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  1. In order to combat this issue is use a hook bead to keep the loop in place.
  2. stiff riggers for pop ups, curves for bottoms baits. and I never use wafters tbh, mainly snowmen but they all work.
  3. I do mine exactly the same, just a different hook pattern.
  4. I'd rather fish somewhere that doesn't have the membership numbers to mean every swim would be taken, but that's just me.
  5. if there is no swim bookings this cant happen
  6. The reason I dropped my ticket for a lake I was was new idiotic management rules. Having to book in 24hrs in advance for night fishing. Only fishing from the platforms, which are made from the plastic stuff so you cant even use a drill for stage stands There were a few other things too, it isnt run by anglers though and the estate have no clue apart from what some noddy anglers have told them in the past. Put me right off, but the lads that did stay on have said everyone just flaunts the rules anyway and nothing happens apart from if you litter. The whole booking thing is not for me. Neither are hook size rules or barbless rules, or lead size rules. Just plain daft.
  7. Always put a rod on a showing fish. As yonny said you have to be on them to catch them!! I’d normally put 4/5 boilies on, singly on the area go gently spook the fish off before using the lightest lead possible to reach it. Minimum disturbance. Ive had fish within minutes after casting at showing fish. Other times I’ve been made to wait 3/4hrs. The chances are the fish was there for a reason, so it’ll likely come back. If it’s not gone within an hour then I put out a handful or 2 of boilies on top with the throwing stick.
  8. Last I heard from someone I know he had 8 out in a 24hr session. Wouldn’t say that’s bad going but naseby was always basically a Drayton type water. Also got told bait boats were becoming a must due to fish moving further away from the fishing bank.
  9. No they won’t and I doubt recruitment is good in there either without cormorants hammering the smaller fish. Just because you haven’t seen them dead doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Management could be clearing them up and keeping it quiet. From what I know of the place I’d put it down to years of heavy fishing meaning the fish are either dying early or becoming harder to catch if it isnt otters.
  10. Second Chillfactor here. From what I gather it’s been run differently recently too? Won’t have been netted, it’s way too big.
  11. I agree too. Difficult to bait up with 10kg of boilie every couple of days though unfortunately unless you get loads for free or you're rich! I like to have 5-10 spots on the go at any one time spread over the lake so I can feel confident when I arrive regardless of the conditions.
  12. I would normally go through 100-120kg a year, at a cost of £5.50 a kilo. Particle would be double or treble that amount but at much less cost. All together roughly £750 a year. throw on the pop-ups, liquid and hard hookers it's probably around £1000 (although its always on a monthly basis so never a massive outlay) I have just been offered a monthly allowance for bait however which is up to 20kg free so I'll be saving a good few quid which will allow me to use more boilie than I have done before. Ideally I would use as much bait as time and budget allows. If I could afford to bait up with 5-10kg every night then I would.
  13. Stanwick mallard or Grendon lakes. As yonny said. Wherever you end up going find the fish and fish for them. Be as quiet and stealthy as possible. Day ticket fish tend to move away from noise and obvious lines a lot of the time.
  14. I’d never had it but when we moved last year it was the fastest broadband in the area. Turned out more expensive to have just broadband than it did to have broadband and sky tv! Work that out. Although I never did realise how much I was missing until I had it. Golf and F1 on tap. Footy too. Can’t complain. Dads got BT so European footy is over there.
  15. I think we pay £65 a month for the lot. As a loyal customer I wouldn't be surprised if they'd do some discount or a deal. Look for the new customer deal for it and then quote that to whoever you speak to as unfair that loyal customers dont get the same or better and they'll give you something. You just have to haggle with them.
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