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  1. hutch

    Liquid Aminos

    That's why i like the good liquid liver products
  2. hutch

    Liquid Aminos

    FYI: I have been told after you get past 120ml per kilo your just throwing money away as it makes no difference (no factual proof but from a good source), but going over doesn't seem to have a repel effect as don't most natural liquids
  3. hutch

    Liquid Aminos

    It is believed that amino's hold stimulation properties at both a olfactory and gustatory levels, carp regardless of where they are in the water column are constantly pass water through there olfactory bulb so if amino's are in the water column I would say they would register to them, it wouldn't need to necessarily have its mouth open for gustatory detection as they have senses in there fins, barbells and lips. Not catching when there are fish showing could be a whole host of things, fry hatch, fish eggs, snails, tadpoles or there just not in feeding mode, also the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water can also play a part on how, when and what they eat. Some good points already mentioned the viscosity of the liquid and how it reacts when mixed with the water is a good one. Supercharged baits just seem to grab there attention in several possible scenarios.
  4. hutch

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    That's a belter that one chill
  5. hutch


    Cheers for the heads up Nige, Looks a good day but I'm in Manchester all weekend. A lot of friends from my club water are part of the syndicate on Keer and seem to be doing pretty well. For anyone thinking of going up to have a look Alex has done mountains of work up there. For me I don't get enough angling time to justify the syndicate money, but some of the fish look amazing.
  6. hutch

    Pop ups not rolling

    I haven't used the tables, 14mm sausage on a 16mm table will give you dumbells, the size of the nozzle is generally a fraction smaller than the table size to get round baits. Could you not roll out a 16mm sausage with the rolling table, then try rolling the sausage just a little more so it is slightly slimmer than the finished 16mm size you will end up with a little bit of waste. Other tips would include make your paste then wrap it in cling film and pop it in the fridge for 20mins this should make it absorb the liquids right through and firm up making rolling easier. Get some egg white sachets from the supermarket and pop on these into the powder before mixing will give the pop up a nice hard skin but remain soft inside. Make sure you get a decent pop up mix as there are some poor ones out there.
  7. hutch

    Pop ups not rolling

    Emmcee nailed it, the sausages are the wrong size for the rolling table. Also the mix looks a little on the dry side. What have you used liquids wise. In my view egg or even better just the egg white is a better binder for pop ups than water or liquid egg.
  8. hutch

    Pc woes... Creators Fall update

    1709 had issues with certain security software and AV products. As a sys admin I really do not recommend this, in today's world of very clever exploits one of the only fights you have against them is making sure your software is regularly updated or you will miss vital; security patches to applications and windows itself. How do you mean you dont have to put your files on icloud drive if you dont want they can stay local to the machine. Just about to start putting works network build of Ubuntu Bionic Beaver base install looks nice, adapting back to Gnome Shell could be interesting for some of my users though, but i like it.
  9. hutch

    Adjustable zig rig length?

    When you think about it that makes sense as if the fish are below they will see the black against the white light, and white against the darker light when above, but we all know carp fishing isn't that black & white
  10. hutch

    Adjustable zig rig length?

    Nige is the man when it comes to zigs, but for me you can't beat the fox zig alinga's, most productive combo's have been black foam with either a black or yellow alinga. I soak my foam in CC Moore's natural blend but that is no longer available, they do seem to prefer sweeter liquids if your looking to dip or foam in anything.
  11. hutch

    Adjustable zig rig length?

    I usually use a foam nugget wrapped around the stem at the top of the float and just nick the hook into it, seems to do the trick for me, although im still learning my trade when it comes to zigs.
  12. hutch

    Haiths Robin Gold

    If your using it at low levels (which some believe it is better used at) you can pick up pouches in ALDI for £3 Kelp has the added benefit that it opens the bait up as well as supplying a good vitamin profile, but from the profile side of things they offer the same benefits to a bait
  13. hutch

    Haiths Robin Gold

    Not surprised it was a stiff mix with 150g of Whey Gel and Egg Albumen in it. The kelp and the spirulina are feeding the same need if you see where I'm coming from sp I would guess the bait would work the same if either one is removed on a nutritional level although the removing the spirulina would lose the green colouration. The rest BC has covered already
  14. hutch

    Mainlines latest offering The Link

    To many variables to give a definitive answer without knowing the make up of each bait. What we smell means nothing there will be something within the attractor profiles of each mix be that liquid, additive, ingredient or even reaction/active bait like the experiments detailed in the amino's thread.
  15. hutch

    Mainlines latest offering The Link

    No concrete answer to this one without knowing the composition of each bait, there is a chance there is an element in one that the fish are seeking out maybe something that is lacking in there natural environment or the place has just been filled in with it and the fish just are feeding by recognition. Personally I don't think the maple will have anything to do with it as flavours play little part in the attraction process other than opening anglers wallets, but some are made up using fenugreek oleoresin as we we know that's one of the spices carp seem to take a liking to.