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  1. just got a power bank from Curry's they have the PNY slim 20000mAh on sale for around 17 quid got two usb 3 outputs at 4.5V, nice bit of kit for the price is at its lowest sale price so might go up a bit soon. said to do 12 charges on a new smart phones, do for me.
  2. Got a fishing republic opening near me in June, Go Out Doors are closing down and reopening with a FR in store, don't know if that's the same all over.
  3. How about if you are fishing a lake that does large fish once or tice a year, from now till june is your best bet for that rare capture.
  4. They have the old river fishing rules sowed up best bet is to find a bit a river you like buy the ticket and do what you like but keep it to yourself as you will get moaned at no matter what you do on rivers this time of year, really not worth it. basically it is fly fishing only that's a whole new book of rules and etiquette.
  5. Mehh, at least i can own up to being a fishing Nazi, i blame my time on KWP carp anglers with brollys were once looked down on. 😆
  6. Sorry thought you meant a cheeky vid i put up of a valley lake been waiting for a text message, i tend to switch off when i see deeper mentioned. thought you was upset i'd post a video of your spot or something lol
  7. If you mean the one on MY Youtube account you will find it is on MY social media, if you have a problem with that put your complaints in and have the rules clarified and i will remove from MY social media.
  8. The most important bit of tackle transport, i got my first car thanks to the Improve Your Course Fishing jazz mag, done a tour of the day ticket fisheries i liked the look of out that mag, in a banged up escort that had no business still being on the road, first MOT brought up a crack in the sub frame mounts, found a good welder to sort it.
  9. Glad someone else said it first, all these electronic aids do not add nothing a very cheap leading rod and braid can not do, can talk maps as much as one likes it all adds up to nothing at the end of the day. those cameras only work in gin clear waters not many of those about these days lake owners don't want waters gin clear anymore, bit of colour helps keep the fish happy on hot days and puts the otters off. Sonar has no place in catch and release fishing, either the angler is the sonar or what is the point in fishing at all?
  10. Ouch back at I suppose that's for people who are wrong so not relevant to me hey so ouch lol 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  11. That is supposed to be my job for the day as well even the mrs is moaning it's all on the landing upstairs waiting for me, been there since Saturday,
  12. Sometimes smaller fish take a a hook too far back in the mouth, on waters with a stock of fish up to the 10lb mark it's a rod in hand job hitting bites before they hook themselves might want to avoid using a hair rig if you are.
  13. Plastic tipping baits are one of the very few if not the only bait banned on the lake i fish, for obvious reasons.
  14. I'd be too worried to sack a big carp just not doing it if you have the confidence it's up to the angler, but it could go real wrong fast. chap on the lake behind me came and got me just before 6 am Thursday morning i was up, and more than happy to do a few pics. I tend to sleep more during the day than at night when out.
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