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  1. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    With the bait being a tiger nut meal based bait the inclusion of fish based additives may not be ideal. Personally I'd look at the inclusion of different nut meals or nut oils. The lads there will have proven tweaks. Probably by previous customers. So just ask them and pick which you think will work best for you.
  2. Leadcore short lengths

    Just one knot and it's one of the strongest about. The Mahin knot. I lost a fish on the undercut island Friday night. Fish shed the hook and I was left stuck to likely a root. The knot st the hook link swivel gave before the leader knot. For the invisibility factor it's well worth it. If I could get the leader in 15lb I'd use it at that BS but 20 is the lowest.
  3. Leadcore short lengths

    considering leadless leaders are available they are an option instead of leadcore. I've gone from fox submerge to avid outline fluoro leaders this year. Just to try it out. Personally I dont think i'll go back unless fishing on the river maybe. It's stood up to numerous snags and not come back damaged at all. Sinks superbly and is practically invisible. Yes it is a leader but I think because of the stiffness the likelihood of it tangling is lower than leadcore/leadless if a fish is trailing it. Obviously no leader is best but with 15lb line does it really make much difference using a 20lb fluorocarbon leader?
  4. Bad days

    With a weeks holiday if family permitting you can travel a bit.
  5. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    The guys at ABS will point you in the right direction as what will suit the bait. I don't know the bait but maybe having it darkened? Higher level of some nut meals will do that naturally. Lower the maple cream and add a hint of toffee or caramel? Maybe up the salt content? Plenty of options.
  6. Bad days

    are all the lakes on the proposed hs2 line then in your area?
  7. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    If MC nut is the going bait then it may be worth ordering direct from ABS and having it tweaked slightly to your advantage. What @salokcinnodrog did with the trigga. Take an established bait and make it better. You may find you catch more fish.
  8. Mick told me you can fish the last swim in that field. The platform closest to the stile. Had two off the top from it. Ideal place to stalk them.
  9. Yeah, I remember as a kid going through them with Jim the old boy on the estate and my grandad. I didn't feel threatened really. They stayed away from me. Obviously knew I was there. Fished worse, country park for one! You just never know. Quite a few non members turn up in the evening. Smoke something naughty or whatever. With so many members their friends are bound to be sniffing around, they knows it's private and quiet, etc. My brother bumped in to two who were flapping when he turned up and kept asking if he worked for the estate. He only came down to visit me. Another group of 4 arrived shortly after. Saw us and left swiftly. It's regular now. Needs sorting really.
  10. Yeah. God knows who it was. There is normally one or two up the track around 9/10ish. Sound young. Last night 3 of them walked up the track, someone made a joke they laughed and walked a few mins later. Think there was a party up at one of the houses again as could hear voices all evening. Could do with A gate up the top of the track really couldn't they.
  11. No. Whoever it was seemingly disappeared without using a torch. Odd as it was so dark you'd have got nowhere without one!! yeah, if it's still there 😂 Haven't heard my alarm go off so fingers crossed.
  12. Fair enough. I know for future reference then! Probably him!
  13. Oooops. I'll ring him now 🙈
  14. I checked the suicides to see if any deadlines had been set. Couldn't see anything but they do hide them well. No idea who it was or why. I'll ring him and let him know someone was poking about. Didn't think he'd wake up at 4am tbh.
  15. Wasn't the only one here last night. Was dozing after landing a fish around 3am. Heard a voice. Saw a light. Whoever it was was here for a while. Appeared in the suicice swim. Disappeared for half hour. I got a single bleep that woke me. I got up for a leak and saw whoever it was come from the top lake, all the way back to the suicide swims. Stayed out for an hour, occasional flicker of head torch. Then disappeared. Didn't see them leave whatsoever. Bit unnerving considering it's a private estate! Had a knife at the ready just in case. They obviously clocked me though and steered clear.