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  1. Me and a few friends used to ring each other if we saw them lumping out on each other's pre-baited areas to let them know the fish were there if they could get down to the lake, it was then up to them to give the nod for you to fish it if you couldn't, but we all felt the same and rarely did even with the green light. We'd all want the one who's put the effort in to catch the fish. We did largely have the pit to ourselves though around a few day members.
  2. That! you’ll be lucky to get on anywhere this time of year. Especially if you’re not on the waiting list already. Bluebell as yonny said. Maybe lucky to get a ticket for elsons instead of paying day ticket rates. They used to sell some and I’m sure they will for the right price. Might be worth trying the houghton lakes, the ticket is April-end of September only but it’s only just kicked in so might be one going. There’s an estate lake which starts in June but might not be what you’re after. If you want a challenge you could always invest that spare cash in a small boat and target the river when it opens. Fishing from the boat means you might be able to fish areas for free.
  3. dont fall in to the myth of higher test curve if it's snaggy. I've been using my 2.75tc rods for years now, probably more like 2.5s now. I've had little problems with landing fish to 40lb in serious weed and snags. The softness of the rod can absorb a lot of the pressure and turn fish quicker. You'll get less hook pulls anyway.
  4. are you fishing again now? I keep buying golf kit 😂
  5. In my advice, getting sponsored is something you have to really earn. If you're looking for free bait you wont get it unless you're catching big fish week in week out from the top waters in the country. If you want cheap bait you need to prove you'll bring in money to the business before you get it. And if you want to test bait, then you actually have to test a bait. It may not work so you may lose out on months of captures, but it's your job to do so. As yonny said, don't make your passion your job. It is incredibly hard to live up to the demands of a bait company in any sort of capacity, but you have to earn your keep. It may just be bait to you, but it's a livelihood for the owner of the bait firm so they don't tolerate poor results or not fishing for periods of time.
  6. just bought a couple of small knives for general fishing use and a slightly larger one with sawback for vegetation management. peanuts, groats and fenugreek on the shopping list for next week and 10kg of fishmeals to pick up this week.
  7. Got to work out if/how it will be connected to the main river and how I can get it fenced prior to stocking it. Big old adventure it will be but defo be worth it in the long term. Wont be hearing from him for another year minimum though.
  8. same.... although I have my eye on one and have first refusal for a lease when it comes available. newly dug pit so it's a start from scratch affair.
  9. they've leased half of Peterborough haven't they
  10. Most importantly, are there any carp in it? Find them and fish for them where they are.
  11. greekskii

    Silly Rules

    you wont say it was silly if you get cut off an inch above the tubing though. I use 5-6ft leaders or tubing to give plenty of abrasion resistance
  12. A couple winters ago it was in all the mags that an angler had taken apart a tricky water by watching where the iced thawed first, indicating the warmest area of the lake. He then fished it and had numerous big fish. Can't remember his name though. I've done something similar but on a commercial.
  13. just had a look at the other products on offer, pair of salopettes for £25, wont be a touch on the likes of snugpak but i'm sure for spring/autumn they'll be spot on.
  14. Arrived today. Just had my little boy grab it and play with it so I can say it’s durable! Interestingly we filled it with some small toys and dropped it so it opened up. Which it did every time without fail. I then dropped it empty from the same height and it didn’t open. So it must operate on weight or something. Interesting find though. I even threw it on the floor and got the same results. Looks well made and can’t wait to give it some proper use.
  15. make sure you dry them well in between glugs, or you'll have wafters
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