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  1. That fully scaled is a beauty, fish of a lifetime. Nice one yonny!
  2. I thought he was my way Sussex Kent way? No posts for a while, it'd be nice to know he's OK? Maybe he got banned in all the banter with one of the trolls??
  3. Yeah, I was talking to a mate this morning, he has a 2 acre syndicate water just 20 mind away from me. I was buttering him up, to see if I might be able sneak down there for a while. He's had a letter from the Environment agency forcing him to close it, anyone found breaking the rule will be fined!! 😭
  4. Straight from the City of London Police fraud team - Extremely sophisticated scam going about this morning. Definitely Danske bank customers but possibly all banks. You get a message saying a payment hasn’t been taken eg O2, EE, (etc) and to click here. DO NOT DO IT!! As soon as you touch it the money is gone. They already have all your details and it’s the most advance scam the banks have ever seen. Pass this on to everyone. Please. The Police are being inundated with calls - thousands flying out of peoples accounts! Spread the word! Doing the rounds on WhatsApp, but still thought I'd put it up πŸ‘
  5. Like I heard on the radio last night. The world's richest man is able to provide and amass further fortunes!! Amazon deliver almost everything!! Personally I prefer the Bay. I ordered a paddling pool heater and cover last week, turned up in usual time. Just waiting for the government to freeze water and electric bills and I will get the pool filled up and at a lovely warm temperature!
  6. Agree, the paint is staying in the shed until I've completely run out of little jobs. Hopefully it will stay there! I'd rather watch it dry than put it on, having been a decorator when I left school, painting is like pulling teeth for me😩
  7. I've got ones like this but with orange sponge bits. Very happy with them, several seasons no issues with my XTR'S
  8. Oh look you can still go?? I guess certain tweaks to the forum are more important than othersπŸ€”
  9. We'll be put on the naughty step again 😜
  10. I've said it before and I'll say it again! Nice to see we are free to express an open view on hereπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„who m o d s the m o d. I foolishly thought we lived in a country that allows freedom of speech. Very disappointed to see opinion shut down because its not in line with someone's thinking!
  11. I booked majorca for late May with TUI. Thankfully paid on credit card, so hope to get a full refund. Friends in that industry advised to get the refund, due to the control factor. If you accept an alternative and something caused a further cancellation, then you could risk the financial loss. Having the money to pay for an alternative should put you in a stronger position if and when things are available, chances are you can get a better deal. I'm sure it's going to take a while before things find an equilibrium.
  12. Must have app!! Maybe the title for a new thread?? What cue do you use mate? UK's mine
  13. Where"s kieffer blooming sutherland when you need him?? He'll sort this all out, in 24!!
  14. As usual unclear messages from our pompus leaders. It would appear its only key workers that should be going to work?? If I am wrong I would be happy to be corrected!!
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