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  1. Cracking fish chill you look about done bet the drive home will be a slow one. πŸ’ͺ
  2. This is the area i was on about, i know it's not near you but there are going to be some biggies around there the guy in this video mentions he can only see some big carp when out lure fishing,. Check those far bank margins, bit of desert carp angling would be a dream hot all year round. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5N8o91L_LA
  3. Hi love hearing about carp angling in the US ever since i read a report from the lads on Macarthur park in LA they call themselves the California Ghetto Carping club they had a unknown 50lb common out of a small park lake in the middle of LA, so you definitely have some very good unkon big carp out there. Looking into to it further it turns out carp are used in irrigation canals to help keep them clear of silt and weed, anglers are allowed to fish for them but have to put them back to do their job. seems there is a lot of carp in the canals of Imperial County. ☺️
  4. You did well there, i thought mine went a bit quick i had it on from about 7pm till 5am, then the following evening on about 6pm the light went off flat at around 11pm. still happy with it better than trying to read with a head torch on and having the gnats dive bombing my face.
  5. Jeez what happened here then, someone make the old baitboats best thing since the adaption of the hair rig post πŸ™Š Got one of those NGT bivvy lights, hold a fair charge, reckon you would get up to 10 hours out of one on low white light, half the price of other brands so fair enough.
  6. Could be worse least i wasn't eastern europeaned most of has been on the banks for a few weeks now, they had a weed boat due to how chokka it was/still is. lot of the regulars are saying they have never seen that much weed on mallard last years summer and the good sun we had this year really helped the weed. I'm a Hi Karti man A S N A rubbing alcohol
  7. Now that's what i call a big lump of weed πŸ˜‚
  8. Just back from Stanwicks Mallard lake had 1 common to 12lb and two mirrors one at 16lb the other at 22lb, all came in the early hours. The two mirrors.
  9. All the Chestnut teams will be out soon they fill sacks up near me and sell them on must be some money in it. between them and the locals that have a few the squirrels must be starving by mid-winter. they use a stick to turn the leaves over, must of grabbed a few dog truffles in the past.
  10. After growing up in a high crime and drug area with the sort of problems most smaller towns and cities are seeing today my views on drugs are similar to elmoputney. Cannabis should be sold with the same regulations as booze, with restrictions in place on THC content, i think the 97 percent THC extracts you can get in the USA are just silly, Drugs like Coke and amphetamines should not be legal they cause way too much harm. LSD and real MDMA not the synthetic stuff should also be regulated and sold to adults if they wish to use such things. Heroin addiction should be treated as a health issue and not a criminal thing at a user level. i would go as far as providing petty criminals that use theft to fund their addiction with supervised heroin use, taking long term addicts out of the black market, the vast majority of new heroin users are introduced to the drug by other users. it would also cut the number of street prostitutes back by a considerable amount as they only work the streets to fund a very serious drug addiction, the same thing was tried in Switzerland and had a positive result in cutting crime. Just my opinion not looking for a debate.
  11. Got to feel a bit sorry for the Eastern euros there has been a problem with them eating what they catch but not to the level the hysterics would have us believe all the guys i have meet out fishing have been nothing but decent, they do like to take a drink with them and BBQ, the last lad was offering me whiskey and beer, they seem to like stanwicks always a few on there. The Sun aims their news at the raging reactionary type that does not fact check the froth they are being served. Viva the revolution, lol.
  12. Eastern Europeaned lol i set up in a peg a few months that had a real nasty ming to it, yet if i don't pick up after the dog we both get banned. Most of the fisheries i have visited these past few years have porta bogs but to be honest i can usually hang on till i get home.
  13. There is a page on facebook called old school trading post, you should see some of the prices they get on there for tackle from the 90s, those Gardner baiting needles always sell as does old solar pods and banksticks and anything with a fox logo on it, someone was asking 20 quid the other day for a empty plastic box that had the fox logo on it. If i buy used i will only pay between a third to half the current retail price depending on how much i want it, i paid 25 pound for two MX alarms with indicators.
  14. Actual footage of the lake just after putting a bit of feed in the margin.
  15. To be fair you can't really put much value on that video made by an account called Jacks Carping Adventures that is the only video on the page and the account has no subs The wheels obviously tighten right up i think nash have been selling barrows long enough to be able to get the wheels to go on right anyone who spends that kind of money on either barrow would be wise to put a bit of copper grease on bare wires and connecters. Still after a triporter myself though.
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