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  1. Carpbell_ll

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    You do have other options if you want to tart them up, carbon effect hydro dipping looks nice, if you have someone local that will do small jobs, or you could do it yourself, it is very similar to the old decal transfers you get in airfix model planes and that, My brother-inlaw is currently playing about with a BMW that he is slowly turning into a track/road car, he puts it on wheels and body panels, so it must be quite hard wearing, i have thought about getting my fiesta wheels done, but i doubt i would get a discount, lol. Chrome is a sod to paint, but it can be sanded back to take a paint, some paints are said to be able to cover chrome, but they don't look right and the chrome still shows through even in black
  2. Carpbell_ll

    El Scorchio

    You can just about get a wheel barrow along the path of the lakes i fish Comedy gold those vans, played a starring role in Mr Jolly lives next door 😊
  3. Carpbell_ll


    When i asked the same question a few years back Turnip recommended burning cork to keep them away. The citronella candles work, you can get a big bucket candle made with citronella, hate the stuff myself, gives me a headache.
  4. Carpbell_ll

    El Scorchio

    I doubt i would be allowed to park that on the drive, i'd have one though
  5. Carpbell_ll

    El Scorchio

    Always liked the Golfs they tend to hold their price a bit too much for me, the money an old polo can go for is is also a good price. VWs are known to be labor hungry when it comes to repair bills, then again most garages start at around £50 an hour near me and a whole lot more at a main dealers.
  6. Carpbell_ll

    Terry Hearn and Mr. Fox, Thought for the day.

    I was wondering if Terry Hearn has a look around the forums, Greekski mentioned in the other thread he would like to see a river Thames video from Terry, one of the few pro carp anglers not to have much in the way of social media content. It is a very good video, the church bells at the start set the scene.
  7. Carpbell_ll

    What is your newest purchase

    Got a sea angling trip planned myself at the end of this month, need to get some new line for the reel, might have a go off whitby lighthouse this year, had a look at the cliff ladders that go up and down the high cliffs , think i will give those a miss. So some line and a few rigs is needed and i will get the bait local.
  8. Carpbell_ll

    Terry Hearn and Mr. Fox, Thought for the day.

    Mr Hearn's latest video, the start of the river season on the Thames, another good video with some very nice fish and some tales of old, as you would expect from Terry H. The Lady Pearl - A Traditional Start
  9. Carpbell_ll

    El Scorchio

    I spent the morning up the scrap yard, all for a bolt, which they gave me for free, so i went back and got the radio out of the car, as mine has been playing up. Charged me a fiver for that, the only problem is it came out of a Ghia model that has the walnut effect dash, so now i'm tempted to go and get all the rest of the bits, the problem being the car is at the top of a stack of three with cars either side and I had to go through the window to get the radio as the doors wont open. Changed the fuel filter and used a product call drive clean, cleans the fuel delivery system and exhaust, then took her for a Italian tune up which is recommended for the old Endura engine, didn't half notice a difference in response from the throttle, the drive clean seems to be good stuff.
  10. Carpbell_ll

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    Yes it has a pull cord start engine too. Better post some of his other work, Before/after on the suzi a side car bike he one of the ninjas he has done and some other stuff
  11. Carpbell_ll

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    I had a few small CC bikes before passing my car test, Vespa 125, Yamaha rxs 100 and a rs 125 fair few off road bikes my fav being a YZ 80 and a gaggle of pull-back and goes. My brother inlaw buys and sell bikes and cars got his own little custom paint shop does alsorts with fancy paints and hydro dipping got something i have never seen before, a 50cc chopper, so anyone looking to earn their patches could use it as a starter bike, see if the long forks ride is for you or not 💀 😂 Check her out
  12. Carpbell_ll

    Which rig?

    Combi and reverse combi rig for me, works with bottom baits pop ups and wafters, you can mount the bait on a hair as i do for bottom baits and wafters or on a bait screw for pop ups on the reverse combi. sometimes mess around with chods but if you add a boom section it pretty much makes the reverse combi, may as well get rid of the swivel and give yourself more adjustment with the length of the pop up.
  13. Carpbell_ll


    Just had a look at the CEX site they have plenty of the ones Nige suggested, they certainly hold their price. i will be sticking with my fine pix lol
  14. Carpbell_ll


    Was going to suggest a second hand buy too, CEX have some real good quality cameras in most of their shops, plus they check them out well and you get a six month guarantee, or there is the cash converter type shops, but you have to be careful when buying from them, some of the electrical stuff can be a bit shoddy and you only get a three month grantee.
  15. Carpbell_ll

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Been out since yesterday and so far not a sasuage apart from the cold sarnie I just ate.