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  1. not surprised! Was tempted but have things of greater importance to spend £20 on... hooks mainly!
  2. The False PB Joints

    Never a truer word. Keeps them away from where I like to be. Each to their own, people will see it in different lights. but who cares if someone catches a 50lber that was stocked in at 50lb the day before. It's their choice to fish those type of waters. I mean, if they started preaching to be an angling god then yes I'd have a problem with that. But that's the main reason I keep out of the scene to an extent and just do what I do, dont have to witness the stinky winky that goes with putting a picture on a well followed page or anything. The way it is at the minute you could catch the burghfield common or another big fish and still get negative feedback from a load of people for some reason; "didnt catch it on a well known bait brand" "caught it on the wrong brand hooks" "the line you used isnt as good as another brand line". It's just a joke nowadays.
  3. Unfenced lakes

    A bear in winter hibernation weighs more than an active bear. Basically what yonny said is the answer. They pile on weight before winter and then are very sedentary and don't burn it off. It is used slowly over winter to keep them going and then to produce eggs before winter is out. Yes. There is less growth in winter. This can be seen when reading scales for age data. There are tighter bands where there is less growth (winter) and more spaced out bands during growth period (summer). So you can work out an age based on how many winters the fish has been alive. The banding on the scales would likely be more prominent when the winters are harsh and the summers are very warm too. There would likely be rapid growth in the summer months and hardly any over winter, as is the case normally but this would be above average and below average.
  4. Fox Arma Points vs Fox Edges

    New edges hooks are very poor. Very soft and blunt as they hit the water. I loved the arma points. Bought a few of the edges hooks and binned them. Steer clear.
  5. Unfenced lakes

    Tench tend to bury themselves in silt over the winter too. Strange but they'll go deep under it. I was on a fish farm netting a drained pond, I was told to never step on the same footprint because the tench would hide in them. Every year it was fully drained and emptied of fish. Once refilled there would be the odd tench appear like some sort of miracle.
  6. Dying a lake

    The lake in question is the same colour. Looks like the sea in the Caribbean. It's never been dyed in its history. It isn't even fished. If they told you it was dye then they did it wrong and it's had some form of chemical reaction
  7. Dying a lake

    Some types of Clay make the water that colour blue. There's a disused iron quarry near me that is that colour and it's the clay soil that causes it.
  8. Decent life jacket...

    Personally mate I'd not mess about. A buoyancy aid will not save your life in the event you fall out the boat and knock yourself out. spend the extra and get a self inflating one. Second hand is an option. I rarely go out in a boat but I have a life jacket, manual inflation though, in my barrow bag all the time. Never know when you may need it. Even if it's to swim out to unsnag a fish or another animal.
  9. Unfenced lakes

    Doesn't help I've only fished for about 3hrs in February and that's it! Be doing nights again though from March and starting to bait. Might get lucky or at least close to the challenge!
  10. Unfenced lakes

    No mate. Been ill all week after trying to sit it out last weekend. Got a stag do next weekend so don't want to risk the illness returning. Looks ideal today too
  11. Unfenced lakes

    Not a chance mate. It won't happen naturally and it won't happen unnaturally. Not to the extent it has in these countries. Luckily carp like to eat their own eggs. Hence the lack of recruitment in the estate lake for instance. Because carp are mainly stocked in numbers there is control over what goes where and when. The rivers and canals aren't stocked. Just enclosed waterbodies. Youll never see hordes of carp destroying a river in this country.
  12. Unfenced lakes

    More likely like any animal, when there is overpopulation they learn to accept others. This is due to their being a good food source. Less need to compete. Reduce their ranges or allow others to also claim it as territory. Already in the valley you have 6/7 otters in a 15-20 mile radius. And do gooders rehabbing them and releasing them back in to the wild does not help. These more tame animals learn to live side by side other otters. Disaster for the future.
  13. Unfenced lakes

    Had a rat in my bivvy after the otter went through my swim just before new year... it also never returned after that kill
  14. Unfenced lakes

    yep, we had one on the estate killed with little eaten. 2 weeks later just the teeth left. fox, rats, birds of prey.
  15. Thought for the day.

    no way they just died out mate. They can have hundreds of eggs per adult female. Unlikely every single one died naturally without having 1 successful egg reaching adulthood. Natives need good Water quality, that park lake doesnt have it.