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  1. No that was it. As soon as the sun was out it went dead. Few bits of fizzing and liners but nothing proper.
  2. Lost a fish yesterday evening that stripped line off the spool through a very tight clutch. Flat rodded me as soon as I tried to lift the rod into it. No idea what was going on as it seemed to plough head first in to the far margin. All went solid and whilst slowly walking backwards to try and unsnag it from the lilies my hooklink parted. Was very very gutted. I still am. This fish felt extremely good. It would definitely have been one of the big fish in here. Maybe even topped the 30 mark (lake has never done a 30 yet). Potentially a once in a year take that.
  3. 10kg of bait picked up today. 3kg straight in the bucket for the session. Rest in the freezer. Next on the purchase list. New sunglasses and some right bits.
  4. yeah, I get that, i've done it before. I only have freezer space for 10kg at the minute and i'm getting through 2-3kg per session the little and often baiting way that seems to bring bites. Leftovers are spread around the lake in obvious spots. I'm always happy that as long as some is going in weekly it will work. it's busy at the minute, never know whats being put in and where. Once it quietens off i'm going to go for it with heavier baiting.
  5. depends what a small quantity is though. I could easily spread 5kg of bait across the estate lake, in the likely spots to ensure they are eating it. It wouldnt last a day or two. put a kilo out and it wont go anywhere.
  6. Just looking to bulk out the boilies as I have ran outa of maples and groats at the minute. Prep. time for me is limited too, would prefer a more instant option for a mix. Pellets were an idea until I knew about the bream! maybe I'll revisit the idea
  7. can defo condition fish to a bait. Look at peanuts, baiting teams, etc. I do think its irresponsible to condition them to an inferior bait though, i.e. a cheap semo boilie or peanuts (lets not start it again but we know what happened back in the day on some waters). I'd love to have enough funds to proper pile a bait in a place and tear it apart. Look at Jim Shelley. uses a bait by the truckload and has superb results (he does fish full time though) I think it also works two ways, you can condition fish to avoid a bait. A local club pond used to go crazy for sweetcorn. you'd catch loads. All of a sudden sweetcorn wouldnt catch you a thing. had it blown? possibly.
  8. spot on. how do they respond to sweetcorn in there?
  9. half day at work, pick up some bait and then off to the lake. Plenty of rain forecast tonight so i'm hoping it's not too busy when I turn up!
  10. That's because 25/8 doesn't exist...
  11. No i'm only joking. I dont catch enough fish at all. I dont fish enough either
  12. Ahem... I for one am a carp lord... I wear this on the bank
  13. I think a bit of A but mostly B. I've seen it in the margins, fish touch line and dont care, especially when basking amongst weed or lily pads. On the estate lake this year I've had fish swim in to my lines in open water and spook like crazy!! on the edge of the pads, not much spooking. Lack of weed in this lake so it kinda says something. I think if its somewhere they expect to come in to contact with weed its okay, they dont care. 2ft out from the weedbed in a channel, they spook.
  14. Dont see why not, obviously the spomb is louder than a rig, depends if you mess up a cast or not I guess with how much noise you make. Small spombs are available but you need 3x more casts.
  15. I already know, it frustrated me last session. Back on friday to set the record straight. Forecast rain almost all day, hopefully keep the banks quiet