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  1. I’m in the market for some new wellies for winter. Luckily work will pay for them, got my list of the navitas, the vass R boot or Baffin trappers (although they might not stretch to those) obvs the baffins will be worth the money but are the navitas good at keeping your feet warm even when you’re not moving @yonny??
  2. greekskii

    Southern venue

    Hasn’t it got KHV? I know it’s likely dormant in these temps but still wouldn’t go near the place just in case.
  3. greekskii

    2 or 3 rods

    Use as many rods as you can comfortably and legally fish with in your given situation. Simple as that. More rigs in the water means a higher chance of catching.
  4. greekskii

    Making pop-ups

    Just harder to roll!! Although I agree, defo worth it.
  5. greekskii

    Bite alarms, what to do?

    Have a look at the sonik ones mate.
  6. greekskii

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Should do you well mate that.
  7. greekskii

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Too light test curve rod IMO. You want minimum 3.75lb. Most spod rods are 4.5lb+. If I was you I’d pick up a Mitchel avocast spod reel for around £30, both the sonik vaderX spod or fox warrior spod are £50+ ish and you can get the braid in bulk from eBay Here
  8. greekskii

    Baiting re-Terry Hearn.

    I fell foul of not thinking about a certain venue hard enough. Ultra low stock, 10 in 6 acres, my 3 fish have come from the first or second night fishing a spot, with no or little previous bait gone on them. Once I tried to feed heavier on those spots to keep them coming back then just didn't. It was either they spooked off the large beds of bait or obviously clean spots or they never got to the hook bait first due to untold amounts of tench and bream. I thought the latter at the time but now, especially after watching Terry's video I realised I'd overlooked the obvious. When I return there it'll be a handful of bait maximum on a spot. Think we all fall in to the trap at times, especially when things go your way at first, and if you cant visibly watch them then it is just a long wait until you realise!
  9. greekskii

    Silly Rules

    Personally for me it all depends on the group, I fished one lake where we helped each other out and left swims well alone if others were baiting, to the extent that if we were there with fishing boshing over their spot we would ring each other telling them to get themselves down to the lake. We all respected each other and had a good friendship. Haven't encountered that since anywhere though, keep myself to myself and try not to tell people much, a lot of prying eyes nowadays. Fell victim to it on the estate lake where etiquette was almost non-existent apart from a few good eggs.
  10. greekskii

    Bad fishing days....

    funniest thing was, for the next 3 weeks whilst waiting for a non-puncture one to arrive I was pumping it up once when I arrived and once mid-journey 😂😂
  11. greekskii

    Bad fishing days....

    My bad day was a few years ago. Barrow around a mile from the car park including navigating a makeshift stile, get to my swim and snap my bivvy pole. So I have a half erected bivvy to shield me from the persistent rain all day. The grebe never left me alone so I hardly had my rods in the water for any period of time. Packing up I realise my barrow tyre is flat so a painstaking trip back to the car in the sopping mud ensued. I also slipped on the stile and got one in the nads just to make it all worth it! Doesn’t beat Kev but I decided to try and forget about that trip in a hurry!
  12. greekskii

    winter plans

    Yes mate some good looking spots on that ticket too. Don’t think they run the matches as much anymore. Order a ton of backleads! I was using two per rod to keep my line out of the way and half the time still having to redo them. Too much leaf litter being stirred up!
  13. greekskii

    October Catch Reports

    @yonny dont worry, my little one is 2 and I still get out a fair bit, tricky at times but well worth making the effort, even if its for a full nights sleep!! Well done on getting a few in horrid conditions.
  14. so does a drilled out and corked hook bait though? albeit less than a pop up but still reacts differently when fish are mooching about over the area.
  15. greekskii

    October Catch Reports

    Apart from the mouth. That looks like it’s had some pretty serious mouth damage in the past. Sadly the case with most waters that are day ticket though.