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  1. the one on the lefts gotta be a joke. the one on the rights not as dangerous as weve been brainwashed into believing, if you think about it and dont believe the hype that is.
  2. recasting a full clipped up feeders quite a common way of baiting up, match anglers use this method alot.
  3. do you mean torrix te, if so ive got the 12.6ft and there a doddle to compress, ive heard the 12ft are a bit too stiff, but different rods suit different people so itd be a case of having a feel for yourself.
  4. this is why i think its safer to have the tail rubber on tight and lead clip pegged rather than ejecting the lead or having it sliding down the line
  5. ive also been shot at while guesting, was it in glos by any chance mate? i think most if not all have made the same mistakes as yourself,i certainly have,if you learn by them then its education not a mistake.
  6. totally agree chillfactor/nmo1/rosstheangler. ive caught 2 carp that have been trailing rigs with no lead but a length of leadcore,both of these rigs had left swelling and infection were the partialy rusted hook was still attached. ive never seen rusty hooks in fishes mouths when the leads were still attached,only fresh hooks,which makes me think they need the lead as the pivot to eject the hook/rig. i noticed in another thread pictures of apparent death rigs,both rigs were successfully ejected so how is it a death rig. has anyone found tethered carp with the lead still attached?
  7. question everything if your doubtful no matter who it comes from
  8. yeah i heard pine was a tricky venue,good dangling mate. defo liking the bait,had 2 red letter sessions already,i reckon if id of switched earlier in the season i might of achieved my target,fish are spawning now so roll on october
  9. are you still on the monster reds chillfactor,i found the coots could eat em non stop allday,never seen that sort of response from coots,they normally stop for a break inbetween. not so bad with the heat though,which worked out well as the carp are showing preference to the latter,cheers for that heads up by the way
  10. had problems myself with coots this year,if you can get near the nest put visual baits close by but in the water not on the bank,if your fishing boillie youl need to feed em boillie not particle,tryed this myself and they carried on diving on the boillies,they obviously realised they were using less energy eating boillies than particle. also black up your hookbaits and free offerings,its not foolproof but takes them longer to pick out on a dark lakebed. no idea about mallards,never had that prob myself,hope this helps.
  11. theyve got young to feed this time of year this is why there so active. what type of birds are you having probs with?
  12. youll have no probs hair rigging a snail,even the eggs are quite tough if thats what they are.
  13. unknown lakes,unknown fish,no other anglers ,sounds like heaven,enjoy.
  14. would u say carp are more intelligent than other fish because there fished for more than other species or is there more to it than that.
  15. nice fish,lake looks stunning,can you just turn up fish and pay on the bank?
  16. cracking reel for the money,use one for spod/marker,excellent line lay and comes with spare spool
  17. yeah just outside. thinking about it that brooks not even connected to the isbourne,would of taken floods of biblical proportions for the fish to end up in there.
  18. hi mate its a tench/bream float rod im after but theres a fair chance ill pick up carp aswell so didnt want to come up short by using a standard float rod.i wont be fishing anywere with carp over mid 20s so thought a barbel rod would be upto the job. been looking at sonik,fox,greys and jw young all in the barbel range, any recommendations.
  19. im thinkin along the same lines,the carp should be spawning next week so one more session then thats me done til the back end of the year.i fancy catching a few of the tench n bream ive been inadvertantly feeding up.
  20. ive got a sonik 42inch as a spare/retainer,not a bad net for £30 delivered,got that off ebay,cant remember what shop though.
  21. id say if it was running it would do in theory but there usually fished on a quiver/swing tip so it would need to be tight for indication purposes.
  22. ill second that,neoprene does keep you toasty in the colder months though
  23. does anyone know if the tf gear barbel range is of the same build standard as their carp gear?
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