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  1. I have been reading this thread with interest,obviously depending on area and conditions the amount of chum/groundbait or whatever you want to call it you throw i can vary enormously.Generally I try to prebait a couple of time if possible and use sparingly while fishing (I'm there to catch the [censored]s,not feed them.If I am fishing my river venue (Snake river ) I always try to find a slack or a back eddy,they like to collect ther ,I gues because all the grub does too.With regard to bats and flavours eg: boilies,corn etc, it does not seem to make much difference between cor or boilies but the flavour of the boilies does deem to make a difference, galic,Chinese five spice and maple seem to work best for me, closely followed by almost anything else if they happen to be really going that day.On my local lake however as someone already said,corn is king.I soak it in avariety of fruit flavours,jello (jelly to you fellow Brits) with strangely enough,wild watermelon being the favourite most times. Before fishing I usually chuck is three or four spods (made from a 1pint plastic bottle,and the odd one here and there during the session.Don't want to bore you any more But you get the gist. Kwoui,you are a lucky man,there are guys on Carp Anglers Group who would sell their wives to be able to fish the St Lawrence,maybe I will myself if I'm lucky before I die but it's a bit of a long drive. PS.How are you doing Richard,when are you coming down again? .
  2. Wow,yes 6 ops is a lot,of course all the right wing whacko talkshow hosts in this country woukd have everyone believe you'd have to wait about twenty years for that in Canada lol. Yes I have good insurance but as the only real treatment is replacement my doctor says I should wait as long as i can bear it as it's a last resort and can have mixed results. Once it stops me going fishing though it will get my undivided attention. all the best geoff
  3. Hi there Richard.No I have not been in gainful employment now for about three years.As for work.well.that's a white horse of a different colour,I seem to be working much harder and longer hours now than when I was getting paid for it.I consider myself lucky if I get out fishing as little as three times a week.I'm otherwise well except the old knees are on the way out,just anno domini I suppose. How are you after all your issues.
  4. Gee thanks muftiboy,I was really hanging on that one.
  5. Hi all. Been off the boards for a while as have not done any carpin' this year.There doesn't seem to be much going on,has anyone done anything interesting lately? PS Have new handle,used to be R639243 but password etc got mangled somewhere and had to re register.. Geoff
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