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  1. greekskii

    Bank Tackle.

    Yep, echo the others, apart from the micro rig swivels. They were so small I couldn't use them!
  2. greekskii

    What is your newest purchase

    It is the Aqua, I know some lads had it turn up actually in the Aqua box 😂😂😂
  3. greekskii

    Winter flavours

    If I’m not testing anything then it’ll be a creamy flavour or a nut mix with a fruity flavour on it. Only because I’m changing venue though. If I wasn’t then I’d be inclined to just reduce the amount of fishmeals I’m using. I also tend to use a Brazil nut on one rod through winter. Not sure why I do it, and it’s never accounted for any extra fish but I just do.
  4. greekskii

    What is your newest purchase

    Somehow managed to lose one of my snag ears inbetween packing up last week and unpacking today. Not quite sure where but fiver to replace it. I’m always so careful too!
  5. greekskii

    October Catch Reports

    You never know mate!
  6. greekskii

    October Catch Reports

    I know full well from last year, and I believe it happens on most lakes, the larger residents feed much later in to the cooler temps to stock up on reserves for winter. The plan is to pick up a winter ticket on Grendon, catch fish over winter and still be in practise comes March, it's the decision to pull off and get the bait introduced through November as they are still feeding at Grendon but potentially miss out at the park lake. Still need to get a new receiver before I go on to a busier water though!
  7. greekskii

    October Catch Reports

    No I haven't caught a carp this month but I thought I'd start the thread for everyone else! Off out tonight, due to pull off the park lake at the end of the month unless the weather stays milder in to November so not many nights left. Hopefully one more of the sneaky residents comes my way and can be put in this thread!
  8. greekskii

    sign of the times

    Fox armapoint hooks being a brilliant example. "Improved" them with the new range that blunt as they hit the water! One cast per hook. great way to shift a lot of product though.
  9. greekskii

    sign of the times

    The black ops stuff has just been discontinued for the new range on sale soon. Cleverly just before Christmas of course! All the big names ‘re-design’ their kit and improve it. But sold the first version on the basis it was the best ever!!
  10. greekskii

    Kamakura hooks

    Jewellers Eye Fine diamond file Vice That's what I use on the cheap. always one for a bargain.
  11. let's translate it in to humans... it's the same as someone only eating preserved junk food all the time. science shows its bad for you. For the healthiest lifestyle you dont ever eat any, most have some as part of a varied and balanced diet. Those that dont end up obese with significant health problems and die young. That's exactly what this study tells us, feed them just preserved stinky winky or solely one food source then they will be unhealthy. same as humans. If you dont see value in this experiment then you dont believe the research in to obesity, etc. To prove a point you have to use extremes as BC said. what would be the point in an experiment that used a varied diet? there would be no control, no variables, no actual real outcomes or conclusions. Things have moved on since the research was conducted, and it would be interesting to see it replicated with modern day shelflifes but also using freezer baits too. This would see the overall quality difference between the two. Good dissertation for a student (not recommended as the tackle & bait industry wont like you very much for saying shelflifes are bad!)
  12. greekskii

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    just fill in the lake before they turn!!
  13. Peanuts second to trout pellet. Makes you think doesn’t it.
  14. greekskii

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    It's a great tactic, especially where you only get challenged by the public. Bit different if landowners or staff turn up!! Not going to lie, I used it on a guy who I defo thought was an angler when I came ashore the other day. I mean the two big camo buckets didn't help my case though! But a saw, loppers, etc all fit with a "doing some vegetation clearance work" story, which is true, you're cutting a swim out!!
  15. greekskii

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    who owns it? Some official looking clothing, a boat and a few dip nets or something of the sort might be able to see you get away with at least one boat trip!! "just doing a weed and invert survey" being the get out of trouble card to passers-by. If you can do this then repeating the surveys every 3 months to build a base of data means you can sometimes make those trips out on a boat. I'd suggest finding the most difficult to access place you can, make it comfy for yourself, get kit in, leave it there.