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  1. I'm talking about the silly priced ones. I picked up some swivels for when I make my own marker floats. 250 barrel swivels for £3 something. Now would I use these on my actual fishing rods? not without some serious testing first! If they performed the same as the 20 for £4 then its a bargain.
  2. there are alternatives to plenty of kit to be had which are better quality and cheaper. army surplus kit, stoves like the Bulin T4... look on ebay for swivels, etc. (although do you trust them fully? I'd need to rigorously test them first)
  3. stick at it mate. They will come. If you're catching dont change a thing. With the overnight temps. being below freezing it'll set them back a bit. Save the harder water for a bit later on...pre-spawning when they are at their heaviest
  4. Depends on what i'd been catching recently, but then I tend to stick to one water at a time... Saying that i'm currently stuck between fishing where I have been, flitting over to the nature reserve or going on an unfished pool that holds, from what i've seen, one carp and two pike
  5. Dont think its Terry... Caught the parrot on a single tiger nut...
  6. I never set myself individual targets of fish. Not yet anyway. I have a few I'd like to catch. At the minute I'm fishing a water where the stock is low and unknown so anything is good for me. Every year I set a few targets for myself according to the venues I'm fishing, this year 10x 20s, 1x 25lb, a river carp and as I don't do enough surface fishing at least one off the surface. I've done the 25lb target so I've upped it to 3x now. There is only one fish I'd love to catch and that's the fully scaled I saw in the Nene. Easily 35+ but that's no easy target in a stretch that long. I just know it'll show itself again this year where I saw it and I may have a chance.
  7. How are the emblem blacks? I need to upgrade/replace my reels and these are said to be bombproof just a compromise on how smooth they are. I bought an old baboon bum emblem for cheap and that seems nice but a nightmare with the bail arm flying backwards before locking! Same problem or are the new versions built a tad better?
  8. water temps are still cold though, the overnight temps and northerly winds are keeping it down. I've had an iced over bivvy the last two outings and had to de-ice the van this morning! End of May/June Will hopefully see them spawning if it all goes okay.
  9. I put together a 32 night blank September - December 2015... was the worst feeling in the world. Had tench from my spots, had carp showing but couldn't hook one. I dug my heels in and decided I WOULD catch one from that swim. Stupid decision. Dont do it! If it aint working in one spot them move! dont be afraid. keep your options open. Dont be a fool and be stubborn. I missed out on actually catching fish because I had put so much effort in to this one swim I was reluctant to move! Lesson learnt, never again. One thing I would say is dont be afraid of bait. you said 12kg for 10 fish...I've seen an upper 20 rip through a kilo of boilies in minutes and had stories from reliable friends of a group of 30s clearing a 25kg sack of pellet in 10 minutes. That 12kg will get eaten if its good food and they find it, coupled with birdlife and bream and tench it is not a lot. If there is only 10 fish in the lake well, a handful of tigers or peanuts in the right place should be enough, and is something different
  10. it was said above... this election will come just be a brexit vote again. Conservative saying 'yes we will still leave' and likely labour and lib dems saying 'we wont leave if you vote us in' Strong enough sway for a lot of people. Personally think the countries F'ed regardless of what happens!! when you dont look after your own and an English flag is seen as being offensive it's the end of a nation. Cynic much?
  11. I started on a low stock lake, I'd blanked my nuts off on the other lake on the site before christmas, only seeing a back break the surface and a mad display one night. My tack on the new lake was to get in early (end of feb) and pepper the lake with boilies and bait a few spots heavily with particle and boilie crumb. Idea being that the fish had nowhere to hide from my bait! The lake is 4 acres with an additional 3 of nature reserve (I have permission to fish this now but 2 acres is inaccessible without a chainsaw) and the numbers of carp are unknown really. The otter and no official stockings since the 70s make it hard to put a number on it however from various sources an estimate of 20-25 maximum seems about right. I managed a 25lb common on my first night and a scraper 20 common on my second. Conditions have taken a turn since then with the clear nights and cold temps and the clocks changing too. Due to the nature of the lake I have come to the conclusion the fish only feed during low light/darkness so daytime fishing is probably a lost cause. Overall I've had the 2 carp, a 5lb bream and 6 tench to 6lb in 5 nights and a cheeky few hours in the reserve. I'm starting to see more carp anglers looking around, the weed is really starting to grow and I dont want to waste my time in that swim. If the conditions are right I am sure it will produce another fish but I may move in to the nature reserve where only I can fish and hopefully where the carp feel safer. My ticket runs out at the end of May so I am on limited time.
  12. yep, large spomb full of particle... no problems. What I do is tie a kwik link direct to the braid so I can change spomb size or over to a lead to ensure correct distance . I rarely am spombing over 100yards much, so it may come unstuck if used rigourously at long distances but so far for me there has never been any problems
  13. I use this stuff: I think I bought it in 40lb and use it straight through. Only crack off i've ever had was when the swivel on the spomb came apart. Cheap, up to the job and a choice of colours. Just a warning the dye does come off when wet so when spooling or prolonged spodding/marker work be careful of your hands and wipe down the line roller. I soaked my second spool in water for a day and spooled it tight through an old cloth, did the job getting most of the excess dye out.
  14. My advice, and its something I like to do is find yourself a couple of spots youd like to fish, bait up them with say 3-4 spombs of bait (i'd suggest adding some smaller particles to keep the spots clean as the weed starts to grow at this time of year) and then scatter a kilo or of boilies all over the lake. The aim being that the fish will find the boilies wherever they are in the lake and start to eat them and search for them. They then find your tightly baited spots and find a good amount of food on them. They should start to visit them regularly and the longer you dont fish them the more confident they should get. Or do what I did and fish them straight away and catch a couple of fish but this potentially kills the spots depending on how wary the carp are in the lake you fish.
  15. with swans have you rod tips up high so they can underneath your line. With coots & tufties the best thing to do is just sit it out, during night a well aimed laser pen (red one) will work on all birdlife. bait up in the dark if you can. The worst ones for it are the Grebes, seem to be able to pick a bait up without it registering on the rod, no matter how tight your line is!