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  1. commonly

    July Catch Reports

    Nice one. I bet you're buzzing
  2. I had a little play the other weekend. No fish, but it was slow due to poor water quality. Something that looks so simple is actually tricky to get right. I had to tie a few before I was happy to put it out. What knot do you use to tie the hook carpepecheur? I don't often use Palomar knots, and didn't like the way it presented, so ended up with a queen blood knot. I used a wafter as referenced above, but found it moved along the hooklink upon return. So tied a figure of eight knot to help keep it in position. I will persevere with it on one rod next time out. (whenever that may be🙄)
  3. commonly

    July Catch Reports

    Good angling buddy, fingers crossed for you
  4. From your responses, it would appear that you are untying the loops, Y? I use your described method and have never had any trouble. I do use 50lb leader, but I guess thinner braid would slip. Have you tried doubling (figure of 8) the smaller loop? It shouldn't slip then. I have that smaller loop at about 30-40mm as a tag.
  5. commonly


    Well I managed a quick overnighter at an estate lake. My van wasn't fixed in time😭 Water quality was really bad, they canceled the swimming of a triathlon there. My mate had a pasty and I had a bin lid. Gutted to miss the opportunity of 3 nights at the Res.
  6. No worries with the other 2 rods, I'm more than comfortable with my bottom bait rigs. Nigewoodcock posted some very interesting details a few years ago on here. That sparked my interest in zigs. Generally as I said, it a bit more active type of angling, which I like. I must be doing something wrong, but I'll persevere and enjoy the quest. On finding the fish, well in near 300 acres it hasn't been easy either. Slowly building up the required kit & my knowledge of the place. Electric outboard motor wasn't cheap with 2 leisure batteries. Next up will be a raymarine echo sounder, to get another edge. I'm gutted as my van isnt fixed, all ready to go and praying the mechanic can get it done tonight. First 3 nighter in years is now looking like 2😭
  7. I like using it, as I can be as active as I want. Every half hour or so in different depths, colours, foam, bugs or pop ups. I'm also going to give the bald rig a try. A lot of new elements to my fishing, at this reservoir has been eye opening and I'm sure I will still have a lot to learn.
  8. I split one last time out. I like to have at least one rod on a zig & at different depths. I'm yet to catch anything bigger than a pasty on a zig, but am reliably informed that red letter day will come
  9. 3 x Cygnet bank sticks 10k bait Adjustable zig kit Auto inflate life jacket Big trip out this weekend. Green Light from the boss for 3 nights, first adventure on a boat to swims I haven't been able to get to previously. 🤞
  10. Not often the national team do that well, so probably worth the sacrifice mate.
  11. I've got the jrc 2 man, can get a bit tight for space with 2 bed chairs though. Good quality. Had it 7years,bit of fabsil treatment and it has served me well so far
  12. Get on that mate, they'll be looking for food in an hour or two
  13. Or load the spare spool with the other reel. One of mine does it, as above it sorts itself out with use to a degree
  14. I have to say it looks to good to be true. The video however perfectly illustrated your point (excuse unintended pun). I too will have a try, nice one carpepecheur. Perhaps, you could think of a snappier name, if you plan on going mainstream with it though😉
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