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  1. Sad to hear it, we're all different & I just hope you hold fond memories of the good in him mate.
  2. I'm no expert, from personal experience it can be hard to relate, explain or burden, loved ones with your inner feelings. Yet a perfect stranger, that has no misgivings is a different matter & can be the desired tonic. I'm sure it wasn't personal stevo. Good for you ouchthathurt! Top man.
  3. I have a few different fox ones, very good alarms, nothing wrong with them, just don't look as good as my ATT's
  4. In no way whatsoever do I know difference this may make chemically, a fish farmer I know, swears by rock salt as an attraction. I tried it a few times with no success, but in theory wouldn't that alter the alkalinity of the surrounding water, whilst not providing much in the way of food source, hence your Bait would be present for any curious fish!! Just throwing it out there elmo
  5. One bite and a few knocks, need more time to get used to this new swim. But nice to get out
  6. I've often said it'd be much easier to catch birds from the lake, than carp. I remember a good mate had a duck from an 8ft bottom spot, hell of a scrap it put up. I even showed his missus the photo of him playing it in. Hilarious 😂
  7. Good luck Highy. I'm hoping to do a few hours tomorrow. I prebaited yesterday and saw a lump turn over 2ft from the spot🤞
  8. Really thought provoking, heart warming conversation. We as men are assumed to be insensitive to the effects of life. Quite often turning to drink or drugs as a coping mechanism. I for one would like to see a thread like this continue for any member to air there woes. It is good to talk & most on here are very considerate in their responses. Respect guys👏
  9. A bit of a contradiction in terms there mate. You do know FORD stands for Fix Or Repir Daily🤣 Go German IMO for a good van
  10. Has everyone given up?? 🤔 I'm surprised people aren't making the most of this turn in the weather! A bloke I know went to my water last weekend, had 10, lost 2.4 20's. From the same spot my other mate had a few from the week before. I'm itching to go, but missus wants the decorating doing. Damn it😕
  11. Someone started asking about cam girls he liked the other day, with a few pics of them in undies. Lasted all of half an hour, till nick came along🙄 I thought that would of made a very interesting thread☺️
  12. Good looking fish elmo, congrats. You look a little concerned though, I had to remind my mate to give us a smile ☺
  13. Lovely view Saturday morning. Nothing in the net though😕
  14. Blank for me again. My but my buddy had the new lake winter/autumn, record at 28 on the nose. Made up for him, he's absolutely buzzing.
  15. did it look anything like that stevo?
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