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  1. Damp&waterproofing.Plastering & carpentry. Rot & woodworm treatment Preservation surveyor. Qualified decorator (C&Guilds) when I left school. Well bored of it!
  2. I've been in the building game for most of my life and I've had enough! I need a reasonable income to pay the bills. I am unable to invest in any sort of start up costs, my vans just about to go bang, so transport may also be a bit of an issue!! I like being out and about preferably, get a bit stir crazy if I'm in the same place day in dat out! I currently live near Gatwick, but would like to go back south again. I regularly travel to London and the burbs. Thought I'd just throw it out there for any sensible suggestions!! Thanks
  3. Id rather watch the paint dry than put it on anything. 😔
  4. I think a bit of DIY is order, keep the missus sweet for my water reopening next month.
  5. Fair play mate. Sounds like you tried your best. Have they started spawning yet.?? Normally switches them off
  6. Did you try zigs.? Or The Link?
  7. I agree, but I will check & if its not sticky sharp, it's literally seconds work. Essential in my mind, like I said I've never lost a proper bite since doind it.
  8. Well if I ever get on the bank I'm determined to make zigs work, thus coming away from bottom baits and the need to throw £??'s worth of bait in.
  9. Same! Quick flick with a file for added sticky point, not lost any take. A guy I fish with sometimes, drops fish due to blunt hook point, pointed it out to him, but still doesn't bother to get a sharpener!!
  10. Never used shrink tubing, nothing simple about that with my chubby fingers, I find the KD style knot gives the aggressive hook angle with a curved shank hook, much quicker to tie for me!
  11. Depends on material your using imo. I tended to use a stiff fluro around 6" combi with balanced hookbait
  12. I've heard North Lake Yately started this week. Won't be long for the others I know of. BLooming TYPICAL, I'm due to get a sesh in soon, just wait till mid June I spose&hope they're all done. Was it last year they went a few times?? 🤔
  13. Att's on my sticks, look far better than most of the usual brick shaped alarms. Not too expensive either! 2 sets of Fox, both in full working order, just prefer the sleakness of my att's. Definitely don't fancy wires all over the place. I'd end up pulling them out or pulling the whole set up over.
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