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  1. Oh OK the lake I wanna fish is the quarry baden hall Staffordshire
  2. Been to a lake local to me and it as silkweed I think it is on the bottom the weed that gets everywhere on lead, hook the lot what can I do to stop this and there is not many clear spots on the lake so limited
  3. I want hi s don't wanna know about any other brand
  4. Hi there I am after some new rods free spirit hi I will be doing a mixed venue fishing so I need a good around rod what recommendations u guys can give me I will be great full
  5. As above want info on these rods if there good all round rods for casting etc I have some c2 century rods at the minute but like the look of the harrison cerebra for the price
  6. What's percentage is the krill content in these baits as getting good krill these days is expensive
  7. I fish a silty lake with some of that [censored]tt silk weed it's hard to use a fishmeal bait on bottom
  8. The pp60 by pyramid baits looks good too looks like a maize meal
  9. These days there is lots of bait out there fishmeal and bird food etc I currently on MC nut abs and been having fish There is a new all year bait out now by abs hydro k looks good but any reviews on this bait by any members Also been look at Blue cheese and garlic
  10. Hi guys been looking at reels what’s the best out of these I do like the look of the Daiwa Tournament new black edition ones but the shimano do look and feel lovely
  11. After some rods I like the look at greys aircurve but also like free spirit hi s any reviews
  12. As above need reviews b4 I buy I like the cork and the full Eva
  13. They do a 15mm standard pop up will that be ok i know they do a 15mm mega buoyant one but that mite be too much
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