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  1. This any use to you, same rig different flavour Gardner Ultra D Rig
  2. I would want more information on the bait itself before purchasing, going off the photo's they look like they are reselling kcb products from the continent, but like i say thats the photo's and may well be wrong, large amount of white speckles is a sign of high semolina content as well.
  3. The best thing you can do if you have a sonik stockist nearby is pop down there and have a look at one, the one thing that crops up on rod recommendation threads is rods feel different to each person so if you can go and have a look one i would advise it.
  4. Another vote for sks spod rod here for the amount of spodding i do it fits the bill perfectly
  5. You can pick up a set of ATT's for just over £200 at total fishing tackle at the minute. Just to add that as an option for you
  6. Some one has put his Carpin On talk from this year online which is worth an hour of your time if you haven't already watched it
  7. No drama's to be had there he has a consultancy roll at Dynamite but they do a full range of baits not just boilies
  8. How many of these waters that have been dived have a nut ban ?, I can't use nuts as my water has a nut ban, but mass baiting with nuts is worse than boilies due to the fact that they never breakdown but poor quality boilies are just as bad for the same reason. For me a good boilie should breakdown over a period of time but like you highlight a lot don't but like any bait when it is dump into a water on mass it becomes a problem.
  9. If its any help to you, I use 1 of the Drennan red reels coupled with a forcemaster 11ft feeder rod for my lad when we go fishing, he's had Bream to just shy of 8lbs and tench to over 5lbs and it is a really nice setup to play them on
  10. With regards to plastics, they are made from Fish Emulsion which is a bi product of the fishmeal industry which is why it secretly houses attraction to the fish, if you don't believe me ask Frank Warwick his views on the subject are available via a very good internet media resource.
  11. Nobody is ever 100% right in anything. Thats your opinion mate and your entitled to it but you have not answered any of the questions asked about your statements, where is bread attractive to fis they don't know its bread something attracts them to it. Your original question on why expensive boilies are a rip off was pretty much summed up in Gazlaar's post detailing how you get to a price point a lot of them are just very ordinary mixes with carp tax applied. My facts are based on how a carp detects food via what mother nature gave it as a species on earth, so biology, scientific research papers, my own experiences and the experience of others which is one of the good things about places like this (and yes some of the people have ties to bait companies, some run bait companies on a smaller scale) So why try and pick holes in others when you know the answer to the question, and more to the point why don't you share your finding regarding bright ones. Interesting stuff about the nymphs, the only place they can't really see is between there eyes i posted a link to an article on the carpology website regarding eye sight which pretty much some's it up. Debait is great but you never stop learning
  12. So therefore you are creating the same situation, via your chosen baiting application, or have i missed something, surely bait choice is an angler controlled variable so if that angler is happy putting that quantity of there chosen bait at what ever it is costing them as long as they happy paying that then all is equal. I agree it does not have to be expensive but if boilies are the anglers chosen bait then it is up to that angler to work out if there being done or not, boilies do not have to be expensive to be good and nutricous you just have to learn what makes them that in the first place.
  13. How many kilo's of particle do you pre bait with CM (genuine question) ?
  14. Ill try and answer these for you based on the facts that are available about a carp's biological make up but you can't not compare a fish's digestive system to a human one to completely different things. Why do you think bright singles work ?, have you ever made your own hookbaits or even looked at how they are made and what is in there make up. For what its worth pop ups are generally made with high levels of liquid based attractors normally double sometimes treble what you would get in a normal boilie for the purpose of getting the fish to hone in on that bait. Colour is an interesting one it is believed carp have pretty good eye sight and colour may act in getting the attention of the fish (possible investigation trigger), but is the colour you are fishing really standing out as you believe, eg if your water has blue dye in it to stop the weed and you fish a bright yellow pop up it looks washed and dull so was it the colour that got you a take if it rips off ? Its a fish it doesn't feed purely on sight, you need to read up on how a FISH locates food sight doesn't play a part when location in the dark, also think about how light diffuses in water if the lake is deep then sight will play very little part in location. Totally agree doesn't need to be expensive all those baits have elements within there make up that attract fish just because you can't smell them doesn't mean they are not there, whats the key component in bread ? (its also something that is very attractive to the fish) Plain and simple your wrong, its mouth is loaded with its gustatory system (equivalent to taste in a human), when the fish sucks a bait into its teeth it breaks it down and these senses kick in, pretty pointless in mother nature giving you something that plays no use bit like you having hands and not using them. Doesn't have to be a £13 a kilo boilie it gets to that price via the guide lines that Gaz put in his post, your not just paying for the boilie. But a carp's digestion system is pretty simple it has no stomach it absorbs nutrients from what it eats as it passes through the gut the easier what it eats passes through the gut the quicker the nutrients get into its body and the better it feels if it is lacking in something. They have a daily dietary requirement to survive you as an angler have the option to provide it with some of these elements to keep your lakes stock healthy. Anyway if you want to learn something then read the above, if not then ignore and carry on.
  15. Hi viz huh, so i can guarantee that you have never night dived because if that was the case you would know this is utter tosh unless you are within inches of it. Those same signals that come off the very baits you love. Nobody has suggested this in this thread as far as i can see, a carp has to swim to stay alive which means to burns energy to do so, to replace energy they have to eat items that will replace this energy as quickly as possible or they die simples, to do this they will go for the easiest meal that costs them the least amount of expanded energy, so as BC has said a wild creature/fish they are hard wired for optimum feed efficiency. Ever been on a mountain climb, why do you think they recommend eating nuts and sweet stuff because they sugars are a fast energy hit when your tired. They must be so disappointed that mother nature provided all those receptor sites on various different levels of attraction if they don't need to use them, you need to understand how carp search for food, like i said to CM with the liver why does bread work, the answer is simple. Bait application and bait are to different things in my book and getting better at picking the right A for B is down to experience like Nige says. It's back to there senses that mother nature gave them all those thousands of years ago, they don't taste like we do but they do have a system for taste I totally agree as with most industries have a host of sheep sold by the marketing its how business works unfortunately, but you will find the best anglers on here have a multi approaches for various situation and that doesn't include the exclusive use of boilies So the video, although he states he has struggled over the winter also said he has only done a couple of blogs from, he brought the ticket with hope of it being a winter water, but clearly hasn't worked out so, if you are going to spend serious time on the bank you invest it in the right waters, its a known fact that some waters shutdown over the winter no matter what you do, in this vid he also says he got his tactics again this happens on waters up and down the country and even Laney gets it wrong sometimes he is human after all. Anyway the folks here are old enough to make there own minds up.