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  1. Spotted fin

    Trid the catalyst last time out. Very hard syndicate. But felt it was a quality bait, would use again if i come across it. Bought from a small tackle shop id mever been in before.
  2. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    A mate has just got the link. Sposed to be a brown colour, slightly tweeked from the red we were trying a few months ago. Biggest problem is getting to the bank to give it a go?????
  3. Mainlines latest offering The Link

    I like the name!! Fished with them a few months ago, friend had them as prototypes. Still blanked, although it was on a my rock hard syndicate water. Stinky but you'd expect that. Mainline all the way for me
  4. Bailiffs

    Still a bit annoyed about it. I had a couple of fish in close. I have bailiffed a syndicate, so am fully aware of the behind the scenes chores. I cant help feel this one(bailiff) had been hoping to get in that swim as the rest of the lake was rammed, he'd never seen anyone bivvied up there before & rather than listen to reason, put his foot down. No ea rules other than you must be in control of the rod. Until next time i guess
  5. How to fish this water

    Well they make enough money to buy the kit if they wanted too. Loads of petty rules being brought in, like line, cant fish certain spots due to snags.
  6. How to fish this water

    Like i said i need 0.4 minimum, most fluros dont cut it. Cant see about pline. Subline whilst mono, i'd say sinks close to fluro. Goes a bit springy after a few months, but same as xline imo.
  7. How to fish this water

    I used to use sub line. No problem. Joined yately 2 years ago, everyone's using fluro. Switch to x line fluro. As you say its springy & picks up algae. A while back, rule change to 0.4mm diameter, 15lb sub line fits the bill, I'm kickinfg myself. What a waste of £70, changing from one to the other & back again. Good for mate, get around the rules to suit your approach.
  8. How to fish this water

    By whatever means necessary fella. Why ban catapults, but not bait boats. On a lake that size????? Don't these fishery owners realise their stupid rules will put people off. Like CM says one wally ruins it for everyone else. Well IMO the wally should be rooted out & let everyone else carry on with their own approach.
  9. Bailiffs

    Ive been as stealthy as poss, & they are still around. Just a bit hacked off, cos like i said i consider myself to be a cautious angler, with reason behind my thinking. Being he is the only 1 of 3 bailiffs that fish, you'd expect a bit of leniency.
  10. Bailiffs

    I consider myself a safe angler & put fish care 1st. I've now got fish showing on the other side of the weed. They now know im here. Blooming marvelous.
  11. Bailiffs

    Too far from my rods.
  12. Bailiffs

    Just had my 1st difference of opinion with one. Yately, I'm in the bottom swim on the lake, 2 or 3 fish showing at 2-3 rod lengths. Think to myself last night. I'lll bivvy up 20yds from the bank in the car park so as not to spook the fish. Bailiff last night, no problem, bailiff /angler this morning, WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT! Your too far from your rods. I explain they're in close, I'm fishing close in, not near the weed beds. I dont care! If a fish pulls your rod in you loose your ticket. Move your bivvy here. He says loud enough to spook the fish. Now i've moved the bivvy, still no fish showing!!!! I am livid. Never had any issues with any other bailiff on various well known & some not so well known waters. Close to packing up?
  13. How to fish this water

    Too much money. Drones are probably the next big thing cos you can find the fish!!! Going to wait for the right deal. Lazer pens work in the day but won't keep em away for long. Watching my mate play a duck the other year, i wonder if we should try a bit of birding instead of fishing. Much easier to get them feeding
  14. How to fish this water

    Jh if you need 30 baits go to a pva bag mate. Or try to be accurate with the ol spomb. The birds tend to stay away from that, on the cast, although i did have an encounter with a swan on retrieval once. You are dead right on boats being expensive. As above I'm really thinking about one for my new venue.I'm convinced it will be devastating there. Just a question of whats the best value. Do u need sonar etc. Maybe look for a different thread before & whilst i save up. Wish my lottery win would hurry up.
  15. Dropping leads and it's impacts

    My ticket has it in the rules. No drop, no ticket. I often wonder though, that whilst most people think they are fishing on gravel spots, they are actually fishing on top of years worth of leads being dropped on the 'spot' As above, fish according to what's in front of you