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  1. A PDAA club ticket is like £35 or something last I checked. You’ll be covered for miles then. there’s carp in that stretch for sure. And huge shoals of bream. Fishing near the barge is tricky as opposite is the railings and elevated path and you won’t get next to it at all. The rail world bank has been fenced off I believe due to drug addicts and other undesirables. personally wouldn’t want to be doing a night there without a few mates!! You can sometimes get them going on the top but I’m sure Pre baiting and early morning, late evening trips for and few hours will pay off.
  2. let me know how it goes, I doubt I will be doing any for a while as I crushed up plenty last time round.
  3. yes 2 heads has been a thought to be honest! I havent, the particle plate smashes them up pretty small, I think a mix of both would be much better IMO, reckon a half and half plate would work a treat to be honest, for anything you throw in it really. Give a full variety of sizes with no need to change. My next thing is to try tigers on the normal plate!
  4. Recently broke my little ice crusher so invested in the RM boilie crusher and particle plate. The kit without the particle plate is on offer at TFT for the same price as the head only which made the purchase even better. used it once so far and my god is it good. The crusher fits a bit tight on the bucket and is difficult to fit/remove but that’s a minor thing that should loosen up with use I suspect. I whipped through crushing a few kilos of tigers in about 5 minutes. only downside is the need to unscrew/screw on the particle plate when you aren’t using it. Think it’s 10 s
  5. This is key, watch the birdlife carefully, they will show you all sorts of things, spooking from carp, natural food larders, where the new weed is growing, where the hatches are, etc. Never getting wedded to swims because you are prebaiting is my other biggest tip. It can ruin your fishing big time, I've done it before and I see it a lot too. I will try and find out any info I can from people that know the venue, spring/summer/autumn areas to have a look at. I try to really explore a few swims on the end of a SW, it's hard to ignore them on larger waters so it's worth being a
  6. Have used the fox submerge for years now. Easy to splice and works brilliantly. Supple and sinks like a brick and doesnt stand out at all on darker/weedier bottoms. Over gravel its good too. Wouldnt be using it over sand though.
  7. What closed for the entire year? Not being funny but a maximum of £45 for a year, which was reduced by a few months maximum, is hardly anything to be moaning about. Angling has been allowed and opportunity has been there to fish for all for extensive periods, more than any other sport/activity. if you’ve chosen not to then it’s on you. How would you even claim anything back? You’d have no way of putting a figure on what you’d be owed for a start.
  8. Echo the lads already, getting them going this time of year is almost pointless. Only time I know of it being done to any effect is a mate that absolutely filled in a fairly high stocked water with about 20/30kg a week of boilie and managed to get them going big time. Not exactly the best use of your time or money though unless you can really commit to it or the lake has a good stock of big fish. spend your time trying to nick a bite as said above, have a lead about and get to know your features for the year ahead. Personally I start baiting in mid feb in preparation for March/April
  9. Large camping hob. eBay for like £20. Just check the dimensions, mine is about 30cm x 30cm.
  10. Fishing slack lines you should have high tips to aid with the sinking of the line. Gravity obviously at work. In regards to the wind thing, if you set your bite alarms up correctly you don’t have that issue. Simple as that really. I’ve fished mega high tips with slack lines in windy conditions and not had a single bleep (yes I blanked)
  11. Firstly the misshapen baits, you're likely boiling on too fast a boil. It only needs to be on a light simmer. I do 14mm baits for 3 mins on a light simmer and it never damages them. Secondly the smell, it will wash out on cooking, maybe more so if I am correct with the above issue. (Too high and it also knocks out the dye a bit too FYI). 10ml per 1 egg is all I use and I can get it coming through after 24hrs in the lake still. I air dry for a week, put them in a bag, coat them with flavour, air dry again for a week and repeat once more. I'll then pot them up and add a couple sprays of fl
  12. In all honesty I don’t think you’re missing out. Plenty of bloodworm additives and baits out there and they aren’t the most popular or effective. Says a lot as you’d think they should be all anyone used if they were that good. Live bloodworm I think you’d fair better than any sort of product of bloodworm. Even then it’s not the same still. if you’re keen to try it though, gloves as above and you’ll be alright just be careful taking them off.
  13. have you given this away yet? Not for myself but a friend is after one if youre still kindly giving it away 😁
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