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  1. Same as regards cheap ones. don't bother. As you say, some named brands are eye-watering prices. Cygnet are very reasonably priced. I have bank sticks, buzz bars and distance sticks, no complaints from me.
  2. Excellent feeling getting your pb ( I think I can just about remember that far back 🙄), nice old warrior by the look of it. BTW it's July mate. Cracker..!
  3. Have you heard of (not 100% sure it's right), The Farm Lake? Someone I have a lot of respect for his fishing ability, is on the look out for, he said its down that way & holds a few real lumps
  4. I thought you built one in lockdown mate
  5. Reminds me of the CarPark with all that weed. Did you not make contact mate?
  6. Expensive to get a good one. Guy I know spent £600 on the drive wheel for his as an upgrade to fish a local res. I'm lucky, I can load a boat more or less right on the car park /slip way
  7. My res, it's nearly 2 miles away, have to put the front on my bivvy when I need a carp
  8. They are tight. I put mine on the bank sticks first, which makes it easier to get the cover off. No other issues, had mine about 5 years
  9. Not yet mate. Funny I was talking about this today. They check EA licence. Going in August. I'll let you know if it's a good.
  10. Trekker,£75, lasted 3 trips ( various other items from this firm, dog do, do, imo.) Greys, £70, lasted just over a year Sonik Vader X, still going £45 over 4 years. Recently, 2 Sonik STR 3.75 Tc both snapped after 7 years ( I don't go more than once a month and fish rock hard waters, so not exactly pulling them in. Sonik spod rod, top eye ring fell out within a month. No joy n return as brought from online stores & Eric's tackle. No response from Sonik?? I seem to live by the law of the sod! Landing net seems good for the money though, 2 piece, so good for stalking the margins in theory?
  11. I've never liked the look of these type of cookers/stoves, far too small, prone to going over. With my dinner in, no, no! Camping gas stove, comfortably takes my fryng pan. Millets shop today, £12 for 8 cans of gas. That will see me through the rest of the year.
  12. My mate J st got the jrc contact. 2 man, small bag and very light for the size. £150 you can't go wrong imo
  13. I would, I use a 50lb shock leader, after cracking off. Its never happened since. Great, simple knot for quick change.
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