smaller hook going to be less visible to the carp? I suppose it's a bit of compromise really as well! What you lose with one, you gain with another? What are your thoughts? Interested to hear what and why people do what they do? Cheers
  11. Cheers mate! At the moment I'm lucky enough to have a decent sized van which hold my stuff for now! (Just!) Beer and women is good my man! I wasn't complaining! I just had to stop fishing the lakes and transfer the skills into the bars! Lol! Kinda the same, just different tackle! Haha! Anyway, all is well again now!
  12. Cheers guys! I'll try to keep the dumb questions to a minimum!
  13. I know! I was doomed from the start! Haha Thanks for the welcome!
  14. Hi guys! Just thought I'd introduce myself as I'm new to the forum! Names Big Rob and after a fair old while, I've managed to start carp fishing again and I'm buzzin about it! Used to fish loads when I was younger, started to get into the big carp as well but being young, had little patience couldn't get my head round most of it! Was a case of I want the bigguns on the bank now ya know! Anyway, beer and women started to take over ( what fun it was!) and I stopped fishing completely! The long and the short of it is that I'm back into it. Being older and wiser ( kind of ) I enjoy ev
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