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  1. If it doesn't work, put the turret back on and shoot the [censored]e hawks with the BB gun
  2. Phil a couple of questions, (1) will it take the load of two loaded hoppers ? (2) What is the range?
  3. I also bought 3 Shimano Medium Longcast baitrunners XT-A's and Diawa12' Linear Carp rods , I would be grateful for any advice on line choice, I can't decide between mono or fluorocarbon (which I am using now)
  4. I know it's expensive, but I also know I would end up buying all the bits, so I got the full system from ebay, £179. I'm hoping the time I save with setting it up will be better spent catching carp!
  5. Just took jontains advice and bought the Fox Royale system. I'm putting it to the test next weekend
  6. Nice one, it's always good to see winter carp biting. I fished Haslams Lake in Derby last Saturday, but while I was napping, the lake froze up, lucky I blanked, I would have had no chance to land anything!!!
  7. You will have to pass on the tips hawkman
  8. Lovely fish, well done sir
  9. Willesley was a blank for me again, I tried chod pop-ups, bottom baits, I even had a short zig stint, however, there are good signs, several 30+ fish caught in the last week, so I am going to keep at it, and finally the baliff gave me some good information on where the better catches are coming from, but for now I will keep that to myself. Can't fish next weekend, but I will be there again the following weekend. I went for a stroll around the lake Saturday, and saw a large group of carp cruising mid water around the island, I also took my "fish finder" with me to check depths and water temperatures. Between the island, which is well protected from the wind and prevailing weather, and the pavillion there was a 2 degree difference (11.2 C and 8.9 C) Unfortunately for me, all pegs in that warmer vacinity were taken already. https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=willesley+lake&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.80642063,d.ZWU&biw=1920&bih=928&dpr=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=X&ei=Qj58VJOnLLLS7QbTj4HoCg&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ&output=classic&dg=brw
  10. Some lucky geezer just landed a 31.4 pounder, of course I'm happy for him Grrrrr[emoji24]
  11. I'm at Willesley Lake right now, some movement around my swim, but blanked so far. The nights young[emoji2]
  12. Welcome, I hope you enjoy the banter and keep us up to date on you successes and failures
  13. I put mine up in the garden, hose it down, then put in the garage still erected till it is dry.
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