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  1. heard there were cats in the mythe,not heard of any recent captures though,maybe an escapee from there
  2. as above then thread a small section of elastic band over the point to hold em in place
  3. agreed,sitting behind 2/3 rods waiting it out for days is the fashionable way to fish for carp,but if you wanna actually catch carp and not look cool go with a single rod and find em, youl look a lot cooler with a carp on the mat.
  4. well said,since ive started my summer tench campaign using maggotts,corn and worms i cant stop catching carp and from what i can see the carp/boilie anglers arent doing aswell.
  5. seeing em and seeing em feed are two different things, as for depths of 65ft id give em a swerve,minimal if any naturals. get out in a boat and bait numerous spots then look for the cleanest spots prior to fishing and fish them. 2 fish between 9 rods over a weekend dosnt sound bad going to me and a 10 night blank on a pit of that size isnt anything to be concerned about.
  6. its been said a million times but locations the key,big waters or small. get to know the stock level so your not setting your sights to high with regards how many fish a season your aiming for. try big wide spreads of boilies to narrow the areas down over using tightly spodded areas unless your able to observe their patterns of movement. with bigger pits theyve normaly got some kind of boating activity on them so see if theres a way you can get yourself afloat and have a look round from above,better than any amount of marker work. and just because its a big pit dosnt mean the fish will always
  7. definately the buy of the year for me. good heads up by dal. have a look on there facebook page for recipes,highly recomend the kebabs.
  8. as hutch said use the same principals for carping as you do match fishing and youl get the results, fish heavily stocked venues to build your confidence then move on as and when your ready for it. because of your previous history in match fishing youl have more in your armoury than most.
  9. agreed it wouldnt be practicle,if we did have a break for each species wed end up with a very short season, theres no saying all the carp would of spawned in the break either. as most fisheries dont give a toss about anything but carp nowadays though it surprises me these places dont have a shut down.
  10. pointless having the old close season now as the fish are spawning later in the year,should be a 2-3week shut down and feed after spawning though on all lakes i reckon.
  11. ive just brought a molle 35ltr rucksack for short sessions,not used it yet but ticks all the boxes so far. waterproof,comes in various colours and different camo patterns,straps on both sides and underneath for mats etc,slots on both sides take banksticks,comes with clip on side bag and was only £13 posted off ebay. avoid the carp branded stuff,poorley made for double the money.
  12. have a look on ebay mate,loads on there.
  13. you make a good point about the splinter thing but ive also seen underwater footage of fish using the lead to shake rigs out,i dont think it was korda but somthing on you tube
  14. another point cm, when you see these dangerous rigs being shown on social media theyve all still got the lead attached, so to my mind theyve been successfuly ejected
  15. yeah totally agree using lighter bottom to mainline alleviates the problems
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