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  1. The oils have penetrated the pva so will not melt in the freezing water and as you say make them whilst you there when needed
  2. predictive text I hate it lol !!! Kryston not keystone!!!
  3. I've never used the tape but I always use there string its spot on or the keystone one is good aswell Both melt well leaves no residue either. Plus it only needs a couple of granny knots to secure and tie the top of pva bag instead of twisting and licking it which can leave a horrible blob that does you no favours and as the lads say above leave a decent gap inbetween baits if using stringers.
  4. Was reading before about the lakes you have mentioned CM. Some saying bad things about them and the bailiffs on there but most probably the usual sour grapes from people who have been told off or people who don't deserve to fish such waters. You get that everywhere mate tho don't you. Wish we had lakes like you have around your area,by me up north because they are all rubbish and have the usual Argos numptys on them who just spoil it for everyone else mostly leaving all there rubbish behind but I have seen this on almost every lake I fish up and down the country. Very rarely I'll fish up these
  5. Now that's a target emmcee!! Good luck with that one mate. I've been a good boy this year aswell lol!!
  6. Good luck on your quests next year lads. As for big perch I've got a local commercial water with some beasts in it. I've had a 4lber out of there. Also the owner said there is bigger than the one I caught. I was fishing in the margins about a rod length out 6lb line straight through to a size 6 hook and 2 prawns on it. I was fishing for carp but caught the perch. My bottle went when I seen it, I was shaking, i could only take a quick pic of the biggest perch I've ever seen in the landing net because I was on my own and the only person on my side of the lake. I've got a pic on my laptop so I'l
  7. With 2015 nearly apon us was Just wondering what people's hopes,dreams and targets are gonna be for next year. Mine is to catch my 1st 30lber or put more fish on the bank than I caught this year lol
  8. I've got a trakker peach skin bag the realtree one with the matching thermal cover its lovely and warm when its cold but it's nice and cool in the summer without the thermal cover,some nice ones on the market now tho your spoilt for choice really and everyone is different so what might be good for one will not be good for another. Go to tackle shop that has them out on the display bedchairs and get into one and see what will suit you best. Tight lines.
  9. When I put mine onto spool I had it in the pan label side up with a 3oz pear lead to hold the spool underwater Then as I was putting it onto reel I held the line tight just under the first eye on bottom section of rod and held it tight with a towel so it was getting a bit of Stretch whilst it was going on reel. Had no probs with bird nests or it being wirey and got a good cast with it once it's broken in After a few casts and its winded back on reel it was quality I thought but that's just my opinion mate. Tight lines.
  10. I've got a Coleman double burner it's lashed in the shed. Dodgy it is nearly took my brows off and burnt My fingers with it a few times lol!! Hate the way you have to pump/prime it to get it going used to stink of petrol not Very nice as you no and does you no favours. I've got a stove that fits in my brew bag with gas bottle attached And a fx neoprene cover with a little elastic strap on each side for your lighter and a spoon. No messing round with a big green stinking petrol metal stove.
  11. Well done Phil mate!! Result that!! fish in the winter few and far between. love seeing the colours of winter fish they all look spot on when you see the pics in mags etc. tight lines mate!!
  12. I'd jump on the syndicate if I was you mate. Or were ever is closet to home!! And as the boys say keep warm and wrapped up and get on the soups. The Heinz ones as dalthegooner says above there just like out the tin And will keep you going in the tough conditions. Winter fishing is a big no no for me now I've learnt the hard way lol !! My bones can take the cold anymore I'm dreaming of them long summer nights already!! No fish and cold weather make me angry !!
  13. Thanks for the welcome mate. tight lines bud.
  14. I've used x-line before never had a problem with it. Soaked the spool of line for a good hour in pan of water and it went onto reel spool well. Sinks like a brick and you can't see it once under water. It's has good size diameters allowing you to fish 18lb Line but it's that thin you would think it was about 12lb. Good stuff. Never used tiger line so can't comment on that. Tight lines.
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