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  1. I would normally go through 100-120kg a year, at a cost of £5.50 a kilo. Particle would be double or treble that amount but at much less cost. All together roughly £750 a year. throw on the pop-ups, liquid and hard hookers it's probably around £1000 (although its always on a monthly basis so never a massive outlay) I have just been offered a monthly allowance for bait however which is up to 20kg free so I'll be saving a good few quid which will allow me to use more boilie than I have done before. Ideally I would use as much bait as time and budget allows. If I could afford to bait up with 5-10kg every night then I would.
  2. Stanwick mallard or Grendon lakes. As yonny said. Wherever you end up going find the fish and fish for them. Be as quiet and stealthy as possible. Day ticket fish tend to move away from noise and obvious lines a lot of the time.
  3. I’d never had it but when we moved last year it was the fastest broadband in the area. Turned out more expensive to have just broadband than it did to have broadband and sky tv! Work that out. Although I never did realise how much I was missing until I had it. Golf and F1 on tap. Footy too. Can’t complain. Dads got BT so European footy is over there.
  4. I think we pay £65 a month for the lot. As a loyal customer I wouldn't be surprised if they'd do some discount or a deal. Look for the new customer deal for it and then quote that to whoever you speak to as unfair that loyal customers dont get the same or better and they'll give you something. You just have to haggle with them.
  5. agree with yonny. I use Kryston, I don't think the quality has got worse at all since the takeover. Couple of extra quid than the rest but well worth it IMO. I've not had to buy any more for a year or so now though so maybe it has changed since I last purchased some 🤷‍♂️
  6. Yeah it’s fact we fished boilie on an unfished pit and caught within hours. Can’t deny that. I think the who wrote what is about the baiting pyramid theory, which is about general baiting principles and not boilies as the top bait however in this day and age boilies are certainly the top level in a baiting pyramid. Yes tench and bream will take boilie. But you can use 28mm+ boilies to avoid them if you really wanted to. A boilie only approach will sort out the larger bream and tench from the smaller ones too and slow the onslaught. I’ve lived it. Fishing any size boilie over beds of particle and if you don’t hook bream and tench they destroy your presentation. Boilie only and it doesn’t happen. Been there and done it on a park lake where I made the mistake and when I changed spots dropped the particle and stopped them turning up for the most part. It all depends on situation but I think if you have a heavy stock of bream and tench then using corn will mean you won’t keep a bait in the water long enough to get amongst the carp. Not saying particle won’t work, just saying boilies will sort out the bigger fish in general. 12lb bream is a good fish and doubt many would be disappointed with it as an accidental catch.
  7. a shop makes a sale every time you buy something. for full price or not.
  8. Disagree, I fished a 16 acre pit that had only been fished once before in the past. We used boilie only and caught from the very first trip. Yonny is right, it's best to wean them on to boilies using a smaller particle like hemp or corn or any other particle. The baiting pyramid is a fundamental of any sustained baiting campaign ending in a boilie only approach.
  9. had that one before, except i accidentally winged it out in to the lake!
  10. the hook knew the other components of the rig were not korda so snapped. common issue
  11. No I use them for a purpose. It gives a bit of extra pressure when the fish is hooked and runs. Most of the time I have my butt eye past the alarm too, the line clip then creates the angle required for the bobbin. Ive found if you have Plenty of bream and tench in the venue then they just tighten the line up to the clip when you hook them and that’s it. Unless you hook a good sized tench of course. It meant for me they didn’t get the chance to get in to weedbeds on a couple of waters.
  12. I’m just hoping I don’t get flooded out. It’s been hammering it down earlier. My van is locked up safely in a marina nearby so if I need to evacuate then god knows where I’m going to pitch up the bivvy
  13. I’m set up ready to go. Sadly the river is up but I reckon if it drops slightly it’ll be alright. Don’t think the carp will venture out the marina in to the flow though.
  14. luckily its useless as a fish finder, yes you will find fish as it travels over a certain location but that means nothing at all. A fish could swim underneath it and it will show up, could be the other end of the lake before you have reeled the deeper in. I was sceptical of them even as mapping tools but after seeing them in use they are brilliant bits of kit. If someone uses it to find fish then more fool them as it just doesnt work like that.
  15. What about the kettles and stoves then? Pay a good few quid extra for a trakker logo on the side? Naughty that. Like Nige says, most of it adapted for anglers in one way or another. But sometimes it’s straight up the same product with a logo on. Or logo taken off. Can not justify that.
  16. My mum worked in a secondary school in a deprived area. She used to tell me about the English teenagers who would tell her they weren’t doing exams, etc. Because their dole for life parents had taught them how to get the most money out the system, including having children at 15/16 to get a council house ASAP. Never did an immigrant child say the same to her. Immigrants might play the system but so do the British. The problem is in the system that allows them to do it. You shouldn’t get anything if you’ve not paid in. Or you get much much less than someone who genuinely has worked and needs to fall back on financial help in a time of need.
  17. One of the unnecessary items that isn’t really needed but the tackle tarts will love imo. Carp have been caught on “un-neat” snowmen hookbaits for decades. Why do they suddenly need to be neat? Who knows. Does it matter what the snowman looks like? Course not. Will people buy it? Course they will.
  18. they did to it on their brolly though, the fact cyprinus can sell the exact same thing for so much less...cyprinus have ended up exposing a few firms for overcharging.
  19. what about this one then https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/aqua-black-series-rig-tying-tray
  20. Yeah mate. I’ve used it for chods over weed plenty. Personally still prefer unleaded leaders for over weed but the avid stuff does do the job.
  21. I had a little go with them a few years ago through a uni friend. The pop ups are decent. The pink ones are really nice. I got a load of the switch. Didn’t rate it at all. Had a meaty/yeasty smell to it. I think the S7 is their best bait by the looks of what everyone uses in catch reports.
  22. I use this knot Shockleader knot and it is very very strong. I’ve never come close to breaking it. I’ve even straightened out hooks on snags. I use avid outline if I’m using an fluoro leader. It straightened out very well and sinks well but is supple enough to lay nicely. It’s as invisible as you can get underwater too as it’s got a smokey brown pattern to it unlike other white clear fluorocarbons.
  23. Get the fox edges easy splice. No needle, just a fine wire twisty thing. Makes it a doddle compared to a needle.
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