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  1. i'm thinking of getting a cheap one for mid water fishing would use a deeper for that as well, when it comes to margin fishing i just love the cast or walking it out. i wouldn't get away with using a boat for snag fishing lake owners alway give me a shifty look for casting to snags as it is. you would think having my rods clamped into the ground on singles and the wet waders from checking what my line is on would let them know i sort of have half a clue.
  2. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    oh well no reg, can't blame them he was suited for a family so bound to get first dibs on a friendly pup, there is a Harrier that looks nice soft and friendly but they want him to go to a home that has a friendly dog to show him it's ok to toilet off the lead, had that before with dogs. he also don't like most other dogs so that's going to be a struggle. do like the look of him though, looks fast.
  3. Don't think cybrox got banned he always good for a page or two CM could sneak back in unless they IP-ed him. no joke you only need to tie a palomar these days and your fishing, loops by korda i use them make a nice combi rig.
  4. still open get a few pics come up on my FB plenty of other waters these days if you want similar in warwick bishops bowl has two good carp waters nice quiet place with no road noise or street lighting wherever i end up this year it will be far from any A roads.
  5. the whole of KWP gets weedy from june on, don't know what is going on they do a pricey night ticket on canal pool but they seem to have a lot of problems on that water they had to close it last year and get pumps in. think they had a weed boat out for one day last year on canal three fishable swims in mid summer for a water that size is a bit too wild.
  6. Very nice, pike are the fish that put me off lure fishing i just don't want to catch them as they are too soft out the water.
  7. Fair weather angling is the best angling, don't worry about tying rigs Dan sorted that one a few years back, loops and booms or a chod on a boom, oh and there's 30lb fish all over the place a couple of thirties a summer is easily do-able. You might find the banks are not as full as they used to be bar the popular spots at the weekends, carpmachine copped a perma ban, came close myself, and the Cell still has not blown. If you have the time making a real good home rolled bait really does get a good response on waters that have all the best baits going in on the regular if i was going to put maximum effort in to anything carpy it would be fresh rolled bait. Horse tips? your like the Bricktop of carp angling accent and everything.
  8. Wowzzer, see Coventry Carp Baits is closing surprised by that as he did shift a bit, wonder if he will reopen as something else? I know getting good ingredients is silly money unless you import it yourself but he was never that big with sales. think he may of had enough as well sometimes he used to look worn out? Nice guy great bait maker all about the food signals really does pull the fish in.
  9. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    OK, so reg popped up and he is just right gat carpin dog all over him, got my bid in not holding much hope other than he sounds like a proper jack by nature some people don't like that in a busy home so maybe. https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/rehoming/dogs/dog/filters/eve~~~~~n~~/1251906/reg
  10. my mate has had a few break ins on his window cleaning van no idea what they hope to find bar a few manky scrims, he put a load of cameras up on the van just films them breaking in.
  11. watched it last night makes you want to get out
  12. nothing as yet but i'm feeling real keen not going to tie myself to one water could get a local ticket but it's not really my kind of water, thinking KWP and bishop bowl, plus i'm having some me time mid spring going to pack the car up and head to a few places, will be getting the rear gear for my barrow i reckon might try one of those new big fisheries first norton or linears should get a few on the bank come mid feb if it's nice out.
  13. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    That's a nope for ben and sam, gutted about that could of had a lovely pair of dogs there, they were right, would love to know where they came from, deff british or irish. So i won't be spent out this side of the new year, wonder if WL will take my deposit, don't think i will be getting Murle, any other mix i'd be fine with but i meet a lot of serious pet terrier keepers when out, might get the odd frown.
  14. lol, know some of the parents and grandparents of those lads one of my rele's houses is in the pic, that poor copper he just wants to get out of there, the lads little homies have got him in a pit maneuver. 😆 You can see it;s a nice keepet estate the kids can be a bit boisterous tis all.
  15. That's how pitiful my tackle was back then they left it one of the rods was a custom float rod had the canal at the end of the street, it was my dads house but he was hardly there be out on his boat or at his mrs, we had a flat in hillfields before that never got a touch and i used to run that place like fagans hang out 🥳
  16. Wouldn't of had you for a new age music kind of guy GP. Bit of sunday smooth golden oldies seems to be having a bit new found popularity, Lord Roy.
  17. I keep all my gear in the house bar the nets and mat not risking it and i live in a low crime area these days, got robbed years back a house break in when i was living in a old two up two down in the city centre, very strange, got up in the morning early and i would put the telly on just the news in the background, that morning i was stood in front of where the telly would of been and nothing is registering for a good 30 seconds also emptied my fridge and bathroom stuff, missed the 30 quid cash and a quarter of hash i had in a draw in the living room, amutrers., too scared to put a light on.
  18. Otters are very lazy they are big cute rats there only downside is they like to play rough, the ones in Alaska keep the fish cannery workers entertained. plus given a choice between fish or poultry i imagine it's xmas every meal time for most otters. Think that what might be how i upset the gaffer on the day he rang me up being all civil servant, i had texted him earlier in the day to say i had seen the mink and it was off murdering stuff in the bushes, went off at me like i was offering to put a dog in there... just saying.
  19. Carpbell_ll

    Dogs and fishing

    As menched in another thread i have been half offered a jack x merle collie pup i'm not sure on crossing a jack with a merle dog it' goes against everything a jack is i can see the attraction as they are a nice dog but just don't know? still hoping DT come through with the two pups.
  20. LOL, who knew i had a book in me just banged out three chapters of a comedy novel i keep threatening to write, i was pleasantly shocked by my proof readers reaction, they were wetting themselves laughing, i'm just working on a hooker character i would love to add, based on a real person, proper wild woman, i know of guys that have been to see her and upon getting in and seeing the state they pay up and leave she really is nasty but so are the blokes that call in, she don't wash or shower for weeks at a time, it is what she offers saddleless cheap as chips. It's a mix of different characters i have meet over the years, going back to when i was picture selling for the travelers to my time at the hostel as a amuture social worker, i could fill a book with the goings on in that place. It has murders, sex, drugs, all set in rural england the book is aimed at female readers , all names have been slightly changed to protect my pitiful bank balance, might finish it as a short and publish as a free to read on-line book, sod it if shelly can do it so can I, yes there is carp angling in it too but i'm hoping it will be more a character non anglers could understand without too much actual angling background. we will see. So far it reads like a neive lad from the shires visiting the modern world, with a solid theme with which i can add different highly exaggerated characters. Still nothing from Dogs trust it's the last time i try if i don't get ben and sam i'v been offered a Jack x merle collie pup be ready mid jan. 😎
  21. Good way to avoid bird problems is to join a syndi that shoots them or allows a team of non native mink to stay on the lake and deal with those that can't be shot. bit of a sad trade off to see all that seasons cygnets and moorhens killed but at least you can bait the margins. they also put handy traps out here and there, they don't mind bending the rules a little to keep us anglers catching. Spod mix is ok but i have found if you are only fishing for single bites and not feeding, a few pellets and boilies work best spod mix is something you would want to use when you are putting it out all day regular Not saying carp are clever animals more fussy they like what they want and if they don't want a big dinner it could be that that sends them off to the other end of the lake, funny sods.
  22. While i'm on wheels, spoke deleting as it's called, people really do that or is it one of those only if your stupid enough things, seems to be popular with scooby owners, bet if the wheels came minus one spoke pattern they would add it.
  23. Rolling like a G... wheels... i prefer steel wheels 💤
  24. Now that makes going out in the winter look worth it, i always imagine winter fishing sitting in front of a still lifeless lakes hoping to spot a fish fart. i had a horrid winter session on pine pool years back never been fishing in winter since.
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