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  1. commonly

    Hook Damage

    I pray I never see another fish in this condition.
  2. commonly

    Hook Damage

    I felt sick when I saw this poor poor animal. I applied fish care. Bailiff jokingly named it Nemo. Unfortunately evidence of some disgustingly bad angling.
  3. commonly


  4. commonly

    Fishing around J6 (M25)

    Not sure about the owner, I like Andy there. I think they've moved the cats out of snipe into Tuscany. Tried it twice a few years ago. Had a few pasties & bream. Only buy a bit of bait (if I haven't pre ordered) from there, now Wickhams has shut in my town. Similar stories with the hedge court lakes. Supposed to be a few gems in there, but rumours are rife about them taking a trip a bit further down the 264?
  5. commonly

    Fishing around J6 (M25)

    Ive walked bay pond a few times. Owned by some nature reserve, so I'm not sure if you can fish it. I heard there's only small carp & silvers put in there since they drained it a few years ago. Had lunch at wire mill the other day, closed season. Talk has it, a few of the bigger ones came from beaver in the floods of 97? Or is it a fisherman's tale?
  6. commonly

    Fishing around J6 (M25)

    Absolutely! I take my son there, had a few pike over the Xmas period. Can't wait for it the new season. I will give you notice as I remember owing you a guest ticket. Nearly shat myself when the cadets came past me at the army lake. Guns blazing! Ha. Ha. Great memories already!
  7. commonly

    Fishing around J6 (M25)

    Pipping Ford is closed till June. Ian was most gracious telling us about the place. Amazing is an understatement. For obvious reasons when you have seen it, it's the kind of place you won't want too many angler's on. Had a nice one from a friends syndicate lake last week. Full of spawn. Have you thought of an Isfield ticket? A few people I know fish Horsted Keynes, Imber Horne & Dormans land. Well priced @ £70-90sh. Be lucky
  8. commonly

    Gabriel's fishery

    Isfield is a club. Used to sign up at Wickham East Grinstead. Not sure now. Can get you details if u like? Not joined myself but fished one of 2 lakes in West Hoathly. There's quite a few around, Dormans land. Felbridge & Uckfield way. Interesting about Gabriel's. I have a ticket at yately, so only really fish ocal with my son. Is there rules on kids there?
  9. commonly

    May catch reports................

    At the death, (literally packing away alarms) on an overnighter with my son, friends & their kids. Good memories!
  10. commonly

    Gabriel's fishery

    Not fished it. Walked around. Close range, which I like. But silly rules. You've got to catch a certain size from one pond before you can fish the speci pond? Put me off. Have tried any of the Isfield waters?
  11. commonly

    Safe Zone leader or Tungsten Tubing

    Sound advice above fella. A lot of these clips & links are a bit of a gimmick. I saw a video showing how much movement there is on a lead clip to the hair. I will now only use it in silty conditions when you may need that kind of movement. I am a firm believer in keeping things simple. Mainline with running or drop off leads. Bead to swivel & hook link. It takes seconds to tie, keeps terminal tackle cost down & is less likely to cause tangles. I know some venues require a leader of sorts. Wouldn't fish them personally.,but a good angler I know swears by lead core, if used correctly.
  12. commonly

    Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Same as that. Sticky only seem to be shelf life in most shops. Got link through a mate who got lucky. Used to use cell or hybrid. Expensive, but now very reasonable. Dark brown almost black. Don't go white like most do when they're washed out.
  13. commonly

    What is your newest purchase

    Crays arent a concern for me thankfully. Just peace of mind it stays on the hair. Don't think the missus has any tights or would believe me if I told her why I'd need them
  14. commonly

    Mainlines latest offering The Link

    Well 'the link' didn't do me any favours the other week at linear. Temps dropped a lot & no-one near-by had anything. I had a few key in matching glug, which gave off a great slick on impact with the water. All looked good but no rewards. Has anyone had any success with the link yet?
  15. commonly

    View from your bivvy door.

    Ox lease. Linear. A couple of weeks ago for my birthday. Nothing to put in the catch reports though. So nothing new there I'm afraid 😨