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  1. Believe me. June 16th we are gonna be hauling marina carp. Im feeding every day
  2. Theyve closed the fishing for closed season here. Why u think im looking for alternatives
  3. Actually just had a thought. Manor farm in biggleswade
  4. Ok cheers. Gonna go somewhere so will report back sunday
  5. Prob still a bit cold for cats but is there still carp in pitsford?
  6. Is rackley hills still fishable? That was the original cat water from the 80s 90s
  7. Really. So its not that prolific then. Which one in leighton buzzard?
  8. Thanks CM. I was thinking halibut pellets perhaps have a chance at carp or cats. Never caught a cat. 25 quid a night though so hope to get a run. Im a river carper so not had much action over the years lol so this trip is a confidence booster my me and my mate
  9. Yeah spr good point. Annoys me though when theres people who havent got one. I worked for the ea and nearest bailiff is based in lincs
  10. I see on their map its 20 ft deep in the main hole and 10 foot around the rest with a few gravek bars. Where would you target at this time of year bearing in mind the current weather and temp etc
  11. Yeah so i read spr. Lot of dosh 54 quid for 2 licences
  12. Thanks CM yeah. Its the carp and cat lake. Not been there before. Any tips?
  13. Next seasons rod licence. Still for 2 rods. Thought it was for 3 this year
  14. Planning on doing a night there this weekend. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I would like some daiwa 5500 br reels next but does that mean I will have to align the bail arms and handles like all the experts in carpworld?
  16. https://m.youtube.com/results?q=waterwolf%20carp&sm=3
  17. Theres a few underwater gadgets out there but this was designed for fishing and is supposed to work in murky conditions where others wont, they sem to have good reviews and I cant find any second hand ones so when ive had a few beers I might buy one and report back
  18. Or maybe attract them like those stupid splosher floats they use at drayton....
  19. 3x atts alarms, receiver and solar titanium swingers, just waiting for a slap from the mrs when she finds out, all brand new 356 quid, will be delivered monday before 1pm
  20. Apologies if this has already been covered but has anyone got one? If it works as advertised its right up my street, may be a bit squeeky bum casting 120 quid rig into the water but im really interested in this sort of thing, apparently its been developed to work in low light too
  21. I love these bookz, you really fall in love with the charachters, I need another edition, also check out bivvy tramps
  22. Ard those nash sleeves any good? They take a made up rod
  23. I presume the peanuts have been roasted but not soaked, in any case if I had a bag of these they would end up in my mouth. you can get m and ms without peanuts. I wonder if the bream would leave them alone
  24. Bet the crays wont get into em Only thing is ive been known to munch on a few chum mixers when peckish
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