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  1. Have used the fox submerge for years now. Easy to splice and works brilliantly. Supple and sinks like a brick and doesnt stand out at all on darker/weedier bottoms. Over gravel its good too. Wouldnt be using it over sand though.
  2. What closed for the entire year? Not being funny but a maximum of £45 for a year, which was reduced by a few months maximum, is hardly anything to be moaning about. Angling has been allowed and opportunity has been there to fish for all for extensive periods, more than any other sport/activity. if you’ve chosen not to then it’s on you. How would you even claim anything back? You’d have no way of putting a figure on what you’d be owed for a start.
  3. Echo the lads already, getting them going this time of year is almost pointless. Only time I know of it being done to any effect is a mate that absolutely filled in a fairly high stocked water with about 20/30kg a week of boilie and managed to get them going big time. Not exactly the best use of your time or money though unless you can really commit to it or the lake has a good stock of big fish. spend your time trying to nick a bite as said above, have a lead about and get to know your features for the year ahead. Personally I start baiting in mid feb in preparation for March/April
  4. Large camping hob. eBay for like £20. Just check the dimensions, mine is about 30cm x 30cm.
  5. Fishing slack lines you should have high tips to aid with the sinking of the line. Gravity obviously at work. In regards to the wind thing, if you set your bite alarms up correctly you don’t have that issue. Simple as that really. I’ve fished mega high tips with slack lines in windy conditions and not had a single bleep (yes I blanked)
  6. Firstly the misshapen baits, you're likely boiling on too fast a boil. It only needs to be on a light simmer. I do 14mm baits for 3 mins on a light simmer and it never damages them. Secondly the smell, it will wash out on cooking, maybe more so if I am correct with the above issue. (Too high and it also knocks out the dye a bit too FYI). 10ml per 1 egg is all I use and I can get it coming through after 24hrs in the lake still. I air dry for a week, put them in a bag, coat them with flavour, air dry again for a week and repeat once more. I'll then pot them up and add a couple sprays of fl
  7. In all honesty I don’t think you’re missing out. Plenty of bloodworm additives and baits out there and they aren’t the most popular or effective. Says a lot as you’d think they should be all anyone used if they were that good. Live bloodworm I think you’d fair better than any sort of product of bloodworm. Even then it’s not the same still. if you’re keen to try it though, gloves as above and you’ll be alright just be careful taking them off.
  8. have you given this away yet? Not for myself but a friend is after one if youre still kindly giving it away 😁
  9. If you want to get carp to eat pellets then put a sack in a cement mixer, throw in a litre of sunflower oil and a load of garlic powder. This is the commercial way of getting powdered medication eaten and not wasted. (obviously they put the medication in the mixer too). Garlic acts not only as an appetite stimulant but also overpowers the medication taste/smell. Commercial aquaculture the fish are not fed any more than necessary per feed as to not create waste. All feeds are formulated to grow on fish, there is a limited few for conditioning for broodstock. These fish are in tanks with o
  10. I order 200 press seal bags on eBay for just over a fiver. Big enough to take 2/3kg depending on bait size. I split in to 2kg normally. Handy grab bag in the morning for baiting up or when I go. I add glug from frozen so they defrost and draw it in so I like to have excess room for air so I can shake them. just make sure you squeeze all the air out the bags so you can store them using less space.
  11. As the resident greek here I can safely say I’ve never heard of them being used as a carp bait. No reason not to give them a try but there are plenty of better options for baits available
  12. I think you’re better off shrink wrapping them yourself - it’s what I would do. Just remove the the existing Duplon and buy some shrink wrap for under £20 and shrink it on. as said cork is very expensive to retrofit.
  13. free spirit ctx are meant to be incredible for the price. I know a few people that have a couple of sets and rave about them. Styling is something you have to like though with the X wrap and abbreviated handles.
  14. there is rules on having a certain number of homegrown players in the squad that prem club have to have. Doesn't mean they are English BUT a majority will be, especially from the smaller clubs. Also Under 21s dont have to registered to the squad but are still eligible to play. Almost every other league in the world has a foreign player rule, apart from the likes of Holland and Belgium, but they have cashed in on not requiring work permits so get all the loan players and players that fail work permits in other countries, both I believe have 3yr periods for citizenship. No reason t
  15. Only thing I’d mention is the hook youre using on the chod. It isn’t suited to stiff material with its inturned eye. It will close the gape and potentially affect hooking potential and hook holds. You want to be using a hook suited to chods with an outturned eye. Putting a slight curve on the chod will help too instead of fishing it dead straight. Elmo’s rigs show that. id look at dropping the lead if fishing in dense weed or using as light a lead you can get away with. It will help when landing fish. other than that they look perfectly catchable on. It’s just a case of putting the
  16. I’ve had a run of over 32 nights blanking, all in the space of 3.5 months. I’ve also had runs of 20+ nights without a blank. what is the fishing like on your syndicate? Stock and size? 2.5 days isn’t much fishing at all really. @cromiee what sort of lake are you fishing? The best thing to do is fish somewhere easy and full of singles/doubles so you gain confidence in all aspects of carp fishing. Rigs, fish care, photography, baiting, etc. As Kev said, a photo of your rigs would be handy and we can see if there’s anything glaringly wrong.
  17. greekskii

    BC BS

    Funnily enough there is two of them, one created by Greg Ellis and one created by Burghfield Main Lake. Both with very little information, both asking for different amounts. Like I said, playing on the heritage of the place to get a few quid out of people who will never even be considered to have their name on the waiting list, let alone fish it.
  18. greekskii

    BC BS

    the issue with Burghfield is that it is somewhere the 1% have a chance of getting on, not the 99%. Mad really, asking people to pay for something they'll never be allowed to have access too. It's the general premise, like I said there is no indication if they are asking for crowd funding for the entire lot, with members and owners not inputting anything or much at all, or if it's for the remainder of the costs...however it seems like it's the former sadly. Doesn't offend me either, just think its ridiculous, as do plenty of others.
  19. greekskii

    BC BS

    Personally don't agree, it's like me asking you to fund an extension to my house, that I'll never let you step foot in . I believe they are using the fact the BC is so well known and admired that people don't want to see it go prematurely by way of otter, because if it did how many of the ticket holders would drop them. No planning permissions, landowner consents, etc yet by the sounds of it, and I cant see any indication as to what the owners & members are investing and what proportion needs funding. Maybe I overlooked it but doesn't seem to be there. TBH it seems to have all but disappea
  20. greekskii

    BC BS

    The owners of the fishing at Burghfield are crowdfunding for an otter fence. Basically asking people that will never have a chance of fishing it to pay to they can fish it forevermore. Prizes on offer are session on blue & gold pools and a walk around the big lake with a 'celebrity' angler.
  21. greekskii

    BC BS

    Don’t think it’s sheep knocking them, just loads of people with the same opinion that it’s completely out of order and ridiculous!
  22. A Nikon d5100 and a 35mm lens. Now just need a new tripod and an intervalometer and I’m all set for much better pictures.
  23. Persistence. River carp aren’t everywhere and move around a lot. Keep plugging away. Prebaiting will help but you need to follow them about. I’ve been on the Nene since the 16th, I found at least 6 carp sticking to a certain area. They’ve now moved upstream and stayed there for a few weeks. Find where they revisit regularly or the area they are staying close to for periods of time and then keep fishing. Start with small Hook baits and get bigger If the bream and chub are an issue.
  24. EA are always identified in EA kit. They have to be. Stab vests as mentioned before. If he wasn’t then he wasn’t EA and was pulling one over on you. I’d report it to both fishery and your local EA office so they know someone is impersonating them. never known EA to act like that...they just ask for your license and not do it sneakily by false pretences. They’d also use a handheld device to check if you’d forgotten it.
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