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  1. I fish near to locked up most of the time due to the waters i fish being smallish with lots of weed beds little island bars and that, don't want to sound like some crazy dude that don't fish open water, i do like far bank margins though and to be honest most of the time it pays not to get to close the bottom of the rising slope is always a good spot.
  2. Pro tip for any vapers that order liquid online, been getting mine from Red Juice for the past few years and now have a bin liner full of large packing nuggets they always send even small orders in a box with nuggets it's a real good PVA and chunky,
  3. its been back slightly better pic if you zoom in, see if it settles seems to like the suit
  4. Don't think there are many pole anglers use this site Nick might know a bit due to working in the trade, Match anglers are the best to talk to about carp poles.
  5. Just had a Woodpecker in the garden tried to get a photo but this is the best could do they are super shy so didn't want the twitch the net. should set a camera up.
  6. Angling is all about letting the inner child out for me so it would be two fails and one achievement if i was ever to approach a lake with serious intentions i doubt i would be there for long.
  7. I use the Nash Butt Locks ( i know, sounds like some sort of weird chastity device they do like their puns at Nash) but, they are good you could use them on a pod just get used to flicking them open before picking the rod up, or you will lift the whole pod, i flick them open on banksticks. Disclaimer: I don't work for Nash, but am more than happy to give an honest review on their goods if they are looking for a field tester.
  8. So long as your line is not crossing anything too snaggy and it's clear up to the snags you want to fish too it should be ok to fish locked up and sit near your rods there is a very good chance they will try for cover on a run but if you can hold them even for a brief second they will turn to slack line and head for open water and boy does a 20lb fish fight when it makes a run you will need to slacken the drag and let it run it does depend on the snags though with the right line rushes and reeds are fine I've strimmed a fair few when the fish has got into the reed bed a bit. sunken branches and tree roots i'd stay away from. It's good to have a solid set up with rear rod grips that lock and a set of waders to bait spots and hand drop rigs if you can make your way around the margin areas.
  9. Just bought some new bits a Korum 1 metre leverage xt bankstick and two fox mini swingers to replace the jrc kurves, seen a nice set of nevile banksticks with the swan neck buzzbars they were up to 65 on the first day of listing i console myself in the thought my barrow don't need all that extra weight.
  10. Wilko's do a good range of bird seed just got a 12 kilo sack for 7 quid for the garden though, Hemp prices have gone crazy all the idiots and that nonsense CBD stuff, there are shops near me that sell dried hemp buds with a high CBD amount and under the legal amount of THC I don't know who is buying it but it is well pricey, that used to be known as getting mugged off back in the day
  11. There are a few to pick from, value for money and some very good but hard waters is Leamington AA, Comb Abbey do a very cheap year ticket with night fishing, very low stock of old carp. or if you want to splash out a bit there is Hams Hall or Kingsbury Water Park.
  12. I got bite by what i think must of been a horse fly last year, on my hand before setting up the swelling was something else, luckily she packs me loads of sprays and creams plus antihistamine pills, but if you want instant relief from a bad bite, take a bottle of corsodl mouthwash and soak a cloth and press on the bite area, works a treat.
  13. I keep a can of Wilko insect spray on me but only as a last resort 50% deet, i mainly use those wrist bands as they do work, will also use citronella in the bivvy, would love a thermocell just a bit pricey. The skin so soft needs constant application or very near gets a bit much.
  14. Orange dot belly near full leather mirror from stanwicks that had a orange dot on its belly seen a few with that marking in other waters.
  15. They are a pain in the bobbin, got a set myself cheap and nasty plastic sold at good money, they are meant to grip the line that's why they grip a bit too well, i use banksticks must be awful on a pod be getting something else before i next go out. i'm surprised JRC put their name on them.
  16. Well that's me in the dog house, brassy blonde from across the road just knocked on to borrow a strimmer trying her hardest to get me to mow her lawn.... yeah right i'll pop over lol.
  17. Perfect time of the year for a spot of fishing the waggler on the lift, this video explains how better than i could.
  18. I have had to put a few irons in the fire see if i cant get a club ticket on a promise i can join after spawning, after last year on day ticket waters not sure i want to do that this year, every time i fished stanwicks i had anglers waiting behind me to pack up for the peg, fair enough, but when i can't get packed up in my own time and my dog takes advantage and does what terriers do best and wonder off the red mist starts to fall, idiot took himself right around mallard lake spent a good half hour out hunting before he came back around my end of the lake, in that time i knew to keep the noise up banging his lead off tree trunks, one bloke had a moan, lol like i'm going to be civil about it and not go into recall mode, Stupid dog has has always had a strong independent streak, i used to let him go off on his own in the woods luckily so he knew to keep my bellowing in ear shot. Stanwicks and some other waters are not allowing dogs on for now, until things are back to normal.
  19. Ah, that's what i like about this site, even at 50 i'm not surrounded by whippersnappers with dodgey looking beards, fun fact growing a beard in Coventry was frowned apon years back unless you was a copper or something similar you would not get a job unless you shaved. Oh if you was wondering just how busy some lakes will be tomorrow just seen a guy on FB asking if the rivers are opening as well, going to be fun.
  20. I have always gone with the Shimano reels but i think the baitrunner style reel is just as good from most brands, i have the DL6000 and the ST6000 no difference in how they perform, Not one to jack a thread, but what's the difference in the size of baitrunners, 6000 to 10000 is it just a bigger spool or is the reel body bigger as well?
  21. The above cost is just for the lenses the frames are out the NHS draw, at least they have a selection these days lol.
  22. I got my latest prescription last year went with a varifocal lenses with gray transition, they cut out 100% UV but are not polarised, like those ones bluelable has found, bet they do cost as well mine were 205 notes all in, i had to pay 110. Always use my local optician, specsavers are no where near as thorough with their tests and the verifocal in my lenses is set perfect for where i need it. Still use a cheap pair of fish spotters for now
  23. Can't wait till they do a partial lift for things like angling, i don't expect to get out everyone who has never so much as dipped a net for Sticklebacks will be heading out, via a tackle shop to grab a fishing kit.
  24. I found a book years ago by Lucky Luciano about his life story loved the whole atmosphere of bootleg era New York and what Prohibition lead to. Tried some Asimov one of the foundation series? bit technical for me but i think it was based on turning power supply into a religion where those that run the system were some sort of religious order.
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