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  1. That will be the Greyhound up at Hawkesbury junction i think, if you want to fish the city stretch of the canal matlock rd is a good place to start you can park there and get onto the canal turn right at the entrance and the first bend in the canal you come to is all reed covered on the towpath side always holds fish in the summer. then there is the Royal pub up in Bell Green, used to be good for carp along there when the factory was there but it is housing now so might of changed, there are good spots out in Brinklow too if you have transport.
  2. Oh just remembered that's the only place i have had good sized dace from lovely fish and a rare sight for most these days,, very tricky venue though, no way have the large carp been caught and eaten. if you do fish light on the bottom go for good waggler gear and fish on the deck lift style bet you get smashed up by something that feels like a submarine has snagged you hook and just kept on trucking, lol. Baits wise worm is good for bigger fish maggots are ok but the small and i mean small perch will be constantly deep hooking them selves, they don't like big hooks either the best you will get away with on a good day is a size 16 and that's if they are really having it. biggest carp i have had from there is less than 10lb but i have seen bigger.
  3. Plenty of fish in the canal running from the town centre there are known large carp, tench, pike and zander, no matter what you fish for on there it is always hard work nothing comes out easy or quick, you really have to get to know the place. best off fishing light for roach and perch that way you will get an idea on how and when the canal is fishing, it's very peggy too for a canal Some carp plus big gold fish and there offspring which look like small dark commons in the swanswell too if the local lads are fishing when i go through i stop for a natter, seen them myself coming out to the point i was tempted to pay a visit myself, i grew up around there though and know it can be a hassle i don't need. Ignore any talk of they all got eat or the old one about the EA electrofishing to remove the carp to sell on, load of old wives tails put about by secret squirrels.
  4. I'd look into the running costs before you buy, there are a lot of extras to keep a boat on the waterways, you can either pay for a mooring place which ain't cheap and is priced on boat size, or you can be continuously cruising which means moving the boat every two weeks, then there is the boat version of a tax disk needed for all motor boats, that is also pricey. then there is the newish laws for petrol engines and on-board gas cookers water heaters, few years back petrol engine boats were going fairly cheap due to the regulations. you also need a safety certificate which is similar to a MOT and has to be renewed every three years. You also need at least third party fire and theft insurance, My dad had a canal boat back in the 1990s and it was pricey back then hate to think what they charge these days just for a pile of paper work. If you can get something that is classed as a day boat and pull it on a trailer the costs might not be so high, boats are well worth the money though so long as you know what you need to pay for before buying a boat, lot of sharks out there in the boat trading world, do the homework.
  5. Anyone got any info on how the canal network is fairing? just wondering if the otters would be put-off by a narrow man made waterway, maybe the inner city stretches could be a bit of a safe haven for larger fish.
  6. That must hurt a bit stand out commons like that one are getting rare in most modern lakes, don't think we have had much of a problem with the Os in this part of the midlands, think i might of seen one on canal pool a few years back but it could of been a mink. Few of my favs, had all three of these beauties one early summer evening on pine pool, my favourite time of the year to be out, Even the mozzies were getting in the pics lol
  7. I haven't seen a consultant at the hospital for my rota cuff and collar bone problems, the GP does me steroid injections and painkillers, only had one steroid shot to date worked well. I always thought you had to see a consultant that specializes in cancer or one of the chronic pain illnesses before a GP could give out anything stronger than codeine.
  8. Lol. i bet that was a shock to you, both tramadol and cocodamal are synthetic opiates, it is usually one or the other rarely both at the same time, i get a painkiller for my shoulder called zapain, it is the strongest opiate a GP can prescribe without the input of a specialist consultant, if i take two in the same day it really does wobble me.
  9. Oil of cloves, get from any chemists.
  10. What it is that makes them yuk, a lot of people seem to rate the nash shelfies, the bloke who runs the lake i fish feeds them to his fish and sells to the members at a fair rate, the fish are doing ok on it. I use the Cov Gold from coventry carp baits its a great bait company very small and a three bait recipe bait line two fish meals and a nut bait.
  11. Carp angling as a whole can be very bitchy in comparison to other forms of angling, sea anglers are super helpful, even match anglers don't take any opportunity to slate the bloke next to them and there is money involved in that game. I put it down to the specimen aspect of carp fishing, everyone wants the biggest hardest to catch carp, easily leads down the road of one-up manship.
  12. When i was fishing kingsbury and using mainlines hybrid i was getting more commons than anything else, i did think back then that the commons in pine pool really liked the hybrid, might be something in it, might not be, on the water i'm fishing at the mo, i have only had mirrors out, i have only been getting out a few times a year though these past few years, the damp air is really messing with my chest, i have always had problems with acid reflux which is now causing a lot of inflammation in my breathing pipes. gonna see if the doc will hook me up with some steroids or something try and cut back on the flair ups and get out fishing a bit more.
  13. Didn't go well from the start thanks to the first Dragon calling out the ethics of catch and release, think that would of put the others off too, i'm sure the guy will have plenty of private investors willing to help him become a big manufacture across Europe. surprised by the small profits he has been making so far. Notice the sales drop on the previous year that coincides with when Jim Shelly left, be interesting to see if the is an increase since he went back.
  14. Have a look at the stillwater range, Chapmans Angling sell them, I had a set of their version of 6010 baitrunner and for thirty quid i could not fault them they seen a lot of action on a local runs water and other than chipped paint they still work fine. They seem to of discontinued the ones i got and are now doing a big pit baitrunner for thirty five quid, worth a look.
  15. Night fishing in coventry is real thin on the ground. Even KWPs night ticket is around 500 a year Currently chuking it down lucky I have my tescos trashey novel to read looks like the rain is here for the day.
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