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  1. Don't be afraid to ask,sensible anglers (in my experience) will help you out or point you in the right direction. I've just been camping on a new venue for the last two years. I'm definitely not a regular, but slowly gaining the knowledge. I love the challenge of a new decent water, if it was easy I think I would quickly lose interest. Not that I've caught much lately, but having been down the road of changing too many elements on new venues. I found that can really knock your confidence & more often than not go back to my own way. I prefer to keep my fishing simple. You're either on them, or your not. As they say it's called fishing, not catching
  2. Looks nice there David. Good size common last night. I can't wait to get out next week for a 48. Best of luck mate 👍
  3. White vane as far as I know has KHV, so give a wide berth. Never heard of woodmere?? Plenty of good syndicates in the area
  4. So true Corbyn sadly got splinters from sitting on the fence with brexit. I fear you're right, the communist way of life seems to be our destiny
  5. Power very much shifted when this tech company., blocked the so called most powerful man in the world last year. Now one of them has lost the power??
  6. There's no panic, the army are being drafted in. But not until after the weekend??? Worst joke of the year so far! They couldn't give a flying one. If & when, there's an enquiry into all the money gifted to their mates & hundreds of small businesses bankrupted due their careless actions, they'll all be in the house of lords and untouchable. Lessons must be learned and all that bull. If the left is what we pin our hopes on then we're in trouble, they need to get their house in order & quite frankly we have all heard the usual get out ' this is the mess left by the previous government.' Look at how they behave in PMQ' s public school boy jeering, what the...... It's one rule for them and another for the rest of us We need a party or government, that truly has the general publics interest at heart, surely that needs to be run by the people. What have we got to hope for??
  7. I said to someone last year during lock down, this is the prequel to hunger games!! Holy carp, what next??
  8. I brought one of these instead of a telescopic rod. Sorry it's a dated version but they do a newer Tribal version in 4 piece https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313680510015?hash=item4908d0bc3f:g:ZqQAAOSwvvhhJPyb Great bit of kit, fits nicely into a suitcase. I've had various size shimano reels on it, but go with the 10000 bait runners for a nice balance
  9. Good start, best of luck mate 👍
  10. Imo if it snaps between two pulling tools, it will definitely snap with an angry 20+. I do pull to near destruction for my own piece of mind. 3 turn blood knot on fluro hook link. Often I find different knots snap depending on the line material, so I keep trying different knots until I am happy that they won't give up on me I would put it under a lot more tension than most carp, I do still test them You get them in mate, so do what your comfortable with, it works for you.
  11. If I can pull a rig apart, then it is not good enough. Agreed a 20lb+ fish will easily do the same. Not fish safe, if the hook link will be left in its mouth. I test each and every rig to near destruction.
  12. I'm not on facegram, but will get the missus to have a look. Thanks
  13. Ice pack and lay flat my mate. Not nice, hope you are able to make it to the bank at some point
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