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  1. never watched a RG show of anysort, to do with him marketing himself as your grannies eye candy.
  2. I can't watch his fishing shows talks way too much drivel when you consider people catch the largest of sharks, the day he wrestles a big shark after catching it i will be impressed.
  3. No afraid not, i doubt they are high value as they were mid range rods on release, very few used carp rod have a value that is more than the original price, i bought a set of used hyperloops when they were the top retail rod, i snapped both tips first time out with them casting small bags, must of been damaged i paid 20 for the set.
  4. found this seems they where about around 20 years ago, if they are British made they should be good quality for the time though they will be outdated in this age due to carbon tech moving forward since then. http://www.theanglersforum.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?52068-Big-Carp-voIume-19-issue-112
  5. nothing to do with me mate, there was a rod rage under the carpbell brand, my username is a play on my last name nothing more i'm afraid, if they were built in Coventry i may know who built them as there were a few rod builders about before you could buy good rods off the self.
  6. if you watch John Backers videos he names one of the all time best selling baits as a mix of ground Purina cat food crab meal crab flavour and binding flour, lead to monster sales.
  7. yes a fair bit of end tackle, the fused booms and leaders are good they are better than korda as they are pure fluorocarbon, tho combi booms are the best out there that fused section and ring really does make a neat rig. their lead clip leader with the long speed link is great on silty lakes.
  8. Noticed a bait just out called the fully loaded think it has all the above chucked in it, i don't like the companies sales tactics so i doubt i will use it plus i thought a seed base bait alone was so the fish could pass it through in cold weather at normal speed, where as a meat/fish bait would or could bung them up for a few days?
  9. the leads didn't make past the testing casts, worked ok until you try to control the line mid cast, you have to land it like a spomb or it wont release., be good for a pub chuck on a massive water like the north sea.
  10. i have often thought about getting a deeper, i think it would be too much for me i can't even work the how to use videos out, it would end up in the tackle box next to the gemini ARC lead system i have never used.
  11. Chris uses pellets as a supplementary feed uses big 20 mm on the little lake, did ask why not use boilies as he once did, but he got moaned at for basically baiting up for you? he was using Nash baits so they must be ok and he was selling them, just does the pellet now sells a sack for £28, bag of pellets and a yellow pop up was hammering the middle lake last winter and spring.
  12. don't know much about sonar, but the guys that use it rate the new chirp as it works in very shallow water where as the non chirp is not as accurate. a guy uses one on the lakes i fish and he does really well on all three waters.
  13. Gemini do a good curve hook the Aquiline Hooks, not sure on their other patterns but the aquiline is very robust.
  14. pellets or boiles, why do carp anglers still use large amount of boilies when pellets are just as good and a lot cheaper. don't get me wrong i still use more boilies than pellet. Another observation through trial and error is leaders previous session i had four fish off the same spot with no leader but i did have to re do my rod due to the line taking a beating, so this time out i used a leader on the same spot fishing just the same as the previous session, but only had one fish, the spot had fish feeding on it the whole time i was there, but what a difference the fish were being a lot more cagey.
  15. take some air out the wheels that will get your legs working, thought my barrow was fully inflated till i loaded it up the other day, I may as well been pushing it flat.
  16. got to agree on the distance sticks anyone know if they came from carp angling or match fishing, bit of a crossover.
  17. 10 fts Fox Torque in 3lb test, the casting is action is good and the fish playing action is 100 %.
  18. my rods, absolute perfection i was getting bait boat accuracy with them this weekend effortless.
  19. Meet plissken he is a mean little critor. https://youtu.be/kkhuY5bJONc
  20. On the bank and first rod is out had to get a quick grass snake video, not much few pics as well
  21. Just ordered the bait 2 kilo of ecton berry two kilo of ecton berry pellets 2 kilo of normal pellets, a tub of hydroweat syrup and five back leads, pick up in the morning just up the road from the lakes. Also, think my dash cam might of just paid for itself, going to be putting a claim to HS2 got it on vid and i'm all kosher, so down to them, bet this is going to be an effort.
  22. some crazy looking alarms about these days i like the basic look of a fox, even if the new mx range looks nasty the new micron makes up for that though seem to be a very popular alarm.
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