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  1. "swim across Atlantic Ocean" ....PMSL
  2. ceelyr

    Snake rig

    Not liking this one cause of the unpredictability of where the hook will land after a cast....maybe could be a good margin rig?
  3. I like the fact that its the hook that moves back into the mouth and not the boilie...i can see that working well...
  4. i'd second slinger on that one....Bait and Feed Co.
  5. 1) To catch a 40+ (UK) 2) To one day own my own water/part own a water 3) To pass on my love of angling/nature to my kids and pass on to them the uk's most sucessful carp fishery 4) To have my own kids...must get some practice in...
  6. I'm more interseted in the 'idea' you have....
  7. jeez now thats a pike... Did anyone see the front cover of Angling Times this week? A similar fish was caught (they think) somewhere in Holland. It was so wide and long people were guessing a weight anywhere between 55 and 75 Lb
  8. It just ain't cricket in my book...i give my mate stick about using his...most of the time even an average caster could hit the spots he fishes 90% of the time. Ok for those tricky situations i can see they may have a use, but i'd rather spend the cash on other things personally. Plus i couldn't be bothered with something else to lug around if i was only gonna use it on a handful of occasions. Each to their own...
  9. The biggest carp i've had off the top was 12lb - less than half my PB, but it comes close to being my most rewarding catch as i spent ages crawling around the marginal growth following it and cattying out small peices of bread ahead of the route it was swimming etc. It took me nearly an hour before i thought i'd get away with putting my hooked bread out and the fish was feeding so confidently that when it took it and realised he'd been hooked he went off like a steam train. Probably the most memorable fight i've ever had. Cheating...? Not in a million years. That took ten times more skill and patience than banging out a lead and sitting back waiting for a take.
  10. ceelyr


    Very funny...i walked into that one...lol Seriously though do most people use it as part of a combi-rig (like i used to) or do people have uses for it in other ways?
  11. ceelyr


    I've not used this for a very long time - does anyone still rate it and if so would they mind giving advice on a good end rig. Got given some by a mate who never uses it. Cheers.
  12. I try not to be a tackle tart but there are certain companies i have faith in due to their gear being tried and tested over the years. For example all my rods are Daiwa - carp/waggler/feeder/pike...I've never once had a problem with any of them in the 20+ years i've been fishing. Reels i try to stick to Shimano - although i've recently been converted by some of the Okuma range - especially their Sheffield Centrepin. Fox alarms have never let me down either. Thats about it really except confidence in certain baits etc, the rest of the stuff i'm not too fussed about.
  13. Don't worry - as long as it's tied correctly then its brilliant.
  14. Great tip that one. I always get frustrated waiting for a big ball of paste to thaw out enough to use!
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