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  1. Anyone had proper job pop ups?

    They do a 15mm standard pop up will that be ok i know they do a 15mm mega buoyant one but that mite be too much
  2. I want reviews on there pop ups I normally fish with multi rig i know there ment to be really buoyant I normally fish 15mm on multi rig just want to know if there 15mm will be ok for this I don’t mind putting on a AAA shot or a SSG to pin it down
  3. Been looking at the carbon pod and the p1 any reviews?
  4. I had the Harrison torrix te Specials 12.6ft b4 but i did like the greys better as they was really lightweight
  5. I mite just keep to 12ft rods and go with greys aircurve as there nice and light anyway
  6. Just been looking at scaling down my tackle anyone got or had the new black op scope rods in 10ft and what’s the maximum casting distance achieved with these small rods
  7. I think your doing the right thing I had delkims I had nothing but problems in the rain had to send them back twice
  8. I sold my ntxr alarms due to downgrading my tackle as I had a lot of money worth and needed the cash for other things and I got some cheap fox m+ alarms ok to do the job but now I am more cash stable I fancy getting the new fox alarms just no reviews out just yet just wanna make sure there good and no problems with them
  9. I was looking to buy new rods and these greys xlerate caught my attention just not many reviews about them
  10. As above mute get fox compact pod or solar p1 or bank sticks any opinions
  11. Who fishes with 2 rods ?

    I think I am going to go two rod set up plus less lines in the water mite = more fish
  12. Who fishes with 2 rods ?

    What's your preference 2 rods or 3