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  1. update from blog (how would you catch this carp) hi all i said i would update this blog when i returned to the uk. so here goes. i am now a little wiser to the lakes stock, it turns out i wasnt far out. i met an irish angler who has fished this lake every year for the last 6 years, he hasnt managed to land one to date, but he tells me there are only maybe a dozen or so carp in the lake. and 2 of these died whilst i was there in july/aug. the irish lad showed me where the carp were holding up during the day. the most unaccsessable little overgrown area of the lake. you could spot the big orange tails moving under the surface. but catching them from where they were was impossible, however giving them a taste of my bait turned out to be a good idea.i would drop a 1/2 kilo in the hole every day, and then fish for them at night or early morning. i scattered a few kilo in a four or five good looking spots. and would move between these during my stay. i managed to land 2, a grass of 36lb, and a common of 28lb. the grass carp came from the overgrown corner peg i talked about in the earlier blog, to be honest i thought it was a bream, it did nothing in the water, but waited until it was on land before trying to beat me up. it managed to break my 42inch landing net, before travelling around 50ft to the edge of the lake. i had to rugby tackle it b4 it esscaped, all good fun at 3am in the morning.unfortunately on my second week i recieved sad news that my father had passed away, and that put an end to my fishing. but i will return in the future.
  2. hi all/ need 2 post 4 carp rods, any1 done this. reccomendations welcome. cheers
  3. i tried it last year, wont be doing it again, far too much hassle, i made a version of the cell, worked out around £6 per kilo, ive since found a company that will do it for me for £7.50 a kilo. so its a no brainer. nothing better than catching on your own recipe rolled yourself, but like i said its a lot of messing around. trouble is quality fishmeals ect have gone up a lot recently. so its no longer worth the hassle. but dont let my comments stop you. cheers dolly
  4. hi all/ not tried it yet, middle of may b4 i will . ill update if it works. cheers dolly
  5. ianain/ yes mainline to float, 4-5ft of zig line from float, then loop to loop the 15 inch ready tied korum banded hooklength. cheers dolly
  6. dalthegooner/ the 15 inch hooklength i mentioned in my post is loop to looped to 5ft of fox zig line.
  7. hi all/ i have tried enterprise artificial dog mixers, and the carp will take it, but they will take a bog standard mixer more easily. i dont have any problems with the mixers , just band them on a 15 inch korum hook length ideal, but i do check all the hooklengths b4 i buy. lots of them i found the rubber band had gone a light brown colour, meaning the band has perished,and if you try to expand them they will snap. but if the pack is ok they are perfect for mixers, cheers dolly
  8. hi all/ its close to mixer time, do you give yours a boost , i just added some flavoring to mine to see if it makes any difference. but to be honest on my local they will take a bog standard mixer. they do however inspect and reject a lot of times, i have watched them gently touch the hooked mixer with their nose(so to speak) and they often attack the controller float, they must suspect a trap is waiting. they fish have been heavily fished for on the surface for a long time, but get them competing and their curiosity goes out the door. have you expierienced similar activity on your local. and if you boost your mixers what do you use. cheers dolly
  9. hi all/ yes i mean for alarms, i have a jrc pod and when set up with 3 rods, the middle reel is too close to the pod, i was thinking i could kill 2 birds with 1 stone, ie add the quick release adaptors to the alarms and also the rod rests, this should give me the clearance i need for the middle reel. but i have never used or seen them in use. are they stable, do your alarms stay fixed, or do they wobble ect. if you have them would you reccomend. cheers dolly
  10. hi all/ do you use the quick release connectors,? are they up to the job, and if you do what make are they. cheers dolly
  11. hi all/ does it bother you if and when you blank, or do you try and be positive and try to work out why you blanked. for me i try and work out why, ie wrong peg choice, wrong bait choice, ect ect, im too long in the tooth to let it bother me, however if anglers are catching around me and im struggling, that can be annoying. today i took my new greys prodigy rods for their first outing, started on the bottom with stingers , nothing, tried zigs, nothing. put on a couple of sub floats at various depths, nothing, tried on the surface, nothing. a big fat blank.but i learned from my day. so its all good. this time next month they will be taking bait at every level. just a little to early yet. what are your thoughts. dolly
  12. save your £12, if the carp want your pineapple boilie they will have it, without that overpriced tosh, why give mr fairbrass more money, hes got enough lol
  13. in 4 seperate day sessions i managed 4 then 5 then 4 then 1. all on floaters. i did try on the deck, but if i had a pod with 30 rods on it i still think i would blank. i cant understand it im scratchin my head, tried boilie, pellet,corn, plastic, luncheon meat, bread, maggot, worm = nothing. stick a mixer on and they appear. on mon this week i was scanning the lake for 4hours, i saw no signs of fish. then 1 sticks its fin out 20 yards away, cast a mixer at it and it snaffled it. then nothing for the rest of the day. dolly btw im going tommorow not takin my floater gear so another blank i suppose.
  14. if your catch rate increases by using the goo, post on here, but i suspect it wont, just another fad that will fade away. dolly
  15. hi all/ have you bought some goo, and if so why?????????? cheers dolly
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