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  1. Thought for the day.

    Too late mate the secrets out, love the place myself, less than an hours drive for me, know a guy that spent two years on billing back in the seventies never even seen a carp for the first year still kept going back though. Roll on Autumn, might get out myself aint been since March, not a bad thing though, after reading about the goings on, on the lake i like to fish, some people are just animals.
  2. British Record

    After doing a bit of scratching around on the web the biggest carp reported to be given to the Leaminton AA from Abbey Fields lake is 17lb, not a bad chunk that, the lake itself is very muddy and quite shallow even out in the middle, i took the dog swimming in it last summer, even near the middle it barely came over my knees. Very interesting history behind that park, there was once a number of fish ponds on the site, farmed by monks, don't know if that's where today's stock of fish come from, but they certainly do look the part I have also seen Koi revert back to what looks like a wild common, but very dark in colour, almost black, seen a bloke putting a load into a pond near Barston, they were from his garden and spawned from his Koi, as it is a Koi ornamental pond he gets rid of them once they get up to the 1-2 lb size. assured me they were from very colourful Koi stock.
  3. British Record

    There are a fair number of them, but they do manage the water, every so often they net the lake and give the fish to the Leamington AA.
  4. British Record

    The lake in Abbey Fields is stuffed with wildies, they may of been in there since it was a fish farm and that was a very long time ago, it's a no fishing lake so the chance of angling for them is slim, they can regularly be seen competing with the ducks for bread that people throw in, you could hand feed them, i sometimes take a pocket full of dog mixers over, they love them. Not seen much over the 6lb size at a guess.
  5. Tesco Mix

    Sure does, even with a good squirt of one of mainlines sauces or stickies krill juice some will still float up to the surface.
  6. Tesco Mix

    Porridge oats are a must for any ground bait, i always take porridge with me for myself, use it to bulk out PVA bags too.
  7. British Record

    The guy who got me into carp angling had caught Two Tone when it was just below its record weight, he owned a tackle shop and i went in one day for some Pike gear to fish on the local canal, talked me into targeting the the carp with my float rod and himself out of the sale of Pike gear, Pike ain't a hardy fish once out of water and i didn't really have the experience for it at that time. Don't get many tackle shops like that these days and you will never get that kind of service online. Sad to hear of Big Dinners passing, it was a real nice looking fish.
  8. Night fishing

    Night fishing is a bit thin on the ground around these parts, Kingsbury Water Park are doing their once a month night weekends from now till the end of September, keep hearing rumors that they are going full time night fishing on the membership ticket, i will believe it when i see it though. There is also Napton and Stockton reservoirs and Hopsford hall near Rugby.
  9. Which Bivvy for a Newbie

    Sure is chub make some cracking gear, it will serve you well for years to come.
  10. Carp fishing sponsorship

    Funny little anecdote in regards to camo clothing, me and the mrs was doing a bit of shopping the other week, two guys in the shop were getting a bit of grub in for their fishing session, both dressed in carp gear camo, as they left the shop, they rushed across the car park and nearly got hit by a car in their haste to get going, quick as a whip the mrs said, " the driver probably couldn't see 'em with all that camouflage they are wearing" I lolled. Welcome to the forum James Bowskill, four pages on your first thread, you will fit in well
  11. Thought for the day.

    It's good when you get on with your next door neighbors, just spent the afternoon early eveningng having a few drink and a few ciggies with next door, first drink and roll ups i have had in years, time for some food, bit of cod, potatoes, broad beans and tartar sauce me thinks. evening all.
  12. Different Approaches

    The angler that can change their style of fishing to suit the time of year will always get the best results on lakes, especially gravel pits, at certain times a bottom baits work best but for most of the year it varies between a pop to a zig right up to a floater, i would say mastering a pop up bait, zig and floater will see you put a lot more fish on the bank than bottom baits, when you see the results nige has right through out the year, just shows how good an angler he is, i do believe he really does work for his results, alas i normally fish a bottom bait most sessions with the occasional pop up, my fishing is more about putting the rods out and sitting back with a book and the radio on, you can't fish a floater or a high up zig in that situation, but it suits me.
  13. What are you listening to?

    If anyone can put a name to this instrumental track being performed by the Luster Kings i would be real grateful, don't know if its a cover by them or one of their tracks, only ever heard it on TV shows before. some of their other stuff is good too, if you like that Rocker Billy sound
  14. Snap election Thread.

    The Tories and the DUP. is that what she meant by a coalition of chaos, they have some strange views that won't be appealing to a lot of the Tory faithful.
  15. Manchester bombing

    The crazy conspiracy theories really are doing the rounds on the internet this week, oil is the cheapest form of fuel production, so it took the lead, anything else either would of cost too much to develop with no guarantee of a return or as in the case of bio diesel, the more fuel you grow, the more expensive food and other crops become, due to there being a limited amount of farm land, the only option to knock oil of the top spot is nuclear generated electricity to power battery powered vehicles and that looks like the way we are heading, can anyone honestly say nuclear power has been suppressed since its conception? seems to me they have gone all out on it at a great cost in some cases, gotta break a few eggs and all that. Not saying there hasn't been other options, just no one willing to make the investment when there is easier money to be had in oil.