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  1. A lovely video to pass the time....

    Watched it last night. Incredible stuff. I then went and found the original video he mentions and watched that too. What a mirror too. Just shows there is those hidden gems still out there in the world.
  2. Net/mat dips.

    There's a product called steri7 I believe that is meant to be very good. Virkon S is what is used in the aquaculture industry. Both of those I think are okay to dispose of but best to seek the advice of the company about how to dispose of them properly. Rod Hutchinson (brand) has just bought out some stuff that is claimed to kill everything. However I couldn't find any scientfic backup to support the claim. Not even on their website. So would be a bit wary of it unless you can validate its effectiveness.
  3. What is your newest purchase

    For the numbers of fish and the looks of most of them. Well worth it. It's good fishing. For me it's too much to justify as a back up ticket though. Stunning place to be too.
  4. What is your newest purchase

    Cold an understatement. My rods were iced over by 6pm! Water on the mat actually iced over within minutes once the fish was back and the reels got a dunk before casting as the line was frozen on the spools!! Thanks for the kind words mate. I always thought there was at least one 30 in here. Maybe I've fed them well enough this year for them to have put on the extra pounds, who knows. I was stacking in skrettings finest over summer.
  5. What is your newest purchase

    emblem spod reels seem to be on offer everywhere...£83 best i've seen. Fishing republic has some mega sales but delivery times are a bit shocking!!
  6. Thought for the day.

    every lake is different though. Rivers in this part of the country have had to be aerated due to low DO. You're right though, this neck of the woods gets off lightly with DO crashes...probably because most lake I know of are not heavily tree lined, or if they are, they are low stocked or not weedy. Drayton doesnt suffer DO crashes because its only carp in there, there may be too many but no naturals to cause DO crashes like they would in other lakes. No weed dying off, etc. You see more DO crashes on pleasure fishing lakes, with huge heads of small fish than you do on carp lakes. 8000 small roach use more DO than 80 large carp. you can fit 8000 small roach in 2 acres and you'd not think it was heavily stocked. 80 carp however, different story.
  7. What is your newest purchase

    just found it for £16.19...only 10% off the normal price... whopping saving of £1.80... but I just got shot of my old phone, smashed screen and all for £55 so all in all it's all covered.
  8. What is your newest purchase

    same, most of the stuff is either only 15% (not worth it unless you really wanted it anyway) or just sale items discounted further. I cant find a barrow cover with more than 15% off... unless I do then my groundsheet will be my saviour when it rains.
  9. What is your newest purchase

    I know, first outing with a frost for me I suspect. They'll line my merino wool thermal socks nicely and keep my feet toasty warm over winter. Stash bags are found, 3 in a variety of sizes for under £6 , now to find a good price on a barrow cover
  10. What is your newest purchase

    having a look around black friday deals... hitlist: prestige barrow cover & waterproof stash bags I've just ordered some merino wool sock liners for £8.99 next day delivery from sealskinz website so that will be handy for this time of year. No big items for me though... speeding ticket needed paying today!
  11. The Cheating Thread

    Rutland, and this is from one of the fishery rangers mouth's, did a 60 to a fly angler a couple years back. Old boy even said "I've seen bigger swimming about in here". Never to be caught.
  12. British Record

    my thoughts exactly! fairly low considering some of the growths we see nowadays, 8-9lb a year. I just wonder if he sustained them over winter, etc. or left them totally untouched. The I saw a quote that the weed almost crawls back in to the water due to the naturals present. in theory, 2llb is a low growth rate!
  13. British Record

    and that's without it being fished much either... was he feeding them or left them alone? regardless I'd view it as a proper fish. apart from the spawnbound of course skewing its weight massively. They've been claimed before so I dont see why not, potentially this fish will live though and recover as it was released quickly. No photoshoots and 2nd, 3rd weighing to confirm, etc.
  14. Plans for 2018 🎣🎣

    for me, I have my name on a few tickets so depending on what comes up will dictate where I go... also my time available with a lil'un. I may end up staying on the estate lake if I dont find myself more time, but hopefully I can and my name comes up on a certain ticket with some special fish. My estate ticket runs out in May so I have time on it still, maybe I'll catch the first recorded 30 out of there, who knows. That would be nice and also be job done on that water. Although if I could justify keeping my ticket, even if it's just for winter fishing, I would. Great place to be and good fishing. @yonny I know somewhere you may want to dabble on if you are at odds on where to fish.
  15. British Record

    you're right, and its been done before and accepted. But does it safe-guard or just mean people like Rob Hales grow a 90lber in a tank before stocking it? Does it just set the bar higher for these wrong'un fish and further warp the carp fishing world?