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  1. Wow wished i had of paid for a years subscription to BTsports and the 25 quid they wanted for the fight on top looks like it was a good one didn't expect fury to win like that thought he might get it on points but was thinking wilder would land a few too many heavy hits before that and get the fight stopped like they nearly stopped the first fight. Still on the car hunt getting ready to pull the trigger on a Sportage KX3 2 litre diesel just looking for the right one might have to get the KX2 if a 3 can't be found for the right money. Castanets first used by Mexican crab fishermen to lure the crab into their nets bit like a duck call hence the name.
  2. All for nothing not even paper work lol, they are putting those zones in all over the country Brum is getting one so is Cov of all places the town centre is small and not really car friendly as it is so they are trying to extend it right out into the outer areas. I was looking at a LPG ford if i can find the right on i might grab it or if diesel become too much of a cash cow might see about getting a petrol and having it converted to LPG, the millage costs on a decent petrol engine are high.
  3. ULEZ is a scam of he worst kind have you seen the size of some of the cars they are putting a 1 litre engine in maybe i'm missing something but those little engines don't last to long in a heavy car. It will only be a problem for diesel motors any petrol car after 2006 should be ok in the silly zone diesels have to be 2015 onward but that could change. Looking at the the KIA sportarge at the mo but want a diesel so will have to see what's what. could be some good deals coming up.
  4. The Fusion ain't that bad spam can indeed.
  5. Think I've got auto trader burn out, found the chevy trax which is a Duster/Mokka from chevy although they look OK i doubt they have a large millage in them. Japanese is looking good in a Outlander I've seen them with 250000 on the clock still selling the same car can be found as a pug 4007 or a Renault both with the pug diesel engine the 2.0l from Mitsubishi is the trusty VW engine. Plenty of CRV about for fair money running costs are a bit high, looks like it might be the outlander eventually. A van would be handy but she gets a say too that's why the Chevy trax got half a thought soon dismissed that one. she wants to call my chosen ford fusion a spam can. cheap rattling dashboards found in the chevy puts it on the no list.
  6. Been on the look out for a new car this past week going with something bigger than a fiesta this time, the fords such as the c max or s max are ok but i'm not an MPV type of person so i looked at the estates very high millage for the money plus i don't like them much. So i have been looking at the Honda CRV in the 2.2 D sports, but then i looked at labour charges on a Honda wow, got to drop the front sub frame off and a load of bits out of the engine bay just o change the clutch, need to think about hat one. What I have found and am leaning towards is the Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 D in the warrior range, got the sued lined interior manual 4x4 selection and all he bells and whistles, looking at getting something around the 80k mark with full service history 2008-2012, Any ideas suggestions?
  7. Helicopter for me i'd go straight through on the mainline, but a bit of good quality tubing would be OK if you feel the need, rigs would depend on what the rig was fishing on, the choddy or something like it would be best, or a wafter if you want something on the deck.
  8. Well the insurance settled on Friday they are giving me 926 in total, they based it on MOT history??? it was a real solid well looked after car,only had the last MOT this month and it failed on a misty number plate and a worn Tyre, last year was just a Tyre no advisories. So Saturday i went and looked at a 2002 CRV 104 K on he clock said to have service history, £850 right shed which is a shame got some awful smells coming from the engine after i took it for a proper 2nd 'n 3rd gear road test, so I walked on that. Also went to see a RAV 4 2003 97K no history other than online MOT which looked promising as it was done last march, came up as a back box fail and no ads, the amount of surface rust and some corrosion was outrageous, all that didn't come on in a year, it should of been listed on the mot as an advisory at least., so I left it. Shame people who buy a 4x4 and go laneing don't seal the undercarriage first. little bit of a knock from the dif but it was the rusty components that put me off, some big bills on that job.
  9. No, Coventry the other driver was from balsall common which is lucky in a way my mate got hit in his van a few months back, young girl did a runner my mate never got a bean.
  10. My insurance company didn't want to know fair play to the other driver she got on to hers and they phoned me. It was at a set of green lights, i was going straight on and she was turning right from the on-coming lane, started o pull off as i wen through the lights, said she was looking left for traffic? OK, left is on red but i wont point it out lol.
  11. Getting a set of 10 footers then 😂
  12. Looks like i will be a new car for me after today, first crash in 23 years of driving the other driver accepted fault and their insurance company was on point. Can't say the same for the unhelpful stroppy bint at the car hire company, done all the claim the insurance company offered me a car and put me through to enterprise, they asked for a credit card or debit card i don't have any of those, so i said can i use the wife's, nope.... but...nope, the upside is i'm getting a 25 quid a day off road fee on top of my claim, which won't be a lot for a 20 year old fiesta with 90k on the clock, damn good car too i put 50k on it. gutted.
  13. Ridge Monkey really are the Apple Mac of carp angling. There is a square bivvy been on the market for years can't remember the make but they were on the bank at one of Barstons BCAC rounds?
  14. Sounds like they can be set up sensitive enough that a polish guy snoring two pegs down could set them off.
  15. one thing that does work is a nasal dilator too rubber barrels that go up your nose, if you can get used to wearing them you will get next to no snoring at all, get them off amazon cheap and works.
  16. I thought it was going to be a joke video, had a Polish guy in a peg behind mine this year it was like a tractor trying to start then cutting out again, he must wake up gasping for air.
  17. I went with the carp zone bed and well happy with it the legs have stayed nice and solid on uneven ground, looking at the Cyprinus one i would be concerned with the spring lock legs never had a good word for those no matter what chair they are on. I avoided them a few years back when getting the capzone nothing worse than a bed chair that wont stay level. Saying that the previous bed chair with the spring locks was a super cheap one from chapmans, got a pro logic bank chair that has the same problem.
  18. I'm not 100% on the finer details but Pine is not on the night ticket , that is still on the year ticket and days with some bookable nights in the summer. Canal, Broomey Croft which are next to each other and on the other side of the road there is Hemlingford and Bodymoor Heath all the big waters. They have redone most of the pegs and moved a lot of fish around it is worth the money think you have to have the full specimen ticket which is around 180 then it is about another 300 on top for the night fishing lakes, they are rough prices as it is what i have been told, The guy i get my bait off says they will sell a ticket if you turn up with the money but officially you have to have had and used a season ticket for day fishing before they will sell you a night ticket. It's a lot of water to go at and there are some big old fish in all of those lakes.
  19. Unsure as yet, will be doing some more at Stanwicks might give Elsons a go, fancy a visit to bluebells as i have never fished it. Local to home there is Bishops Bowl, i joined this year but they had to close in the summer due to a ammonia spike, i fished it a week before it closed you could smell that rotten smell coming from he water, could be down to mixing match fishing and large carp fishing? What i would like is a year ticket for the night fishing at KWP but the price is quite high around the 500 mark, bit too rich for me.
  20. There are a few reservoirs like that about one in Wales has an entire village at the bottom of it you would need a leader in that, think a lot of leader thoughts are based on years back when there wasn't the lines available we have today. the rig moral and gardner shouldn't need a leader on most waters. fluorocarbon lines definitely don't i have really punished the tiger line these last few years, can't fault it other than how crudy it gets.
  21. Used to be PG all the way then they brought out their more expensive range, the quality dropped on the basic PG bags so i gave yorkshire a try they are strong but i sometimes leave the tea bag in the cup as i like a strong brew mrs hates it really does stain the cup and teeth lol.
  22. I haven't used a leader in a fair few years now, don't like them they make landing a cast very awkward plus a lot of my fishing is in margin or snaggy areas, seems to give better presentation on the bottom without a leader, as soon as i stopped using one my catches improved all my bigger fish have fell to a simple helicopter set up on my main line, leader material must really stand out on a margin ledge or hanging over a weedy snag.
  23. That's the ones, i wouldn't call them a one fish/cast hook like i have seen written about them, they are definitely sharpened to the max once dull there is no room for a tidy up.
  24. To be fair on korda the new sharpened hooks are a bit good i was using the curve shank this year in a 4 on the ronnie sits real nice on the link and the shrink wrap sets it all in place nice and neat.
  25. It would be tea for me Yorkshire's finest maybe a horlicks no coffee and definitely not booze it's rare i drink anyhow.
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