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  1. If you can find it in large quantities groundnut oil is good. Ian russel really rates sunflower oil and to cheap as chips too.
  2. I know. A bag of sweetcorn would do. Doesn't really justify £12 a kilo does it. Even if it's the weight of carp he has had it still proves nothing. Because we know nothing of the last 4 years he fished there. Maybe he caught better on breadflake. Who knows. I don't think you can say a boilie is good until you've applied it over a period and seen good catch returns. It helps if you fished the same venue regularly beforehand and the only thing to have changed was bait. I caught 4 fish from a club lake in 3 months, which isn't bad going anyway, one was and still is the lake record to my knowledge. I had a timing issue in autumn and swapped over to another bait supplier (solar) and proceeded to blank on their bait. It was shoddy just from looking at it. I had ordered in bulk though so had to use it. Not even the tench liked it. It easier to pick out a bad boilie than it is to find a good one. Luckily what I use now is really good quality as I'm back on responsive baits (what I used to catch those fish) and I've managed to pick fish up from tricky waters on it. Just crumbling a boilie up you can see it's packed full of proper ingredients. Crumb up some other baits, the well known ones, and it's just a basic mix with added sawdust.
  3. You had 63 carp in 24 hours? That's one every 25 minutes pretty much. Am I reading that right? Or you had a 63lb carp?
  4. Until they are done. Few days. They may spawn more than once a year. Really should be given 1-2 weeks post spawning to recover without being fished for to let their energy levels and condition replenish.
  5. Yeah it wont be there when you get back.!!
  6. Probably. Nightmare to bailiff due to how public it is.
  7. It's only in sunflower oil anyway normally. Get it in either. If you get brine add some oil afterwards to the mix?
  8. Up there is Northampton nene angling club for most of the river and a few lakes around Northampton. Also the GUC Northampton arm. Not sure if castle still have the res. At Duston or not.
  9. Found it. Looks interesting. Used to be connected to the blue lagoon. Be worth looking at at some point. Big works afoot on the cogenhoe backchannels mate. Been involved in the discussions. Could make it better for the fish though. Well if I get my way, looking unlikely though with the modelling.
  10. Baits very lightly and as CM said no plan b really. Need to be adaptable. Main thing is accuracy and clipping up to a spot to either hit it over and over again or to get tight to the island/snag. Inches make a difference. The castle ashby day ticket lake. If you fish 6 inches from the island you'll catch all day. Fish a foot away and your catch rate will halve at least. Says it all.
  11. Not to knock anyone but angling ability I think is more to blame than anything else in any situation. I said it a while back in another topic. We only have ourselves to blame.
  12. Yeah fingers crossed they get the tree issue sorted and reopen that swim! Just want to get a bit of bait going in whilst no fishing. Sneak around with a throwing stick and a bag of boilies morning or evening I guess.
  13. Establishing a bait on a lake like this pays massively. Ian proves that with the catches on every session. Quick question. Is the lake off limits during the close, as in can I go down and bait it up or do we have to stay away completely?
  14. It's the little lake in the wildlife trust reserve right? I was down there back end of last year. Looks like it should have fish in it. Very overgrown apart from the cattle that roam it. Worth a look for sure.
  15. I'd be happy to meet some of those carp CM!! These forgotten worlds are where you get a real buzz