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  1. Well i'm not a dole cheat skin flint and i can't afford one. I'm a father of 3 who goes out to work every day and pay my bills!
  2. A set of Ruben Heaton Flyweight mk2 40lb scales. 26" Korum folding landing net.
  3. Morning all, I'm going to go with getting a dedicated Marker rod, i'm not disregarding what others have said but would like one for some of salokcinnodrog's above reasons. So, Would you get a Spod rod as a Marker rod or would you go with an actual Marker rod or a 3lb fishing rod marked up with 6 inch and 1ft marks? Thanks Andy
  4. Got a second hand Kodex 3 + 3 rod holdall, unused so is as good as new for £20 off gumtree.
  5. I already have the spod rod and reel so was wondering if i should buy a marker rod or another spod rod (etc) seems i'd be better buying another spod rod for markering then?
  6. Hi all, I have purchased a 5lb tc Spod rod so that's sorted now but i want to get a Marker rod too. Would i be best buying another Spod rod as a Marker rod and marking 6inchs and 1ft marks on it or would i be best buying either a 3lb or a 3.25lb Carp rod and adding the mark or, a designated Marker rod? The reason i'm asking is that a few people have said that Marker rods are generally a bit too soft and the heavier Spod rods give better feedback on the tip. I will probably be using Braid on both rods or 15lb mono on the Spod rod and 30lb braid on the Marker rod. Your thoughts please guys Andy
  7. Only asked as i have just (a month ago) loaded my 3 reels up with Shimano Technium.
  8. Hi Smufter, what did you think to the Technium?
  9. Morning all, Got myself a Sonik Vader X Spod reel and got it as a price match for £39.99! Got to say it's really good quality especially for the money as it also comes with a quality 30lb braid fitted. Andy
  10. 3 for 2 Nash Instant attract Candy Nut Crush boilies 2 x 15mm 1 x 12mm 1 x 500ml Bottle of Activ-8 syrup to put in my spod mix. 1 x ESP large 2.5oz method feeder and mold.
  11. Ha ha, them were the days. I've sprayed them black now so look a bit smarter, moving over to Avid Bobbins though.
  12. Rather than scrapped, they possibly could have moved the dates to the mid to late summer period as generally the rivers tend to fish better in the Spring an Autumn even Winter periods. Think it's a mistake, just my opinion. Andy
  13. The Lake i fish isn't very wide and most of the fishing is to near bank side vegetation so you need to be quiet, as yonny said it's more to do with vibration than noise. When i set up i am self aware as i set up as far back from the waters edge as i can and do everything as stealthy as i can no stomping about or dropping bags bivvies (etc), if i can't get a bank stick in quietly then i just lay the rods on the bank with a bivvy peg (they always go in and i don't have a pod) behind the reel stem to stop them being dragged in. If i set a bivvy up i usually set that up behind a tree/bush or if there's no cover then it's set as far back as possible form the waters edge but still close enough to get to the rods quickly. I have always fished with tight lines but moving forward i will be using slack sunk lines and see if this makes any difference. Andy
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