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  1. It certainly isn't your average day ticket water😊
  2. Are you fishing snaggy waters Ian? There's yonny's write up and table showing stretch vs diameter /breaking strains on a thread from a few years ago,which is very useful. From that thread, I started using the GT HD. 15lb, superb line, none of the usual faults, that are common with other mono's. I used it on my previous syndi that had more Canadian weed than water, never had any issues. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/gardner-gt-hd-mono-line?gclid=Cj0KCQjwt5zsBRD8ARIsAJfI4BhySYV1soidRliRKmfSJM0aaxQzD-t9DuHrCNGp8SzoEYu1Kg6vXCwaAqeYEALw_wcB
  3. Had an overnighter, no action for me, but my mate had 2 late doubles. Immaculate condition. Nice times
  4. My go to hooklink, many uses for different presentations. https://www.tacklebox.co.uk/lines/hooklink-materials/rig-marole-hydrolink.html Perfect combi rigs, I use a splits hot where I strip the fluro from inside the braid👍
  5. Whilst it is sad, it's a fact of life. Not so nice for the poor soul that found him. & if the guys an angler, I'm guessing it happened fairly quickly, not a bad way to go IMO. I'd take that over months of pain and discomfort in and out of hospital, loosing my marbles, etc.
  6. I suppose they wouldn't get much meat from little dogs😋
  7. I know of a local day ticket with an HONESTY Box, completely emptied of all fish species & even ducks by EE'S. Blatantly just cooking up on the Bank. Local park lake, has mesh stone crates reinforced banks. They started with cord tied to branches, which were quickly removed, they then started tying the cord to the mesh crates slightly underwater, sneaky bar stewards. A landing net pole or stick walked around the margins is how we tried to dispatch them, but as with anyone trying to get something, they were determined to have a free lunch and have slowly emptied it. The other year one of chefs from a local Chinese restaurant was caught with a carrier bag full of ducks from the pond too!!
  8. As tried and failed on here, trying to get a group together is a blooming nightmare!! I've got a pass for next weekend. 3 of my fishing pals want to have a get together (social), only two of them get on (they both don't like the odd one), but both want to fish different venues?? 🙄Private lake with a few 30's & cats to 70lb (my boy is desperate to have one) but for the same sort of money my other mate wants to go for our annual trip to Linear(no need to list stock😀) . My (&other guys) thoughts & doubts are, by the time we get to Linear, on the Friday night, most of the descent swims will be gone. 🤯🤯🤯 I tend to agree with you elmo, I'm not very sociable and as soon as you go with someone else, it gets blooming awkward!!
  9. The carp gods are funny when you're in a rush and hectic, you catch. When you're all prepped and sorted you blank. Well that's how it's happened for me in the past anyhow. 🤣
  10. commonly

    August catches

    Just goes to show, that you should follow gut instinct 😉
  11. commonly

    August catches

    Nice one geez. You didn't blank, so good for you and some lovely looking fish too.
  12. commonly

    August catches

    Lovely little gem Highy! Good angling
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