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  1. commonly

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    This seems as good a thread as any. In recent discussions I have been minded to use Scopex Squid. One of the write ups says an angler tore my syndicate lake to pieces with it! Nash seem to be the main supplier, but wondered if anyone knows of a reliable source?
  2. commonly

    Uk holiday

    Not been for years, I know someone who has, but not my cup of tea. It used to be in a terrible state with lines trailing everywhere. Commy cash cow is the impression I have of the venue. I used to have a syndicate ticket near there. Nice little 2acre with a good stock of British carp. Maybe available for private hire. Pm if interested. Meynards is supposed to be good. Not fished it personally, but it's in that area.
  3. commonly

    Uk holiday

    Lakeside, Chichester, West Sussex. A few lakes I think and some lovely beaches nearby
  4. commonly

    September catch results..........................

    Bar of gold mate, nice one
  5. commonly

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    Makes sense I guess? Surely not every angler is fishing Maggot though? Unless your sponsored maggots get expensive when you buy gallons, which is why I was surprised to notice limits being put in the rules. If I remember rightly wasn't it mid year, my syndi was closed for spawning, so planned to go oxlease, first time ever, it was closed! There must be so much rotten bait on the bed in that lake! & other pressured waters. Had the same issue a few weeks back , booked to stay at lakeside chichester, planned to fish Vinnetrow. Closed. Low oxygen levels in this case.
  6. commonly

    September catch results..........................

    I call it bird watching they love the food I put out for them!
  7. commonly

    What is your newest purchase

    Sweet. DVD, 7&8 changed the way I fish forever😉
  8. commonly

    What is your newest purchase

    Guess who's been watching the Korda underwater DVD!! Lol Have you caught anything on em? A bloke I know tried em a few times, no joy. Sales gimmick, me thinks
  9. commonly

    September catch results..........................

    Lovely colour. Lil gem. Well in Stick with it bruv, there's a few pearls of wisdom here, that knowledge will get u the grandma's!
  10. commonly

    Flavour of the Week - Bait

    Excellent winter bait, get the odd pike and perch too. I've noticed a lot of waters now will limit the amount, 4pints a day? They must mess with the eco system I guess?
  11. commonly

    New sleeping bag

    I had the same problem with the trekker big snooze, only used it handful of times and the shop where I bought it said it was wear and tear!! My avid one is holding up a lot better, been through the wash a few times & no sign of wear and tear!
  12. commonly

    September catch results..........................

    Absolute gem fella.. Good angling
  13. commonly

    September catch results..........................

    My phones poo! We wait with baited breath! 😉
  14. commonly

    Running rig woes/getting done

    Thanks for the link yonny. Good reading there. My water is a drop the lead rule, instant ban! So after a bit of experimenting, & due to the mountainous canadian weed. I am naked to a drop off fox in line, with a sinker wrapped in putty 2ft up the line. I use 4-4,5oz up to 100 yds. 4_5"combi rig with a large split shot where the braid is stripped off the fluro of Hydrolink, to set the hook. Pop up or snowman. I tend to get the hook bait 2-3" off the bottom, with a few freebies in stocking, which helps avoid tangles. I will play around with lengths & not necessarily drop the lead on other waters. I often get liners, but put that down to fish & movement of the weed. With this setup I definitely know when it's a take & have a 100% land rate & confidence in it. From the rotary, in my early days of fishing & carping I used to use a small 1/2 oz in line ball lead to devistating effect. Fond memories and stirs up the grey matter to uses nowadays.