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  1. Do they still have the Echo down that way mate??
  2. Not my bag at all yonny, bit like elphicks, etc. The estate lake I'm on only go to early 20's. I was lead to believe they were naturally British fish, the owner leaves the place to do its own thing. Not overly baited with tons of boilies or parties. No noddies that I've seen, other than me! Although a member I saw last week said some of the fish had come from Europe! Not too sure on his comments really
  3. I heard a few years ago the owner was trying to sell the house and venue. For a very handsome price too! 😲 Never been but know a few lads that have, Big lump or two in there!
  4. I visited the river wey the other day, my very first fishing experience as a kid. To my horror as I arrived at the weir, an otter went scurrying down the path. I dread to think of the devistation they may of caused.
  5. commonly

    June Catches

    Took my boys, so fished out the back of the van on the 'runs' lake, what a lovely way to spend father's day morning. The 4 year old caught his first fish! He had 4 little perch on worm with the pole. He's more of a natural than his big bro, who had a few roach and a 6lb common to the faithful crust. Waiting for my mate to send me the pictures. He had a 9lber. Beautiful looking English wild carp. Great start to the season, although we got rained off a bit earlier than expected
  6. Had a walk round the lakes today, saw a few decent fish taking my bread, so hope to get there first light and have one. The weather will dictate which lakes I can get to, as I can only go till lunch. Kits in the van. Alarm set for 4.40. Going with my son and good friend. Be lucky gents👍
  7. My estate water has EA closure, 4 medium lakes connected by wires and stream systems. Only 2 spots for bivvies, so it's virtually untouched! LOVE IT. CANNOT WAIT TILL SUNDAY MORNING!! Chub, barbel and carp to mid 20. Only spanner is fathers day bbq, I might be late for that or the rain might save the day. Be lucky fellas😉
  8. Mapping a swim/lake is one thing. Using it to look for fish is another. Removes all elements of watercraft imo. Fish finding is one thing, catching them quite another! Unless you're at sea what's the point? Tech is a tool, an edge, I was gifted the Bobbler, cheaper version of above, but its still in the box. Boats have amazing GPS sonar etc. but it doesn't show you what the lakebed consists of. I have the fishspy camera which I will use if I'm fishing an unknown water and it's use is like a marker float so I know the depth and exactly what I'm fishing on. When time is limited, and it always is, I love that edge & knowledge that I am presenting my bait. Just cos you feel the thud of the lead, it doesn't mean you're rig is sitting nicely, which is important. As is nearly always said on here, each to his own, but why do we feel the need to slate someone for doing something you don't???
  9. Or use distance sticks, the wraps will always be the same distance!
  10. Hi, You can't go wrong with shimano. I've used them since starting up carping a few years ago. I have the aero xt 10000, a bit pricey at £170,but I love how they look n feel, nice balance on my rods. My spod reel is shimmy. XTRLC or whatever, similar price, but very good reels. My fishing mate has the rb's, very similar and equally efficient. My advice is to buy the best you can afford mate, as with most things. It would depend on the type of fishing you plan to do, long range you may want a bigger spool, so look at pit type over baitrunner.
  11. I've worked in London all my life and have to say it has always been a melting pot of different nationalities. Immigrants tend to head there thinking the streets are paved with gold! Way back to the paddy's! I also travel around the South Coast and a lot of coastal towns near Dover also tend to get more than their fair share. There was a documentary on TV a while ago. The day the immigrants left(or similar) & whilst some people believe that they are takin all our jobs, many industries would literally collapse if it wasn't for these people doing the jobs that most of the natives believe is beneath them. Unfortunately for a lot of people technology is about to take the place of many many jobs no just here, but globally! I firmly believe that my grandson may have no choice but to live on state handouts or the equivalent. I just hope that he gets more time than I do to enjoy his life (hopefully fishing), instead of being a wage slave like me and the majority of people I know. Sadder times are just around the corner!
  12. Opinions are like noses, we all have one and pick it. Every company (tackle) will sell to demand and bring each new or copied product to market in search of the next big thing. That's business and whilst we find certain points/products to make fun of, they are in it for the money and in turn hopefully keeping humans in employment. Tackle tarts keep the premium brands in business and most working poor class have to go budget range, not necessarily through choice. If money was no object I'm pretty sure most of us would buy the best product available. In my experience Trekker is the brand I avoid due to the few products I've brought being very poor quality and falling to bits on the first few outings.!! Not so with Nash/Korda & the like, I'm sure we all have their products and they serve a purpose in the carp fishing world! For example I like the Korda pulling tool, I would not use a coat hook from B&Q
  13. I believe that! But the NHS is on it's knees due to the fact that we will treat anyone! Not the case in a lot of other countries without insurance, that and the NHS does not claim their entitlement from the respective country. I felt physically sick when I heard a migrant can claim tax credits for their family that don't even live in this country?? A pole I know is happy to pay income tax here, after 5 years he can claim he's moving back home and is entitled to claim the lions share of it back!! Too true and for far too long We fund wars and then aid across the world, but can't get our house in order. 😕 The cold reality! Way too political for this site & sad to see that members (as with different social classes in our so called civilised country) are far too quick to turn on each other. Natives and immigrants are only exploiting the system in front of them. Where can it end? It won't! Find a tree to 🤗. Make love not war! Lol😍
  14. You may also like https://www.total-fishing-tackle.com/nash-rig-flame-shield-68512 Coming soon, Nash barrel scrapper!! 🤣
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