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  1. Are you trialling Sonik vader x time machine??
  2. Are you fishing in the future again Highy?? 😂
  3. Ive had mine a few years. Top product & unlike alot of terminal tools they are big enough for chubby fingers to use comfortably,
  4. Blade of grass bent in half, Rod resting across the sides of a bridge, mainly catching little gudgeon on a canal. Eventually a perch would come along and give a little scrap. Great memories
  5. I remember using washing up bottle lids, you boys with your fancy kit
  6. You could probably get a job with inland revenue with that math mate
  7. Life can be cruel mate. I like to say we have poo times , so we can appreciate the good/normal times. I'm on the bank next weekend, end of a 3 year ticket, which has produced a 20 odd stocky, in about 20 nights. So here's hoping for a wet net for both of us!
  8. 11 years!! I take your not an accountant dayvid?? But thats a long blank dude!!
  9. Unlucky mate, sounds like a right nightmare.
  10. C'mon Highy. Willing one in the net for you. Last trip to tricky Syndi next Fri, 48, going to start baiting a spot or two this weekend. Just hope it's not rammed with everyone else who's ticket runs out. 😯
  11. Used to have foxes, look a bit dated, so bought ATT'S 5years ago. Still look the 'tigers'. Excellent value for money. Going to change to 4 mag roller on good recommendation.
  12. As angler's who love the fish & wildlife in general, we must take steps to safeguard the natural balance of nature. It definitely sounds like this predator is a threat that cannot be ignored....
  13. Well in blue! Nice looking lump
  14. Blimey, how much is the longer one? I better get a bank loan.
  15. Good stuff mate. I hope they give you a good fight. Grass carp are awesome looking, but I'd be happy if I only ever caught commons!, lovely dark bars of gold
  16. Buzz is on your side of the Atlantic my man, his wording & understanding of your products should help. With corn, maize cracked, flaked. If it's hard, boil & soak it buddy!! You can't go wrong, better to be 100% safe, we take fish safety very seriously this side of the pond. What strain of carp are you catching?? What kind of size are you getting??
  17. The reason for boiling & soaking for 24hrs is digestion by the fish. Possibly also releasing the natural oils, attractants. There's far more knowlagable members on here to fill in the blanks. Over hear its reffered to as particle mix. Loose feed rather than chumming, which makes me think of Jaws!! 😎 Ive used particles in the past but it tends to attract nuisance species, so tend to just use boilies for my quarry!
  18. I'm in need of new ones, I've lost both my fox one's, I prefer it to be a fine needle with a hook rather than the latch type. Any preferences??
  19. Only the brave prosper!! That said go with your gut & the conditions you have when you get there. The Syndi I've been on for a while I've favoured one spot. I will though go in a different swim if I see fish or the wind's blowing in a different direction & think I'm more likely to be successful. Just enjoy, I like to try and learn something new about the water even though I tend to blank!! It is a famously hard water. Trying a different venue this year so hopefully gut feelings will pay off
  20. I know what you mean. I'm on my 5th one. If it's real weedy they're easily lost. That said I do need to up my braid, only 20 lb. I've seen on here in the past, on zigs, rake a spot then presents the zig. I intend doing that on my new summer venue, which has very little in the way of weed. The Gardner one is good around £12-15 mark.
  21. Thank christ you started buying again Highy! The tackle industry took a nosedive in the few weeks you haven't bought anything!! 😂 😂 😂 &this thread went a bit quiet.
  22. You're tearing that place apart bud!! Nice one. Good angling. You'll need a new venue soon, 😂
  23. That's where I found the 3 turn blood knot didn't stress the knot or hooklength. Iq's OK, but honestly the rigmarole stuff seems to be a bit different to the rest. A simple pull with tools straightens out with no need for steam!! It has to be made of a different material to the norm.
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