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  1. Hi, so I've noticed a few posts popping up around the place of people having a couple of blanking sessions and saying it's getting really hard, now I was just wondering what would you class as a long blank streak, I've worked out that I've done about 60-70 nights this year and had 10 carp, with my longest blank being about 15 nights roughly.
  2. Yeah, the lake I fish is fairly hard, and it seems everybody who fishes it does weeks on end, so when I'm Down there I don't tend to go till everybody else is gone. I start an apprentice in a month so fishing as much as I can.
  3. Nothing really other than how slow my local lake is fishing, just got back from 6 nights Wednesday till Tuesday and no carp were caught, last fish caught was the Wednesday when I turned up and it was actually my target fish
  4. Common - 26lb Mirror - 19lb 12oz Tench - 9lb Can't remember anything else.
  5. Yeah I'm sending them off to daletronics on Monday to be fixed and resealed. Daletronics is that who your thinking of.
  6. Hi, thanks for the help. Both alarms were set on plus and 6. The one thing I don't get is why they are so much more sensitive with some 10 or 12lb from another rod than they are are with my 15lb line from my carp rods it doesn't make any sense. I'm assuming the y bar is [censored]ed how much would it be to be replaced by delkim.
  7. Hi, so I got another set of delkim some mk1 and while on the bank today I noticed that the left one isn't nearly as sensetive as the right one. I have to pull the bobbin pretty much to the rod to get any beeps. The when I got home I tested the sensetivity on my other rod which I think has like 10lb and the sensitivity was insanely good so much better than 15lb line. Now to me this seems silly as it shouldn't 've more sensitive depending on what thickness the line is. On the left the rod the sensitivity seems a lot better when I physically pull the line over the sensor. Anybody know what the pr
  8. Hi, so I just got 20kg of pigeon conditioner and the person also gave me 5kg of niger seed he said you prepare it the same way as the conditioner but I can't find any info on Google. Just wondering what you guys thought Thansk.
  9. My mate is fishing the same lake as me, and had 3 fish in 2 nights which is very good going for that lake, Wether or not it was the bait or location I don't know, but I reckon it had something to do with the bait as everybody else on the lake blanked.
  10. I brought these brand new, I did cast them out as far as I could to try bed them down but because the top of the spool was under filled to begin with its even worse now, what about the washer arrangement? Thanks.
  11. So I got some daiwa emblem s5000t reels and loaded them up with line only to finish with the bottom of the spool over loaded whereas the top was no where near the lip,why did it do this thanks.
  12. I had 1, 19lb 12 my first carp from the lake which I am very happy about as it is quite a hard lake ended up getting some hinged stiff rigs from my mate down the lake.
  13. Thanks for the advice everyone, haven't been able to reply as been fishing since then, sorry but I didn't mention all I have atm for hooklink material is the fox illusion fluorocarbon thats why I didn't want to use a pop up as I think it sits funny with a shot on the fluorocarbon.
  14. Hi, all I have at the moment is pop ups and I am off fishing tomorrow so don't habe time to buy wafters, but I was wondering is there anyway I can make a pop up sit on the bottom thanks.
  15. Thanks for the help appreciate it, any order to peg them down.?
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