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  1. I'm no fan of the EA volunteer officers as said before but i have also said it should be on the lake owners to ask for a licence and sell them where the lakes could do that. Funily enough it would be a problem for park lakes as a lot of them have ticket machines, means the ranger would have to check both when on their rounds. The EA put a lot of work into park lakes, so it is only fair to have a licence if you fish parks.
  2. Sharpening hooks

    I use a hook doctor just to touch up the hook during the session, Jim Shelly is a big advocate of sharpening hooks with a file and vice, he has a FB video where he shows how he likes to use the tools, reckons it is one of his best edges resulting in more fish. Says in the video hook sharpening is part of the tutorials he gives.
  3. New to carping. What leader/rig material? Advice needed!

    15lb hooklength will be fine withe the line you are using, it is the great conundrum of carp angling most hooklengths are a stronger breaking strain tan the mainline, same for leaders too. yet in general course angling set ups, the mainline will be the strongest BS. Barston lakes is a good place to start out in Carp angling, the fish are in good nick too. The best carp venue in Warwickshire/West midlands has to be Kingsbury Water Park, the lakes are very natural and contain some of the finest looking English carp in the UK, i'd say it is a very difficult water something to aim for once you have had your fill at a more commercial venue.
  4. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Lol, just a suggestion, sounds like it is more of a social as most places will be empty on Monday, Barston usually has a few on over Christmas
  5. A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    There is free fishing at Drayton Res on Christmas day, 7am-5pm. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/news-and-views/news/free-fishing-at-drayton-reservoir-this-christmas
  6. New to carping. What leader/rig material? Advice needed!

    Makins is ok, it is more of a general course fishery, maximum hook size is a 10, Method feeder would be best on there. There are plenty of other waters near by, Stockton reservoir sees a lot of carp anglers these days, most of the carp are around the 20lb size, it's a lovely quiet lake too, no big weed beds and pretty much snag free and no silly rules.
  7. Very nice, most people including myself would not know there are Trout like that in UK waters, those pictures could of been taken in Canada, which would of been my guess if CM hadn't called Scotland.
  8. anyone got 300K ?

    As the water comes from ground run off, i would be concerned by the water levels during a long hot summer, not that we get many of those, it also reads like a house flip sale, bought fixed up and sold.
  9. Casting at Markers, Thought for the day.

    It's the bounce back when casting on the clip that catches me out, hit it too hard and it bounces back, next cast is a little softer and the line does not come off the reel fully, leaving a few turns of line still on the reel. basically, i like a nice big area to aim for, plenty of margin for error.
  10. Bite Alarm Help

    You should see the domestic power lines that run over barston lake, they take the electric supply to the farm house next to the lake, leads, spombs all sorts wrapped around them, they must be insulated but it looks like bare green metal cable, i wouldn't fish under them.
  11. Fishing Comparison

    They have just done some flood work in a park near me, a place called Coundon Fields, when it floods it don't affect any houses, just wrecks the football pitches so they built a nice pond with run off to the nearest brook, they used the soil to build some big mounds all looks nice, they even put a sign up saying no fish will be stocked and asked locals not to put any in as it may cause an invasive species problem, give it five years or so and the place will be packed with Koi dumped out of garden ponds.
  12. Thought for the day.

    If anyone is out over the next few days i salute your fortitude, it is very cold during the day and freezing at night, the lake near me had a lid on the other morning, i bet it has today too after last night. hot water bottle is a must for any over-nighters.
  13. The Magic Of Fishing

    Last time i was out, mid October, i had a pair of swans under my rods, one of them pealed a load of line off the reel, that i then knotted up in my haste to re set the rod, had to cut the line and hand ball my rig in so i now need to re-spool that reel, my fault for dropping bait in the peg margins when baiting up. #swanpunishment
  14. The Magic Of Fishing

    The bird life on Kingsbury WP lakes are savage come late winter early spring, soon as you start putting bait in they are all over it, don't help that they have bird sanctuary lakes dotted about the park. the big swan on pine pool will punish any angler trying to sneak a bit of bait into the margins.
  15. Myth or Truth

    Butyric acid could well be part of it, but there is something very unusual too it i have not come across before, some sort of decomposition smell with out the sickly sweet smell, no way was i tasting it.