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  1. Second this. Mugga contis are a very strong hook.
  2. Either or. Depends on which pellet you use tbh. Coppens supreme or elite are good. Skretting premium is similar. The Aller Aqua pellets are good too now they are readily available. edit - salmon fry crumb is an incredible addition to bag mixes
  3. Looks like me before I got the manscaper out 😂😂
  4. all down to me giving you that fake run 😂
  5. If boilie prices are going down whilst ingredient prices go up then it’s either selling off old stock or the quality is taking a hit.
  6. if you used the post office then I believe the person that posted the item can claim for a lost/stolen item. There is a process, or used to be at least, that wasnt widely advertised but did exist. It has to be the poster of the item though so wont help you out unfortunately.
  7. I use an albright knot mate. Havent had one fail ever on me. Back to back grinner isnt a bad alternative either. I'm sure you know them but for any that don't https://fishingtackle.shop/blog/the-best-fluorocarbon-leader-knots/
  8. For a leader I’ve used the avid outline. Very good IMO. Easy to straighten out with a quick tension of it. Very good abrasion wise and near as dammit invisible underwater.
  9. A very very limited one. Deadman’s shoes scenario from what I’ve heard taking to a lad thats on there this year. Believe he said there’s a only a handful of known carp in there.
  10. I will second the BAF mix. I used Polaris and ccmoore prior to using BAF. There’s on winner hands down. I have 14mm pop ups holding up big size 4 hooks for days on end out in the lake. It also hardens up nicely to create a hard bait whereas the ccmoore mix used to create a more spongy bait.
  11. have a look at the fox splicing tool, not a needle, just twisted wire. works a treat and could probably make yourself at home for a quid.
  12. fox edges drop off run rig system is nice and tidy, only drops the lead when you need it too.
  13. That's always the trouble isn't it nicer bringing it back empty though 😂 I remember once I walked a mile with two 20L buckets full to the brim with maize, maples, etc. To a spot on the river. Worst idea ever as my arms pretty much dropped off and I had to wait 20mins until they recovered so I could get the bait in the river 😂 always take a barrow is my advice!
  14. I did exactly that on a few Margin spots a few weeks ago. Makes a lovely looking trap.
  15. Looks good mate. I have a mix of XXL, large and normal sized nuts. I’d expect the smaller ones to fall through the normal plate. The particle plate gives it much more of a finer chop. Defo be worth having a mix of both. im going to run some peanuts through pre-prep. The particle plate should give me a load of small peanut chops which can then just be soaked for 48hrs in boiling water. Easy prep.
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