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  1. Seems to be the way to go if you don't want the hassle of public waters, plus with these new embryo lakes opening syndicate lakes will be easier to get on, they have some nice waters already and the prices are good, which i was surprised about. They have a big venue opening soon just of the A1 near Lincoln one for the northerners that like Linears but not the drive this will have alsorts of carp lakes on it. Disney Norton.
  2. Never go by the weather they do feed on the hottest days on the bottom sometimes, late evening is best this time of year but you never know what they might do until you fish for them. you can also try feeding the smaller fish the bigger ones might just get in on it.
  3. That's the problem with loop knots, looks skiwiff but should not cause a problem on a snag leader? Good call never tied a mono leader before always used either leadcore or fluro straight through, be easier to buy those pre looped leaders but i have a half spool of good quality fluro that makes for a much finer leader. I have tested the surgeons loop on the fluro, it snaps below the loop knot, but i may go with the mahin knot you advised, ta.
  4. Might tie a few 1 metre length fluro leaders up for my next trip out, normaly i would tie a surgeons loop as it is a very easy knot, would you use this knot on a leader or go with a different loop knot?
  5. Doubt you would go wrong with the Fox rods they are the high end ones though, if they still did the torque range i would say go for them.
  6. I've been thinking why no shrinktube on a chod rig just like the old Withy rig could help keep the curve in the fluro. new a guy years back he could tie some real mean Withy rigs fine braid and some well worked shrinktube. he gave me one back in the nineties, i put it on an inline 😁 i was fishing a method feeder at the time so...
  7. To be fair where i have seen it used was a very weedy water think it has gone in for the last two seasons? there is still weed in the water but nothing like it was before. it would be on the top by now without the dye, you can only find it by casting about this summer.
  8. Ouch, i know places are packed at the mo and good waters are thin on the ground up north, i'd walk from that lazy lake owner, all in needs is a bit of chop on the surface, a fountain works best and i like them better than paddles, which might also be going on my club waters, not a big fan of them noisy lump of machinery, got them on Dog Lane it's all a bit funfair.
  9. It's never nice to see a good wild water go well managed, the lake in question was a very good natural water it is still a nice lake and i was surprised to find out neither of the two big mirrors have been out in a fair while, some guys who fish regular wont report all their catches, so you never know. The Grass snakes are still swimming the lake, that place would be a snake hunters dream, i keep away from them.
  10. You should mention that blue dye stuff to the fishery owner Elmo it don't just keep the weed down it also prevents summer blooms and oxygen crashes plus the fish really do start feeding hard on the deck even on hot days. http://bluelakedye.co.uk/
  11. If you can get over to the other side of Brum Barston is a very good lake for dogs and boat fishing, prices were ok last time i went, one off membership payment then 14 a night, i think beats paying 30 on a smaller lake if you want to use the boat, some big fish in there too and far from as easy as most people think.
  12. Colours shmullers, i got pink ones and white ones anything else is the baits non dyed colour, no true Scotsman would.... you must be English ha ha
  13. Just watched the Hopsford vid nice water that been up to have a look a few times but have always been put off by the hook size rule i doubt they check them but. That gostie is a very special fish, i have seen a fair few pics of what is in there some very nice mirrors. place gets filled in with the cov red bait, you sound local Warwickshire or Coventry?
  14. Just back from anther session 2 days in and nothing and i was feeling a bit of pressure to be honest, i pulled my rigs in and went the shop for a tin of gas, one samwich and a bottle of pop i was back on the rods. took a good look at my pop up rigs and realised i had been shoting them wrong, have to admit it was a real noddy moment. I put one back out on a fluro boom a tipped wafter, next was a pop up that was also on a fluro boom, was thinking the fluro might be sitting on chod, so i tied a boom out of hook braid, got it casting and sitting nice, that was two rods out now time for the third. This one was going about 40 yards straight down my left margin to a area in front of a tree that has a lot of fish feeding there, but it is rare they will take a bait from there, i put the rod out it is an easy cast if you stand in the water, then i filled it with 20 good size balls of good groundbait plus a fair amount of boilies all with the pult, nice and easy. Finally had the that third rod rip off at about 3am this morning, resulted in a 11 kilo mirror that's 24.2 in old money, not being all euro doing kilos but my scales are easier to read in kilos due to the dial plate getting a bit cloudy. Had nothing on the other two, nice little result not much coming out on either lake, plus there are more guys trying for the big uns as some haven't been out in a while, heck of a lot of bait going in.
  15. I got the goodmans from B&M 20 quid, bit heavy on cheap Duracell batteries constant play will get around 48 hours on four AA batteries, that's me crushing them after they first start to run out to get up 48 hours. the batteries are Duracell but i get them from the bargain shops, They tend to get brand name products that are smaller in size than normal, might be the same with the batteries?
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