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  1. Bit of spodding advice if you don't mind, what ever reel you get if you are using a heavy spod make sure the spool is at the bottom of the reel spindle before casting, some guys like the spool at the top of the spindle which will lead to a bend in the reel spindle and that can happen on the most expensive of spodding reels when slinging out your best munga TMKorda.
  2. They only get bigger from here on going forward, you will soon be chasing 40lb fish, just enjoy the scraper 20's along the way.
  3. Yes they sold at 29.99 only eric's stocked them though and they have been bought out by AD so not sure on who if anyone is selling the avo spod these days, the only problem with them and it's the same for a lot of braid reels is the line can get under the spool if you don't keep an eye on it. Anglers were buying the avocet sea reel for big pit fishing, so Mitchell and eric's came up with a compact striped down avocet purely for spodding, even comes with a service port under the spool so you can get reel oil or wd40 into the workings. nice solid build too.
  4. Here you go trust me for spodding at any range the mitchell avo spod will last for years, they were exclusive to erics angling so not sure if they are still for sale new, but there are some on ebay. I have been using mine for a fair few years and after a quick clean up a a spray of WD40 it runs better than new, the reel itself has been under water a fair few times whilst wading out to spod. ( over hanging trees)
  5. With the mini and midi spomb you can get away with a 3lb test rod, i use the Mitchel avocet reel it was 30 odd quid and if i ever wanted a set of big pit reels i would happily use it for fishing.
  6. Excellent work lots of good editing in those videos and the fishing does the talking, Now that 5G is here more people will be streaming while fishing, opening up all sorts of add revenue if you have the commitment to make regular quality short vids Me, i struggle to keep my phone charged on the bank.
  7. I fish near to locked up most of the time due to the waters i fish being smallish with lots of weed beds little island bars and that, don't want to sound like some crazy dude that don't fish open water, i do like far bank margins though and to be honest most of the time it pays not to get to close the bottom of the rising slope is always a good spot.
  8. Pro tip for any vapers that order liquid online, been getting mine from Red Juice for the past few years and now have a bin liner full of large packing nuggets they always send even small orders in a box with nuggets it's a real good PVA and chunky,
  9. its been back slightly better pic if you zoom in, see if it settles seems to like the suit
  10. Don't think there are many pole anglers use this site Nick might know a bit due to working in the trade, Match anglers are the best to talk to about carp poles.
  11. Just had a Woodpecker in the garden tried to get a photo but this is the best could do they are super shy so didn't want the twitch the net. should set a camera up.
  12. Angling is all about letting the inner child out for me so it would be two fails and one achievement if i was ever to approach a lake with serious intentions i doubt i would be there for long.
  13. I use the Nash Butt Locks ( i know, sounds like some sort of weird chastity device they do like their puns at Nash) but, they are good you could use them on a pod just get used to flicking them open before picking the rod up, or you will lift the whole pod, i flick them open on banksticks. Disclaimer: I don't work for Nash, but am more than happy to give an honest review on their goods if they are looking for a field tester.
  14. So long as your line is not crossing anything too snaggy and it's clear up to the snags you want to fish too it should be ok to fish locked up and sit near your rods there is a very good chance they will try for cover on a run but if you can hold them even for a brief second they will turn to slack line and head for open water and boy does a 20lb fish fight when it makes a run you will need to slacken the drag and let it run it does depend on the snags though with the right line rushes and reeds are fine I've strimmed a fair few when the fish has got into the reed bed a bit. sunken branches and tree roots i'd stay away from. It's good to have a solid set up with rear rod grips that lock and a set of waders to bait spots and hand drop rigs if you can make your way around the margin areas.
  15. Just bought some new bits a Korum 1 metre leverage xt bankstick and two fox mini swingers to replace the jrc kurves, seen a nice set of nevile banksticks with the swan neck buzzbars they were up to 65 on the first day of listing i console myself in the thought my barrow don't need all that extra weight.
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