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  1. If you want larger quantities so you can prep and freeze I have used these this year. Good quality plus you can get splits and premium nuts too. I personally went for the standards but I think I’ll go premium next time just for the larger size. https://www.gardenwildlifedirect.co.uk/bird-straight-foods/peanuts.html if carpmachine was still on here he would be telling you to buy the Red Peanuts. They are meant to be much better however they are much more expensive.
  2. Fox bolt bubbles and some enterprise fake mixers. Need to get the club ticket and I’ll be trying to stalk/floater fish a few old carp up to high doubles whilst waiting for the river to open.
  3. defo reignited the river bug for me, especially as I was a bit lost for a target water this year. Funnily enough a mate just told me he used to live 500m from the public section a few years ago...imagine having those carp under your nose but never seeing them!!
  4. Hopefully. There’s been a lot of end of june bandied about but a few friends that work at golf clubs have been told they are back to work before the end of the month so fingers crossed it’s even before the 16th.
  5. I’ll be on the river june 16th come what may. Spot I’m eyeing up is not controlled by any angling club and requires a long walk through stinging nettles to get to. Not quite sure anyone would bother trying to get close to me to be honest!!
  6. I don’t think there will be mate. They went on sale about 2 weeks before lockdown didn’t they? I saw these at the big one stoneleigh and they are quite impressive to be fair. Shelter you don’t need storm poles and it weighs 4kg less.
  7. for me the best bit of carp fishing writing I have ever read is a chapter in Subsurface Journal 2. The Edges of Places by Matt Beddows. I have read a lot of angling books and this chapter actually does something that none of the others do. I could read it back to back a few times a day and still be captivated by the words. This chapter stoked my interest to fish a quarry I had known about for a while but not looked around and I read it 4/5 times a year to keep my fire burning for all my angling. I would very much recommend getting a copy of SSJ2 (if you can find one for a good price) just for this chapter alone!
  8. They’ve already proved they are going to abuse the new powers given to them, can’t imagine they’ll let them take that power off them either. I’ve never met a police officer that isn’t self entitled or a snake, regardless if they are being helpful or not.
  9. problem is most of the releases are illegal!! there is 1 licensed rehab centre in the UK which is allowed up to 20 releases a year...they released only 7 in 2018... the figures for it will be publicly available or obtainable through an FOI request.
  10. I can imagine it is pretty difficult to put a figure on it as they have such large territories and sightings aren't that commonplace. An otter seen in one place could be seen a few kilometres away the next day but if there are no distinguishing features how do you identify it's the same one or a different one? I'd say that the do-gooders dont want to even guess numbers as the need to release them and rehab them will be gone due to how many there are. Better for them there are no numbers so there can be no argument for or against them.
  11. not according to Dave Webb.... he says it's too risky to chip them all as they don't respond well to the anaesthetic. If they were chipped then they'd be easy to track and get numbers and distributions...even evidence they visit your fishery and are causing the damage!
  12. put it this way, there is no known numbers for otters, or even population estimate. How can something which could actually be in excess be deemed as endangered still?? I tell the people I work with that love otters that the so called 'its only nature' route is not true, as they are rehabilitated and released instead of being left to die...that is not natural... there is no argument to it which makes me chuckle when they try. If you find a dying animal then nature intends for it to die!! It happens with every animal, including humans. i.e. without prolonging life with complex surgery and drugs there wouldn't be a failing medical service (I still blame the Government for not funding it properly). Too many otters = no birds, fish, frogs, etc. too many lions = no gazelles. too many cows = no long grass in the field.
  13. bit stupid to do it in front of people!! again, totally get the reasoning. I have zero respect for Dave Webb after speaking to him at length and him confirming to me that otter releases, although not condoned by the UKWOT still happen and release sites have never been recorded or selected on potential impact to fishery businesses, and the bit that made me lose his respect further, is that he doesnt support changing the release system. As much as he says he wants to help fisheries, he doesnt, he is against them and couldnt give a monkeys. The way he casually says a 30k fence is worth it for a fishery as if they have that kind of dough knocking about spare. He's an idiot and I really really hope a judge somewhere, one day, allows a fishery owner who cannot erect fencing for whatever reason to shoot otters just to see the look on his face.
  14. Northants syndis, which ones have you enquired about?
  15. I have a mouse problem every winter as my garden backs on to fields. Traps get them but some of them are tiny ones so I am going to get the sticky tape stuff. Traps arent effective if they have an alternative food source I cut off the supply and nailed 4 in as many nights before xmas. I have all my particle as of the weekend in blue barrels so no bait is left accessible, no doubt they will be all over my pop up pots now though!! God knows if they are in the garage nesting somewhere, i've had a root around and cant find them anywhere but I may have missed them. Our estate is patrolled by loads of cats, I was tempted to kidnap one and put it in the garage for a few nights tbh!!
  16. 100%. It’s similar to Felmersham. I’d love to turn the clock back a decade and fish some these places before the otters hit them!
  17. Storton's pit. epic looking place isn't it. Old drag lined pit, hence the bars. I'd be surprised if much is left due to the otter being there the last few years but I bet there was some special ones in there at one point, probably still a few.
  18. 45 leads for Barrs Angling, Decent quality leads and a range of finishes to chose from. Currently got 15% using eco15 code. 45 leads delivered has set me back £34
  19. Just had a rough measure of the entire park...comes close the 67 acres...think there may be a wire crossed there. Entire park is the 67 acres with a 35 acres res. in the middle. That makes more sense.
  20. +/- a very small amount where I have put markers slightly off...
  21. Also its 35 acres (measured on two area calculator tools) not the 67 acres as stated on the facebook page. How he's almost doubled the surface area of the lake I do not know.
  22. I thought that was their initial plan, a 1-2-3 rod license options. I have this debate loads with an angling group I sit on. It's often mentioned rod license income is down, I remind them that they reduced the price for 3 rods, and although it's slightly increased on 2 rods there is still a loss of a couple quid. That adds up. It's not the sole reason sales/figures are down but it contributes. When you think its £9 cheaper to have a 3 rod license than it was before to buy two 2 rod licenses, now think of the number of carp anglers in the country (assuming they all buy licenses) and add it up. There's a HUGE loss straight away.
  23. It is a stupid thing that you cant, lesson learnt though so just get a 3 rod license next time round. In the meantime really assess if 3 rods is required, dont just fish 3 for the sake of it. There are plenty of times I havent put my 3rd rod out because the swim is a bit tight, a lack of spots to fish, fish in the swim already and I dont want to disturb them, etc.
  24. But if your line snaps this set up is not at all safe for the fish, which is what the OP was asking. Heli/chod set up is safest as long as your top bead comes free and the swivel of the hooklink can pass over whatever you used to stop the bead then a fish would just be left with the rig in its mouth. Running rigs you leave the line but no lead, same with drop off lead clips or inlines. Anything not dropping the lead is not safe for the fish and IMO irresponsible angling.
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