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  1. Newmarket-For me I'm usually super simple and been successful with Hooks, jigs and sinkers & sometimes a float.A Night crawler is best bait for me so far. Guess what I was looking for was basic setup ups for hair rigs.The different weights, swivels, bait options etc.Most of the terminology used for carp tackle is foreign to me so I have a hard time following alot of information that's available online.I think I'd understand more if I actually had my hands on some and then I can figure out what many are actually talking about lol
  2. I been thinking of buying a good carp starter kit for Euro type carp fishing.I don't want to randomly start buying a bunch of tackle on something I know zilch about.So I figured I start with some basic kits. Seen online the Docks Specimen Starter kit from a carp outfit in the US. Any of you heard of this kit? Any recommendations for another kit that ships in the US? I don't mind spending more for quality . Thanks JC
  3. 2015 Well, Im very bad about bothering with weighing and measuring my catch.Most of the time I try to catch, photo, release as fast as I can and move on to the next carp.I need to get my act together this spring and be a little more organized and not just rush into the fishing between each catch. Ive had limited interaction with anglers as far as Carp go's.Not too many understand why I target them but...my gain,there loss I guess.I also fish crappies, blue gills, walleye etc.I'm more prone to measure those species as that's whats popular among the vast of angler's here and folks wanna hear more info on those fish. This year I'm eager to share a little more and be more proud of the sport of carping with locals instead of just sharing about the other species, and usually leaving out info about Carp. I'm hopeful to get into some new tactics which include a few Europian carping tips I picked up this year, and also introduce some older carp traditional rods and reels in the mix. Cant wait for spring to come!
  4. Awesome report dayvid. Congrats on your catch!
  5. Il have to write the DNR office a letter to get a more detailed scoop about feeding. On another topic of the book ... Chapter 3 is about carp care/handling. After reading the whole chapter it seems I may have missed the mark a whole lot on this subject.Probley enough to get my rear end kicked by a carp angler or maybe a pillow thrown at me if I was fishing in the UK.lol. In all seriousness. I definitely need to get one of those mats you guys use to set the Carp on and over before spring starts. I have alot of changes to make after reading this book and reading some posts from this forum site these last handful of months. I'm still struggling with the idea of bringing antiseptic with me in case the carp should need a dab or two but slowly I think Il catch on, even if I do get dirty looks in some of these river locations I dwell around. LoL I'm half way in the book, Good book so far.
  6. This is what the regulation book says: "Littering of any materials, including parts of fish or other animals, and depositing rubbish, poisonous substances, or chemicals harmful to aquatic life into public waters, onto ice, or lake or stream shores is illegal. “Chumming” (depositing fish parts >>or other material <<into public waters to attract fish) is unlawful. Fish line and various packaging materials can be harmful to wildlife". I went to their office last summer and they showed me the section where it says "or other material" .So the answer to me was anything you throughout like you would when chumming is not allowed. Would like to stop back there and ask about other ways and if its legal or not. I hear it's best to get these kinds of things in writing in case I get checked on the bank somewhere
  7. I know you said your not going to waist your time broaching it but.... I have a couple dozen in my fridge they seem to keep for a couple weeks.I do alot of pan fishing on the ice in the winter months so I will get a few dozen a week and pop them in the fridge when I'm storing them.They got to stay cold. Maybe get a mini fridge in the shed or someplace else in your house.Might have to bribe the girl a little bit to get things rolling.
  8. Title of book: Discover Carp Fishing Bought this book recently on a Amaz..Figured since you all got me interested in European style carp fishing I'd take it another step and get this book. Great read so far.Its an easy to understand guide for Carping.Ive found some good information on the species also that I wasn't aware of before that helped me get a closer insight on carp behavior. Simon crow Rob Hughes are the authors of this book.I definitely recommend it .There is only one major set back with it .There's the No chumming regulation I have to abide by in my state of Minnesota ,which is fine.I may be allowed to use a bait feeder but I have to check with my fishing warden first.In the book it shows us the many European techniques, tackle options and a bit of an understanding where one can seek or scout for when your looking for that perfect place to set up . Alot of what I already practice works very well for me but I get bored easily and if I can change something and still catch carp , I will try it .Whatever I can find to make my outings a little more interesting than the last keeps me satisfied.
  9. Congrats guys...Glad to see some Fall Carp!
  10. Glad you shared this.I didn't realize how barbaric I been on catch and release until I came to this site.I sit here regretting all the fish I could of handled better that didn't make it.Now, when I'm out chasing carp, it's a whole different approch .In my neck of the woods Im probely a saint to carp.Anywhere else , well.. The fact that it even crossed your mind of the welfare of the carp species takes a different kind of fisherman.I know I've said this before but It's something very needed in this sport.
  11. You guys are the real deal! You all put my crawler and #4 hook to shame.Thats my number one goto for getting carp.Thats why I like this site.Just when I think I'm a real carp fisherman I find out there's a whole other world of tactics to get them big boys to shore .I got a long ways before I even understand what you guys do out there Sorry didn't meen to interrupt the topic.lol
  12. I don't see emoticon or upload pic options when I want to post.Useing smart phone.Thanks
  13. Sup Dave, only been here a couple weeks myself.These guys are alright...
  14. Holy macaroni... Nice common Gagnacarp!
  15. I was thinking the same thing.Looks bigger than 47. Nice work sir!
  16. Like said on the first page by someone.Keep a good tension on that puppy .Seems the ones I lost was because of my own lazy arms.They get like jello sometimes.lol
  17. No need , I'm glad you did.Just in these couple days I learned about taking more compassion to carp .I think what you did is what will help the sport of carp fishing and a needed lesson for many .Just my own opinion. Thanks Cyborx
  18. I been looking at many pics here and noticed a lot of three line setups on a rod holder.Never seen a holder like that. . Anyways I also noticed most of the rods are pointing straight out or down.I find that interesting.I been keeping the rod tip upwards @ around 45 degrees, which is a common position for a good indicator when a fish should bite .Seems most ppl choose this way. So just wondering how that works with the rods pointing straight out or down in to the water? Is it more about letting the carp run with the bait?
  19. Nice carp guys.The bellies on those are huge.
  20. I Didn't think of that.Guess there is that factor of sensitive gills.Before I get rid of the whole idea. I'll have to research and see if there's a method or some kind of tool for safe way to get them out of the hole.
  21. Thanx again, and especially appreciate the fireworks display .
  22. All pillows aside,Just catch and release for me.I believe most are still swimming in the river and some with a #4 hook either in there fin or mouth lol.
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