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    Good morning Newmarket Long time no speak, somewhere back in 2014 methinks. A thousand years ago I had a print finishing business, by the Bow flyover (London innit) I used a platemaker not far from the factory, that had two Canada geese in the yard of his premises that would come running at you hissing and flapping for all they were worth. Anyone who came onto their land was hollered at! They bought them as 'guard-geese' because they were far less costly than, say, dobermans, needed no exercise, food was 'cheap' (pardon the pun) and of course, at the end of their lives - dinner was served!

  3. Good morning! Last went carp approx. 20 years ago, will do so again in the spring of 2015 and will fish day ticket waters around the Romford area, but now from a wheelchair. I know of Puddledock Farm, but are there any others suitable for wheelchair access near to Romford? Thank you in advance for any replies - this is my first post. VBW. Boriskat - Romford (innit)
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