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  1. Baiting Pole

    Conduit will work. Drain pipe is heavier as it needs to be strong. If BC doesn’t find the time then come winter I will make something based on BC’s idea, conduit, expanding foam and glued in M/F connectors. I’ve realised my ambition to use it where I wanted too was just that, unless I made one 25m+ which just seems unreasonable. Back to the drawing board for that one.
  2. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    what carp in a lake feeds on solely shelf life boilies though...that's where the tests, etc fall down. In a lake or river or canal those fish are eating more than one type of food, and can swim a lot more than a tanks length back and forth.
  3. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    Why is this? They seem to not bother with frozen. I’d think it might be to do with the longer sessions they seem to do, spending weeks on the bank not days. Or because it’s not cost effective to bait up with 15-20kg of costly frozen baits whereas shelflifes are cheaper as they can be made from simple mixes? There seems to be a preference for hi attract baits over long term frozen baits in Europe.
  4. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    its carried out on zebra fish? I think we all know shelf lifes are not as good for the fish as fresh/frozen... but what the A.T are spouting is outdated information that is unlikely relevant any more. Things have advanced phenomenally in 10 years since the link Hutch posted, it's outdated. We had to justify using research over 8 years old when doing our assignments because of how rapidly things advance. It's not that the articles are wrong, they were right back when carried out, but now they are irrelevant.
  5. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    I do still question how companies preserve fishmeals and other meat based ingredients for such a long time though as they are very tricky to stabilise. Unless of course some of the claimed ingredients aren't in there in any quantity... If you look at big name - but not so commercial - bait companies, ABS, Premier, etc. they all produce a 'short term preserved' option, because getting a meat based ingredient to not go off ever is nigh on impossible when they are used in any quantity.
  6. Thought for the day. Shelf lifes

    Yeah, the report was published in 2006....the actual experiment carried out much before this...in 2006 it states he was a respected professional in this field, yet the study was part of his 3rd year thesis, how long did it take him to become a respected professional, likely more than 10 years.
  7. What is your newest purchase

    I don’t mind the smell but clearly my body says otherwise as my nose ends up streaming, unless it’s something else...I’ll test it next session. I usually dose up in jungle formula too.
  8. What is your newest purchase

    Some citronella candles, even though they make my nose stream but got to keep the mozzies away, some floss and a tube of stormsure to fix my old waders.
  9. April catch reports.............

    Cheers mate
  10. April catch reports.............

    Session done. Lost a rare common, landed a stocky, then came this at 26.02lb then I lost one this morning but the sinking feeling was washed away by this at 23.06, down from when I caught it end of March. and this fish at 21.04lb followed shortly afterwards.
  11. April catch reports.............

    Lad and his dad arrived shortly after him. Seen them before.
  12. April catch reports.............

    Pickled Pete and friend have just had a walk about. Think they are eyeing up a naughty day in the week
  13. April catch reports.............

    Fair enough.
  14. April catch reports.............

    Don’t tell me it was Damien? Do you fish welly lakes?
  15. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    I had a couple ciders too. Not ice cold but went down a treat with the slightly burnt dinner!