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  1. Tell me about it!!! I called BT after moving to them from sky, first time my DD was cancelled, I called from mobile to 0345, to my disgust I had £24 added to mobile bill. After 4 more attempts they still keep cancelling DD's, so even the biggest phone company is up to these tricks!! w~#@%#s!!!! Although I now talk to them on live chat
  2. Off topic slightly, Have been looking at fishing in Essex & keep being told about the Quarry, Cleverley Fisheries. they look to have a good few lakes & stocks look impressive. Anyone experienced the venue/s
  3. Love the KD style, I tie the hook this way on a combi rig as I think it gives an aggressive hook angle without the need for tubing. I use Korda Krank 4-8 dependant on pop up size. I agree with the above comment, but now always sharpen any hook I use. my preferred length of hair is between 10 & 20mm from hook dependant on bait size, I feel a bit of distance makes it harder for the fish to spit the hook once it realises the bait is on a rig.
  4. as above , keep it simple, floaters are a good bet, don't wet a line till you get them feeding though!!
  5. Is it just my part of the world or are the carp spawning on & off, on & off. I know a few syndicates that have shut & then reopened & shut again. my ticket, that's still open has lost a few speci's in the last few weeks. Whilst I'm aware of the odd carp meeting it's end from spawning (not too bad a way to go ), this year seems to be a unusual one. Thoughts please
  6. Luggage & odd terminal bits only. Probably get slated for this, but Korda u can't go wrong with for end tackle. Useful diagrams in case you're stuck with tying knots etc. As with everything in life you get what u pay for, but don't pay over the odds. It is expensive but better quality will last longer. NGT is ok for beginners, just upgrade when you can afford it. Happy carping fella
  8. Well said CM. A lot of waters near me are overstocked with fast growing strains of foreign fish & whilst the majority of 'Carp', anglers are happy to throw 10's if not 100's of £'s worth of bait into a puddle in pursuit of that new PB, that looks the same as the other carp in the lake. My recent experience of digging the back garden for my bait, mixing up a bit of crumb & pellet on the bank took me back decades, reviving the kid on the canal in me, more organic & my approach has now been changed from sitting waiting for the receiver to sound to watching/anticipating my float to rip off. Well at least in the daylight hours!
  9. It's now got me thinking of using the round bait but presented with a float cos in a month or so there's going to be 5ft of Canadian weed everywhere. So no need to dump a lead, drop & present easily on the spots. Got to worth experimenting??? Worm & boillie???
  10. Well I had a 3-4lb tench, so that's better than a kick in the proverbials!! & yes I enjoyed using the float & feel it gave a much better understanding of the swim than just chucking a lead out. BIG UP FLOAT FISHING!!!
  11. still a bit chilly fella, wrap up warm & hope the adrenaline kicks in when your alarms scream!!!
  12. I'm thinking of presenting them with a float, just think my carp rods are a bit heavy duty & don't have a float rod. Should be able to cast out well but don't want to look a noddy as the lake is always busy & everyone there is very particular. Now I'm not normally one to give a stuff, but equally I don't want to be known as the odd one. Should I just present them on the bottom???
  13. Me too!!!! Need a green laser pen!!!
  14. I used to always use meat & emptied a park lake with the obvious luncheonmeat. I sometimes think of going back to it, the nuisance fish can be well a nuisance, but the armamesh stocking will prevent the tiddlers nibbling it in no time & I guess it would work well in presenting raw meats/fish that otherwise would come off the hair/hook. I'm also minded to use another old favourite ,that I don't believe other anglers are usingonmy syndicate, is worms. Dead or alive???
  15. Good call. have you seen the topic may 10th, s'posed to be a good night to wet your line. I'm doing Thursday after work, but no work Fri, so can pack up around lunchtime to avoid M25 gridlock. The very best of luck in your quest, mines a Yately common, PLEASE!!!!!