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  1. greekskii

    Autumn winter baiting campaign

    I’d not ignore putting out a good quality boilie. This is the time of year the fish go on the feed and put on weight. They’ll be searching for a good food source. Crumb it up and use halves to get it to settle on the silt. Don’t be afraid to fish in 3ft of silt. Just use a helicopter setup with a chod rig set 3ft up with a 1ft between the beads so it can settle nicely on top.
  2. greekskii

    Alcohol in baits...

    baileys is brilliant. I used it last winter. defrost the boilies with a good glug of it, it gives off a nice milky cloud in the water. Caught alright on it, not sure if it upped my catch rates because I wasn't using non-glugged freebies at all. Got a friend that swears by it over winter. I used the cheap one from lidl, I had no difference in attraction to the caramel or mint choc (although I drank most of that myself).
  3. greekskii

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    its because they have no nutritional value at all. Imagine every angler using gallons and no actual boilie or even particles going in, the fish will starve. It's why linear had to shut a lake down the other winter.
  4. greekskii

    What is your newest purchase

    why do you need to darken them? they dont need to be camouflaged in the margins?
  5. greekskii

    Lo pro vs tempset brolly

    The lo pro is on my list. But I use the same shelter through the year, and I don’t think I’m hard enough to not have an overwrap during the winter months!! And this obviously doesn’t have a full overwrap options, just a front.
  6. greekskii

    Lo pro vs tempset brolly

    @yonny but hes currently in the middle of an incredible session so probably too busy playing fish to read this!
  7. greekskii

    New water

    Until you catch on it! A carp will eat anything when it's in the right place!
  8. greekskii

    Record broke...... again

    You’re right. And each to their own. He wants 5 minutes of fame, let him have it. I’d be a bit unsure of having 5 minutes of bad fame though. But no one will remember his name in 6 months, same as the guy that caught big rig. Thry should abolish the carp record. Technically it’s classed as a non-native, the exact reason they abolished the weld catfish record. It would stop a lot of the bitterness in carp fishing.
  9. greekskii

    Record broke...... again

    Not a fan of this being a record fish. May have been in the lake almost a decade (sure I read that last time it was caught at a record weight) but it’s one of the Israeli super strains like big rig and the rest of them. In a lake that’s basically run for the ‘must catch huge fish’ brigade. I think most of the carp world doesn’t acknowledge these type of fish, or capture of them as being skilful at all.
  10. greekskii


    I buy dry French maize from a local feed store. £9 something for 20kg. I soak it for 2 days, bring it to the boil, simmer for 10 minutes and then turn off and leave it with the lid on, or in a bucket with the water to steep. By morning it’s fairly soft but not too soft. I try to use it fresh as possible. Don’t rate fermenting it at all.
  11. greekskii

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    Anything from Responsive Baits, personal favourites being the Mighty Marine and Monster Crab and Plum. I've used many different boilies over the years and not found anything as effective in my angling. I also swear by my homemade pop ups, got me many a bite when nothing else would. Particle-wise, my current mix is maples, maize and tic beans. Maples are a must for me, they'll always be part of my particle mix, the other items change based on what I am trying to do with the mix. Groats normally get included when there aren't many small fish about.
  12. greekskii

    Topping up at first light?

    I will happily bait up through the night if I need to, a bit of late night spombing really helps you get in tune with your casting! Recasting at first light is a nono, unless its a quiet flick down the margin/being dropped in off the rod tip. A few quartered baits to clear the fish off quickly and a quietly dropped rig is no real disturbance IMO. I'd only be doing that if I think I've been done though, or it's unsafe to fish the snag whilst asleep.
  13. greekskii

    September catch results..........................

    I’m absolutely buzzing with this one!! Couldn’t find a spot for this rod in a new swim, so decided to bang a bare lead over to the far margin on a whim. It goes down with an almighty crack. Gravel found. After a little less about the spot is surrounded by a wall of weed 4-5ft high and dense. A mix of parrots feather and Canadian. A 1 inch chod was the best way of presenting on here at the range with the crosswind. It took 10 casts but I was finally happy with it. Half a kilo of boilies sticked out and time for a beer. I never expected anything from this rod but just as the light was going it pulled up tight. I lifted in to it to find it had weeded itself solid instantly. 5 mins of constant pressure with the rod at full compression and it longs free and the weedbed starts moving. The fish frees itself now it’s on the surface some way out. (Thank god for high banks behind me) it decides to do the same in the next two weedbeds between me and the spot but soon I’m leading it in whilst in the waders. I assumed it was a large tench from the pretty uneventful fight. A ball of weed caught on the leader knot appeared and I went to strip it off when I see a carp swim past my feet with my pop up blowing out it’s mouth. Immediately going to a bag of nerves I quickly rip the weed away as it goes off on a powerful surge back out in to the lake. A bit more angry antics from the fish and it was in the net. I let out a huge YEEEESSS as I looked down at a lovely dark fish. A celebratory beer sprayed around the swim as one of, estimated 8-10 fish in 5 acres, is in my net. 26.12lb of unreal common carp, but weight is irrelevant. It’s the history of the fish that means everything. My third from the lake (I had two last year), all different fish too.
  14. greekskii


    So I’ve just sat all night with a rod snagged up on a branch. I had no reason to recast it. It went down nicely, placed in the margins. Sometimes we just have to take the rough with the smooth.
  15. greekskii


    Persobally for me I will recast if I think I should have had a bite or I get paranoid that my ‘perfect’ cast was not perfect after a while. I’m also equally happy to leave a rod out for as long as possible. As you say, less disturbance and all of that! I’ll happily cast out as many times as I need to in order to get it right (it took me 10 casts to get a rod over to the far margin yesterday. Few hours later it was away with one of 10-12 fish in 5 acres!) I think it makes the difference between catching or not. Plenty of times a recast on a rod I wasn’t quite happy with has resulted in a fish in the next few hours. I think our biggest challenge as anglers is overcoming your mind, just sitting and chilling out my brain always tends to end up back on the rigs and my casts. Were they perfect? Or did I I just think they were at the time? Could it have landed an inch to the left and be presented better? Etc, etc.