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  1. Agree with ian very sad for the fish Clearly its size was not down to the super fish status RH placed on it,
  2. Looking at the forecast, I wouldn't ignore zigs or floaters looks like its going to be a hot one
  3. Interesting choice that Phil, I see where your coming from and if i am honest completely overlooked zigs
  4. Before I answer I want to make it clear that over a season i will use a variety of baits based on the given situation i am faced with. But seeing as your questions asks for just one it would be boilies, why because I can do loads of things with them the obvious stuff like chop, crumb, whole baits, change the shape. But you can do other things like adjust your mixes or attractors even the buoyancy of the finished product and that is just scratching the surface of possibilities. So if you have to pick 1 for me you have to pick the 1 with the greatest versatility.
  5. Holland and Barrett if you have 1 near by, failing that the likes of CC Moore, Spotted Fin or British Aqua Feeds
  6. Soya Flour is about 20-25% fats and your Peanuts will 40+% fats Wheatgerm or Micronized Wheat is a new one that has come to my attention, CLO also has digestion qualities. The yeast in the marmite will also aid digestion a little
  7. Not a bad start, a couple of thing though, there is a lot salt going in there, the fishmeal alone would cover the dietary requirement but you also have salt in the spice mix, belachan and fish sauce all have a higher than average salt contents. Try leaving the oil out, there should be enough in the fishmeal, birdfood and soya already. Not sure you need the added expense of calcium caseinate, switching it for PDF would be a cheaper option and do a very similar job from a amino's and solubility point of view as the fishmeal and soya will cover the protein requirement. The crux of making your own is the trial and error process you will have to go through to get it right but the reward of catching on something you have put together yourself is usually worth it
  8. Your mix is high/really high in fats (depending which milk powder your using) already , and not really much to aid digestion. As suggested the marmite is the better option in this case
  9. Without breaking out the science there are reasons why the baits you love work well, as well as a reason certain boilies smash a place up and some boilies are steady away, can you put something in front of them that they are 100% gonna drop on ?? the answer has to be NO!! Thats why we keep coming back for more
  10. This is due to there EFA content, when baited on mass they cause an issue but this can be applied to variations of boilie depending on what level that boilie was intended to succeed on.
  11. Bit of a bold statement that and not the feedback that I have had from the anglers i communicate with in 3 of those countries, a lot of the problems they face with bait in general is sourcing stuff, in the case of boilies its the ingredients due to lack of supply chain or food laws which limit there use or distribution, even some more simple baits they have to get shipped vast distances to make them available all at extreme cost which makes some baits not just boilies expensive to use. I have said this before, the best anglers use and know how to apply all variety of baits but should not be set upon for choosing one or the other.
  12. Clearwater and Wyreside will be the closest 2 to where you are located
  13. Agreed mate, im not sure that some of the items are as good in dead state as they are when living or dying, the daphnia could be interesting in things like a stick mix or even a sloppy spod mix for over zigs as i would imagine that all the bits have different levels of buoyancy
  14. If your prepared to go as far as Clearwater, I would also put Wyreside and Borwick Lake on that list. I would imagine there are quite a few waters around cheshire as well
  15. Pallatrax do black snail Also Dynamite do the Hemp & Snails, I have used these before i just pick some of the snails out for hook baits, the specimen size are better for rigging