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  1. It is downright invisible, even in clear water. But im not looking from underneath/alongside it am I! Knot strength is great, beds down very well too. Not used it much, still have my fox submerge leaders at the moment but new ticket later this year has a leadcore ban (assuming it means leadfree leaders too) so will get more use soon.
  2. I have just started playing with the avid fluoro leader material Seems like good stuff, just needs a good stretch once off the spool as you'd expect.
  3. There is always some contamination of the maples, have had some of the white and blue peas mixed in, I mean like 3 in a 25kg sack so not many. Also chickpeas and the occasional grain of maize. I did read somewhere that mung beans can be incredible, bit pricey now though. Don't see why other types of peas wouldn't be effective, just have to give them a try. Maples have a sweetness about them though. The other half actually asked what I was cooking as it smelt good the other day! License to cook inside all year round.
  4. I found that it took longer to soften when boiling when adding it during soaking. I should elaborate tbh, I drain half the liquid off, add a few tablespoons of sugar, mix it up and leave overnight. Get a nice froth on the top and a good almost alcohol smell when you open it up in the morning. I think because the liquid is still hot the warm atmosphere inside the bucket and the sugar start the fermentation process. The liquid is always thicker in the morning, If I could leave it longer than overnight I would but due to the routine I'm in I can't. I then drain off nearly all the liquid, the boilie soaks up the rest of it and the oil too. As I know it's working I am reluctant to change the process now as I have in the past used maples to no effect whilst prepping with chilli, OXO cubes, salt. Could have been where,when, how I was using it but I have found a winning combo right now.
  5. They fish certainly love them. It's like using a bed of 10mm boilies at little cost. I think the prep has to be done properly though. Many different ways to darken and flavour, etc. however for me its the simple addition of sugar after boiling. Would love to join you but midweekers are a thing of the past now with the little man, may pop in to say hello though. keep me updated.
  6. As you'll probably have seen i'm already up and running. 4kg of maples with a kilo of boilie (crushed, halved & whole) and a good dose of nut oil on the spots once a week and then fished over a few spombs, topped up after each fish, including the tench and bream. Rest goes in before I leave. Seems to be working right now so nothing will change until it stops!
  7. Seems as though I've found a good spot and they are loving the bait. Another park lake common at 20lb 2oz. Certainly enjoying my fishing at the moment!
  8. Stage stands are perfect when required. Rock solid too. I have the cygnet ones to fit my cygnet banksticks and they are top quality. Worth the investment, even though I dont use them much...yet.
  9. Tap water, but then again I always boil it first and add straight away to the bucket. I still catch so
  10. IMO a wrong'un either relates to a stolen, imported or artificially grown (RH fisheries style) OR one of the instant carper brigade with no respect for other anglers or the fish themselves and not inclined to learn and develop as an angler.
  11. Good job. Nice to see some DIY equipment. If you back to back two rake heads and cable tie them with the metal ties you get a big rake, maybe too effective as you may need a whole army to pull it out depending on how weedy the place is!!
  12. It sounds bad but with a lil'un now I dont give a monkeys about blanking. A full nights sleep once a week is a dream. If I catch then its the icing on the cake and no different to being up feeding the baby! I'm all set to be having to fish as and when as soon as the other half is back working next week, hospitals are not one for set shifts, day or night so I will in no set routine (hate it when trying to keep bait going in) but as said, I could make 100 excuses not to go but that'll mean I never do. Work overnighters are tough, but when you've nabbed a PB or 3-4 fish in a night you dont care about tiredness! If you ensure you go regular you'll get in to a rhythm with things and it wont be an ordeal setting up/packing away. Cut your kit down, tbh if possible once its warmer go without a bivvy, make sure everything is easy to pack up, rods out first of course. Do it a few times and it'll become second nature.
  13. Yeah I bet the insurances, etc. are not going to cover it. They'll have to employ a contractor in I presume. How much of the lake is it causing a problem to?
  14. few beach casters and rope for line
  15. Know I'm not a member yet but would be more than happy to lend a hand. Possible to maybe remove most of it and leave anything that's embedded in the water, but cut down to the smallest possible length or even hinged and pinned to the bottom out of harms way.