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  1. Andy Hull

    Zig fishing?

    Morning all, I'm not sure how to ask this, How do you zig fish? I know what it is but how do you decide when and where and at what depth to do it? Hope it's not too stupid a question 😨 Andy
  2. Andy Hull

    well the van is packed

    Enjoy bud. Fingers crossed the thirty graces your net.
  3. Andy Hull

    Spod /Maker rod.

    Thanks for the replies guys, I can't use my carp rods as a marker rod as i only use a 2.2lb tc rod for my carp fishing as i only fish smaller (upto 6acres) waters which arent that snaggy. I use Korum Twin Tip + rods, 2.2lb for carp and the 1.75lb for bream and tench. I'll get the Spod first as advised. Thanks Andy
  4. I can understand using lake water in an emergency but instead of using fresh! (Only my opinion), I think even if i had to make an extra trip to the car just for the water then i would do that, i supose you could have the Survival bottle just in case but it's use is in it's name! If boiled then it would be safe but again i don't see why when you litterally have it on tap.
  5. Andy Hull

    Back Leads?

    Thanks for the replys guys, i think i have miss used them a little in unnecessary situations. I have always thought about the extra angle in the line and thought it could cause extra tention to a taking fish and possibly lose me bite/fish so i think on the back of your replys i will think before using them a lot more moving forward. Thanks again guys. Andy
  6. Hi all, I have around £60 to spend on a rod. Can ask would you buy a spod or marker rod first, i know which i am going to buy (JRC Contact) so not so much which to get although i am open to other Ideas if there's any other brands i've missed in my price bracket? Also why you would buy which first? Thanks in advance. Andy
  7. Andy Hull

    Back Leads?

    Hi all, Quick couple of questions, Do any of you use back leads and if so in what situation do you? If you don't why? I have used them before on an old estate lake i fish, mainly so it keeps the line away from patrolling fish and also that if i get a fish on there is less chance of a wrap up with the other rod. (only fish 2 rods) The lake bed is flat. Are back leads a good thin or a bad thing? Thanks in advance Andy
  8. Andy Hull

    What is your newest purchase

    Hi all. Just bought 2 x Shimano dl rb 6000 baitrunners. 2 x Korum twin tip + rods. 2 x Micron MX+ bite alarms. Can't wait to try them out. Andy
  9. Andy Hull

    What is your newest purchase

    A new Theseus teminal tackle box, and a Nash lead pouch. Fed up of leads banging into all my other bits and bobs.
  10. Andy Hull

    What is your newest purchase

    Have you boughyour rods and reels yet?
  11. Andy Hull

    What is your newest purchase

    1200+ yd spool of 15lb Shimano Aero line. Daiwa Mission 1.8m landing net handle (looks really nice and for £20 weighs alot less than i thought it would.
  12. Andy Hull

    Daiwa Sensor or Hyper Sensor

    So, best laid plans (etc), i went for Shimano Airo line in 15lb in the end after speaking to the tackle shop sales guy. He said that the shimano is a tough line that sinks well and has a dia of 0.35mm so the same as most 15lb and has little memory. I soak my spools in water for min of 24 hours before spooling and don't think i've ever had a problem with line twist, although i don't go any where as near as often as you guys. Andy
  13. Andy Hull

    Daiwa Sensor or Hyper Sensor

    Thanks for al the replies guys, think im going to go for the Daiwa sensor. I know it's probably not the best line but after reading plenty of reviews (etc) seems although old line tech it is still good for what i need. Thanks Andy
  14. Andy Hull

    Scam of sorts

    Thats exactly what they want you to do, they can have a single opperative dealing with multiple enquieries at the same time! It's all about streamlining to maximise profits, a decent profit isn't enough anymore, obscene profits only nowadays.
  15. Andy Hull

    Daiwa Sensor or Hyper Sensor

    Thanks for that bud.