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  1. ok.... new to carp fishing, always used to go for tench and bream but now ive decided im after carp and nothing else. its just a much better world of fishing. anyway, ive stocked up on fresh tackle, got some new rods and reels, tons of hooks and mono etc all kind of carp tackle for various occasions. now- my local lake which is basically a carp lake has a "no boilies" rule. boilies are probably the main choice of bait for chod rigs etc arent they? so if im not allowed to take boilies, what do people reccommend in terms of bait or even rigs. a zig rig with foam?? the lake in general isnt deep probably only up to 8ft or so in places
  2. If you were heading to a day ticket lake you hadn't been before, and had to take only ONE setup and bait, what would it be?
  3. Best tench I ever caught was a 9lb caught in the margin nothing but a lead and corn with a handful of corn thrown over it. Almost too easy. Now I'm aiming for the big boy carp!
  4. Androoo ignore that, I think it was something I saw one time. Like the method spills out everywhere and when a tench comes to Hoover it all up it's already floating so is 1 of the first to get taken. I'm trying to rush my method of attach without getting enough research first but I'm sure when I start fishing again (hopefully next Sunday) it will all come back to me. My old rigs and tactics etc
  5. Awesome I'll have a look at those. Finally... What's people's favourite most reliable knot? Apart from the knot less knot. I remember I used to use the tucked half blood knot for every single thing I did but now I'm hearing about paloma or grinner knot being the favs?
  6. I live in Stamford lincs. I have a son hes too young only 6 but im going to teach him. Ive got 2 mates who are going to come along but might not take it as seriously as i do. Also my brothers tempted to start float fishing but id have to teach him from scratch
  7. But for my tench set up, method feeder with hook link with pop up sweet corn maybe
  8. Also phil, I'm thinking a simple lead weight, hook link with hair braid?
  9. Cyborx what are those called? How to they work I'm guessing it's like a snap link or quick change swivel idea?
  10. I've really forgotten so much over the years. Phil, budget is whatever as I'm looking to gradually build up a tackle box of various items and I have a good job so compared to my childhood I can now actually afford better kit! Let's say £50-100for now to buy line, hooks, swivels, bait etc. my rod and reel and hook mat etc is on a separate budget so let's not worry about that
  11. So for an all round mono designed to hold a feeder or lead, PVA bags and hooking tench, bream and carp, shall we say 12lb maybe 15lb max? And... NO LEADCORE! lol
  12. My local lake is notorious for carp in the 20lb region. What I'm not used to is a product called leadcore it's like 45lb strength. When would this be used? I'm thinking of a basic set up- mainline with some anti tangle tubing on, quick change swivel with lead, braided hook link but would you go for a size 8 or 6 for medium size carp? Also going to try those PVA bags as they're new to me too haha
  13. Right, I used to float fish for coarse fishing about 10 years ago and now I have decided to start again, however my knowledge has slipped and times have changed in terms of tackle. I want to preliminary carp fish. As well as some coarse for tench and bream so I'm going to buy 2 set ups 2 carp rods and reels with 2.75lb test curve. What I mainly want to know is: what lb mainline is ideal for each reel I was thinking 12lb for the tench and 18-20lb for carp.? But, what if the tench rod accidently hooks a carp? Shall I just use both rods with carp mainline and hooks? Also, I've looked at rigs such as the chod, zig rig and method feeder rig, people use different hook links like fluorocarbon, braid or lead core. Some people even have braided mainline? This is all new to me what is an ideal set up for let's say- method feeder rig for tench, and chod rig for carp?
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