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  1. Definitely a bear 🐻 I get in a flap about rats n foxes
  2. I would of papped it. I wouldn't be able to sleep in case it came back. Apparently they're quite common out there!
  3. Someone I know fishing in Croatia had a visitor to his bivvy😳
  4. I suppose, but the brand have been around for a while. I'm sure my first alarm was an optonic. If only??
  5. I quite like the look of these. Plenty of other bits I need first though. C'mon the lottery win, it must be my turn soon https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/optonic-g3-smart-bite-alarm
  6. I recently brought the shimmy spod rod. Very impressed with it. Only problem is I now want 3 new rods to match. Is there a lot of difference between the tx2 & tx4's? Apart from the obvious cost!
  7. It's still a bit tender. My own fault for not giving it the respect I should have 🙄
  8. Cream boilie and light red pop up. Snowman. It would appear that it's not as unusual occurrence as I first thought. My mate also had it happen to him, a few times at this time of year.
  9. It's not pinned down, but fairly loose drag on my bait runners, they can only swim into open water from where I was, so no need to fish locked up mate
  10. I wouldn't like to be a little silver fish when those teeth catch up with you. I was lucky to get away with a little scratch
  11. I'm guessing he took the boilies as I reeled in past hid nose. Never had a pike on boilies before 🤯
  12. Look what took my last bait to be reeled in!! Took a chunk of my thumb👍 when I tried to get a decent picture!! I guess he was camera shy😢
  13. At the death! Looks like a cheque book and pen for me this time out.
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