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  1. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    To many variables to give a definitive answer without knowing the make up of each bait. What we smell means nothing there will be something within the attractor profiles of each mix be that liquid, additive, ingredient or even reaction/active bait like the experiments detailed in the amino's thread.
  2. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    No concrete answer to this one without knowing the composition of each bait, there is a chance there is an element in one that the fish are seeking out maybe something that is lacking in there natural environment or the place has just been filled in with it and the fish just are feeding by recognition. Personally I don't think the maple will have anything to do with it as flavours play little part in the attraction process other than opening anglers wallets, but some are made up using fenugreek oleoresin as we we know that's one of the spices carp seem to take a liking to.
  3. Whoohoo!!😀😉😀

    Nice one smufter
  4. Enzymes.

    Looks like a winner to me BC
  5. Supermarket Flavours

    CM might be a better person for dry to wet weight ratios, Im like you mate i never bother.
  6. Supermarket Flavours

    Revised thinking has lead me to compare it more to the volume of liquid you would add if using liquid egg replacer to a normal boilie mix, as this is normally nearer to the volume of water you would add to a kilo of particle. So going off the fact it takes roughly a litre of liquid egg to make a kilo of mix to which you would add around 3-5ml of flavour. So I would say 3-5ml per litre of water depending on the flavour. Reading that back think i've lost myself
  7. Supermarket Flavours

    I see where your going Vic, trying to think of reason weather it would or wouldn't. A lot would depend on the flavour and its base, most are propylene glycol based which has a boiling point well above water temp so it shouldn't boil off. If left the particles are left to stand in the same water after being boiled i would have thought they would draw some of the flavoured water back in. As for levels I ve got some crazy calculation going around in my head based upon, you would normally add say 5ml to the liquid volume of eggs, so converting that to the volume of water you originally add to the particles. Although theory and no practice Im afraid on this one though mate
  8. Enzymes.

    Feedstims enzyme compound powder is protease based I think have a look at what they recommend, your idea would work in theory, do you know how tempurature tolerant the stuff you have is ?, Steve's findings where very interesting he was (and still is) i think using amalyse in his liquid. What about coating the baits directly in the powder
  9. Enzymes.

    Dean pops up occasionally on a couple of bait groups I'm a member of, its a labour of love is that bait as apparently its a ***** to roll, but I think he has it more stable now
  10. Enzymes.

    Good luck BC, its a very dark rabbit hole is the old enzyme game, worms might be a good one i know BAF have Bloodworm and Worm based liquids in the pipeline There's a bait company built on pretty much the above, the reaction definitely creates a attraction over a short period, hence there main bait changes every 2 years or so UCN by any chance he's put a lot of work into that bait. The above works better with the liquid if you read there blurb
  11. Myth or Truth

    You've come along way BC, nice little piece that
  12. Myth or Truth

    Covered in a way here, the chemicals that make up said tutti or scopex (scopex has n butyric acid in its make up, well the best ones do anyway, so Ph might come into it) are detectable to the fish also simple sugars as yonny (I think) mentions are all detectable by its olfactory bulb, im guessing the reason for what you have observed is the flavoured corn has stimulated its olfactory senses quicker on those fish.
  13. Myth or Truth

    I agree he doesn't really go into in depth detail more teases ideas or outlines the basics of what he thinks makes a good bait, more for the reader to follow up on if they are really interested in that topic and writing all the answers straight out, it was more thought provoking for me rather than out and out answers.
  14. Myth or Truth

    Which was were i was going when i add the flavour side of the bait game is polluted with a lot of stuff which is no use, so a good example here would be plum a flavour which nearly ever bait company sells, so move that on to a good plum like the John Baker Plum, would go down as a flavour classic, but that flavour was made up from an insane amount of chemical components (also reflected in its price) and that's why it did well IMO. In a basic flavour there is next to nothing that a carp can detect but some have had a little more effort applied to them. GLM im sill unsure of, in a bulk food bait i think you need very deep pockets to put a level in that makes a difference. Very hard to give a yes or no answer as the only thing that could tell you is the fish, they have a section in the top of there mouths for taste detection how big part it plays is anyone's guess, B5 has MSG combined with a talin (thaumatin B at a guess) based solution which Mike suggests makes a difference to long term acceptability in his book
  15. Myth or Truth

    Core Blimey this one is thread is galloping along fast than a race horse Some good points being put across i'll chip in with what I think on a couple of subjects. Flavours: Some will argue that they are not detectable to the fish, for me the flavours market has become very diluted to a point where probably about 85% are useless for fishing but there are still some companies out there doing good quality flavours that may hold attraction on some level mainly via the chemicals in there make up, a good cream based flavour will contain n butyric acid as part of there make up, Richworths Tutti was to do wit the chemicals it contained. The old classic hutchy flavours a lot contained Diacetin in there base which is now no longer usable in the EU. Bait Companies: Its all smoke and mirrors, the bigger they get the more corners they seem to cut, I was a CC Moore user for years but since there popularity escalated the quality has dipped in my opinion, they send each others products for lab analysis all the time, a certain company get twitchy when Pot Ale Syrup pops up , and one is using basic science for its attraction, which another member on here has been playing around with something similar and getting good results. Palatability: The forgotten element or seems to be, most baits are being designed for that initial attraction/investigation trigger but not much attention is paid to if the carp enjoy eating the bait, after reading Carp Life 2 by Mr Willmott (a proper good read by the way) I believe this is the part that separates a good bait from a great bait that they will continue to eat season after season, so although some parts of mix offer nothing in the way of attracting the fish to the bait it might form a platform for then to continue to eat it. Research: A lot of the conducted research results are kept out of the public's eye because the person that has paid for it has spent a serious amount of money for that information and trust me it is not cheap to have done.