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  1. commonly

    Weed in the lake

    I don't should imagine the owner would like that! I got some info on here a few years ago about hydrated lime. I tried it a mates lake, previously full of Canadian. The summer brought u lovely Lilly pads & the 4/5"of silt has now gone pretty firm. I'd say it worked but get someone's agreement before you put any in
  2. commonly

    Weed in the lake

    Nice, them & the birds help keep the spots clear. My 9.5 acre syndic has a spot for each swim obviously & that's all you have. Any where between 4 & 22 wraps. Weird how it's been divided, solely down to the weed. A few of the members have moaned about bait rotting on the spots but what else can you do! Apart from have a word with the guy using low quality baits. No word yet, but there's talk of bait limits!
  3. commonly

    Weed in the lake

    Knowledge is key in my books. Find out where the spots are from anyone & everyone, until your confident that your rigs are sitting as intended, keep checking them. I spent the first few nights fishing in a ball of Canadian when I first joined a syndic a few years ago. That's a bit soul destroying when you think you've felt the drop & you're nearly on the spot. Not good enough so you keep on until you know for sure that you are fishing. Had my 1st fish out this year, not been back since spawning. Hoping to get there next weekend. I'm told the weed is up between 5 & 7 ft. Snowman popped up 4inch on a combine rig, with 7 freebies in mesh, in line fox cut out pear, set u to drop off (crucial in weed) bit of putty 10"from lead. Fairly tight line. It is daunting fishing thick weed but if you stick at it & get the rewards, I feel confident fishing any other type of conditions, enjoy!
  4. commonly

    Where Are The Carp In This Hot Weather

    Same as my son this afternoon. I could live with a recap. If you get a good scrap, which tends to be the case if you have a lump off the top. Fished 3 lakes this afternoon. Started hoying in the floaters once I'd located them. Spooked them, OK just a handful next spot, not so much soooked, more just moved off. Last lake, fish all over the place mainly low to mid doubles, on their noses with just the hook bait. A few aborted takes, then my time was up. Should of been arsed to get some more tiger bread. 🤔 Saw some lumps so learning what is where, need to do a bit of evening stalking without my clumsy 6 year old son. Who despite his best efforts could not be stealthy or quiet for longer than 5mins.
  5. commonly


    Always sad to see. Very difficult to control. From what I have been told, this is as much to do with the fishery as the angler. Their desire for cash over welfare will always take president. I believe, to eliminate the desease properly is a question of draining and liming the lake. Obviously causing huge cost & loss of income for the fishery. Mmm, it's not going to happen! As above I ensure all my gear is thoroughly dried, it's all I can do.
  6. commonly

    Where Are The Carp In This Hot Weather

    Great sight. Presumably they aren't interested in floaters? My favorite tactic to have em off the top is tiger bread. The bigger one's are more wary but no fish can resist. Love that type of angling
  7. commonly

    El Scorchio

    Or on the bank!
  8. commonly

    El Scorchio

    I can't get bankside due to work n kids, so love the good weather, too hot for fishing. A friend of mine is on elphics sweating his curlies off. Normally get well jell when a mates fishing, but not today. 😓😓😓
  9. commonly

    What is your newest purchase

    New estate lake ticket! Hope to start getting on the bigger one's this year
  10. commonly

    Petty theft, a growing issue?

    I am fairly security conscious anyway, but have now found myself being more so. As you say you could find yourself in the dock. I take some frustration from that recent case in the same sort of area.. Old boy killed the pikey #*+#, he wasn't charged by the law, but harassed with tribute flowers & they wanted the funeral procession to pass the old boys house? WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY COMING TO? Also thinking of requesting non contact less cards?
  11. Having just discovered that the little toe rag that broke into my van last week taking my wallet, loose change & tobacco, then went on a £150 contact less spending spree before my card was stopped. I am unsure if anything can be done to recover the money or get the cctv in shop, so will update in due course. Now, I had my jacket & wallet stolen from inside a job last year & apart from a crime no. the police could not be of any help. Whilst this is SE London, increasingly tradesmen are being targeted by these petty criminals due to high value tools, etc. in areas off the cctv grid. I am left feeling that so called petty (which in fact is the exact opposite) crime will only increase as the working/lower classes struggle with the ever increasing cost of living. So it feels like if the police & authorities can't protect us, will it be a case of every man has to safeguard his own property. & if that is the case, what is reasonable force, given most of these idiots carry knives. Is it worth the risk & how is it we have case's against homeowners injuring some mug who's in his property??
  12. commonly

    Fishing whilst spawning??

    It is odd how nature works, my syndicate lake closed 2 weeks after the other two on the same complex. The last 3 years I've been a member no fish have been caught between November and February.
  13. commonly

    Fishing whilst spawning??

    Yes I have heard of day tickets closing certain swims for this reason & they just care about the money. That's the way of the world. The EA have closed waters from march to June since I was a kid fishing canals & rivers. Have the spawning periods changed with global warming?
  14. commonly

    Fishing whilst spawning??

    I've tried looking for a thread on this but end up with just key words, so apologies, because I'm sure this must of been done before. Is it reaponsible angling to fish whilst they are spawning?? My syndicate water shuts for a month & the other venue follows ea closed season. I tried a few years back with no luck on a well known day ticket. Many angler's I know say it stresses the fish, they aren't interested in feeding & so, is bad angling. Yet going through recent threads, quite a few angler's are fishing on waters where they are clearly spawning? I'm a little confused... Sensible opinions appreciated