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  1. From my experience when a fish starts doing that it is a sign that its ill or in some other poor state, i give it months not years, very sad but the same thing happened to bigrig and we all know how that ended
  2. Would appear the angler claiming the record, scales are out by 8oz making Captain Jack fall short of the record https://www.carpfeed.com/fishing-news/article/scales-test-says-captain-jack-is-not-a-record
  3. Don't hold me to this and it doesn't alter the situation but i believe the Holme Fen fish were spawned in the UK by a UK fish farmer
  4. I think the Captain Jack situation is a a little different to the Big Rig one, Big Rig was force feed in a private pond until it was at a weight, when stocked it would guarantee a record, the holme fen fish were all stocked at around the 20lbs mark several years ago, as highlighted above big rig was feed in a stock pond as where the holme fen fish were stocked into the water and then had pellet feeders installed in the lake whilst it was maturing. Both fish are of the same Israeli strain, big rig was imported at around the 30lbs I believe I might be wrong, the holme fen fish were breed he
  5. Every single member on here that I know are very good anglers have all done there ground with regards to where they get there bait from, you need to find someone or a company that YOU are happy with and done your ground work on said company or person, At the end of the day you are going to be parting with a lot of earned readies into there hands over the course of the season, I would be wanting value for money from them.
  6. As you well know CM everything you have listed works in its raw form, what a lot (not all) extract or hydroylising processes do is make the nutrients housed inside those items more readily usable by the fish and on an attraction level gets the required bits out into the water quicker and some on the other hand do very little or nothing so horses for courses and all that.
  7. From what i know and it may be wrong info but the flavour combo in the Essential range was Grapefruit, Orange and Pineapple, it was believed these were used in a normal flavour form, these 3 combined using grapefruit EO, orange oil and a good pineapple flavour at the correct levels would be a very good combo. From what I have learned Cell should work best when used with the Activator as it's this that causes the reaction that seems to trip mr carp up, or without the activator after being left for a few days when the sugars start secreting from the bait (the white coating that appears on i
  8. Pigeon Conditioner, probably the most uk wide outlet i could find Pigeon Conditioner I would say nearly every basemix out there has soya and semo at some level in it as they have function soya fats/oil and veg protein content and semo for its properties to bind doesn't offer anything nutritional really but has a function, the lines are very blurred these days as to what is an out and out mix of 1 variety or another, I would ignore the pigeon holing and look for a balanced solution, my main mix currently contains elements of all 3. No hard or fast rules here just the limit
  9. If i am honest mate, I would look at some of the companies mentioned in the thread much better quality and nearly half the price per kilo even if you need them posting out and if you haven't got freezer space most do a shelfie option.
  10. Pet shop or farm shop should sell pigeon conditioner The baileys can be a very good digestive aid so not all bad Bait and seasons most of it is old wives tales mate, balance is the key to any recipe when wanting to use it all year round, what you have there will catch all year round in IMO, they will still eat fishmeal even during the coldest temperatures the problem is during the periods when the water is colder there metabolism slows right down which means if they eat a lot of fishmeal type products it takes them a lot longer to digest. Mr Hearn suggested as long as 2 weeks when he
  11. There are good reasons why carp get caught on some of the above, but there ability to sieve out what isn't food is very impressive if its not food it rarely gets past there pharyngeal teeth.
  12. This will explain oleoresins better than I could, it relates to human food chain but the extraction process is the same Oleoresins A lot of what was classed as the really great flavours in carping history that Rod will have been alluding to are not in production anymore in there original form there still available but there make up has changed due to most of the chemicals and one of the base liquid now being banned. And yes your choosen bait company is a very good one.
  13. Would be 1 I have just started using, if we are talking just flavour, BAF's Tropical Fruit would be well suited to a 50:50 and smells amazing (not that it matters), or a high quality Tutti Fruiti, I'm also a fan of spicy flavours CC Moore Indian Spice was a good one, currently playing round with one that is based around the original Bun Spice. But to be fair the Flavours (if you can call them that), that i use at the minute are a combination of EO, Oleresins and Flavour. I appreciate the complement but if i only know as much as some people i know
  14. Fair enough sounds a rough day, apology accepted In answer to your questions, know one knows the exact make up of activ 8 other than the guys at mainline, most mainline baits contain some form of yeast although yeast is mainly a digestive aid in bait, sugar not so sure on and there will always be some salt content where a fishmeal is concerned. The soluble protein comes from a product called Keramine HD which is a beef protein very high in free form aminos and very water soluble, along with a soluble liver powder probably something like the liver hydro powder the flavour in the very
  15. I'm using one of the key components from Activ8 in my current mix, looks promising still needs a bit of work though
  16. Calm down old chap its only fishing And to a degree he is right but again flavours have minimal and short range investigation properties depending on the flavour, there are so many out there these days and nearly all of them do nothing.
  17. Haven't used it for years the old grey matter isn't what it once was
  18. Squid is the brand BC, last time i looked its something like 70% salt, 30% Anchovy Extract
  19. FYI: fish sauce was rebadged by a lot of bait companies as Anchovy Extract and is based on fermented fish that is why the carp love it Groundbait is very under used these days I would pick it up again if it worked well.
  20. Nope never wanted to, making bait and selling it is a thankless task, I have friends that do. I originally worked for a small bait firm where I live when i was a lot younger, now i just help other people where i can and make my own
  21. I know i am friends with one of them Not sure you would like ABS then same bait guru
  22. Just one which is myself, if I had to go out and choose Essential, Premier and ABS all have or have had people behind them with a good background in bait
  23. Start looking at enzymes in bait ;), like you said do your own research
  24. And basic enzyme based voodoo going off this mornings chats elsewhere, but that only comes in to play when using the activator with said product
  25. Did he ?, that's funny because in the Carp Strikes Back he talks about not combining the flavour bases as one possibly detracts from the others effectivness
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