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  1. Carpbell_ll

    June Catches

    Lol saucey 😄 they are doubles low doubles, the best you can get at the mo is a mid twenty maybe slightly bigger it's an old match water that is now run by the local pub, when it was BWW water they would net it every so often and remove what was too large for match fishing, a lot of the fisheries used to net around here, they are starting to relise there is money in night fishing these days though, the next water i'm looking at only allows hooks up to a size eight? and night fishing is for regulars only, some nice fish in the lake so i might do a day with a size 8 and see how the land lies.
  2. Often thought about getting a fish finder myself, chances are i would rarely use it another bottom of the tackle box item. plus i can't make head nor tail out of the display screen pictures i have looked at. I actually got the marker rod out last week as i was fishing open water with one rod and wanted to find a weed bed. my other rod was going to a island just to the left of my swin. when i was bringing the marker lead through my swim i picked up a guys line who was still asleep five pegs to the right of me, he had cast down to the island the night before, i doubt a fish finder would of picked it up. i could hear his alarm going i new i had picked up his line, lol.
  3. Carpbell_ll

    June Catches

    Few i had out last week, think i'm ready for a more challenging water again got plagued by a shoal of small commons in the early hours had me up and down all night got soaked through in all that rain that came over, could do with a outer skin for the bivey or a new bivey as the one i have has been discontinued.
  4. It was back in 2007 ish, all sorted now the fish they bought in are all well grown now. They do the night syndicate all year round this past couple of years, canal pool is only fisable with the syndicate ticket I believe? very pricey and you have to have the year park membership before you can apply for a syndicate place.
  5. Heading out for a quick over-nighter
  6. Wilder: I’ll knock Joshua out.Fury: I’ll outbox him.Ruiz: Hold my Greggs.
  7. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    I couldn't go without the dog, he only has to see me getting the gear ready and he is ready for the off.
  8. Looks like they are made from a ground stone compound and bound together with epoxy resin, the same stuff used in art and craft works such as penny flooring. They say it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable, not sure if that includes being used in this way and ending up on the bottom of the lake. That's if it is made from epoxy resin just a guess.
  9. Link to my recent trip out had nine fish in total the best of the bunch can be found in the venue review section.
  10. That would be ideal the coating is only there to give the braid some stiffness all the strength is in the braid, you could even leave an inch or so of coating on at the swivel end, that way it would kick out from the lead if the fish knock your bait about.
  11. Check my tarty stainless stands, BZS tackle from Amazon
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