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  1. Hi mate thanks for your reply. Ok cool I will head over a check it out and hopefully can get some gear. It's ok I know that it would be kept all secret anyway and it's understandable considering the view on the old carp over here. I had a walk around a local water a few nights ago and I saw a couple of older guys fishing with carp gear(and good stuff not 10 sea fishing rods lined up to catch dinner) so I got chatting with them cautious at first but when we got chatting they opened up and told me a few things, which was very refreshing to speak to another couple of like minded anglers. Thanks for the info mate and good luck with your fishing!
  2. Hi guys I'm down in Melbourne but English born and carped fish most of my life. Im in the need of some gear to start full carping again -been stalking a few out here and there but wanna get back behind the rods. I know I can order from the tacklebox and there shipping costs are pretty decent but wondering if any you guys got some secondhand gear going over here at all? If you have give us a shout? Also where you guys get end tackle? bait? as a good link for this will be most handy as it will be what I need to use the most once started again Look forward to your responses guys Cheers Throp
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