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  1. Cheers mate! I don't have much weight in them, I put bait, drink and grub, in the middle bag. It's important to get the weight distributed well for sure. My mate has the fat boy version and any long hike, he ends up tipping and doing 2 trips 🀣🀣🀣. I saw a new post in search of a syndi down your way Dayvid, not sure if you can point him in the right direction??
  2. Well in bigbass!! Those beauties would qualify for the first fish in the July catch reports?? πŸ˜‰
  3. Hi, Keep trying it mate, it seems like Boris forget to tell the carp he's relaxing socialising rulesπŸ˜‰ They're still isolatiing Seriously, a lot of waters are not fishing very well, not too sure if its the weather/spawning whatever! Be careful fishing those park lakes buddy, I bet there's some right bankers hanging around there in the evenings
  4. Fingers crossed for you mate! Be lucky
  5. Not too bad, stopped twice each way. 10 minute walk without the Barrow. I guess I like being comfortable when doing an overnighter
  6. Enough for a quick overnighter?? It always seems to much and yet I always forget a few things??
  7. Thanks. Had to set up the bivvy for n firm flattish ground. Glad I did, it was blowing a gale all night last night long! A taste of what's to come in the autumn /winter!! No joy, still learning. The owner sent out an email and no one is catching!! My rigs came in all clean, so I know I'm fishing OK. Spent forever watching the water, but with foot high waves it's near on impossible to spot any shows. Although the mind starts to play tricks on meπŸ€ͺ Good luck tomorrow gents πŸ‘
  8. Gone in the bay by the inlet. It is windy as!! The bivvy is close to taking off!! πŸƒ
  9. Got a pass for a cheeky overnighter, van loaded, quick job at lunchtime then on the bank as quick as!
  10. Quick couple of hours with my son. Had a few from the pasty lake, we had great fun floated crust off the top!
  11. Yeah mate sorry Β£1.60. & i only get 5 weekends a year fishing (πŸ˜•), so that cost comes right down I like these leads for the listed reasons. I did buy knock offs a while back, but they needed drilling out and the difference in quality was clear to see after a few retrievals. If I was young free and fishing all the time, I probably would look to get cheaper ones, but as they say its the last 12" that matters!!
  12. My old ticket, it was the rules! Plus a ton of Canadian meant if you didn't you would be in for some kind of hassle. I used to feel that way elmo but what's a quid for fish safety? I lost a few last week with no fish to show for itπŸ™„
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