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  1. Well done on the fish. Must have been a great feeling when that rod went the first time after all that effort Im really no expert, but I'm thinking maybe you could start to reduce what you're putting in a bit but maybe not just yet? Weather is still pretty mild. It seems like there are fish that you have already educated about your spot so now in my head at least your just looking to keep the spot 'live'.
  2. Yep, the canals are all miles away! Open season I'd have the Chelmer, The Stort, Blackwater maybe even the "Brain" to fish. Lea navigation isn't too far either. My dad owns a Narrowboat actually, a few times the Marina owners or Marina residents don't like people fishing in the Marina's and I've been told off (was only Roach bashing too with a float rod!). Often the big marina's are normally secure and you only get in if you have a boat there. You make a good point about the night fishing and people not noticing - I am a real wimp though when I know I'm breaking fishing rules and the guilt will get the better of me I suppose....I could fish the evening and from morning the next day if I was that bothered, 'dusk' isn't til what 9pm? First light is 5am-ish. I could still get probably 11 or so hours in during daylight hours.
  3. I'm between Wickford and Basildon. Ta mate.
  4. Afternoon Greekskii, Yes I had a check of that list and also their list of rivers which have the closed season. As far as I can tell the Grand Union is closed on a shortish section of the Leicester Line which is much further North than I would be prepared to travel anyway. Thanks mate! I've tried Tring Angling & Luton AC and they are either night fishing for members only or no night fishing :-(
  5. I've used the search feature and haven't quite come across what I'm after. I've really enjoyed fishing the rivers last season but of course, they are all shut atm. I am thinking about hitting one of the canals as an alternative - I'm not fussed on difficulty to some extent, I have late Saturday afternoon until Mid-afternoon Sunday to fish and on a bank holiday weekend turning up most places where I am (Essex) on a Saturday night and trying to find a swim or lake that isn't shoulder to shoulder is most unlikely. I have been thinking about the Grand Union, most of the stretches I've checked out aren't day ticket, or don't allow night fishing, or are too far to travel. Not looking for anyone to share their prize locations but just a general hint on stretches that would even allow me to fish would be really helpful. I'm more after a quiet night in the countryside away from the madness than I am interested in bagging up! p.s. I'd consider other canals but most others look too far or are 'navigations' and close season applies. Thanks all.
  6. Canals/rivers near me are a pain to fish because the very best areas are all "no fishing". Angry face. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  7. Im assuming they would be compatible but if you want battery life probably want a 9v lithium. I think you'll get something like double the milli amp hours from a lithium compared to a regular alkaline. More expensive but it'll need changing less often. They're apparently much less prone to self discharge and leaking too. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  8. Good luck with the move spr! That's good advice on the mice. We've been here for about 2 and a half years and I had a sort out in the shed last week. Suddenly realised as I moved first few bits that there were droppings on my bed chair pillow!Eventually found that I'd left a bag of porridge oats in an old tackle bag and they had set up shop right next to it. My bad really. Got to be on top of making sure anything remotely edible or smelly is somewhere else or sealed up tight. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  9. What rig is it? In anticipation of pics Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  10. Awesome! Get in! Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  11. Congrats! It's no small task being patient and staying sane that long right? Do you feel like something changed, better understanding of the water? Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  12. For me, I'd like that the boilie isn't trying to escape off somewhere while I'm lasooing it. Also if it's preglugged, constant wiping of fingers is annoying. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  13. Yep! Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
  14. I was sceptical, but actually a boilie grabber is a great idea now I see what it is! Might have tieing on floss easier too. And when you're not using it to grab boilies you can get gherkins from the pickle jar. Sent from my HTC 10 using Tapatalk
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