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  1. Hi i am fishing Tanyards fisheries in uckfield for a 72 hour session week after next and was wondering if anyone has fished it before that could possibly help me out with tips etc 2 use on this fishery cheers.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, soz I haven't been on here much recently to reply 2 u, but I have taken everything on board and just enjoy my fishing, I guess it happen in its own time, I went fishing couple of days ago n had a 16lb 2oz, 4 at around 9lb n 2 at 5lb n that was all on pellet n sweetcorn combo, all in all I'm quite happy with that, hope to see some of u guys on the bank soon.
  3. It just seems to me that ppl who use boilies catch much bigger fish,
  4. Hi chillfactor, yea they r very well known fisheries,very heavily stocked n also very heavily fished so i no i need to take that into account but ppl fishing around with boilies catch ok, n me i get nothing with them lol.
  5. Hi i want to ask wat the best way is to use boilies i fish them on a hair rig everytime i go fishing and i have had no luck on them i fish 3 rods at a time and i have 1 of them set up with boilies on the other i fish with feeder and have great success with those, i was fishing at my local fishery a few weeks ago and the guy on the next swim was catching loads on the boilies, so i politely went over to him, taking my set up with me to ask him if i was doing anything wrong n he just said to me that he didnt come fishing to be pestered by novice anglers, so i just thort stuff it n gave up on the boilie but i really dont no which are the best boilies, or best size or even how to present them properly. All help will great, cheers guys.
  6. Hi I have fished at Sumners ponds in barns green west Sussex quite a few times and I will say that it fishes well, especially the small lake, I will say I have had no luck with boilies but that's proberly because i dunno wat im doing with them lol, also, Alderwood ponds nr steyning on the B2135 also fishes well especially during the summer, I'm not sure how far they raway from u but they shouldnt b that far away.. If u do give them a visit perhaps u will let me no how u get on, cheers mate n good luck.
  7. Hi I am in need of some tips for catching big carp, my biggest is 19lb 6oz which I caught on 20mm pellet but I think that was just fluke as I haven't caught anything else not even a baby on them and also boilies I have had no luck with what so ever, all hints and tips would be greatly received, many thanks fishing friends.
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