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  1. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    There is not much in it to be honest mate, both re made using similar processes, very soluble in water and most have a really good amino profile and have a great ability to stimulate a feeding response as far as ingredients go they are a must in bait with what ever combination you choose to use.
  2. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Hmmm Kev Knight or Geoff Bowers I know where my money would be going for a long term winner
  3. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    I was just trying to make a mix out of what you already had, If you have any questions about making a proper base mix feel free to ask there are others on here not just me that will be able to help. Spotted Fin, CC Moore, Haiths, British Aqua Feeds (my current main supplier), Feed Stimulants in Holland are all sources of good quality ingredients. Outside of that good asain supermarkets or farm supply stores are good places to source ingredients
  4. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    Boil as usual, 1.5minutes will probably get them firm enough, less if you want them softer longer if you want them harder. Some birdfoods/CLO (my preference) does have breadcrumb as part of its make up as well as seeds etc ..., birdfoods have added benefit through there natural oil content, veg protein that some of them contain plus it helps with binding as well as giving your bait a bit of texture.
  5. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    This is a very rough guide, which won't have you spending a lot of money to get you started. 40% Blitzed Trout pellets (down to a Powder) 10% Micronized Wheat (Baileys Number 1) 20% Soya Flour 20% Semolina 10% Blitzed Bread or Birdfood if you can get some. Use eggs then add the liquidised corn until you get a bound ball, I'm a bit unsure of the inclusion rate of liquidised sweetcorn as I have never used it and other people I have asked have used either corn syrup or Nash sweet corn extract. Might be worth draining some of water off the liquidised corn you will probably get somewhere around 50ml - 100ml of it in (pure guess work)
  6. The Corn Ball was not meant to be :(

    From a quick look the mix is to dry and course and lacks binding properties by the look of it, forget the cornflakes, sugar, half the poppy seeds (if you must use them). What other sources have you got for ingredients be that bait firm, farm shop, supermarket etc.
  7. Vaping Idea

    I haven't used them personally as i don't need flavour in that quantity, how much flavour are you after we talking litres ? but the guys i know that do say its good stuff, if you don't want to use RD's I can give the names of a couple of people I have used and would recommend from the bait world.
  8. Vaping Idea

    They supply quite a few of the big bait companies as well, so im told
  9. Vaping Idea

    rd campbells if your going down that route minimum order 1 litre I think
  10. Vaping Idea

    Only people that will know how concentrate they are is the manufacturer of the flavour, if you dont know I would start low maybe 2-3ml
  11. Vaping Idea

    defo not cost effective, we thought carp tax was bad
  12. Vaping Idea

    Not a vaping man myself but I'm lead to believe they are mainly just propylene glycol based flavours if so they can be used. Dosage would depend on the concentration so I would start low
  13. Another vote from me. Nice to see a young angler getting out on the bank so much Welcome to the forum both of you
  14. Scales

    Ive heard good things about the Korum Digitals Korum Digital Scales More matchman tax than carp tax
  15. Cork Dust.

    People being brain washed into the fact carp only take round baits is part of the current scene. as a side note, I can't remember the last time I used a perfect shaped bait let alone a round one.