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  1. Has anyone on here been there?? Booked for my mates stag in April
  2. commonly

    Your favourite capture

    Well the otters are robbing us of our quarry. Current state of our great government, by the time it gets agreed all the fish will be gone anyway!!! I hope fishery owners take reasonable steps to manage this pest. What wiped them out before?? Do it again?
  3. commonly

    Your favourite capture

    Why not start a petition for lethal means of control?? Surely there's more fishermen than tree huggers??
  4. commonly

    Your favourite capture

    I can't believe that only 12,000 people signed the petition to government to consider a cull. We need to get 100,000 Does this government realise, the amount of revenue from carping alone! Fisheries are a business & its hard enough, without the risk & high probability of loosing the stock that gets anglers on the bank. I feel most are likely to close, forcing massive price increases, to the reminder & so as usual, the wealthy can carry on regardless, whilst common folk can go love themselves! Something has to be done?? I don't buy this whole nature will balance out with the top predator now flourishing poo that is wheeled out by the tree huggers & government
  5. Numbers have increased to around 10 anglers so looking for somewhere a bit bigger now, if anyone has any suggestions please
  6. commonly

    Your favourite capture

    Pooh!! Just found this https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/209735
  7. commonly

    Your favourite capture

    Let's start a petition to get something done about this lads! I'm not on Facebook or the others, but surely if we pool resources we can get 100,000 names. If not for us, then our kids & theirs!
  8. commonly

    What is your newest purchase

    You're going to have to start your own thread What's Highy's newest purchase!!! 😂, you must be minted buddy, I know you have been asked before, but have you won the lottery or something???
  9. commonly

    Thorpe lea

    Nip down m3, sandhurst, yately. Not sure, but what about the Wraysbury lakes. Haven't been there for 30 years, but I'm sure there is a few reservoirs near there too
  10. commonly

    "Decent" barbless hooks????

    Let us know how you get on with them buddy? Soddit, I'm not a fan of barbless, but I may as well try them myself!!
  11. commonly

    Your favourite capture

    Do they own or rent it? Have they tried a EA or local authority, business loan/grant? My friend rents 2 small lakes from local council, they just spent alot of money on the damns. They haven't even put his rent up. There are several good fish farms local to me. Fry upto 40+ lb, give it 5_10 years it could / should get back to form. + fencing obviously. How big is it
  12. commonly

    Your favourite capture

    You must be fuming geeza! I really hope you can rebuild what must of been the jewel in your crown.
  13. commonly

    "Decent" barbless hooks????

    I looked at these a while back, when a certain venue allowed/recommended them. I posted on here! Only one reply! Said they were OK! I'd consider buying a pack if I had to fish a barbless venue.
  14. commonly

    2019 Plans

    Sounds like your backs against the wall. I wish you luck mate