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  1. A Trakker NXG Deluxe Rucksack has just landed, just need to reshuffle my gear into it now.
  2. You can use EO as long as it is 100% pure, H & B is a good spot to pick them up nomally.
  3. Another fan of the tungsten loaded semi stiff, if i have to use a braid for say like a PVA bag Kryston Super Nova (I still have the original).
  4. The lads on my lake have used them for quite some time, the fish that were stocked a couple years ago were feed these at the farm they came from. I really like the look of the Master pellets the profile stacks up pretty well for all year round use.
  5. Something like this would more than likely put some fish on the bank 350g LT94 250g CLO 100g CPSP 90 100g Acid Caesin 80g Lactalbumin 20g Kelp Pop down the supermarket and grab a bag of fine semolina and add it at 100g will give you a kilo, I suggest you mix it up and just try mixing a 1 egg mix first to make sure it binds ok. Just remember to post any fish in the Catch Report thread.
  6. Looking at the description posted on here its protein profile will come from Pea Protein Isolate (PP and is used in the aquatic industry as a fishmeal replacement) combined with the refined milks which when used in combination (acid & rennet caesin produce a good profile when combined maybe even in conjunction with wpc80), the yeast willmore than likely be Brocacel (digestion aid) or i know some people that are utilising high Nucleotide Yeast (more solubility and amino profile). The cheese smell could be a good quality cheese powder (normally blue cheese powder) which was a in the origin
  7. I love a read of some the old carp fishing texts, whats your favourite 😀 Take it your not a fan of the current string of social media stars 🤣
  8. Not a fan of the baiting pyramid then Seeing as the point of the forum is to share knowledge why don't you try enlightening us of some the less fashionable alternatives
  9. Pretty much the same as Vik, I sometimes double bag to stop freezer burn but always add a drop of hydro to the bag before placing in the freezer, as they defrost the boilies draw the hydro in so your pumping out attraction from the off.
  10. For these ones and this is aplicable to all anglers and all waters so here goes 1. People over using them can be bad for the fish as proven at Linear a couple of years ago when one lake had to be closed as they believe the condition of the fish was caused by the over use of maggots. 2. Zigs, as much as i love a zig, on a super busy water it must be like the sharks swimming through the mine field in finding nemo with all those lines up in the water, leading to a large quantity of foal hooked fish and damaged fish. 3. As much as its published that things have changed with shelfies
  11. On top of what the other guys have said have you been pre baiting with boilies ?, do you know what type of weed it is and how deep it runs eg, bottom to surface.
  12. Most of the bait industry use Titanium Dioxide for white but bot sure you will get it in a small enough quantity at a price that fits for this situation, CC Moore and AA Baits both do a non soluble white dye, the latter being cheaper. With your second paragraph , what are you wanting as your finished article, a pop up that looks like your free offerings or a bright one ?, also what levels and liquids are you using might help others offer some ideas.
  13. Cork ball pop ups are probably best used to make match the hatch type pop ups where you can use your choosen mix paste to wrap around the cork ball, so the finished pop ups will be the same as the free offerings you are using. So if thats the way you like to present your hookbait, then they are probably the best method
  14. Amazing angling Emm there's some serious looking fish in that collection
  15. Forgot to add in the answer to the OP question the yellow ones contain a dark liquid
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