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  1. What is your newest purchase

    I'd have got a storm sure patch repair kit for that. Good stuff. No irons!
  2. Carp care

    with 2lb carp stuck inside
  3. Carp care

    whether its 1lb or 50lb, I treat all fish with the same respect.
  4. Carp care

    yes it is, it's used in the koi industry a lot. I've been using it for a while now and its great. Personally for me it's unhook in the net, on to the mat and weighed and photographed. In the recovery sling for a few mins and then released. Sometimes things are delayed like getting shocking pics or bad weather so I'll put it in the sling prior to taking pics. No way you can take the pics straight away so you need to leave them to settle on the mat for a few mins. One of my pet hates is seeing people using mats and nets too small, or not being able to unhook a fish proper, or even hold it properly so when it decides to flap it hurts itself p.s. I use a cradle but I still call it a mat.
  5. CC Moore Boilies

    If it's been tested and you can see that certification then it's fine
  6. What are you listening to?

    Not music but I'm not sure if anyone has discovered the magic sponge podcasts. If you are in to your football these are well worth listening to. I'm in tears of laughter every time. Rob Beckett, jimmy bullard and a couple more. Special guests a plenty. John sitton, graham stack, David Bentley and David noble are incredible episodes
  7. March catch reports.......................

    If you mean about the first 32hrs then I did. I only had one run through the night believe it or not. And 6 fish came within a 4hr period. It was a real red letter session. But I do generally sleep. And have never got in to much bother. But I have a plan in my head before I've casts the rods out. And I'll dive in with the waders on most of the time. I've helped a few of the other members out netting fish and had to guide them through getting a fish out the lilies.
  8. March catch reports.......................

    Best chuck these up. One 15.13lb and one 17.09lb
  9. March catch reports.......................

    Well I wouldn't consider November last year as winter. It was way too mild. Winter seems to have been December - end of Feb. Although this weather has extended that.
  10. New bait same lake

    You just said people have 'cheated' by using boilies in the past. So it's not a new bait for the fish at all. As some people have used it before.
  11. March catch reports.......................

    Cheers lads. It's all been down to location. 4 of those fish came from the same spot. Yesterday I had to wade down the edge of the drop off in the deep end to flick my rig close enough to them as they wouldn't leave the snags. Extra effort and all that. The other fish came from the shelf on the dam. Seemed an area food would end up gathering as water was sucked through the outlet. Other spots have failed to produce all round the lake. I did 5 nights in December without a bleep. One day and one night in January for 3 fish. 3hrs in Feb for nothing and 1 night so far in March for 2 fish. Those two nights in 2018 I could have left in the evening and had the same catch rate. Trickier than I thought it would be and maybe some complacency as I'd been doing so well in autumn. No wonder not many fish it over winter when they struggle in the warmer months. One member told me he did 15 day sessions before he caught a fish! I had 13 in my first 32hrs. I suppose it's the effort you make to catch fish and where you look to find them. As a turn of events I am seemingly moving in with relatives prior to moving in to the house we bought for a few months. The savings on rent+bills may mean I do pick up a ticket for the estate after all. If only for the winter and when I'm short of time.
  12. March catch reports.......................

    It'll be fine by April for sure. Probably by next weekend. Although I am considering packing up and running off home!
  13. March catch reports.......................

    Been tucked up in the bivvy with the door closed, something I never do normally,but the snow and rain forced me to it. I need to get the margin rod back in and recast the other two as well. Brew first. Hopefully a chance for a few more fish.
  14. March catch reports.......................

    Cheers guys. Just a shame I bottled the one every month of the year so early. Only 3 rod hours in Feb though.
  15. March catch reports.......................

    Cheers lads. Sadly I though that I best not have that rod in whilst I cook. Decided to bait the spot and leave until morning. Let them have a free feed. The ducks are now hammering it!! Oh well. Bait up again a little after dark and hopefully good to go tomorrow.