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    spending money on fishing items that i dont need,
    trawling on ebay for fishing stuff i dont need
    air guns,
    spending money on gun bits i dont need as well lol,
    thankfully ebay cant list firearms other wise, you guessed it lol
    and a 4 year vaper
    usual nickname is nappie or the fat blanker
  1. RobMarsh

    qm1 hooks

    looking at them now, seems potential for damage if its not gone through the lip or through and back into the fish i use em for method match for a bit of a change to carpin just small f1`s never had damage on fish tho for carpin i use raptor t6 an mugga`s
  2. me g/f got me a century big bertha c spod rod need spombs and reel for it now its tormenting me lol, just sitting there and not being able to use till i get some funds
  3. yep qm1 hooks are awesome, bigger size and higher gauge would be nice
  4. seen normal quatros go for 90 to 120 on the bay
  5. RobMarsh


  6. testing http://s42.photobucket.com/user/nappie666/media/_DSC2298-2_zps4bb72c37.jpg.html?sort=3&o=7
  7. cant see it on their site, night fishing the chase? never used to be able to noticed the farmhouse had gone, how about the gypsy camp?
  8. note taken, so me other hobby of streaking at night in the rain is a no no
  9. i like the ready made method rigs too, i use the guru ones seem good to me. avoid the preston/korum ones tho always break at the hook when i tried em
  10. been looking at getting a couple of mk1 delkims on the bay, seem to go for 40quid each. my prefered light is red on em, its less blinding at night. got some mk1 optonics atm the reciever and 3 heads, with the anoying 3 beep to 1 on the receiver, and led city when they go off. the expensive led colours where due to the cost of the led itself, they where japanese made i think, and a lot brighter than the normal led might look into the cheaper foxes instead seem to be popular and good reviews for em
  11. me other stomping ground as well as harrow lodge was brettons and berwick ponds. but ones a syndicate now, and brettons i read that it was a (insert swear word) hole.
  12. might have a look around at some point. i liked the back lake on the chase, the part where front and back are together next to the cemetary road, used to call it the wasp wall the little pests where everywhere lol used to be me float fish for anything days as a kid was gonna go to the chase about 10-15 years ago but heard the lakes died of svc, so nether really looked at it since
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