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  1. Mr Cundiff let slip some of the ingredients on twitter the other, tried to root out the tweet but it appears to have been deleted, obviously he didnt disclose everything but for the bulk part just looked a fishmeal base with a couple of run of the mill additives added
  2. The fact that you are not blanking is a good thing but the long term effectiveness of most mainline baits seems dependent on how much of it is going into your choosen water. Im sure there are members here that could tell you things about there baits that would put you off using them.
  3. ^^ This, I switched last season from having baitrunner style reel to front drag, I find you have much more control over the fish when playing it, Daiwa QD system means you can make quick drag adjustments with very little movement of the drag
  4. If you have a good Asian supermarket anywhere near by your ingredients options increase dramatically, common supermarket ingredients soya flour semolina polenta maize meal corn flour wheatgerm chilli powder fenugreek marmite vecon Most of the above appear in most of your shop brought base mixes, also depends what type of mix you are wanting to go for. Like I say this list expands massively with a decent Asian supermarket.
  5. like emmcee im not a big user of inline leads, but when I do its mainly for margin work, started using the avid safety inlines last year found then to be excellent the drop is controlled by how tight you fit the tail rubber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XIFqq2Bz4U
  6. Thanks for the welcome fellas @newmarket - Long time reader first time posting, I have seen the hysteria that having the word Korda in a thread can produce
  7. You could leave the egg albumen out but you will probably end up with a bait that goes softer quicker (not a bad thing, but hardened hook baits may be required), also its not just a bait hardener it actually adds a level of protein to the finished mix.
  8. Can never be enough angling on the tele, enjoyment of viewing will depend on how good your GET IN THE NET!! tolerance levels ** first post so be gentle fellas **
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