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  1. Same as mate i live with someone that has a compromised immune system i'm all so doing the shopping for my mum she is well old and not long got over cancer, i'm 50 myself and on statins.
  2. I'm ok to cook hemp smells like Ovilteen, anything else would cause problems. to be fair she is fully into me going fishing always has been not a big fan of the whole carp angling cult, the Korda boys come in for some serious critique, she often wonders if they carry hair gel in their kit and is the camo really needed, John Wilson never wore camo and he was a hairdresser.
  3. So long as you are heading home, could be opening yourself up to all sorts of future problems on a second fine. I give it two more weeks at most then the fun will really start, got to say i'm disappointed with the civil rights video auditors this is their big chance to take on the right to be out filming like the news crews are. all it needs is this to go on into summer and riots could start.
  4. LOL if you really wanted to and was prepared to act like a hippy that has had their route to the Henge road blocked, an angler could go fishing. When you get stopped by the police just give them all the details they ask for and ask for a court summons, when you get in front of the Magistrate ask them to explain what criminal offence you are there for, that will probably pop their ego and the Maj will throw their little book at you, not to worry, you can try for a jury trail in crown court . Where the judge and CPS will have to behave a little more civil and stick to the actual criminal offence committed, if they do go ahead with a case and find you guilty of going fishing there is always the appeal courts then you have the supreme court, that will be able to explain in clear everyday English what law ruling was used by the judge and weather the judge made a mistake in their interpretation of the law and if they go along with the original summons, that's when you can go to the UN courts on human rights. that's if you are felling exceptionally litigious and enjoy a good legal tussle. It's worrying just how keen some police are to act the full on state police force and enforce government legislation as criminal law. The above advice is of course taken with a good munga size portion of salt, might want to stick to the two rod lengths into a bog roll tube in the garden as most people fold at the first court and go guilty. Got to say though the ladies doing the SIA work at my local shop are doing a great job never thought i'd say that about a door-stop, must be the uniform 😋
  5. Lol good stuff, being a 90's kind of guy beards have never appealed it's ok to have the grizzly beard look but it needs a certain amount of gray in it, see Des Taylor now that's a carpy beard. you can see some guys use their beard as a pointing device, lol. Did give myself food poisoning once when out for a few days, one of the pitfalls of going out in the hot summer trust me there is a big difference between a bad belly and food poisoning. All my cars apart the latest and work cars have come out of a scrap yard or parts breakers, some of the motors i have MOTed makes a mockery out of the whole MOT thing, the last one i had was starting to have more boxed off interior switches that working ones.
  6. The large bushy thing against the back fence is a blue bottle brush puts out a very vivid blue flower had it nearly 20 years it was once living on the sixteenth floor of a block of flats in the city centre. The red thing popping up is a peony with a rose bush in each corner the one you called a Yucca is either the few tulips i have or the bit of tropical grass that is the bane of my garden, just keeps on coming up, it has escaped from a neighbors garden i have left the clump growing out the log only takes a bit of root or a blade of the grass to settle some place and it will soon take over.
  7. Just found a use for the silver pole, going to grow a spare Clementis i have in a small pot from last year, wrap a bit of mesh around the pole and it will fill out lovely, gets the full sun there. That's a pear tree at the bottom of the garden, trained the branches to grow upwards from two main stems off the trunk, puts out an amazing amount of fruit, i have an apple tree up the other end that is nearly the same be getting a good shaping this late summer, the plum tree does ok too i let most of the fruit go back onto the ground the flowers i put in love it, the house sits on an old dairy farm site so the ground can hold some water, the trees i put in stop the soil binding up worked a treat.
  8. Day three still in the twitching spot the indoor dragon seems to of calmed decided to arrange the hedgehog disco ball to represent the night sky as i sometimes see it 👽
  9. Been meaning to take an angle grinder to that but i will probably find a use for it once i do, that's me out twitching my new hobby bill oddy will be well jelly.
  10. just walked the dog over near HS2 looks like the police might be trying to move on the protest camps due to the outbreak, see how that one goes.
  11. I know it's rabb but cummings is pretty much Boris's personal assistant
  12. Boris has got the Covids that means Dominic Cummings is running things, what could go wrong.
  13. I'm about to do a local shop run, just need to finish fitting the armor to the motor, you never know where toilet roll marauders could be lurking.
  14. I don't mind the whole go fund me era a lot of people do it for all sorts of things, he does put a lot of work into the teams he runs seen him out running the ladies match in winter he was going around the pegs shoveling the churned up mud out, fair play to the women for being out in it too it was that real wet winter we had a few years back. It is more than annoying though when you bump into the BCAC round when you nip out to your local lake. Live Streams are the future for carp media either from the bank or in the tackle room/bait shed
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