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  1. I was looking at fox captive back leads that can be attached when the after you have tightened the line.
  2. The biggest thing I learnt was about the venue itself. I was fishing on the bottom and had no bites then popped it up 2 inches and missed loads (down to my rigging I think haha) I think my next rig will be a choddy as I'm sure that's what I was fishing over!!
  3. I decided not to slack line in the end as I didn't fully feel confident in what to do. The KD I chose as I wanted to fish a new rig and get practise in tieing them. I just read some good stuff on it and thought about trying it. I only fished on the one rod and the other rod I had a normall knot less knot rig (which I caught the carp and 3 bream on) fished with a pop up and had nothing on the KD apart from missed runs lol
  4. Well and update on how it all went... I scrapped to idea of as not having and back leads to assis. I was fishing a lake that is clay and silt with no real features except a gravel bar between 2 Islands. I fished a KD Rig that I had tied and missed 4 runs (still unsure wether it was my rig tieing or not striking in time). Still I netted a 11lb 1oz common
  5. I'm currently using 10lb diawa sensor
  6. Am I being wrong in even trying to slack line if I'm not using heavy fluoro? Also would a back lead make any difference to sinking the line faster?
  7. I'm going to give fishing slack lines a shot on my next session. I'll be using just running lead with a KD rig and a pop up... First question will this work and second if I fish with slack lines should I be using a barbed hook? Cheers guys
  8. Got some new tricks to try this Friday! Looking for a new PB

  9. I'm still trying to find out about the venue I have started fishing. I don't really have the kit to do a night or two there so I just get there for 0700. My plan was to try a glug/goo in a PVA bag of pellet on one rod and just a PVA bag of pellet on the other but using the same boilie. The boilie being mainline cell as I have been informed by the owner this is what is catching at the moment (altho I blanked on my last session using these). But I guess the fight to catch bigger goes on
  10. You made that sound so nice I might make it for my lunch tomorrow!!
  11. will you just sit your boilies in the salmon oil for a few days?
  12. I think I get roped in to easy by these blooming fishing program's..... I was going to fish it in a PVA bag with pellets, anything else you could suggest using?
  13. is that on any bait goo or just this brand?
  14. I'm thinking of picking some Kiana bait goo up for my next session. It will be my first time using this and was wondering if it is worth using. I don't know if I'm being cheap but it seems a little expensive! Can anyone suggest any tried and tested bait goo's?
  15. Hello gents just thought I might give an update on where my carp fishing has been going the last couple of weeks. I went to a "runs" lake over in the new forest which I was told is full of carp and a good day ticket venue that would get me back into playing fish. This lake was also full of chub that would eat anything that was put in the water (well anything I had)!! Altho it was nice to be catching after 15 chub the biggest at 4lb I wanted the carp lol I did manage to catch 3 carp the biggest being 6lb on the nose so wasn't too bad. I don't want to sound like I'm complaining but I need to hone my baiting skills a little better I guess. The next venue I went to was yesterday at the lake I caught the crucian where I spent the first 5 hrs drawing a blank using pop up corn and boilie and boilie on the bottom. I decided to change my bait to one I had prepped myself.... Chickpeas in fish sauce, a bit of salt and some sweetener, withing 10 minutes a 6lb common on the bank and myself happy with catching on a bait I had prepped myself. I put chickpea on both rods and placed them withing 10ft of each other and 20 minutes later I had a 10lb 3oz common on the bank and upon returning it my other rod was almost pulled in by a 10lb 6oz ghost carp! Sadly I had to leave after these two so my fishing continues another day! Thanks for all your advice and tips
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