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  1. Think this is the part that keeps us going back for more. One theory I have seen with EA flavours is, alcohol's boiling point is around 80 degrees, so less than water so when we boiling heavily flavoured EA based flavour baits that the base boils away leaving the esters or elements that might/might not hold attraction to Mr Carp in the bait, the dosing procedure would just add a normal level of flavour to it, this is only 1 possible theory in a field full of theories
  2. I think the main problem is people misuse them, wait till there have been incidents of people shooting them out of the sky or someone crashing one into some ones multi thousand pound setup. Also wonder if some lakes might have flight restrictions over the land they sit on there are quite a few airports etc.. close to fisheries or fisheries located on flight paths
  3. Absolutely, i know a guy that was convinced carp get so preoccupied when feeding on small particles like hemp that you could catch on a bare hook buried amongst the free offerings and he did exactly that, we have said before they dont have hands to try stuff the only way they do it is by sucking it in, your bound to nick one in the mouth at some point. The taste bit is down to 2 separate things how they detect what might be food and taste as in we think of taste is done at a different level, there ability to detect chemical components is very acute and can detect things we can't also any thing to strong on a chemical level can repel them. Also with somethings i thing its more a lure style tricking them into thinking that it is something its not, we know carp have a predatory instinct and most predators are lured to be caught by other fake elements so why can't carp
  4. According to Mr Warwick plastic corn (well the Enterprise stuff) is made using Fish Emulsion, which is a by product of the fishmeal industry, and its trace elements form this that are present in the emulsion that the carp detect.
  5. You should start a comedy thread
  6. In relation to them picking up your baits mate, shape is irrelevant its what is in the bait that makes them pick it up. As for round baits, not used a round bait as a hookbait for about 5 years. I think that waters that see large beds of round boilies on a regular basis would certainly put the fish on guard, for me mixed sizes and shapes just keeps them guessing
  7. Its too course which is why it is breaking up, i would take out the nijer seed out there should be enough in the CLO already, I would replace the nijer with the brewers yeast (this stuff varies in quality alot so look for a good supplier, gold seal and lieber (I think) are the best ones i know about, i think BAF sell the later. How fine ground are the peanuts we talking powdered state ? Switching the milk powder for lamlac plus the soya, oil and the peanuts you could have a very fatty mix there, fats aren't a bad thing but as with everything needs to be in proportion. You could drop the oil to 10ml or get rid of it as there is enough oil in the ingredients there already. If i think of any other possibles I will let you know
  8. CC Moore & Spotted Fin, both sell Lamlac in 1kg bags
  9. No probs as long as they turn out how you want them
  10. You can repeat that process a couple of times bit like dosing pop ups coat them let it dry in then coat them again that way you are getting the full benefits of the liquid, if your going for a really sweet style bait molasses is cheap enough just pop 20ml of that in with the eggs as well
  11. There are 2 types of CSL acitve and deactivated, if its the active stuff then it is pointless putting it in the bait prior to boiling as the boiling process deactivates it but you could coat your boilies in whilst there drying and it soak into the baits, if its already deactivated or you are not bothered about the activity then you can still put it in but adding the same og molasses which is cheaper would create the same effect
  12. CSL is mainly complex sugars, the active versions are better but if you are putting it in a boilie mix the boiling process deactivates it so you might as well just add a decent sugar liquid like Molasses or Betastim
  13. That's starting to look better Will probably take 4 maybe 5 large eggs that little lot or replace some of the egg with a liquid food.
  14. Would have thought the milk shake powder and the crusha will doing similar things (although looking at there listed ingredients citric acid and the sugars are there only things i can see the carp might detect in some way) you won't need both. Not a fan of food colouring prefer to use ingredients to create colour other than there natural colour, you could lose the milk shake powder and replace it with tiger nut flour. You would be better looking at animal feed stores or an asian deli for good quality cheap ingredients, nijer is only part of a birdfood mix its other parts of certain bird mixes that make them good to use like the starches and egg biscuit. You could use crushed hemp which would be better than whole seed it is also good for adding texture to the finished bait. Cheap is not always what is best for the fish, but neither is expensive, its good that you are having a go at making your own but think about what each ingredient in your mix is doing and weather it is good for the carp to eat, what its is doing for the mix and weather they can actually detect it as a food source.
  15. Depends in what regards you hold the fish in. That mix will rely heavily on the attractors used within it, would work as a short term bait once they start wising up to it, would be a pig for them to digest and has very little solubles. You can use the tiger nut flour anything up to 200g a kilo. Improvements, try adding some birdfood and more than a tiny bit of milk powder and a bit of wheatgerm (or Micronised wheat apparently does a similar job)