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  1. Bivvy

    Got the bed of them at the start of this year nice bit of kit i think it should fit ok in their one man bivvy, the bed is 90cm, not quite the meter.
  2. Bivvy

    Be ideal in the spring/summer, although you may find it a bit cold in the winter unless it comes with doors. Been looking at bivvys myself for next year, must say i'm not impressed with what's on the market, very pricey, for the same old same old,, think i will end up with one from carp zone, looking for a winter skin for my conntact two man, but it looks like it has come to an end. over £200 for a bivvy with outer skin....
  3. Fishing after a match?

    That's how it is these days, if you can't win one of the endurance rounds at either barston or linears, you wont get to fish the finale at wraysbury. hard work those semi finale venues, see some guys crashed out in the bivvy by Saturday afternoon, some of the pegs at barston have done over a 1000 lb during the course of a weekend match, must be non stop. Still never found out if a F1 above 5lb counts in the rules, lol.
  4. Thought for the day.

    Hope Lee comes back was interested in the rods he was reconditioning, just about every member has had a ribbing of sorts on this site.
  5. Fishing after a match?

    Not on that venue, more than four anglers on pine and it shuts down, they don't like backside disturbance up there, great place during the week or evenings, not so much a weekend venue though.
  6. Fishing after a match?

    True enough, i have seen the same match held on pine pool and others, they struggle to have more than one fish out between them, the midland carp cup is still held on pine, you can see it stresses them trying to win with one fish over a weekend wouldn't fancy that venue myself for a qualifier.
  7. Fishing after a match?

    Don't now if it raises the water or not but the amount of boilies that go in barston during the BCAC is quite the sight, couple of hundred kilo per peg, they soon eat them too, the first day is non stop baiting yet the place still fishes well once the match ends, lot of F1s in there, eating machines.
  8. Fishing after a match?

    Bit of name dropping on the match scene, i saw one of the guys who was a regular on thinking tackle up barston this week, bald headed guy with a londonish accent, there was a trade show on, Seen Rob Hughes up there too last year, he was running the England V Wales ladies match. see a few of the big names up there from the regular match scene as well.
  9. Fishing after a match?

    That's the big common in barston called scar, not a bad fish for any water said to of been in there since before the golf course was built, welder might know more about that as he fished the place back then. there are other commons from back then too, they really do put up a fight, in comparison to some of the bigger stocked mirrors, once seen a guy land a 20lber on a pole took him an age, the pole was set up for big carp and the guy knew what he was doing, one of the regular match anglers.
  10. Fishing after a match?

    Fishing after a match at barston can see some of the bigger fish come out especially after a normal pole and feeder rod match, i have jumped in after the regular matches a few times and done ok, few nice 20lbers, last time i did the larger commons were coming out for me, the commons at at barston aint stupid but they do like a good feed, one of the original commons that has been in there for years is now over 30lb, yet the mirrors that were put in at 30lb plus have lost weight i think, don't quote me on that though, wouldn't want to cause a kerfuffle. The big carp matches they have up there, can be hit and miss, if you get on the right peg it's action non stop, some of the helpers normaly stay over after the match they do ok, and that's normally by going in the winning pegs.
  11. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    That's why i dropped my Kingsbury ticket the police were getting involved to stop people coming on the lakes after the park had closed, i used to always stay a few hours after closing, doubt they would see a difference between those starting to fish after hours and us ticket holders staying on late, something to do with that operation Leviathan that is going on up and down the country, getting biblical
  12. Bait, are we limiting ourself to particular fish...

    After seeing some of the baits Sea anglers use i'm grateful for the simplicity in use of the boilie. Crab cart wings takes some preparation they freeze them in blocks wrap in cling film and use them frozen puncturing the cling film before use live worms that look like giant centipedes i gave them a miss and went with the frozen black lug worm. Spoke to a few anglers who called bolies a posh bait with expensive ingredients lol.
  13. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    Did yous know that if a Lobster has a clipped tail you cant take it? the whole of the North Sea and i catch a stockie
  14. The Colder Days

    Long johns are comfy, just don't send the lake owner a pick of yourself in them holding a fish in the early hours think i got away with it, head to toe in white clobber.
  15. Secret Sneaky Guesting Venues and Clubs Criticism

    For flips sake, i go away for a week and place goes all wrong, had a great time trying my hand at beach casting took me three sessions to get the bait working on the hook how was i to know you tread it up the snood? had a few fish on that kept getting off the hook as i brought them in then on the last session i had a Lobster??? never knew you could catch a Lobster on a rod and real i could get into sea angling if i didn't live smack bang in the centre of England. i was going to go out on a boat but the sea was too rough for most of the little boats the only one going out was a ten hour trip might of been a bit much for my land luber legs so i stuck to the beach angling chuffed with the Lobster though, i put it back Guesting? nah not me mate never done that Edit; this is the thought for the day thread?