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  1. I have a question ref the antiseptic. Do people still use bonjella? It's some thing I've used before on barbel and was wondering if it was ok. Rich
  2. ReadingRich


    I got a carpology subby a couple of weeks ago good value with the offers they have.
  3. Popped into Hinders today picked up a new 42" Korum net and handle a new stick needle and a huge bag of 6 mil pellets.
  4. Hi Adam I've only been on this site a week and have been made very welcome and the amount of info on here is mind blowing. Good luck
  5. I got the Regal X 4500 biggest reel I've ever owned lol
  6. It's a lovely lake very pretty and the fish are stunning all commons so far. Rich
  7. A pair of Daiwa Phantom carp rods and a pair of Daiwa Regal reels though there used. Also a proper unhooking mat has made its way into the house as well.
  8. Hi all, Last summer I started to fish a lake on my local club ticket and had great fun catching 9lb lumps under a float with paste. By all accounts the fish go to 30lb but I'm happy with smaller doubles for the moment. I am interested if any one has any info on the lake as I hardly see any carpers on the it and the club site is pretty vague apart from a ban on nuts and boillies. Many thanks in advance. Rich
  9. Hello John I live in Wiltshire now but I'm always about Reading area and fish on the RDAA ticket.
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