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  1. hi, anyone fished trent view carp fishery, looking at going somewhere for a week with a friend who has only been carp fishing for 2 yeras, im a 30 year man but want to take him somewhere to catch a few fish and learn his trade to speak a little more, any info on the lake and pegs will help as dont know lake depths ect. thanks chaps
  2. cheers, got it, thanks for the help, tight lines!!!
  3. Cheers Which forum did you find it on, wouldn't mind chatting to jack if possible. Cheers for that tho.
  4. Hi, has anyone fished at 3 islands lake in France its in the Picardy region around 2 hours from calais. I am just looking for a bit of info on the lake and the fish stocks if anyone has any info. cheers
  5. Thanks for that. Did you ever fish it early in the year. We are out in April prob be cool and i feel deep water will be the way to go.
  6. Found a couple but most are a few years old. I will have a look tho. Cheers.
  7. Sorry for the confusion. I have fished in France for a few years but never here. Just looking for a bit of background on the lake. But thanks for the reply. Regards carl.
  8. Hi I am going to Bluewater for my first trip can anyone give me any info on peg sizes and baits to use. Anything will help. Thanks
  9. Did you use the lake boilie?? Or something else??
  10. How did you get on. I'm out there in April.
  11. How is their lake bait? Fishmeal in cold weather??
  12. Anyone fished Bluewater lakes in April. I am off out there in April and wondered how it fishes. I have read it's deep at one end and the point does well most of the year, but what about in cold weather?
  13. Anyone fished on la botte in the point. I am on there in a few weeks any info would be great. We have lake exclusive and have done our draw 2 anglers on each bank so I know I'm on the point. Thanks
  14. Got tax rebate so gonna buy 3 Free spirit hi s ives.
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