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  1. No problem, thanks matey, I am not one to judge people until I meet them I spoke to one of the owners over the phone and they was vary helpful and fast to sort out the things I needed to know, we shall see how it goes.
  2. Hello Daniel. I hope you get the information you need, it's good to see young carpers taking up the sport/passion,. All the best buddy
  3. Tbh I was trying to reply to a message that came up on my iPad and I just assumed that when I unlocked the iPad it would take me straight to the message I received but it turns out it was a private in box.
  4. I am genuine, and that is what is worrying me . All the post are all old. There facebook page is up to date tho I must admit
  5. Hi buddy. I have done a lot of research and I know of most catches since 2009 including wether swims etc, I will definitely update you the best I can do. I hope I can help the best I can to make your fishing as easy as possible, there isn't much possitive news feed on the forums about Vallee lake 1 but I suppose we will see what happens in March
  6. Any updates on the venue. Going March 2015 to lake 1
  7. Hi I atm going in March 20th 2015 has anyone got any updates on swims 678 and 9 please
  8. Hi all, I am visiting valley lakes in March with a couple of friends, we have booked a weekender 20th March. I am after some Information about the lake, especially swims 6,7,8 and 9. If possible I would like to know of any captures and also what the wether was like and if anyone has any in depth knowledge of the lake bottom. As I am aware the wether is hit and miss in March, there for different wether conditions are crucial with any captures you may wish to tell me. Hope to here of some of your captures Thank you
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