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  1. greekskii

    Silly Rules

    you wont say it was silly if you get cut off an inch above the tubing though. I use 5-6ft leaders or tubing to give plenty of abrasion resistance
  2. greekskii

    Frozen lakes

    A couple winters ago it was in all the mags that an angler had taken apart a tricky water by watching where the iced thawed first, indicating the warmest area of the lake. He then fished it and had numerous big fish. Can't remember his name though. I've done something similar but on a commercial.
  3. greekskii

    Aldi fishing jacket.

    just had a look at the other products on offer, pair of salopettes for £25, wont be a touch on the likes of snugpak but i'm sure for spring/autumn they'll be spot on.
  4. greekskii

    Spider Spod

    Arrived today. Just had my little boy grab it and play with it so I can say it’s durable! Interestingly we filled it with some small toys and dropped it so it opened up. Which it did every time without fail. I then dropped it empty from the same height and it didn’t open. So it must operate on weight or something. Interesting find though. I even threw it on the floor and got the same results. Looks well made and can’t wait to give it some proper use.
  5. greekskii

    Ns1 or acid pear

    make sure you dry them well in between glugs, or you'll have wafters
  6. greekskii

    Spider Spod

    Yeah it looks impossible but my mates opened every time, no matter how it hit the water! I wouldn't be surprised if they wear over use and become a bit weaker (wont do it any harm!)
  7. greekskii

    Spider Spod

    Got one of these on order. Should have it in the next week or so. My mate has one. Very decent and open every time upon impact, even though magnets seem too strong when you try open it on your hand. I never spomb/spod during winter so I won’t be using it until March when I start prepping spots for spring. Although I might have a play one session before that.
  8. greekskii

    New challenge

    open to most places then, you could always give Rockford a go? Club water but well known big fish water. I only spent 3 years in Hampshire and didn't fish much apart from Peewit in Winchester and a couple of sneaky trips over to a small pond, so don't have much knowledge. A few lads fished in the New Forest area though. I believe the South Downs has some big old lakes but not sure on names. Yately isn't far? Frensham?
  9. greekskii

    New challenge

    It would help people a bit if you named places you've previously fished otherwise you may get suggestions which are on your 'NO' list already.
  10. greekskii

    2019 Plans

    In the most simple format, yes. It would also mean an unofficial cull would be possible. I do doubt however that the NE would let the designations drop completely before being re-designated but if they aren't in UK Law then there will be loopholes for sure to avoid having to deal with the government. I believe that things like SSSIs, etc. would be optional for landowners to comply with, which currently they aren't, a total disgrace IMO, imagine someone just sending you a letter going along the lines of "your 60 acres of land is now a designated site, you MUST comply with everything we say or face prosecution, you also can't take legal action against us over the designation as it's law itself." Happened to WDNAC at ringstead. I believe it is also an opportunity to get carp added to the native species listings when designations, etc. are re-written. A HUGE step forward IMO
  11. greekskii

    2019 Plans

    thats ridiculous, must be trying to make as much money as possible before the otters arrive. I would... it's not a certainty yet but to my knowledge and those within the environmental sector, things like the Water Framework Directive and some EU enviro policies have been signed over to UK law and committed to post brexit. what hasn't been, and doesnt seem like there is a plan to, is EU protection designations, both land and animals, so SSSIs, SPAs, etc. There's still time for it to happen, and there is no clarity on what happens in the interim period if they aren't but it could be a small period of minimal protections...
  12. I’m in the market for some new wellies for winter. Luckily work will pay for them, got my list of the navitas, the vass R boot or Baffin trappers (although they might not stretch to those) obvs the baffins will be worth the money but are the navitas good at keeping your feet warm even when you’re not moving @yonny??
  13. greekskii

    Southern venue

    Hasn’t it got KHV? I know it’s likely dormant in these temps but still wouldn’t go near the place just in case.
  14. greekskii

    2 or 3 rods

    Use as many rods as you can comfortably and legally fish with in your given situation. Simple as that. More rigs in the water means a higher chance of catching.
  15. greekskii

    Making pop-ups

    Just harder to roll!! Although I agree, defo worth it.