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  1. Sometimes you do have to feel sorry for sponsored anglers you can see they are lying their rump off i've been watching a few Simon Crow vids now that's how you video fishing sessions for social media it's all about where he is fishing and non of that you need this and that nonsense to catch fish. Old fishing buddy of mine only fishes canals or any pools he can get on for free always with just a cheap argos float road and reel, Tench are his main target, i once talked him into buying a day ticket for pine pool turned up with his float road sat on the end of main causeway we all fish off an
  2. Prologic rods have always been solid like at of of their tackle seems to be one of those companies that get overlooked the new range of bivvys the inspire range look one of the best buys out there for a 20.000 mm bivvy.
  3. Barston has a live web cam on the lake nuthin' showing though
  4. A lot of my local fisheries are not open due to lockdown, just not bothering as it is not worth being open, must be bad if Barston is staying closed. the free bit of river Blyth would be my only local option at the mo.
  5. Was going to say when i over do the hook bait pimping i empty the pot into a old sarnie box give them a roll around and pop into a clean pot, usually leaves enough liquid in the sarnie box to coat a few other tubs.
  6. Not sure what pole he is using but Nuffinbutfishing did a recent you tube video of a session on a Somerset water one of his own vids not a work review pretty good, he makes watchable films can see how he got the job.
  7. Pine pool at KWP is a funny one you can see clear spots out in the middle on a sunny day as well as plenty of other spots close in, i will stick my neck out and say if you fish them there is a good chance you will shut the lake down the more bait you put out the more likly it will happen, they like it in or on the weed or the odd clearish spot around the margins , what works best on a real hot day is wafters fished on 3-4 foot of mono and an inline lead the lead goes through the silk weed and the wafter sits on top get right on the right day and pine pool can become a runs water.
  8. If Gabriel don't mind a bit of reel talk outside his choices, has anyone used or handled the Shimano Baitrunner Oceanic Reel for the money it is a expensive reel for me but it looks like it has all the baitrunner qualities of old Baitrunner System Dyna Balance Anti-Wobble System 3+1 Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings Varispeed Oscillation System Floating Shaft II Easy Maintenance AR-C SPOOL Power Roller Super Stopper II Also since when did a good light metal such as ally or even titanium become out of the question in a sub 200 qui
  9. I'd hold fire, January and February are the burn out months and can end carp fishing hobbies for any angler that is not well aware of what they are getting into, sometimes you see videos or read reports on what others are doing and try the luck, The forum member Spa? seems to have stopped posting he was getting out in the winter and not having much luck. hope he stuck with it or at least dropped the winter sessions. Myself I would go out this time of year but it really would depend on air temps and a change in wind direction.
  10. These days it would seem you have to go up to 200 quid-ish for a high quality Shimano bait runner the ST of mine gave up after the last chunk i had on it, the DLs could go the same way at any time as they are similar reels about the same age.
  11. It's not so much where to start with goo's it's where it ends... owning the whole range can work on days where they won't pick a bait up the rasberry has always worked and seems to be one of the popular ones have you thought about the mainline smart liquid? not tried it myself but been told it is ok.
  12. Mitchell are worth a look and they make the reels i bought the Avocet spod that Erics Angling sold i have had it under water loads of times well happy with it, so i'm looking at the Mitchell MX 6 they do three different sizes. Nuffinbutfishing looks happy with it in this video
  13. The Nash Camlocs can't fault them been using them for around 6 years still solid with a sharp open and close click and more to the point they really have been essential fishing small snaggy waters the amount of times in the past i have had rods bouncing around and worse these Nash butt rests have put an end to that. Nash seem to be a bit short on reputable tackle testers and reviews in the world of social media, if any tackle makers would like to send me some gear I would happily use it and if works as should I will make a true review video, if it's useless tat I will quietly send back an
  14. Anyone seen those tackle raffles on FB, not my sort of thing but they do seem reasonable some high quality gear raffled individually or whole kits, plus they do lowest value single items with low amount of over all tickets available for sale. you could get a good brew kit for 2 quid on a 40 ticket sale draw meaning the raffle organisers are doubling their money on a 40 quid brew kit. They seem to be popular as the ticket always sell and they do have what looks like a genuine happy winners list, they all so do brand new vans every now and then, the prizes are really good not sure how long
  15. Just my luck i have been keeping an eye on how the cyprinus web site works with the auctions as i like the K2 60 brolly and front for a replacement to my JRC and they get all hard to haggle You can make an offer was thinking they would take 500 for the three items i like the asking price is 555 in total but 500 is too much and was planning on trying out for 350-400 for the set, looks like that's on hold.
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