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  1. Quote

    bit of an odd question but what's the maximum time you could put a fresh made paste log into the fridge and still roll it on a table roller, some pastries and dough's can be left overnight in the fridge before working, would a base mix become too stiff for rolling if left overnight in the fridge? 

    It purely depends on the mix mate, i couldnt leave my current mix in the fridge overnight it would be to stiff to gun out.  TBH i just leave for an hour tops if im just doing 6 eggs or just roll it straighty away.


  2. 1 hour ago, commonly said:


    I've been looking at the mini 2. Is it worth getting the fly more package?

    Noted about licence etc. The mini is under 250g but need it for commercial use. 

    The venue is private and no ban as to my knowledge, I'll try to stay under the radar as it were👍

    No probs

    Yes the fly more combo is worth the extra, just having the spare batteries etc....

    As of Jan you still need to license the mini 2 due to the quality of the camera.  You might also need insurance for commercial use.

    With the venue being on private land you would still need some form of permission be that via the club or land owner

  3. Not that I am an experienced drone pilot but do own a Mini 2 for personal use.  You need to look at the flight restrcitions the rules change once you get over 249g (Class 0), you will need an operator license (£9 a year) and a flighers license (free), other things that come into play would be things like other anglers on the lake at the time (in some curcumstances you would need there permission before flying), is the lake on public or private land etc.. , if the pit is hit had by wind is another thing as we fish in much stronger conidtions than would be classed as acceptable to fly in, the list could go on.

    With regards to the drone one with a decent camera and probably some form of polarizing filters which help take the glare off the water would help.

  4. 1 minute ago, framey said:

    Who was it who said if you can smell it the flavour is over the top…

    or words to that effect


    He has a point to a degree the flavour market is a very mixed bag these days, in years gone by the rule of thumb was as quoted but some of the flavours on the market do little or nothing and some hold some attractive qualties.  Alkaline flavours seem to be able to be utilised at higher levels than a good acidic based flavour.  JB's flavours are generally very good quality and are highly concentrated so his low levels that he suggests are warranted.


  5. 3 hours ago, Grodslok said:

    So, predigested fishmeal for solubles, and high protein meal for foodstuff? 


    Making a bait is about balance, ings are mainly broken down into non soluble, soluble and semi soluble.  You can usually make a bait between 15-20% soluble, as the water works it way into the boilie all the good stuff from your liquids and soluble ings is push out into the water and that is what will trigger the carp to investigate, the rest come into play when the bait is eaten.  The key is balance if you aim for around 35-40% protien content is a general mark most people work to.

  6. On 01/05/2021 at 22:37, Grodslok said:

    200g fishmeal

    170g krill meal

    200g semolina

    200g maize flour

    100g chickpea flour

    50g krill or liver hydro

    10g salmon oil

    20g banana or tutti frutti powder (MVDE groundbait flavour powder)

    50g robin red.


    So first up work out your liquids and powders seperately, if i am looking at doing a recipe i will work quantities out based on 1 kilo of powdered mix.

    Looking at the above powders 200g fishmeal is good you can go to 300g if you wanted, the Krill maybe to high depending on how good the krill meal is, as Nick alluded to it can make the bait float if to much is added (some shrimp meals can have the same effect), Semo, Chickpea & Maize are all doing the same job pretty much.  There is not much in the way of soluble ingredients in there look at CSCP 90 if your building a fishmeal most common inclusion is around 10% (or 100g), I would want some form of CLO type product in there and possibly some milks (300g Fishmeal and 50g WPC 80 pretty much cover the daily requirements nutritional wise).  Fruit powders tend to be very potent there usual inclusion is around the 5g mark per kg 20g could well be overkill.  50g RR is fine you might adjust depending how red you would like the finished bait (although RR is not what it was try and located some Kingfisher Red will save you some cash).

    Liquids look fine 50ml Hydro and 10ml of Oil .

    Number of eggs can vary on the mix 6-8 Large Eggs normally serves a kilo of bait

    On 05/05/2021 at 11:42, Grodslok said:

    Are fresh ingredients (for example blitzing some shrimp, or fish offal to a fine mush) any use, or will it just cause boilies to roll poorly and/or rot? 

    They work, the problem is if you add to much the mix will be tricky to roll.


    On 05/05/2021 at 11:42, Grodslok said:

    How much of larger particles can one add before they roll poorly? (Seeing some of you adding nijer seeds, ground nuts, etc). 

    Depending on how course your mix is before adding you could get away between 10-20%  


  7. Those swivels look a bit large for hookring swivels,  are you using floss and a fine baiting needle to thread the baits on or are you just pushing them on to the swivel ?

    The baits are designed for use just out of the bag, i dont use sticky baits but if remember correctly there are a touch on the soft side (not a bad thing i prefer a softer bait), but if your mounting on a swivel/bait screw might be worth looking at the accompanying hard hookbaits that match.


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