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  1. commonly

    Zig fishing

    Got that in 10lb, very strong and thin diameter. I'm gutted! got to the lake someone in my usual spot. Went in another spot, fish cruising, 10-11ft deep!! I was expecting the usual 4-5 ft. No zig float, tried long lengths very awkward due to overhangs and lilies, so I'm experimenting with a pike float!! 🤣 🤞I'll have a pic or two to post when I get back Sunday.
  2. commonly

    Zig fishing

    Size 6? So you just side hook the foam? I found aligners split and didn't seem to sit so well, similarly bands.
  3. commonly

    Zig fishing

    Do you use a zig aligner yonny? If not would you be so keen nd as to let me know your hook arrangement?
  4. Nice one elmo! I was on the tube last night trying to get any little hints n tips. I'll have a look tonight 👍
  5. 4 mag rollers for my ATT's. 3 tubs of antpowder🙁 Avid dumbell zig hook baits, black, white and orange! 1st 48 this Friday since the end of March😊
  6. Elmo, the fox underwater YouTube video I posted in zigs shows how red yellow and black perform underwater. OK they are in the same lake, but interesting how the yellow performs. I've never done so well with yellow, although my only fish from the car park came on a yellow topped snowman. In about 8 ft of relatively clear water. The previous syndicate, gin clear I couldn't catch using coloured pop ups, yet matched to the freebies, I did very well.
  7. Yep. Ironic not the type of bite we're there for🙄
  8. commonly

    June Catches

    Isn't it July Andy?? Great capture though mate. Not too sure about a social, but I hope to get up there in the next few months! I'll let you know 😉
  9. commonly

    Zig fishing

    Literally where he's fishing! A polish guy I know said they prefer the smaller carp to eat, is that the same in Portugal Macali?
  10. commonly

    Zig fishing

    I'll let you know, my minds made up! For now anyway!!! 🤣 it's so simple. I love the concept! Fine tuning to my current kit and set up, required, but I hope to get it together in the next few sessions. I couldn't care less about feeding puddle pigs for someone else's benefit. My current venue doesn't get kilos upon kilos of bait thrown in, so the average is late double early 20's. Nature has its balance is the owners philosophy and I tend to agree.
  11. commonly

    Zig fishing

    Do you and your gear get covered in gloop, though paws?
  12. commonly

    Zig fishing

    From what I can tell the blokes who do zig fishing well, on this forum, don't spod either and they advise not to glug the foam or bug either. I'm not experienced at it, by any means but I plan to fish this way from now on. No more boilies😉 or bait of any kind. Environmentally friendly way to fish. You can have a 50mm zig if you think they are on the bottom of the lake!
  13. commonly

    Zig fishing

    Someone on here told me they use this weed rake, to stir up the lake bed, thus drawing fish in for the naturals and/or out of curiosity. I've come to thinking having tried it once and having fish show on the spots within 20 minutes, it is the way to go. From what I've seen of sloppy zig mixes, you need to be prepared to get messy. Condensed milk, custard, honey, ground bait, bread all kinds of different baits. The rake, I hope will do the business!
  14. I've got Cygnet, had them a few years and lasting OK so far. Reasonably priced. Hardly ever used though, so probably not properly field tested! 😢 yonny wouldn't steer you wrong if you can afford them
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