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  1. Ha ha try match style carp angling on a runs venue more than once i have brought all my rods in just to get a kip without having to get up for a straightener with a specimen size F1 hybrid Looks like you went at it a bit too early this year Highy carp angling is a late spring through to late autumn discipline anything else really is a grind, if i wanted to fish all year i would target large perch on worms or roach on bread punch , match angling is ok just depends on what level you wish to compete, if you think us carp anglers have expensive gear take a walk round a proper match venue wh
  2. Tell you what is a shocker I hang a proper spank it like your its daddy kind of thread and no takers 😷
  3. I'll give anything a go for free going to give a clue as to what you want road testing? at a wild guess i will call the under water end tackle bite alarms that have been seen at angling shows. PM me boilie angler fishes a closed to public club water in the Nene Valley
  4. Twelve hundred notes did mention it to the Bank Manger the reply was, could get a caravan for that.
  5. Looks like fun need a tea boy or a chain lad once built three bridges on the M40 lol did the marking out for the diggers right up to marking out where the bearing plates would sit on top of the concrete that the steel crossbeams sit on., it was the only job they would give me due to age seventeen had to be eighteen to get a labours job. The guys with a good trade or their own 360 machine were making real big money being in the engineers team i got to work with most of the trades always a good bit of competition to see which trade was earning the most. That area and the whole of War
  6. One of the reasons i no longer jump on Barston of all places for a runs water, had it with two grown men and their scabby dogs, i was fishing the bottom far corner casting down to the margins weekday afternoon not busy, two guys come down get the same idea and drop in the few pegs between me and the bottom corner, to cut a loud shouting match short they ended up at the other end of the lake and i was getting a beating at some point, i stayed for my three days as planned with no beating, but i'm not putting up with that so not really been back since.
  7. Lol often wondered if anyone did that, in my local tackle shop the fox armour mesh is next to the fox pva mesh they look similar. Must be a real confusing angling discipline to come into a new, i got given a withy rig years back and no instructions on what to do with it, ended up on a inline bit like a chod tied to a house brick, looked alright to me.
  8. Sent a PM of some lake info, Castle Ashby is another good one, 'im long for a easy going runs water in the area think Scotland lake on Ashby could be the one.
  9. Ha ha I'm just messing my channel has no carp tutorials on it just me messing around there is a video in this thread below few others on the channel but only one fish don't know how he got on there must be the first case of a fish photo bomb.
  10. If I was to recommend one You Tube channel other than my own, for actually learning all about how to fish for big carp to a standard that would see you being welcome on the more carpy carps waters it would be the channel below no messing trying to sell stuff no must have rig jewellery just how to fish as a big fish angler. Matthew Collins this guys videos are the best.
  11. Never been a problem not that i would but i could leave all my gear in the garden i load the car up the night before i go think most tackle goes out of cars when parked up some place out the way. i still keep all my gear indoors though no need to hang it out there lol.
  12. Hi don't keep your tackle in the shed would be my starting tip, the mice love tackle bags and rod handles.
  13. 50 is a funny age for many reasons, got talking to a very old friend who i have not seen in 30 odd years, I'm all like oh hi what you been doing then, turns out she is a fairly high ranking Navy officer done a few tours in Afghanistan which I always thought was land locked? Named a few ships she has helmed whatever that is? currently working in the oil industry jaunting around the world still a Navy reservist, I'm all like playing cool, yeah I'm out in my bivvy in the badlands of Northampton and can still put an 8 hour shift in on a set of ladders lol.
  14. Just wondering about the pre photo conversation with the cameraman and did the seems of the t-shirt survive
  15. Best video of the day on YT bar far a colourisation of Warwickshire it really is striking to see just how much is still the same i knew all the places in this video and most of the buildings are still the same, the river Avon looks even more carpy back then than now. Loads of other good videos on that channel.
  16. Brother in laws Ninja after its new paint job with matching helmet he makes his own decals as well says it just need polishing flat what ever that is.
  17. Better than a bait boat for it's range, seen a few guys do well with those nice neat baiting and rig placement without the waders or oil tanker wiring across a small lake, being super cheeky with one a guy would cast a bare lead over to the far margins nip round with a baiting pole, bait and rig, that works.
  18. club water near Northampton fair few little pits around there this one is full for now think the winter tickets go on sale soon for they might be all sold as well though. If you can get along the A45 off the M1 there are loads of similar waters, Jigsaw lake is another good little lake
  19. Moorhen chicks getting a swimming lesson
  20. 4 mins and counting lol and this dude can keep on trucking
  21. Will try for next week but I have hardly been home these past two weeks, cos I can't bring the dog he stays at home kicking off he got himself in my barrow bag last week. Blind from age though so it's too much tending to bring him.
  22. Blanking hard this little lake has to be one off the trickiest in the valley explains why I get it to myself on most visits, don't think any of the biguns have been out in a fair while.
  23. Bishops bowl near Leamington is OK if you can ignore the clecha lingo nice place though
  24. Like the night mode on my phone got some moody looking night shots.
  25. Just seen my first snake of the year, must of been a grass snake as it was swimming,must mean the water is warming up he was just cruising around.
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