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  1. i thought the same but left it just got another email from jb (yeah I can be a pain) he sounded a bit shocked i told him of my plans for his fish meal base mix to add some haiths robin gold and cc moore minomino he say best used as is with the recommended use. his hook bait mixes look worth having a verity was going to get the super milk hook bait mix as it is the same price as all the others the base mix is nearly 20 quid a kilo not sure what's in that so didn't see much point until I think it might be worth it.
  2. already seen it done at barston i was impressed, kept the steering and replaced everything else with a flat platform one of the guys in bcac matches.
  3. club/season tickets are good water parks that sort of thing or one i fancy and anyone can get is the stanwick season ticket think it's 250 for the year you get both mallard and swan on that plus the general angling lakes just a shame swan is so close to the 45 some really nice leather carp in there. fair few guys from up north travel down.
  4. it's very hard to get on a syndicate these days due to so many newish anglers coming into carp angling if you haven't already got a foot through the gate when asking to join there is very little chance of getting a ticket it's not just about fishing, syndicates are a very unique place from the outside some look clicky, they are not, just very closed knit until the other anglers can see why you are there. honestly when I first joined the one I am on I was a bit taken back by the guy that runs the place I very nearly walked away but then again I was being a bit forward asked about hot pegs
  5. well don't look like waddie is coming to mine he is in a home but got a bit bitey, not his fault he ate one of his toys and had to have it removed keeping him from opening his wound stressed him out and someone took a licken, not really for me but it sounds like they are not sure if they want to rehome him or not, plus i think it may be a strong sheep dog line mixed with a few other dogs from that part of the world.
  6. just ordered a high quality milk n birdfood base mix with a matching hook bait mix and a flavour, going to try rolling my own small batch fresh made, said to be a real easy mix to roll if i can get on with it i might try a few other base mixes. the krill one looks as good as it gets but have been advised to go with this milk n honey mix, got till the end of the month as i won't be doing a runs water just yet i can get what i need for later in the month get a nice stock of good basic bait, john baker is a top bloke i emailed him last week sent me a reply a few days later with a few idea
  7. so i kind of have half an eye on a rescue dog from Oman in the middle east, he is a one year old wadi dog proper street dog they are said to be really nice dogs the one in rescue is pure black and has a real Persian look to him, they get treated real bad over there, some say they are one of the oldest domestic dogs in history, i know the people from that part of the world are brick scarred of them, think it's ex pats that rescue them and send them over. not looking for a carp dog though so he would have to behave at home when I'm not there.
  8. also helps if you read the set up instructions, putting the handles on with the stickers facing up looks right but you soon realise there is something wrong when the barrow goes over on the first turn.
  9. shame levigsp and others don't post anymore I have caught good fish after reading levigsp's posts, I started using heavy fluorocarbon with great results after reading posts on here , would love to know his thoughts on fussy carp that will only eat what they really like whilst ignoring a good but made for retail use bait. are carp that don't need to compete for a feed a bite time fussy eaters?
  10. not saying waters shouldn't close for spawning but it's a bit misleading they will be spawning on and off till the end of summer it would be better to close pegs as and when needed through out the summer it might cut down on the rush to get out as much as possible in early summer.
  11. I just got the mk2 2021, distance in one journey is no longer a problem, I'm glad i went with the single wheel load it up right and there is very nearly no weight on the handles, i no longer dread packing up and lugging everything back to the car. the add on bags are well worth it just need the side bar bags and i will not need to take any kind of carry bag other than rods and bivvy, whish i had got one years ago three to four trip with the gear when i was taking the dog and used my unbranded folding trolley, it is made from very cheap steel so the more you put on the more it loads the weight
  12. after the incident traveling home yesterday I got a front and rear dash cam not my sort of thing and never needed one before, coming up the m1 just got past the 60 mph speed restriction area in the third lane speeds up to just shy of 80 stayed in the third due to traffic in front being lighter and traveling at the same speed so im plodding along in a world of carp hurt and pain, idiot comes flying up the middle lane as he goes by he hits his horn hard i nearly knocked him off the road as i jumped and pulled to the left slightly didn't even see him coming. so I thought bit of a d and let it go
  13. The flying back leads where much better at line control, i have fox ones bought them for this water but it wa too weedy back then, Still no fish and to be honest it should be a few by now I'm on the fish the fish are feeding in my swim all my gear is neat simple and fishing on the right spot plus the fish are coming out R had six out nice guy very old style approach, for me it is either fussy fish don't like my hook baits some are a few years old, cross contamination from my tobacco e liquid, or just some serious bad luck.
  14. looks nice elmo those sleepers really do take a nice stain. beer o clock i just hand washed and polished the motor got all my gear ready for the morning be a zig a pop up with a bag of pellets and a out the bag snowman. on a stick of boilies.
  15. the lake I'm mainly having problems with is pretty unusual in how the lake bed lies the side you fish from is a raised bar with margins behind it but it is that big of a bar you would think it is the lake edge, as it runs out from the peg it drops away fast a rod length out in most pegs will be up to the limit for chest waders, as it gets out to the middle and right up to the far margins, in places the depths are around 7 to twelve foot deep same again at the far side margins are false its anther chain of long island bars the true shallow margins are behind the island chain there are ledges in
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