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  1. Recently I have been fishing on big pits, casting 80+ yards and I have been using back leads and winding them up tight however I haven't had as many fish as when I was using slack lines... Tight / semi slack definitely give you a better bite indication. But does the bow string line put them off/ scare /startle them? I think I prefer using slack lines, I don't need to know the second a carp moves my lead a mm. Instead I'll get a beep when a carp is nailed rather than bream humping my baits !
  2. I just couldn't believe the amount of movement in any direction that wouldn't give an indication when using slack lines. As that's my preferred method it sort of shocked me and made me think of how many fish I may have lost without even knowing! I feel a back lead whilst pinning the line down will allow me to put some tension on the bobbins and get a better indication. Obviously I will have to be aware of weed/snags when using but I think theoretically its a far better option. Best of both worth's.
  3. Question is, how much do you think a tight line through the water actually spooks the fish? I would love to see a video of this happening or whether they are even bothered by it. Was astonished the amount of movement and no indication from a slack line. Will definitely be using back leads from here onwards
  4. As I always do, I plummed this into YouTube and found this video. What do you think?
  5. I'll be sure to take a look! I'm planning on doing Saturday and Sunday next week. So I'll need a solid plan, chod on one and a bottom bait on the other. I'll get some back leads so I can tighten up the line and get a good indication
  6. I'm going to have to have a look on the web. I've only ever set up chords using leadcore and leaders, which you are not allowed to use. So I'll have to have a search and see how to set them up without a leader!. Some fantastic fish in there and it's only 5 mins away from my house!!
  7. He mentioned there is a strong undertow. The reason the hooklinks were longer is he mentioned silt out there. So I set my pop ups to be at 3/4 inches in case of my lead sinking in. May well invest in some back leads!
  8. Due to the rules and restrictions on the lake. I was using mainline through to a bombs away lead clip, 2.5 oz leads , then a 10/11 inch hook length. What would you suggest changing ?
  9. Hello Guys, Recently booked 4 nights on the island at Catch 22 and went down for a cheeky day session yesterday as i wanted to get a feel for the place. My usual technique is to fish a slack line however previous to this i have only fished 'smaller waters'. After speaking to the baliff and owner they both advised spamming the rig 100 yards out into the middle where there is a big bar. After casting as far as i possibly could (no where near far enough haha) i set my rod up on the alarms. After no end of beeps and bobbins jumping around i started to get frustrated. I spoke to baliff
  10. Ahhh OK. I've never tried that before, always used a leader and I must admit unfortunately I have lost 2.. [emoji22] So would you tie the mainline directly to your rig?
  11. What do you use instead grange? Sink tubing? Or mainline through to the rig?
  12. That's a very interesting discussion, gonna have a little read I think.
  13. Very good point Dal, never thought about disabled anglers and the benefits of a bait boat! I just think it should be done the old fashioned way.
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