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  1. Do you move the hook bead at all elmo? I try to keep it at the end the shank, before the curve, so the bait screw (I use micro swivel with dental floss) only moves on the shank. Imo meaning more of the hook is in its mouth, always goes centre bottom lip. I use floss on the micro swivel as I think it allows the hook bait to move more naturally.
  2. So I've been prebaiting the last few weeks, in preparation for the weekend. As the water level has dropped at least 12 ft since I joined, there are various rocks, tree stumps, clams, etc. that are causing me great concern that if I get a take I am likely to get cut off😏. So I am thinking hydro tuff line and only fish a few wraps out to minimize the risk. Thoughts and recommendations gratefully received 👍
  3. Who designed this?? Well handy to open a notification😅
  4. Y? It does not seem like an improvement to me. 🙄🤯
  5. Well, look at what you're doing right first buddy,, You're getting a take, arguably the most important start to the puzzle! So, slowly tweak your rig until you bank every bite. Without telling you how to suck eggs, one by one one alter the hook link length, hook pattern, hair length, etc. Eventually it the puzzle will fit into place. It's all part of the adventure to your quest👍
  6. I feel your pain mate. I lost one last time out too. Just got to make sure everything is right and eventually it will work out. That's what I keep telling myself anyway 🤣
  7. Excellent result mate. I bet your buzzing?? 👍👍👍
  8. I have about 20k to last. He's going to a European competition in a few weeks. Providing about 500k for his team. 😳 I can get mainline for reasonable prices if I need it, but this bait comes ridiculously good value, s
  9. 2 nights on the bank next weekend. Been Baiting up twice, again tomorrow and Tuesday, had to limit it to a few k due to bait company fulfilling orders, so no more available until the end of the month 😭
  10. Sweet catch highy! Nice one mate. Bar of gold!
  11. Great feeling to get one at the death. Nice one
  12. Good stuff elmo, your hard work and effort is really paying off.
  13. There's always something I forget🙄 Best of British mate🤞
  14. Good angling geez! You made it happen, well done
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