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  1. Are you trialling Sonik vader x time machine??
  2. Are you fishing in the future again Highy?? 😂
  3. Ive had mine a few years. Top product & unlike alot of terminal tools they are big enough for chubby fingers to use comfortably,
  4. Blade of grass bent in half, Rod resting across the sides of a bridge, mainly catching little gudgeon on a canal. Eventually a perch would come along and give a little scrap. Great memories
  5. I remember using washing up bottle lids, you boys with your fancy kit
  6. You could probably get a job with inland revenue with that math mate
  7. Life can be cruel mate. I like to say we have poo times , so we can appreciate the good/normal times. I'm on the bank next weekend, end of a 3 year ticket, which has produced a 20 odd stocky, in about 20 nights. So here's hoping for a wet net for both of us!
  8. 11 years!! I take your not an accountant dayvid?? But thats a long blank dude!!
  9. Unlucky mate, sounds like a right nightmare.
  10. C'mon Highy. Willing one in the net for you. Last trip to tricky Syndi next Fri, 48, going to start baiting a spot or two this weekend. Just hope it's not rammed with everyone else who's ticket runs out. 😯
  11. Used to have foxes, look a bit dated, so bought ATT'S 5years ago. Still look the 'tigers'. Excellent value for money. Going to change to 4 mag roller on good recommendation.
  12. As angler's who love the fish & wildlife in general, we must take steps to safeguard the natural balance of nature. It definitely sounds like this predator is a threat that cannot be ignored....
  13. Well in blue! Nice looking lump
  14. Blimey, how much is the longer one? I better get a bank loan.
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