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  1. Chods are a great rig in the right kind of weed up until you drop a real big fish haven't really used a chod since i left KWP you can get one to sit nice on thick silk weed. Very easy for the fish to blow the rig at any point after picking it up though, very sharp barbed hooks are a must as big as you think you can get away with. My preferred pop up rig that is a withy/chod style rig has to be the reverse combi.
  2. Glycerine, handy little thing to have knocking about for multiple uses, if you have spent 3 or more days eating dry noodles and the like a bit of the G bomb really will get things moving, quickly and thoroughly with no medical impact on the body, don't know why they don't use it for the colonoscopy prep the stuff they give you is damn scary. While i'm the subject, if you are over 45 and lets face it most on this site are, don't be a diva get on camera 😠
  3. Wychwood have some good looking gear i'm very impressed with their metal ware. all the banksticks and buzz bars come with the screw hole for indicators plus they do what looks like a brilliant bit of thought put into the Stage stand it doubles as a bankstick stabiliser, they have drilled two holes into the side of the stand and added a ground spike all for 15 notes which is about the price of buying either separate. they also do a double decker stick, don't see the practicality but they look nice. I really like the new bivvy bit pricy at 370 with overwrap but looks like a very good all s
  4. I'm sure they are a good bait but i wouldn't use them, Shimano don't make baits i doubt they have any kind of production in the UK of any of their products? This is another fishmeal bait, if they want into the bait market they need to come up with something original.
  5. might be worth getting a beachcaster/skyliner pod that would help a bit, other than that sounds like you need a long snag leader, have a look at what there is for the big catfish on the Ebro.
  6. been looking at those myself, i have a very old set of the MX + i think? bought them from a carboot and i have a cheap grandslam for the third rod they all do the job but thinking of replacing the Grandslam for one of these. Can't really go wrong with fox alarms.
  7. That's not me being a smart git just think it is silly to lump a grand fine on a average person, there is no way they can expect us to pay that, it is a bit worrying, common sense would say it is fine to travel to outdoor venues. loading the whole clan up and demanding to visit granny in her retirement flat would be the other end of the common sense chain.
  8. I think a lot of these fines will end up being squashed, fines above £60 have to be looked into to insure the person has the means to pay it. personally I would take the fine and then bin it on the spot and ask where they would like to go next? but then again I'm not the one in lockdown yet. I definitely would not be paying anything.
  9. Adds to the fun look at it like an escape from colditz sort of thing.... to be fair two guys using common sense wouldn't cause too much of a disaster by traveling down to Oxford, you could still self isolate and go fishing at Linears. Looks like there is a vaccine on the way, that will be another kettle of fish, they can juice me up, i'm due my flu shot anyhow. i have had the Phenomena one and all the Hepatitis ones.
  10. You are spoilt for choice mate, unfortunately most run a waiting list it takes time to work you way up the list, while some are first come first serve but they don't have many drop tickets. If you are looking for a weekend ticket you really will struggle. to get you started on the A45 waters, Stanwicks do a very good anytime ticket for around £280.00 for all year or £160.00 for the winter. Guy near me has a mid-week ticket for Irchester lakes, I think the mid-week price on there is around £700.00 for the year and the anytime ticket is a lot more than that with a very long waiting list to go
  11. I wouldn't say you can get worse at angling, way too many variations to ever be sure of anything, what can happen is a loss of interest or getting stuck doing the same all the time, you can get away with that on commy waters with enough fish in, at any time of year. For me, my best fishing comes from April through to August for carp I struggle for what to do next after that, I think timing would be more critical than anything else from now till next spring, even that north easterly we had this week was cold.
  12. Just back from a couple of days, strange one really, looked real good for a fish slight drop in temps but nothing shocking, think i should of took the single bait approach really or perhaps maybe tried my hand at a zig. Wouldn't of thought three K of boilies and about the same in pellets over three rods in three days would be too much at anytime of year? On the plus side the hound is getting much better, left my carryall in the front room after unpacking, he was on it and ready to go, he sleeps in it when out.
  13. Often wonder what Malc Rooker would make of all this high TC rods for UK waters, a 2.5 TC at 12 foot will do any water in the UK that hold large fish, unless you are chucking solid bags, not many 50lb plus size fish coming out Solid bag fishing? I'm happy with my rods at 3lb test but i bought them used so... would of loved the same rod in the 2.45 don't think they did a 2.5 , you could put a stick mix out on either of those size rods. Malc was a lovely bloke made a lot of Continental rods at High TC and 13 foot in length used to have three of his rod years back, two of his in-hous
  14. Calanus juice, Bag of Coppens large pellets two K of cov gold, the calanus is well strong in flavour and aroma, just diluted some to soak into the pellets, got some green method ground bait, that i will add oats and corn. Should be out this coming week. first time without the dog in years as he has had a few fits last week the vets started him on epilepsy meds last Monday, so far so good, can't take him yet he needs to build up a tolerance to the meds, as he is basically whacked out on Gaba.
  15. Still think you shod build a Crocopult, melt a pair of crocs together epoxy resin a bit of pipe in the centre of the now joined croc soles add a catty and there you have the Crocopult.
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