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  1. commonly

    November Catch reports

    Nice fish bud, sounds like you smashed it
  2. commonly

    Rod Shots

    I've just switched to scopex squid, used it once & will try it a few more times. All in an effort to hook one of the big commons in my syndicate water. For some reason I couldn't see the whole page with the description of your bait. I think it made mention to commons, so keep me informed if you land more scale ones please.
  3. commonly

    Rod Shots

    I've only used a mates old boat, no tech on it, I can see it could give you an edge. No boats allowed on my syndicate so haven't invested in one. I guess the more you use it the more effective you will be.. Bait is a whole different story??? Tried all sorts in the past few years, still not 100% on anything??
  4. commonly

    Rod Shots

    Did you try out your boat? They can be very effective if you get the bait right
  5. commonly

    Rod Shots

    I guess its a preference thing, a friend of mine has his alarm between the 2nd & 3rd eye?? He still catches. & cause some damage too! I use bait runners so not a problem, just loosen the clutch a bit. Personally I like the way it sits with the butt ring past the alarm so the line sits up to the alarm wheel then drops straight down to the swinger. It should give a better indication of a drop back bite.
  6. commonly

    Rod Shots

    Just curious as to why you have your butt ring so close to alarm?? I'd have it past the alarm so you would have more free movement of the line to the swinger, to my mind giving you a better indication.
  7. commonly

    2 or 3 rods

    Me too, 2 Rod rule makes me consider the possibilities a bit more. I do believe too many lines in the water can make the fish wary or turn them off. Quite comfortable & happy with 2. If I was fishing a big pit or reservoir I may go to 3. I've never had 2 go at the same time, although I've got 2nets, it'd be impossible to deal with 3 or 4??
  8. commonly


    Club waters can be good value for money. I went as a guest to a local water, a bailiff did come by each day. Some of the waters round here get poached by the 'anians. So most established waters are being vigilant. I fish a syndicate and an estate lake. The Syndicate I'd expect to see at least one bailiff, normally 2 every day. There is 4 lakes on the complex. 1 private hire so they tend to check all is OK there & clean toilets etc. Tackle & safety equipment is checked for the first few weeks of the new season. Been there a few years now, so pretty much left to get on with it. The estate lake, no bailiff to speak of. Rules are standard EA on the membership form. Only seen the odd Angler, over 5 lakes separated by river & wider systems. I could run around naked and not see a soul. It's a little bit of paradise! So. I could say no bailiff at all works for me!
  9. commonly


    18?? Surely questionable as to their relationship to the owners & their knowledge, but you'd have to show them the respect their title deserves, I guess. just laugh at them out of earshot if they are a pair of muppets. A good bailiff should set out any basic rules from the off, then pretty much leave you to it. You'd expect them to pass by daily. Maintaining the venue is important imo.
  10. commonly

    New to carping

    Some of us prefer to call it lake watching, with a bit of bird feeding to break it up!
  11. commonly

    October Catch Reports

    Congratulations on your retirement, nice! Pleanty of time for fishing now?
  12. commonly

    October Catch Reports

    Shouldn't this be November's catch report blue?
  13. commonly

    Lodge on the bank lake

    I know a few lads that go here every year https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=pavyotts+mill&oq=pavot&aqs=chrome.2.69i57j0l3.5278j0j4&client=ms-android-tmobile-gb&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 If you don't mind travelling
  14. As above 2-3 times a year, you never know what the line goes through underwater, I'd hate to loose the fish of a lifetime for the sake of £15
  15. commonly

    Silly Rules

    Would that no boats rule cover placing baits by boat, whereas you could go out to unsnag a fish in a boat? My complex, you can go out to retrieve fish or lost tackle, but it must be 2 in the boat with life jackets & someone one on the bank. In a perfect world I can understand, but in reality how are you going to get 2 other anglers to wind in & assist?? A lot of the time there's not even that many people there. If I had to, I'd just wade out to the fish. Max depth is 8ft