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  1. I think it’s meant to be carpy to kiss fish. but being carpy is sitting on the floor in your bivvy next to a perfectly good bedchair and sleeping bag.
  2. I think i've only done it once, like the quickest of pecks on the top of the head. But it was a fish I cherised and was in a moment of pure elation. Tbh, its not like they are sticking their tongues down their throats is it, and in most pictures you cant actually see them properly kissing it, I bet the is a few mm of gap you dont see.
  3. I've seen vids of carp cruising around with backs out the water from this weekend in the sunshine. It aint winter yet!!
  4. if you are bang in to tech then the new direction alarms are good. bluetooth to phone controls and all sorts.
  5. just seems like instead of the glossy finish the x wrap has a matt finish. the pictures dont even show it that well as its all photoshoot stuff, not on the bank/in someones hands photos.
  6. shame theres no picture of the matt finish. I'd be keen to see one
  7. never heard of one, may not have been a CTX as a different blank would mean its not the same rod?
  8. Freespirit CTX is an exceptional rod. I know loads of guys using them. I would but the styling is not for me. Abbreviated handles and the x-wrap design on the blank puts me off.
  9. Re-freezing doesn’t give them any life but it keeps them going. Perfectly fine as long as you understand that every day thawed is a day off it’s life. Ask any bait maker and they will tell you this.
  10. Normally overnight delivery. Boilies are fine to be re-frozen.
  11. people will be swimming out to retrieve downed drones in the middle of the lakes because of their value which has huge H&S implications flying them around too low and crashing them being an idiot with it to annoy others drone wars in the sky between anglers using them to fish out of you swim and unsafe areas as people do with bait boats privacy issues noise its illegal to do without the proper permissions (leaseholders dont cut it I dont think, has to be the landowner) looks like there is a few reasons..
  12. Agree with Yonny. Do what you are confident in and fish well and catch the fish. Someone has done well on particle, everyone else has fished particle ever since. no fish come out on boilies because no-one fishes on them! "you wont get them to eat sweetcorn or maize in here mate, they dont like yellow baits" I chucked a handful maize in the margin under a snag and watched 5 carp demolish it about 10 minutes after I heard that.
  13. Echo this. Sometimes I do just drop in a swim on my instincts and knowledge because I think it’ll give me the best chance at some point. Whether a change in wind overnight means it may come good in the morning as I pack up or something. A pre-planned attack.
  14. For me I am confident in my bait and my approach (multi rigs or chods). Really the only part of the puzzle left for me is location, and that's where it's all down to me. I sometimes make the wrong decisions but as long as I act on it by moving or keeping a note of it for next time I am happy. I think the biggest downfall in an angler is stubbornness, I've fallen foul of it a couple of times, determined to get a bite from an area or a swim when I know i'm p*ssing in the wind and should be elsewhere. I am confident that I know what I'm doing though and I know how to find the fish. Sometimes you just cant though and you have to make you're best judgement on previous knowledge and the conditions, if that is the case and I blank then I dont worry too much about it.
  15. Anything will work as long as the levels are right.
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