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  1. Just grabbed a couple of K of cov gold ready for later this week, just going to nip to the tackle shop and get the bits for a ronnie, going to try those new Kamakura hooks.
  2. It was the first time i had visited the place the other week, really like the place all the cliffs from the old quarry works really set the place off, had an eye on it for a number of years but they only started allowing dogs a few years back when the currant owner took the place on. The lake that is being filled in at the mo is the more wilder one said to have a few unknown biggies in there, Greenhill lake
  3. Forgot to say, they have a facebook group you can join, they keep it well updated https://www.facebook.com/groups/1527689317477525/
  4. Hi rikstan, Bishopsbowl fished it for the first time the other week on Mitre pool, it was very slow all over due to the heat, but from what i have seen there are some nice fish in there. You have a choice of three lakes for carp, but one of them has been half emptied and id being filled in to make it not so deep, same as they did with mitre a few years back. Seems to get very busy at weekends on mitre, but pegs should be available on the other waters.
  5. Oh, also got some korda krank loops and some of their pink corn, just hope my glasses are ready before i go out next week.
  6. I use my local optician the glasses come with a lifetime repair or replacement guarantee. know what you mean about spec savers, the prices and deals they advertise are for basic single vision lenses as soon as you start asking about varies and react to lights to prices go up, might try Asda myself do most of my shopping there.
  7. Just lately i have been going back to quick pasta meals, pot noodle and those packet things, few tins of rice pud and some porridge, simple and quick. Used to take a double burner with grill and a big camping gaz bottle, can't be bothered with all that silliness these days.
  8. A new set of glasses, they are varifocals and transition lenses, so only need to take one set with me now, supposed to cut out 100% of UV light 180 quid in total and that is with cheap frames, the raybans i wanted were near 300 nicker. oh also got a discount of £67 thanks to the NHS, proper glasses are well pricey.
  9. I like to mix my loose feed usually a couple of kilo of mixed pellet a half bag of hemp i think they are two kilo bags i buy a half bag of frozen corn and a kilo or two of boilies. I think it is silly for me to put just boilies in the lake as it means getting out less often, I would happily mix different brand boilies in my spomb mix, if they were free. I doubt jim shelly would be putting out 50 kilo or more a week if he was paying for it, probably still catch the same fish too.
  10. Was out Thursday only had one very small mirror and a very awkward drop back bite that dropped the hook, nice new water though, only a 10 min drive from home with three differant carp lakes, one said to be a runs water anther big carp lake and a very tricky specimen water.
  11. Looks similar to the cov gold if the gold part is the haith's robin gold, I certainly like using it it's one of those baits that brings hunger pangs on when using it, 4.50 a kilo is an awesome price i'm paying 7.50 a kilo but that is buying one or two at a time, the wafters and hard hookers that match are quality as well. I have been soaking some wafters in a tuna extract liquid for a couple of weeks then as they dry out giving them a coat of GLM powder, the powder hardens on to the bait nice taking time to dissolve in the lake.
  12. Bait boats it is then 😁 I still use a 12 footer for my spomb and marker work, can get quite a good lob with it too, it's an old Still Water 3lb BPX does the job nicely with a mini spomb takes longer to get the bait out but never seen it spook fish hardly makes a splash on landing in comparison to the larger spombs.
  13. Try a bag of the GLM pellets, i mix a couple of handfuls into the coppens pellets they have a quick breakdown time putting out a nice GLM signal in your swim.
  14. Give these guys a try i had some pellets off them, they do boilies as well delivery was spot on 👍 https://www.purepellet.co.uk/bait/boilies-popups-flavours/
  15. I'm more than happy with my 10 footers, even with a 6000 size baitrunner on fluro mainline and a 2 oz lead i can cast the length of a football pitch, the park pitches are full size so that's between 90m-120m, if i was to use a larger reel with a casting line and 3oz lead i bet i could easily hit a bit better than that. My 12 foot rods were a cheap set in comparison, but i have always felt a 12 foot rod was the wrong size for me.
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