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  1. There are a few reservoirs like that about one in Wales has an entire village at the bottom of it you would need a leader in that, think a lot of leader thoughts are based on years back when there wasn't the lines available we have today. the rig moral and gardner shouldn't need a leader on most waters. fluorocarbon lines definitely don't i have really punished the tiger line these last few years, can't fault it other than how crudy it gets.
  2. Used to be PG all the way then they brought out their more expensive range, the quality dropped on the basic PG bags so i gave yorkshire a try they are strong but i sometimes leave the tea bag in the cup as i like a strong brew mrs hates it really does stain the cup and teeth lol.
  3. I haven't used a leader in a fair few years now, don't like them they make landing a cast very awkward plus a lot of my fishing is in margin or snaggy areas, seems to give better presentation on the bottom without a leader, as soon as i stopped using one my catches improved all my bigger fish have fell to a simple helicopter set up on my main line, leader material must really stand out on a margin ledge or hanging over a weedy snag.
  4. That's the ones, i wouldn't call them a one fish/cast hook like i have seen written about them, they are definitely sharpened to the max once dull there is no room for a tidy up.
  5. To be fair on korda the new sharpened hooks are a bit good i was using the curve shank this year in a 4 on the ronnie sits real nice on the link and the shrink wrap sets it all in place nice and neat.
  6. It would be tea for me Yorkshire's finest maybe a horlicks no coffee and definitely not booze it's rare i drink anyhow.
  7. You will get a variety of answers to that, but as with all rigs it's all about the condition of the hook as that will be first to go as it gets dull, you can sharpen the hook and it will be good to go again, plenty of videos on hook sharpening, and you can get fine gage files from the pound shop that will the job no need to spend on carp brand files. To be fair there are a lot better options for easy rig making, try the booms by korda or gemini, you can add and remove the hooks at a lot cheaper rate than pre tied rigs. if you learn to tie a simple blow back rig with soft braid you can tie that to a boom loop giving you a very good combi rig and making up the ronnie rig is very easy with a quick link boom. save some money in the long run.
  8. I have some pretty good cold weather clothing seal skinz socks snugpak thermals the softie trousers and jacket not snugpak but a very good chinese version, very thin and very light but unbelievably insulating, they just trap all the body heat and are very comfy, i also have the old Ron Thompson two piece winter set which is a pair of well padded salopettes and a heavy waterproof coat, trakka bag and throw, it's just when you add a led light to it for any length of time is like sitting in fridge with the light on.
  9. Plenty of dangers in stoves heaters and tents makes you wonder if the same fire tests are done on outdoor fabrics like they do on indoor bedding and stuff, a big fault with those little gas heaters you see in the shops is the gas cartridges are butane don't think you can get propane in those cartridge cans. Electric hook ups in the pegs is the way to go for the modern carp fishery lol that's a carpmachine thread in the making, do know of one fairly popular carp lake that will do a hook up in two of the pegs, but they had a few water quality problems earlier this year so haven't been back since
  10. You could put someone's eye out with that.
  11. Forgot to say the tent in the vid is not much larger than most bivvies and smaller than a base camp bivvy it also has a built in groundsheet. I'm far from in pre buy mode as i won't be out this side of early march due to short daylight hours being too much of a grind under LEDs if i was to use a gas heater it would be on the afternoons and early evening with quick blast warm ups when i felt the need. No one is saying gas heaters and tents mix, if a heater works correctly with clean gas there should be no carbon monoxide coming from the heater if a gas appliance of any sort no matter where being used is giving off carbon monoxide it needs replacing or fixing. Tilley lamps are also an option something i would use if out this time of year.
  12. Calm down each to their own choices the video i posted does not claim gas heaters are safe in tents what it does show is certain propane gas heaters can be used in tents for a very long period of time without giving off any carbon monoxide that is detectable to the reader being used the heater in question also has its own safety features such auto cut out if it tips or it detects low oxygen levels. A bivvy with the letterbox opening in use and a back vent could handle a propane heater if used with a CO2 detector, but yes it would be foolish to seal the bivvy up and fall asleep with the heater running.
  13. After spending a little time looking into options for a heater in the bivvy i have come across a few fairly good options, i will start by dismissing candles as anything more than a more comfortable light than LEDs Making a small ammo box or paint can wood burner is popular for what canadians call hot tenting, it has to be well built using the correct sealants and chimney stack, A how to for making a stove without welding involved can be seen in the vid below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymdr-gAfZT0 There is also the gas option and it is also the safest with some common sense there are a number of different gas heaters for sale, the cheap ones you see in a lot of shops and one that is new to me called Mr heater buddy it is a lot more expensive than the 25 quid option from go outdoors coming in at a hefty £180 mark it also takes a larger gas bottle. I will link a few videos below that show carbon monoxide tests in tents and campervans i think you will be suprised by the results. they are using propane gas which is a cleaner burn than butane, I haven't seen any tests using butane and they also have a good quality carbon monoxide alarm/reader. Carbon Monoxide Test using a Propane Heater in a Tent - 16 Hour Test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OdbOLtsH3I Then there is the electric option which would be my preferred choice but the cost of a silent generator and some fisheries don't allow the use of a generator on site are its downsides.
  14. Nice, remember to squeeze the last bit of air out after filling, they stay warmer longer. ☺️
  15. I shouldn't really but https://twitter.com/SlenderSherbet/status/1191974896114569216?s=20
  16. You can get frozen bloodworm from pet stores little blocks that need to defrost, the match anglers use them i'm sure some tackle shops also sell them on? bit pricey but the blocks do defrost into a nice little pile of juicy worm.
  17. Who ever comes up with a safe easy to use bivvy heater that works well will clean up, the best i have seen is a silent running generator and one of those electric light heater, even i'd go out in winter with a set up like that. I would go for a gas bottle camping heater and be careful with how you vent it, candles are never going to make much of a difference.
  18. I don't have one myself but Waverunner are a good boat maker and it would make a great gift for any angler, wouldn't worry about fish finders he can always fit a deeper to the back and tow the finder if he wants one, that is what most people with bait boats do. Bait boats and fish finders used to be a bit controversial but in recent years more big name anglers are using them. Terry Hearn for one and the Korda boys use the deeper.
  19. Came across these when out with the dog today, one is a fly Agaric not sure on the smaller one could be a Wax Cap? left them alone looks like a deer or somthing has had a bite of the larger one.
  20. AD are already starting to sell bigger items at full RRP at certain times of the year they may be the only shop to have things like barrows and bivvies in stock.
  21. Cracking fish chill you look about done bet the drive home will be a slow one. 💪
  22. This is the area i was on about, i know it's not near you but there are going to be some biggies around there the guy in this video mentions he can only see some big carp when out lure fishing,. Check those far bank margins, bit of desert carp angling would be a dream hot all year round. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5N8o91L_LA
  23. Hi love hearing about carp angling in the US ever since i read a report from the lads on Macarthur park in LA they call themselves the California Ghetto Carping club they had a unknown 50lb common out of a small park lake in the middle of LA, so you definitely have some very good unkon big carp out there. Looking into to it further it turns out carp are used in irrigation canals to help keep them clear of silt and weed, anglers are allowed to fish for them but have to put them back to do their job. seems there is a lot of carp in the canals of Imperial County. ☺️
  24. You did well there, i thought mine went a bit quick i had it on from about 7pm till 5am, then the following evening on about 6pm the light went off flat at around 11pm. still happy with it better than trying to read with a head torch on and having the gnats dive bombing my face.
  25. Jeez what happened here then, someone make the old baitboats best thing since the adaption of the hair rig post 🙊 Got one of those NGT bivvy lights, hold a fair charge, reckon you would get up to 10 hours out of one on low white light, half the price of other brands so fair enough.
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