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  1. Pop-up advice....

    similar to the reverse combi rig i use for my pop ups, i have been putting the weight at the start of the stripped back braid making some of the braid stand up, gives a nice natural movement in the water, think i could of done with something closer to the deck this past week though.
  2. April catch reports.............

    Didn't catch the guys name, young lad late 20s, nice guy knows the area well. Couldn't say really no photos either, but it's not that big water some of the other guys on here fish.
  3. Haiths Robin Gold

    Well after my first session on the Cov Gold, i'm pleased with the reception it got, i'm fairly certain it drew in some nice fish, i had one out nothing massive, but there was plenty of action over where i had baited. I put some out in the hot afternoon, a few minutes later what must of been one of the biggest fish in the water came cutting through the water with its shoulders breaking out the surface as it steamed across the lake and disappeared right over where i had just put some bait... last i saw of it though. I tried straight out the bag bottom baits soaked in krill and GLM, they are very soft but do stay on the hair, the wafters are some of the best i have used, as in they are neutral buoyancy and not a pop up. Also gave the Midland special a go with no interest, which was a shame as i thought they would give me a fish, might have to try a shorter pop up rig next time, get some metal bait screws as well so i can use one of the cork ball pop ups.
  4. April catch reports.............

    Just back from the first session of the year managed a mirror around the 16lb mark, had it on one of the cov gold wafters i was given. i do like the new bait, i'm fairly certain the fish were on it too. Speaking to a new member, small world, he works on the Castle Ashby estate some sort of zoo keeper and looks after the lakes some of you guys fish. Also had a new bivvy buddie, this Toad moved in the Grass snakes were out in numbers so it might of been chased in, stayed until i took the bivvy down.
  5. Haiths Robin Gold

    Called in today at the CCB unit, nice set up bait being rolled fresh and bagged up, got a few bits, liked the look of the midland special pop up they do, smells like creamy pears with a zestyness. Not bad prices 35 quid for five kilo, i doubt i could get a better price than that local, gave me some free wafters too.
  6. 10ft Carp Rod Recommendations

    Been using the fox torques in 10' for just over a year now, i really like them cast well and very accurate, lovely to play fish on, the others would be pretty similar so i'd go with the set you can get the best deal on.
  7. What is your newest purchase

    Latex is all the rage these days, just don't forget the lube and polish that's the best bit Still undecided on new line, thinking of giving the rig moral stuff a go, save a few bob and get some new bobbins and what not.
  8. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Didn't think it was out until May, always thought it was going be a take on the red fish mix they do, i was using sticky krill but my local tackle shop has gave mainline all the freezer space and are only doing sticky in shelf lifes.
  9. New Line Larger Diameter

    Still undecided on what to get, who knew line could throw up so many choices, if i stick with the tiger line i will up it to the 0.37 size, the guy who runs the lakes is good enough to let me fish them and i'm sure he can see i'm not the most competent angler, best i stick to the rules as there is no shortage of anglers trying to get on. I have been looking at monos and tubing too, anyone used the Rig Moral free fall flexi tubing, the newish one that is braid coated ?
  10. Haiths Robin Gold

    After speaking to the guy at CCB i'm liking the look of his baits, he uses them on places like Churn and Sandhurst, and doing very well on local waters. Got a good amount of GLM and the fish oil is a salmon oil and other bits like kelp the haiths gold and what not, sounds like a good bait, they don't do pre glugged and powdered hook baits, they sell the gear to soak your own, i misread that bit.
  11. First rods

    JRC Contact rods are very good for the money i think they went down to around £20 each from fishing republic last year
  12. Haiths Robin Gold

    Thanks guys, he is ringing me later, the unit he works from is right next door to pyramid baits he rolls a lot of their stuff or did, only rolling now for returning customers as they are now working on their own line of bait.
  13. Haiths Robin Gold

    This is a better description of the bait, made by a bait rolling company that also does its own range. For me it is very local and can call into the unit to pick it up when needed, saves ordering similar by post and ending up back on the big brands when i run out
  14. Haiths Robin Gold

    Hi all, Been looking at a blended fish meal and marine extract bait that is made with the robin gold, from a small local bait maker who has built a good business going back to 2008 so i figured they must be doing something right. They also do a range of matching hook baits that have been pre gluged in krill liquid and GLM powder, when i told the guy i was after a good krill and GLM boilie he recommended the haiths robin gold fish meal he does, works out at about 7 quid a kilo plus you can also add extra bits to the bait if you feel the need. They also do a creamy nut bait and a red fishmeal the latter being made with robin red. Any baitmakers used the robin gold and would it be right for a fishmeal?
  15. New Line Larger Diameter

    If you ever want to give the Tiger line ago, i really do highly recommend it on smallish waters the abrasion resistance is for margin fishing is second to none, the only drawbacks is keeping it clean and price if you want to fill a big reel. this would be the fourth year on my reels and it is still in good condition.