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  1. greekskii

    The naked chod rig.

    Yes. Putty on the swivel. Otherwise the mono will be lifted by the pop up.
  2. greekskii

    Back Leads?

    I have used them on and off. Now I never use them unless I really have too. I much prefer to slack line when I can using running rigs (IMO the most effective set up for bite indication) My personal findings are that they do reduce bite indication on any lake bottom as they can create a pivot point. This is made worse when you have bars and weed beds and depth changes inbetween your rod and the hookbait. Only situations I’ll use them in now: - fishing canals or rivers to avoid boats and debris - if undertow is a real issue to stop the line bowing too much. As for stopping fish going through your other line, it happens sometimes. If it does then you can go under or over the other rod to untangle it or just loosen the clutch on the other rod and sort it out afterwards.
  3. greekskii

    The naked chod rig.

    Have you tried the new fox edges drop off heli kit? Great bit of kit.
  4. greekskii

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Lost my first American carp today. Hooked on a worm, all of 1lb or so. On super light tackle it took me round the scaffolding of the jetty we were fishing from. Hook ended up bent out. Fair to say I was gutted! but I did catch a bluegill so I didn’t blank! New species for me too.
  5. greekskii

    What is your newest purchase

    What is the waterproofing like? For that money it seems ideal as a replacement for my old shelter. Is there a wrap available?
  6. greekskii

    The naked chod rig.

    I recently took it off and went back to the Fox submerge leadfree leader for my fishing on the reserve due to so many snags. I watched a near 30 suss my set up out whilst stalking on there. I think I’ll be going back to the avid stuff after witnessing how this fish took a good hour circling my spot before doing the off.
  7. greekskii

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Saw the senas one on Facebook. Seemingly it is a fake. Someone pointing out how badly match anglers handle fish. Pic might be fake but the problem is still there.
  8. greekskii

    The naked chod rig.

    It’s the avid outline that I’ve used for almost a year now and rate it highly. Seen me through dense lily pads and snags and sinks like a brick. Invisible too.
  9. greekskii

    Would you rather........

    Tough one! I do think you fish better when you have a limited choice of swims. You are forced to work that bit harder for your fish, especially if you don’t have a choice of any favourable swims. I would choose the 40% though. As if value the company and quietness and the fish that I could catch a lot more than having to deal with the masses. I actually do get to fish like that for the foreseeable. And I don’t even have to worry about getting caught as I’m allowed to be there!
  10. greekskii

    What is your newest purchase

    Not really. If it’s from different sources then looking at an average of £6-8 a kilo. Even with my tester rates 100kg would cost me £550. Without the bulk discount though.
  11. greekskii

    frozen or shelf life ?

    Another thing I do which helps preserve fresh boilies is using the squid brand fish sauce to rehydrate them. At 77% anchovy extract, 21% salt and 2% sugar (or something similar). I’m sure that drawing the salt content in helps preserve them somewhat. I’ve managed to keep sealed buckets in the shade in 28+ degrees for a good few days without them going bad. They just go tacky to the touch as the sugars start coming out. But then I guess it’s boilie dependant also! That works with the boilies I use, maybe not so with other brands.
  12. greekskii

    frozen or shelf life ?

    I’d add that shelf life contains much less for the fish. Preserving fish and meat meals long term is incredibly difficult without using some pretty nasty chemical preservatives. Hence why shelf life ‘fishmeals’ are little more than a basic semo mix with a fish flavour on and contain little real fish or meat meals.
  13. greekskii

    Getting big carp out of the water safely.

    If you do as I do and use quick link swivels to attached hooklinks then it’s simply unattached it from the swivel. Hooklink stays in if it can’t be unhooked in the water. Rod is out of the way then Break net down and roll mesh tight to the fish. Pick it up and cradle it with two hands and transfer to mat. Ideally the mat is close to the bank so it isn’t far. Better yet is waters on, mat in the water and do it that way. Only works with a sided mat though.
  14. greekskii

    Taking bait to france

    As with yonny, use shelflife if your bait allows you to. not need to change. If you are committed to using frozen then take them frozen in a cool bag/box. They should be fine for a week but if you need to air dry then air dry them and rehydrate as/when required. Nothing special needs doing.
  15. greekskii

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    probably @yonny but from what I've seen it is a good line and highly rated by the lads that use it. I'll give it a go, HD has been a very good line for me, but I've heard some stories of if going downhill. I got the first release, it wasnt available for a while and the newer stuff seems to kink easily and not sink as well. I clipped on a spin doctor to sort out some twist I had a few weeks ago, the line came back more twisted than it was originally!! Not quite sure how, it's a simple thing to do, start short, go longer. Led the lead stop spinning after each cast.