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  1. there seams to be a ausie thing they like to fish but eat too so lots of lakes /water have trout stocked or there would not be any left /this also shows they doing something with your money /and we have the weather for bar/q /most ausie live with in 3/4 hours drive of a good fishing beach good fishing all and a late happy new year
  2. welcome m8 /you need a map and 4x4 and good sense best luck
  3. you payes your money and take the chance. NRL or EA ROD LICENSES.have always spent the money ,on let us say lesser angling things......
  4. fish still not showing but weather has inproved rivers have slowed and flood water has gone at last may get line in next week
  5. nice m8 /yes rubush is a big problem/not the fish
  6. Canoeists are the less problem boats with outboards ,hope you catch weathers still little bit cold here ,another 5 deg would be nice be lucky m8
  7. you seam to have bigger fish in your water than me but as i have only just started again there are some rivers witch look promising here in wa /and one large dam ,wellington .just like fishing in france realy lots of water and no one likes u hehe old carpers joke
  8. nice to see you trying some thing new love the rig jules would to hes been using it for 20 years pop ups only tight lines m8 selby 3 lakes needs restocking
  9. otters yes m8 a bad idear form the good idear club/gananetts anyone nice friendly sea birds heres a good one loads farms going back to bush controled by nta/wla so they fill in the dams whitch the farm had for cattle /then complain all the amnials leave and die returning the bush to bush, they can not see the threes /it was greener before anyway lesss of that more fishing went to look at a river yesterday lot like the seven /steep banks lots flood water but nice down stream lot less boats can anyone rember how salt torant carp are i fished a lake at segkness that was just behind the seawall and that was saltie to tast and there was fish reported in tidle areas of the seven and thames
  10. maze /corn/chick peas/brazil nuts/mug beans/ pea nuts/ macadamias nut/ but afew carp baits to try and ready avable in aus shops good luck hope this helps you
  11. hope you all had a nice weekend nsw to far for me wa based
  12. go day from wa hi all nice to see that i am not the onlyone with the carp bug tried most aus fishing from shore and boat but not my thing/so its back to carp fishing did it for 25 years in uk so . How HARD can it be here /no gear/ thank s to the internet we get gear at a price baits easy places to fish /yes some pb common 38lb mirror 44 lb uk pb common 30 lb mirror 48 lb france aus common 3lb lots more to come i think good fishing to you all
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