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  1. This one could spin in ever decreasing circles for ever. People making bait expands to a massive circle not just big companies any more, the problem from smaller start ups will be pressure from there buyers to have a shelf life option the required finance to get it right will out way the quick fix fill it full of potassium sorbate option, bigger companies have invested a little bit of time and money to get this right (some will still cut corners to hit price though) looking at alternative methods of making it work. Some one mentioned dates on some shelf life's and im guessing these are using a process that just prolongs the life of the bait to a point where the buyer will have used it. There are companies that alter there mixes by reducing the amount of the volatile ingredients that cause it go off (are shelf life's different to freezer baits if your doing this they are), improving there system for removing the moisture and like Nick suggests a good dip in sugar would probably get long enough out of them. For every company doing it right there is probably 2 doing it wrong, there are some baits I have seen pictures of that shouldn't be allowed to be put in the water, stories of lake owners netting there lakes and scoping up kilos and kilos of none broken down bait is not a good place to be in, if the lake water can't break them down what are the doing to the fishes digestive tract. I have also seen lab analysis on company X bait, which is aimed at colder water and is said to contain a high lipid content than there fishmeal offerings but the lab report on the shelf life version showed percentages nowhere near what they had published in a mag. So the mag values must have been for the freezer bait option.
  2. hutch

    Are sticky baits krill any good

    The buoyancy in krill meal generally depends on how much shrimp meal its been cut with, I have seen baits that are pushing towards 20% with the right quality meal, in a commercial bait I doubt there is any more than 5% in there, like Pete Springate I currently use it at 10% in my current mix.
  3. hutch

    Shelf life boilies

    I used to think this way and i'm sure some people/companies do it better than others but there are some scary baits appearing on the market that are not much more than a lump of cereal meals and being preserved using preservatives that are no better than the ones from yester year. As with tackle there are money men floating round in the bait industry for a fast buck.
  4. hutch

    Bait for different species

    Some really good posts on this one and covered a lot of what I would have put. But I will through this in although i don't believe they require nutritionally anything different maybe there feeding elements are more sensitive/acute to specific elements, so outside of what has already been mentioned like calcium and sweet based ingredients/liquids, possibly certain organic acids (original scopex & banana flavours were based on n butyric both known for catching out commons), aniseed EO is another one. Never knew that Vic learn something new every day, with that in mind maybe a bait that has a good balance of carbs and protein would catch them out more as oppose to one that is mainly designed for its protein levels.
  5. Welcome to the mad house mate 😂
  6. hutch


    Stretch your budget a little and read this. probably one of the most inspirational carp books you will pick up http://www.littleegretpress.com/index.php?action=viewbook&id=162
  7. hutch

    Rig foam

    Must be a lot of upset carp that live in lakes that have had dye added to stop weed growth as that is predominantly blue.
  8. hutch

    Which Boilie?

    FYI: The stuff that is really buoyant has usually been cut with a cheaper shrimp meal, I use the Norwegian stuff which you can get away with up to 20% if the mix is balanced right, with the cheaper stuff (generally has a pinky tinge to it) anything over 10% can start causing issues dependent on other ingredients, major bait companies probably don't go over 5%
  9. hutch

    Which Boilie?

    Might be worth naming the company as some one might have experience of them Also any bait maker that is worth parting with your hard earned cash for, will have no problem giving you a breakdown on request of what your chosen bait is made up from, just a side note Nash's ingredients are listed on the bag
  10. hutch

    Which Boilie?

    How much do you value the fish you catch ? The boilie market is saturated these days so I can see why people find choosing the right bait very difficult. So will a cheap boilie catch fish most likely in the short term, but what about the long term a lot are made with cheap ingredients with no thoughts about how the fish will digest them or there long term health as most are devoid of anything that the carp can utilise once eaten, they catch by tricking the fish via usually a form of liquid based attraction, plus carp will not continue to eat stuff that is really hard for them to break down as it expands a lot of there energy to produce the enzymes in its gut to break these cereal balls (which what most are) down. For me if your going to put a fish through the stress of being caught at least feed them something that is going to aid there recovery and general health, but how do we pick something that will give them that which is tricky bit, first it would be worth finding out if the fish in your chosen water have a preference for say a fishmeal based bait or a nut based etc... . Are there any bait businesses near where you live ? if so check them out. You don't need to spend £14 a kilo to get a really good bait you just need to find a good honest bait firm. There are few mentioned in other bait threads in this forum. What sort of waters are you fishing, day tickets, tricky syndicate, rivers ?
  11. hutch


    Excellent mate well done, post your catch in the catch reports Catch Reports July
  12. hutch


    Be careful with Liver powder the quality of some is pony. The hydrolysed stuff from BAF is good quality also will PM you details of someone else who you can source it from as I don't want it to look like a sales/marketing post ... lol
  13. hutch


    If your gonna use lamlac use it to replace the skimmed milk powder and drop it to 100 and add the 50 on to the semolina
  14. hutch


    Some one i know sells a beautiful peanut protein powder, doesn't suffer from the high oil content you get with most of the ones on the market
  15. hutch


    Yeap thats my preference for good fat content