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  1. EA are always identified in EA kit. They have to be. Stab vests as mentioned before. If he wasn’t then he wasn’t EA and was pulling one over on you. I’d report it to both fishery and your local EA office so they know someone is impersonating them. never known EA to act like that...they just ask for your license and not do it sneakily by false pretences. They’d also use a handheld device to check if you’d forgotten it.
  2. Think the north bank has a seal or two on it at the moment doesn’t it?
  3. Good luck mate. Let us know how you get on on here or pm. I spent a few years chasing the carp in there recently. Not an easy one to crack by any means!
  4. greekskii

    Canal Carp

    Before you do any exposing you need to be certain they are doing it illegally. Otherwise it could well backfire on yourself legally, especially if you implicate there EA are involved in illegal fish moving. they may well have the relevant permits, the canal being owned by the canal and rivers trust. Personally I think you’re better off contacting them to make them aware of the issue and the fish being removed from their water. They will be able to take it up legally with the evidence you can give them if it is being carried out illegally.
  5. greekskii

    Canal Carp

    Gather some evidence, preferably in the act. EA or police can’t prosecute unless they catch them red handed.
  6. I agree that they will change slightly day to day... Fish dont turn up in the same place at the same time every single day. A lot of variables will effect it; features, weed, sunlight, temperature, food availability, angling pressure, predation, etc. I've found that when fish turn up in areas they tend to have a routine when there, certain areas the stick to. It's not often there is a set route they take all the time however there sometimes is. One lake I fished has a old stream channel in it, full of silt now but about 6-12 inches deeper than the rest of the surrounding lakebed...the fish would follow this on their way from the island to a bi overhanging willow they would hole up in. The reason the followed it will never be known but it's most likely because it was a feature in an otherwise barren lakebed.
  7. that will see a Southerly and SE wind push in to it, but as yonny said it's more likely to do with depth and food availability, or simply due to temperatures as it'll warm up quickest. There is no hard and fast rule with wind, Yonny has pretty much covered it. I will add that the openness of a water will have an influence on fish reactions to wind. As will how pressured the carp are. The more wild the fish (in terms of angling pressure) the more likely they are to be influenced by the wind. I fished an unfished (only a few of the landowners friends over the years) pit, very open with little tree cover, many fish flooded in from the river. 16 acres and the fish would get right on the end of ANY new wind and stay there for days. You would watch them boshing as they followed it, all of them together. It was quite incredible. Even more strangely they would be right tight to the margins on the end of the wind too. I hazard a guess that these fish were behaving very naturally as they were left alone apart from 5-6 times a year people were allowed to fish it. There isn't a rule book that can be followed, everyone everywhere says "the carp in here dont follow the rulebook" but that just means no fishery is ever the same, so no rulebook can exist. Best thing to do is watch and watch and watch some more and figure out the patterns yourself.
  8. 😂😂 that’s an April fools waiting to happen. Some form of fake experiment to go with it!
  9. I suppose the shrink tubing stops it clanking about or knocking together. Spins like a normal swivel really doesn’t it. None of it is that loose.
  10. If you want more than one bait in stock then let me know as I know a company that might want to have a chat about you stocking their bait 👍
  11. I am currently using them on snowman and bottom bait mutli rigs, they do look ideal for pop ups too. Havent caught anything yet on them though!
  12. Looking at these two bream maybe I should have weighed the two slabs I had a couple years back 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Unhooked in the water during the wee hours after being plagued by tench and bream but they were bigger than those by far!
  13. The most important part of carp fishing, or any fishing really, you need to be where the fish are. Finding the fish and fishing for them where they are is always key. You also need to think about presentation, are your rigs effective or not? What’s the bottom like? no point fishing a bottom bait in dense weed. baiting approach - smashing a spod over fish that move off the noise is pointless. Maybe a catapult or throwing stick to introduce bait. Some waters they will be attracted to a spomb, others it’s the kiss of death and they’ll not come back. How much bait you use, unless the fish are really having it off feeding id always start off with a little. You can’t take out what you’ve put in as the saying goes. This needs to be based around stock levels and other species too. Venue choice, chose somewhere with high stocking levels so you have a chance of catching more regularly as you’ll be able to learn quicker all aspects of carp fishing.
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