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  1. I had thought about making my own..You can buy moulds here for doing that.. When I was a boy my father used to make spoon sinkers at home..I thought about doing something like that as I remember that spoon sinkers were good at rising up as you wind them in..Ideal for fishing in weed if they would do that! I found a supplier in NZ. that had good range of heavy weight spoon sinkers..Good price and very reasonable freight! I bought 20 2oz. sinkers that worked out to be about .90c. each including freight!! A bargain.. I tried one in my weedy river and it worked like a charm..As soon
  2. We also get items from the UK duty and VAT free which makes the prices quite good.. The killer is the freight!..If you're just buying a few small items it's not bad, but if you want to buy a load of leads..Yikes!! One company quoted me $45.00 to ship just 20 leads!! Good point about paying extra freight on things you don't need..Something to keep in mind should I need to buy some boxed item..
  3. Thanks dalthegooner..I have bought quite a bit from Tacklebox in the past, so will keep that in mind for my next order..
  4. Thanks very much for the link and the offer Turnip..I have bought most of my gear at this stage.. As was mentioned, the cost of shipping for small items or small quantities can make them quite expensive.. I'll certainly keep it in mind when purchasing something from that store..
  5. My personal best happened a few days ago.. I'm new to specialised carp fishing and even though I've caught a few fish in the river where I live, they've only been relatively small and caught on the most basic of rigs.. The other day I set up my first hair with a size 8 wide gape hook, using corn and fake corn on a native chod rig.. The rig wasn't in the water for 5 minutes when the alarm wernt off!! I picked up the rod and the fish screamed up the river.. After about 10mins. I netted the fish and brought it in..It measured nearly 80cm. long and looked more like a Salmon in it's shape
  6. Unfortunately as a dog boarder, several of the dogs that have boarded with me regularly over the years have died, mainly through old age..and since the dogs board with me in the house (I don't believe in kennels) they are all like my own dogs and get treated that way!..It's a great loss when one of them dies.. So you might say I've lost several of my dogs over the years..It's always upsetting when that happens..
  7. This is a dog I used to board regularly..He had a lovely nature and was a real sook Unfortunately he died a while back from old age..I still miss him..
  8. Thanks buzzbomb..I'll check them out..
  9. luked..I'm not familiar with Johnson Ross, but I do have Tacklebox.co.uk in my list of suppliers and I just found the Ted Carter website yesterday! I did notice that Ted Carter has free freight to Aus. but I'm not looking to buy a large quantity of anything at this stage..Still experimenting! It sounds like they might be worth looking further into, particularly if they have fast delivery..
  10. Thanks guys.. luked..I know what you mean about the pricing..You can get gear fairly cheaply on eBay from UK sellers, but the postage is a killer!! One guy wanted 2.90 pounds for a packet of hooks and 12 pounds to send it.!!! Actually I'm after some Korda hooks ..and a fine latch baiting needle..Anything available?
  11. Hi all. Is there anyone in Aus. that sells Carp gear online? I've done Google searches and can't find anyone.. Up till now I've bought all my gear from the UK, but it takes so long to get here (usually around 2 weeks to my location) and I'd rather buy it locally anyway..
  12. Here are some photos of the rig that I'm using..They're not very sharp but I think you'll get the idea.. This one shows how the rig would look underwater.. This shot shows the hook is vertical when floating off the bottom.. And with the hook point angled.. This is how the "hair" is made. .I used a size 2 hook of which the eye snugly fitted over the barb of the size 6 hook..The shank of the large hook is then cut to length to accommodate the floating fake corn..The corn is pushed onto the cut shank and slid almost up to the eye to make sure that it can easily move around..
  13. So the general consensus seems to be that it will work either way.. I'm not using your standard hair rig..I had to modify the design to compensate for the disabillity in my hand..It's almost impossible for me to tie a small loop.. I'll take a photo shortly of the rig I'm using when the batteries are charged..and describe how it's made..
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