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  1. Ill never get the 1 minute back i wasted reading this shows your complete lack of knowledge of this type of bait and its multitude of ways it can be put together. Even the boilies you buy CM you have no idea how or why they attract fish and on what level. Your basing your findings on 1 American guy lol, well lets flip that over another American guy Brian Wingard seems to do alright using the humble boilie. Maybe you got your application wrong on Sywell, I have a couple of friends up here that fished for the tench at Sywell in its hey day and they did pretty well using the good old fishmeal boilie Do I only use boilie ?, if i do i better throw my stock of maple peas away and bottom bait boilies would be an absolute pain to use for floater fishing.
  2. Clearly a one sided view, I'm part of a bait making group elsewhere and we have a very high number of members from these parts asking if certain ingredients they can obtain will work. The big problem for the guys in most of these countries is locating the correct ingredients as they are not as freely available as they are in the UK.
  3. You missed out its natural Lysine content BC, which plays a big part in the carps love of the yellow grain
  4. Im with Phil the corn does seem to be doing the business, i think removing would be a really bad idea. When you talk about the other baits your trying, how long are you sticking with them, are you fishing 2 rods on the same spot with to different hook baits to gauge results. Regualr chopping and changing can work against you in the long run. And welcome to the forum
  5. This can be applied to all baits not just boilies. The recent incident at Linear (Oxlease) was to do with misuse of maggots (they think), Birch Grove nut incident many moons ago was caused by exactly the same thing so not exclusive to boilies, they probably see more pellet prior to being stocked into a water as this is the main feed in the aquaculture industry
  6. I would follow the above, and use some Krill Hydrolysate for the liquid stage, although the dip is probably krill hydro and glycerine
  7. Choose of bait is the anglers decision, a good angler will adapt to the situation that is presented to them, if your confident using particles then use particles if you prefer boilies use boilies, should you belittle someone for using boilies no and the same goes with particles. Please can we stop using boilies in the tone of a single bait item, there are so many different variants that can be done that they are a bait grouping all of there own just like particles have many different forms, all your doing is highlighting the lack of knowledge of this area of bait The best anglers will use a variety of baits over the period of a season what ever that will be to best suit there water and application approach
  8. Looks like there is a few extras in the hot one
  9. What most people miss is the fact that most ingredients that are used in boilie production have an inherent oil property so lamlac, soya flour etc are 20% plus fats/oil, CLO and fishmeals average around the 10-12%, so your bait will have some oil content without adding any extra if you see what i mean. But I also know a few bait folk that swear by the addition of salmon oil in small quantities (around 10-15ml) can benefit certain mixes by form of some of the nutrients in the oil absorbing into the ingredients. Confidence is king and if you have confidence in coating baits in oil then go for it. Like i said for me this wouldn't work due my current bait being based around amino based extracts that i want to release over a period of time so for me oil would hinder this process. Maggi seasoning is hydrolysed soya bean if my memory serves me right, works a treat due to its MSG content.
  10. Its just like an other oil as far as Im aware, I have seen people used it in the past although never tried it myself. For me its not something i would rehydrate boilies with but I don't use any oils for that purpose as they have a habit of sealing the bait and slowing down the attractants release (personal opinion of course).
  11. I'm I right in thinking pack bait is the rough equivalent to what we call groundbait ? If so yes you will probably not need the more expensive fishmeals but something like a standard white fishmeal at 30-40% of your mix would work well.
  12. This any use to you, same rig different flavour Gardner Ultra D Rig
  13. I would want more information on the bait itself before purchasing, going off the photo's they look like they are reselling kcb products from the continent, but like i say thats the photo's and may well be wrong, large amount of white speckles is a sign of high semolina content as well.
  14. The best thing you can do if you have a sonik stockist nearby is pop down there and have a look at one, the one thing that crops up on rod recommendation threads is rods feel different to each person so if you can go and have a look one i would advise it.
  15. Another vote for sks spod rod here for the amount of spodding i do it fits the bill perfectly