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  1. Carpbell_ll

    Shelf life boilies

    What it is that makes them yuk, a lot of people seem to rate the nash shelfies, the bloke who runs the lake i fish feeds them to his fish and sells to the members at a fair rate, the fish are doing ok on it. I use the Cov Gold from coventry carp baits its a great bait company very small and a three bait recipe bait line two fish meals and a nut bait.
  2. Carpbell_ll

    Gotta be worth a watch for a laugh......

    Carp angling as a whole can be very bitchy in comparison to other forms of angling, sea anglers are super helpful, even match anglers don't take any opportunity to slate the bloke next to them and there is money involved in that game. I put it down to the specimen aspect of carp fishing, everyone wants the biggest hardest to catch carp, easily leads down the road of one-up manship.
  3. Carpbell_ll

    Bait for different species

    When i was fishing kingsbury and using mainlines hybrid i was getting more commons than anything else, i did think back then that the commons in pine pool really liked the hybrid, might be something in it, might not be, on the water i'm fishing at the mo, i have only had mirrors out, i have only been getting out a few times a year though these past few years, the damp air is really messing with my chest, i have always had problems with acid reflux which is now causing a lot of inflammation in my breathing pipes. gonna see if the doc will hook me up with some steroids or something try and cut back on the flair ups and get out fishing a bit more.
  4. Carpbell_ll

    Gotta be worth a watch for a laugh......

    Didn't go well from the start thanks to the first Dragon calling out the ethics of catch and release, think that would of put the others off too, i'm sure the guy will have plenty of private investors willing to help him become a big manufacture across Europe. surprised by the small profits he has been making so far. Notice the sales drop on the previous year that coincides with when Jim Shelly left, be interesting to see if the is an increase since he went back.
  5. Carpbell_ll

    Cheap reel

    Have a look at the stillwater range, Chapmans Angling sell them, I had a set of their version of 6010 baitrunner and for thirty quid i could not fault them they seen a lot of action on a local runs water and other than chipped paint they still work fine. They seem to of discontinued the ones i got and are now doing a big pit baitrunner for thirty five quid, worth a look.
  6. Carpbell_ll

    A Bit Of Interactive Bank Chat

    Night fishing in coventry is real thin on the ground. Even KWPs night ticket is around 500 a year Currently chuking it down lucky I have my tescos trashey novel to read looks like the rain is here for the day.
  7. Carpbell_ll

    Kingsbury water park

    Was talking to a guy today who has a load of photos of canal pool from the last time they emptied it, hell of a lot of silt with lots of gravel bars and plateaus. fished it a few times myself, the best i did was a mid 20 mirror, one of the stokies they put in after the fish kill in 2007. most of the guys who fish it regular tend to do a bait campaign approach.
  8. Carpbell_ll

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    Well my annual sea trip went as usual, nadda. i only do a bit on the evening tide, the only fish that were coming out were mackerel to lures. so i think i will get some bait today and see about a bit on the lakes for the end of next week. got some new soft shell gear i picked up from the surplus store in whitby to try out. Chinese version of the snugpack range.
  9. Carpbell_ll

    Great video sums it up for me.........

    ESP are putting out some good videos lately, the only problem i have with martins videos is the comparison i always make to his uncle JW's old tv programs, he used to show his lost fish and mishaps too, all part and parcel of fishing.
  10. Carpbell_ll

    Which Boilie?

    Noticed that myself, depends how the company is set up, they could run there manufacturing wholesale and retail arms as an independent trader from each other all contracted to each other, makes for a lower tax bill too.
  11. Carpbell_ll

    Which Boilie?

    The reason most big bait companies don't sell retail is due to the contracts they will have with whole sale agents and retailers, they would have to sell at full retail price and never be able to have a sale, the maximum discount a retailer can get is 75% of the full retail price they would would have to have a lot of sales to get that discount though. that's the same for most things, used to shock me when i saw how much window fitters were paying for building supplies on the trade counter in comparison to the public retail counter. I dropped a clanger on deliveries, passed all the receipts to the homeowner who was having work done as the fitters weren't there, the brown stuff really did hit the fan.
  12. Carpbell_ll

    Any other motorcyclists on here?

    All finished and up for sale £700, it is a US import quite rare over here, suggested as a toy for a young budding biker or something for the man cave, even got a rev counter on it, lol.
  13. Carpbell_ll

    The Fondest Of Memories

    Fondest memory in angling, easy, the summer before i started secondary school my uncle who was serving in the Black Watch regiment turned up at ours and took me on a three week fishing trip around Scotland, we fished lochs dams and the sea, mainly catching perch and herring, great time. Carp angling, month or so back when i had a 34lb 4oz broken linear out, nice bright daytime catch too so the photo was nice.
  14. Carpbell_ll

    Thought of the Day pt.2

    You do have other options if you want to tart them up, carbon effect hydro dipping looks nice, if you have someone local that will do small jobs, or you could do it yourself, it is very similar to the old decal transfers you get in airfix model planes and that, My brother-inlaw is currently playing about with a BMW that he is slowly turning into a track/road car, he puts it on wheels and body panels, so it must be quite hard wearing, i have thought about getting my fiesta wheels done, but i doubt i would get a discount, lol. Chrome is a sod to paint, but it can be sanded back to take a paint, some paints are said to be able to cover chrome, but they don't look right and the chrome still shows through even in black
  15. Carpbell_ll


    When i asked the same question a few years back Turnip recommended burning cork to keep them away. The citronella candles work, you can get a big bucket candle made with citronella, hate the stuff myself, gives me a headache.