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  1. I have it from a good source that tobacco repels fish mate, why do you think people like Tel a obsessive about washing there hands after smoking etc....
  2. I just air dry my pop ups normally takes 3-4 days to get them properly dry they last at least 6 months. 15ml - 1 egg of liquid preserve i think is the recommended level but i would check this
  3. CM outlines what is classed as a wrong un, but it is the angler that makes the decision to fish the waters that contain those fish so if that's what floats your boat and feeds your angling addiction then go and throw your money at it.
  4. Although the method of preserving bait has improved a lot over the years, im with CM fresh is best for me. If you really want to make shelf lifes on 6 eggs replace 2 eggs with 100ml of Liquid Preserve and make sure you dry them correctly.
  5. First of all welcome to the forum Which version of the powder are you using anhydrous or the HCI version ?, Anhydrous you can go up to around 20-25grms with HCI its normally a bit less around 10-15grms. Liquid Betaine in most parts is just the powder dissolved into a carrier liquid, you would be better using your money on something like Betalin (hinders) or Thaumatin B which have been have an optimal level of talin added, normal liquid betaine 20-30ml, Thaumatin B somewhere around 5ml-10ml not sure on Betalin never used it in a bait.
  6. Nice one Phil
  7. For pre prepped I have had these guys recommended, £34.50 for 20kilos + delivery seems reasonable providing you can store it.
  8. I got a 5kilo bag for £13.50 last years looks as though it has gone up slightly since then and they now seem to sell the Chinese and French hemp no idea on what the difference is though
  9. Last decent hemp i had was from Hinders not the cheapest but the quality was excellent, have had these guys recommended from another place i post might be worth you taking a look Since hemp has become more popular in the human health market the product served up to anglers and probably in general has dropped massively IMO and the price as always has gone the other way.
  10. The key component with all 3 of these anglers is they have bait that the use on a continuing basis not chopping and changing and they have confidence in, you need to find a bait you are confident in that has a proven record and that you can continually use, most people can't sustain buying £10 a kilo bags of boilies all the time, so find a supplier of a good bait that is within your budget to continually use. I agree a good bait should be instantly acceptable, but it needs something in its make up to keep them coming back, also the more they eat on a free meal ticket without them turning up for a photo shoot the better IMO
  11. Mufty, really sorry to hear that, I think Nige's text pretty much sums up my thoughts
  12. Think this is the part that keeps us going back for more. One theory I have seen with EA flavours is, alcohol's boiling point is around 80 degrees, so less than water so when we boiling heavily flavoured EA based flavour baits that the base boils away leaving the esters or elements that might/might not hold attraction to Mr Carp in the bait, the dosing procedure would just add a normal level of flavour to it, this is only 1 possible theory in a field full of theories
  13. I think the main problem is people misuse them, wait till there have been incidents of people shooting them out of the sky or someone crashing one into some ones multi thousand pound setup. Also wonder if some lakes might have flight restrictions over the land they sit on there are quite a few airports etc.. close to fisheries or fisheries located on flight paths
  14. Absolutely, i know a guy that was convinced carp get so preoccupied when feeding on small particles like hemp that you could catch on a bare hook buried amongst the free offerings and he did exactly that, we have said before they dont have hands to try stuff the only way they do it is by sucking it in, your bound to nick one in the mouth at some point. The taste bit is down to 2 separate things how they detect what might be food and taste as in we think of taste is done at a different level, there ability to detect chemical components is very acute and can detect things we can't also any thing to strong on a chemical level can repel them. Also with somethings i thing its more a lure style tricking them into thinking that it is something its not, we know carp have a predatory instinct and most predators are lured to be caught by other fake elements so why can't carp
  15. According to Mr Warwick plastic corn (well the Enterprise stuff) is made using Fish Emulsion, which is a by product of the fishmeal industry, and its trace elements form this that are present in the emulsion that the carp detect.