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  1. Finally off to cudmore this Friday just remembered you mentioning it snowy I will let you all know how I get on as per, I've got balls deep on this fishing lark.. I even took a line an hooks in my case to Jamaica the other week.. Feel like I've missed years of all this learning an fun hope your all fishing well [emoji108][emoji476]
  2. Going to a place called cud more on Friday anyone been before?
  3. Some body with all the tackle an a box of lager an a mega Bivvy [emoji23] lol
  4. I've turned into a tackle tart I now know this [emoji17] i hope to have them a long while
  5. I have no other hobby an if I didn't spend the money quick it would have been put in the Wedding fund lol
  6. Just got 3 of these for 400 with not a scratch on them very smooth an good clutch a lot of people are shim or diawa obviously there great but for what you get of fox an the guarantee that comes with it if they break send them back they will replace an then you sell them if there not for you lol Can't wait to get out on Friday for 24 hours an christen them
  7. Fox stratos 12000 xt three of them really happy with these [emoji6]
  8. I've only heard good things an I couldn't refuse the offer a lad wanted... Wait for this 400 for 3 of them!... brand new well opened but never used they come tomorrow but look the dogs dongles
  9. Opinions on the fox stratos magnesium 12000 xt reels I know people say shim Or Diawa but there bloody beautiful just wants some honesty
  10. Hey pal welcome the lads are great on here an I've only been carp fishing a short while so I will leave it to them to give you the best advise but one thing I've learnt is to 1 make sure you have an unhooking mat an always take bread if it gets warm you will enjoy fishing on the top with crust.. Proper fun when you see it get took... Tight lines matey
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