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  1. OK. I'll put my opinion in, but be warned - it will be thought of as wrong by pretty much everyone on here.



    Don't get two rods. Get one rod. Don't get a "carp rod" -  get an Avon rod instead. I use a 1.75lb for pretty much all carp fishing. An Avon rod has a progressive action, so I can easily cast 3 or 4 AAA's 40+ vards, I can haul 20lb+ fish out of weeds, and when the fish goes crazy at the net, the rod just nods away.... no lost fish. Also, with that rod, you have a rod which will do for pretty much ANY specimin fishing apart from pike ( because of huge weights to cast) and cats and eels (who'll just buckle the rod - too strong)


    If you get 2 rods, then you'll be using two buzzers. And have 2x as much gear. And so be, at least, 2x less likely to move. The absolutely, honest to god, best way to catch carp is for the angler to go to the carp - not to wait for them to come to you. General carp fishing, for anything up to 24 hours, I just take a pocket full of bits, a bucket full of bait, 1x rod, 1x net and a unhooking net to sit on. I catch a lot more carp than most of my friends - but in absolutely no way because I am a better angler - but because my bait ends up in front of a lot more carp.


    The mobile approach doesn't work for all fishing, but for carp it is WAY more productive. Also cheaper.


    So - try fishing with one rod. Use the money that you don't spend for other stuff. 


    Your rig is fine. 10 years ago it was the height of sophistication, and all sorts of hard core carpers were using it to catch huge fish. The fish haven't changed to the point where the rig ddoesn't work - just fashions have. But.... carp don't care about fashion.

    agreed,sitting behind 2/3 rods waiting it out for days is the fashionable way to fish for carp,but if you wanna actually catch carp and not look cool go with a single rod and find em, youl look a lot cooler with a carp on the mat.

  2. Boilies, apart from their convenience value, are a collection of chemicals that would probably be banned in the human food chain, they have the properties of fattening fish, and producing obesity in a wild creature, there are many lakes around where I live where they are banned, they are not the be all and end all, and as Nick agrees , they are a pretty inefficient bait, should all the research go down this route or should we be pursuing different avenues, think on friends.

    well said,since ive started my summer tench campaign using maggotts,corn and worms i cant stop catching carp and from what i can see the carp/boilie anglers arent doing aswell. 

  3. The margins are a great area to fish on the lake but then I have spots where I can see fish in the top 4 ish foot of water but it's 65 feet deep there, steep banks and not very bivvy friendly. I did go and get myself a boat at the start of the year and I must say they are a big eye opener I'm after finding some very nice spots with it, the only down side I have now is there is way to many nice spots and not enough time to fish them all :)

    Last summer if 3 of us went out for the weekend we could expect about 2 fish between us but so far this year I'm struggling on it, 10 nights done so far with a few day sessions and not a fish on the matt.

    seeing em and seeing em feed are two different things, as for depths of 65ft id give em a swerve,minimal if any naturals. get out in a boat and bait numerous spots then look for the cleanest spots prior to fishing and fish them. 2 fish between 9 rods over a weekend dosnt sound bad going to me and a 10 night blank on a pit of that size isnt anything to be concerned about.

  4. Anyone on here fish large English waters for carp say 1000 to 1500 acres ?

    I have a local dam to me that a few of us fish it's 1300 acres, I have about 1000 questions in my head so would love to chat with people who have been there, done that on a water of this size. There is only about 8 people that I know of fishing it so experience is kinda limited lol

    its been said a million times but locations the key,big waters or small. get to know the stock level so your not setting your sights to high with regards how many fish a season your aiming for. try big wide spreads of boilies to narrow the areas down over using tightly spodded areas unless your able to observe their patterns of movement. with bigger pits theyve normaly got some kind of boating activity on them so see if theres a way you can get yourself afloat and have a look round from above,better than any amount of marker work. and just because its a big pit dosnt mean the fish will always be at range,youd be a fool to ignore the margins,best feature on any lake imo.

  5. That will be ok for the carp. Playing devils advocate...... Do you propose to close for two weeks when the pike spawn? Close two weeks when the bream start. Then two weeks for the tench. Another two and another two etc etc????

    agreed it wouldnt be practicle,if we did have a break for each species wed end up with a very short season, theres no saying all the carp would of spawned in the break either. as most fisheries dont give a toss about anything but carp nowadays though it surprises me these places dont have a shut down. 

  6. ive just brought a molle 35ltr rucksack for short sessions,not used it yet but ticks all the boxes so far. waterproof,comes in various colours and different camo patterns,straps on both sides and underneath for mats etc,slots on both sides take banksticks,comes with clip on side bag and was only £13 posted off ebay. avoid the carp branded stuff,poorley made for double the money.

  7. Now from my thought, and what I've seen, a fixed fixed lead actually can snag, can catch up on any trailing weed etc.


    Trailing a lead around prevents a hook being ejected, the weight keeps pulling the hook into the lip. The hook can only be ejected with no weight, in the form of a splinter being pushed up to the surface of the skin.


    The left rig, I thought a joke.


    To be fair, I think neither are safe

    you make a good point about the splinter thing but ive also seen underwater footage of fish using the lead to shake rigs out,i dont think it was korda but somthing on you tube

  8. one of the reasons for dropping leads is to get the fish up in the water when fishing over weed,now were told to eject leads on every take, for what reason i dont know. i will say for the record i dont fish with a fixed lead set up even though i feel itd be a safer way to fish. as i said in another thread ive found fish with rusted hooks stuck in infected mouths still towing line with the lead ejected and when ive seen horror pics of tethered fish theyve allways ejected the lead aswell.

  9. The principle may be the same but if the main line breaks on a running rig the lead should be able to come off the line and all that I have ever read says the lead should be able to become free of the main line in the event of a break . Not sure chancing the fish can use the lead to get rid of the hook is a good plan .

    if the fish loses the lead its still got the rig/leader/mainline to get rid of but without any leverage

  10. not if the lead stays fixed,if it slips down the leader then yeah its gonna catch on something and tether,if the fish sheds the lead and is still attached to a leader and mainline the first thing itl do is find some snags,sulk and start shaking the leader around trying to get rid,personaly this is when i think the tethering occurs

  11. Surely if the main line breaks the fish will be towing the lead around , is that not bad?

    if its towing the lead its got more chance of ejecting the rig than if its just trailing a leader. if you think about what makes a running rig effective its the fact it cant use the lead to eject the hook,its the same principal imo

  12. What Ben said you may need to consider that when your rig is clipped at the same distance to the mini spod/spomb it will land closer to you than your bait because the line will be tight making the bait arc slightly as it drops in the water. I've no idea how to work out the difference considering depth of water and bait spread though!!

    it works better that way imo as your not fishing in the middle of the baited area but on the outside of it

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