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  1. I'm hoping for some good news from the government today. The landlord of my resi has said we can only do one night, as that's how he's interpreted the rules🙄 Everywhere else I heard is open as usual. He's not having any of it, so fingers crossed it gets clarification today 🤞🤞🤞🤞
  2. Just got back from prebaiting for my 48 next weekend. I can't wait to get set up for the first time this year. I've usually managed to get out before this time of year, but as carbell says it could be one of the best times of the year to be out.
  3. It's CAT ie caterpillar for the thermal imaging camera. It's Android, I've tried with the old Sony and it just keeps saying device not in range🙄🙄 Thanks I'll have a look at them. I'm getting mainline at a good rate. It was £3a k before with the bannoffee shelf life, but he's put his prices up, I can get the cell and hybrid for similar money, so give that a go. As I'm writing it's dawning on me that I used to catch fish when I last used it, so hopefully get some luck back. I haven't had a decent fish n a few years now, so I'm in desperate need of some confidence.
  4. The left looks inviting elmo. Is that snaggy too?
  5. I can't get mine to sync wifi, which is annoying. Got some boilies air dying, had to switch bait companies, no more cheap selfies. Start a bit of prebaiting ready for next weekend.
  6. I recall getting one of these a while back. The concept is good, but I found the needle would tend to bend and not go straight through a hookbait or pop up, leaving the presentation awkward. Often taking many attempts before I was pleased with a snowman set up. My preferred needle is the fox one, goes through the hardest of pop up with ease, doesn't split hard or soft boilies and I get perfect presentation first time. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/fox-edges-micro-fine-needle
  7. Not carp gear, but a business I have been working for, for a few years now. Damp and waterproofing. I'm feeling quite happy about it. Hopefully a bit of security for my family and me for the foreseeable future. Best wishes to the regulars
  8. Don't take any tips off him then🤣
  9. I hear you blue!! Cold n windy, but just what the doctor ordered
  10. Sticky sharp is how the guy in my local shop described it to me, when I asked for a demo. Ever since my hooks always go out sticky sharp.👍 It hasn't massively increased my fish on the bank, but I've got every confidence in it. I land every bite.
  11. This was taken on just a phone. One of many good scenic shots on my new water, last year. It wasn't all bad. Can't wait to get out on the bank for a few nights🤞
  12. Betalin is my preferred poison ☠️ So use manilla😂
  13. That is some broom handle my man. Would it be possible that you have a 50mm butt ring on these rods? I've used these for 6 years, no issues whatsoever and I like that it grips the rod incase you get a hard take. (I wish🙄) https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/prologic-butt-klinger-rod-rest?gclid=CjwKCAiAuoqABhAsEiwAdSkVVGRe9cqwwJ7Jg6GwDbTwOSfp0OaKAdMxssJHMn7LezTxTWBJQwk-DBoCSAUQAvD_BwE
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