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  1. Nice, what lake will you be fishing, hunts corner has always appealed to me but for a one off flying visit it would be hard not to jump on one of the runs waters plenty of twenties and a fair few thirties, although got it on good grapevine that some of the bigger fish from Brasenose 1&2 have been moved around, couple of Romanian lads fish matches on there they have been known to get into the lakes bigger ones.
  2. Depends on the test curve of the rods you are using, if your rods are 3lb TC a lead between 2-4 oz would be ideal anything more would bottom the rod out, anything less will not load the correct tension in the rod leading to more violent jolting takes and pulled hooks if the rods are on the stiff side.
  3. Jeez those tackle companies sure do expect their sponsored anglers to punt it out, carrying samwich boards to the lake. I hear talk of man spots in the sept catches thread, won't spam it but, there is a man spot on the Nene, driving along the other day parks up and the gaffer says, did you see those guys on the viaduct? no, apparently there was a tug of war going on, youngish lads too, when i went back down the track today there was a group there up to something, middle of a hot sunny day brazen.
  4. KWP never gets too busy canal pool is one of those waters that has to be fished with a well disciplined strategy or the blanks will pile up, i have fished it a few times only ever day sessions, lost one at the net had another, mid 20 that's was doing around 10 sessions here and there just bunging chods or bags out. What does work on there is a baiting campagine and long distance casting, best if you can put it where only the more long distance angler can reach, lol. Just turn up one afternoon at the info desk and buy what ever ticket has canal pool on it, if you want to do nights they
  5. I already had the pads priced and in stock a five min drive away motor factors all over the place around here, just need the tool to rewind the caliper back and give it a clean up once they are sticking you need to clear the gunk out.
  6. Nice to see there are still conman mobile mechanics about, had a sticky-seized rear caliper, could do it myself but rang a guy to see what he wanted, 70 to 90 quid he says over the phone, ok call out, he arrives looks at the sticking side and says it's not the caliper the pads have gone, ( they tend to wear when stuck i thought ) check the other side i said, he has a look and says yeap just the same. No, i thought they are not, i let him carry on, he says, just need a set off pads fitting mate, ok i say do want to order them or shall i get a set dropped over? no mate he says order a set online
  7. Look the dog's those ridgemonky bivvies, if you have a three wheel porter barrow the weight wouldn't matter too much. not that i'm in the market for either but i would get one of these over the full spec Titan which is a great bivvy in itself.
  8. Sounds like you need to get a handle on the woman, drop a few hints that you and a few work mates are thinking of doing a lads weekend in Amsterdam next year, she will have no problems with you spending up your spare time on fishing. I take it most of you guy's ladies don't read the carp forum either? Great stuff on the catch, it's an eye opener on the regular baiting approach, i daren't try, if i was to turn up and the swim wasn't free i can't be sure of my reaction, could be one of those bad decision in an instant moments. plus it's a 100 mile round trip not what i call local, h
  9. Lots, fished there for years Pine pool is a dayticket water with a legendary status for holding some real dark mirrors, the larger syndicate waters hold some amazing fish, the only problem with the place is it is run by non-anglers and for some strange reason the fishing and anglers come way down on the list of priorities, The west midlands as a whole is not a good place for syndicate waters seems to be more in the north midlands and south, few good uns in Shropshire/Telford way.
  10. Love the look of those not keen on the 30 kilo weight though i made the mistake of buying the carpzone wide bed when i should of got a better compact bed, thing is a lump of awkwardness.
  11. If you don't mind traveling to south brum, Hams Hall or Kingsbury are an option, might be worth heading down Northampton way if possible lots of club/syndicate waters around there.
  12. Nice old mirror that Yonny. Just back myself from a cruel couple of days on the lake, couldn't get a bleep never mind a take no liners nothing but had fish in my swim sure they were feeding on my bait, think i'm having problems with getting them to either find or take my hook bait, plus i noticed my hook length is kicking up off the line at the anti tangle sleeve might of pushed it up too far? didn't look good in the water edge, seems to happen when the hook length is too close to the lead on a helicopter lead, i was fishing combi rigs. could do with a more jelly like boom section. some
  13. As far as brands go Fox is a very good company and they sell international, most of the good brands are made in Asia so you should be able to get good prices. if you want to spend some money and buy from the UK Solar and Jag are top quality British makers, along with rod builders such as Harrison rods. We don't make reels in the UK for carp fishing, Dawia and Shimanno are easily found all over the world, Most of the main UK brands sell good end tackle just depends on what you want to do.
  14. OHH Sal has been put on a Chines naughty list for dissin' their carbon.... wonder what google translate will make of that. Although, if S34MH1 is on the look out for carp tackle, China would be a good place to shop, tell us more about what kind of waters you like to fish maybe post a youtube video so we can see what you are wanting to do.
  15. I'm going to have a tinker on Thursday when i re-do my rods, Just putting this out there...
  16. Nice one, always on the look out for new bait dedicated additives to add to my crumb mix liquids and powders are working well for me at the mo, i used salmon hydro and garlic plus the usual mix worked nice was even making me hungry.
  17. No advice on how to approach the beastie before i start undoing screws, going to try to adjust the screw at the back see if it will tighten things up, got the rear drag on full lock it was giving line when reeling in.
  18. Love the look of the Dynamite groundbaits hate the price, nearly a fiver for a small bag, i'll stick to the crumb and oats mix with added goodness. Hmm Crumb & Oats has a ring to it groundbait for the man-eaters, ha ha .
  19. Anyone know how to fix a slipping clutch on a baitrunner ST, it is giving line even when reeling in a bit of weed it is no longer safe for fishing unless there is a nut or something i can tighten? not worth paying for a service, couple of old RE Areo on gumtree could be a quick replacement for 20-30 notes, would sooner fix this one for now though. That last fish i had this week seems to of finished it off.
  20. The mrs has Sky, not sports though, she reckons if i get a phone off them i can watch sky TV for free-ish on it, not really fused myself i prefer youtube these days even made my first vid this week. Any of you guys get TV or similar on your phone, Netflix looks OK and i do like Sky Atlantic?
  21. Nice, always like a good windy day followed by a calm early morning, i had thunder lightning winds rain and lovely sunny days this week, felt like early Autumn but more humid. knew it would be good for a big un.
  22. Should try council repairs these days, that many contractors they have a number of valves on a simple shower pipe each one is a different contractors turf, ever seen the film Brazil?
  23. 32 Mirror most recent post https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006162312188
  24. Always thought the US could be a world renowned wild carp venue for those that have the money or means to travel not much in the way of chunky mirror carp but their must be a few big commons knocking about, MacArthur park in LA did a 50 common and that place is very urban lol one for the Nash team to visit๐Ÿ˜†
  25. The method feeder was allowed on most waters as it was used for low doubles mainly, it was the threading of elastic into braid for a bigger fish rig that seen the elastic method feeder banned. think it was one of those rigs that looked good to the angler.
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