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  1. I live in Birmingham, but my mate drives & he don't mind driving, Willo Marsh was about an 1hr away
  2. I'm from & live in the West Midlands & I can honestly say I've been to 3 pool's, which are Foxhills which is shocking I'll never go their again & then to Willo Marsh which was great, & then my dad took me to a place but have no idea what it was called. So I was wondering has anybody got any good places to go?
  3. I'm new to this forum & just thought if say hello, I've been fishing for about 15yrs which is 3/4 of my life, but when I use to go it was just to see how many perch, roach etc I could catch, & I hadn't been to a pool until about 7yrs ago & that was on a school trip. But now I think it's time to start going for carp, I've only ever caught one & that was 8 pound (shocking I know) & I saw this forum & thought maybe u guys could give me advice etc & help me out in the long run. I know how to the hair rig & what carp eat & that's about it for carp fishing with me
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