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  1. Have you got a vice elmo? IMO just as important as the file, the magnifying glass is useful too!!
  2. Well worth a try in this cold weather mate. I use either a cut down pop up or a piece of foam. Put some freebies in pva stocking or a bag. Sometimes end up with the odd perch, but hey it's a fish🙄
  3. I tried sweetcorn goo for a while when they first came out. No luck. My preffered dip is Betalin, lovely sweet flavouring. done me a few fish, had my only fish out the car park on it, so I'm fairly confident it works. I agree with the above comments, not much point in glugging freebies, it's the hook ait I want to make more attractive. Seems logical, that's why I've applied it to my fishing.
  4. Have you thought about trying maggots Highy??
  5. I'd have to say the best jacket I own is a North face one, with a fleece liner. Not cheap but very good quality and effective in all weather's! Had it about 10 years, still in good condition 😉
  6. I've got a 72 hour sesh booked (with the missus) late April at Linear. Looked on their website, Oxlease closed due to flooding, some of the lads are absolutely smashing st johns🤯. I wish I could get there now!! I've not been there for the last 2 years, so really looking forward to it🤞 My mates, making noises about a new prototype Bait from A2, to take with us. I've been using their Bait the last few times out and seems to work better than the last few brands I have used.
  7. We tend to use a 42 inch (106cm) net over here for carp fishing. It's the pole for the net I was advising you to try. The greys one is quite stiff. The Trakker one broke on the spigot within a few outings!! Not happy about that😒
  8. The only form of marker float I use is my fishspy. ( yes I know you don't like it yonny) but, it's not been out for a while. But it has it's place in my arsenal. I'm with you elmo, bait out in the general area, I feel is less likely to spook or warn fish, that there is a trap waiting for them. Saying that, I know some guys do very well with kilos dumped out of their Bait boat. Although you'd be surprised how much the bait spreads out on the way down (underwater footage) even the tightest spombing will spread out quite a bit. I suppose it's down to personal preference/confidence . I'm confident in a good spread, generally put out by hand or with my catapult. 7-9 freebies in a pva stocking on the hook.
  9. The one's I use, had them for several years. Air dry after use. Very impressed with them. I brought the net from Yately angling centre for about £80-90. Nice stiff pole, worth going into the shop to test, down to preference if you like it hard or soft😜
  10. I use this almost every time I fish now. Many benefits in its use. Especially the fact the fish seem to turn up after 10-15 minutes to see what's been going on!! 😉
  11. Welcome aboard mate! You're asking the right questions and the lads on here will give you great advice. Its a minefield of information to take in and as I found out when starting out in carp fishing, you can get caught up on certain methods and before you know it, you've got a tackle box full of metal and plastic that you don't really need. I won't get into too many specifics. My advice would be to keep things simple, so you're confident, pulling tools to check your not going to get snapped off, sharp hooks, good quality bait. Just keep at it, small adjustments can have a big impact on your results. Underwater footage completely changed my approach to fishing.
  12. Hi Dayvid, I was down you neck of the woods today. Going along m27 past rownhams. Broadlands looks to of burst its banks, they must be gutted and likely to loose a good few fish!! Real shame to see
  13. How do you get on with the chunky tire Ian??
  14. Good luck Highy! I hope you're new alarms get a good test today 🤞
  15. Agree, the only brand in fishing I will avoid, high price for very low grade quality. The few items I've brought didn't last very long and were soon binned. Poor response from customer service too.
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