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  1. sounds like another rig to fill magazine/dvd space imo
  2. id say the mechanics would be even better in a real fishing situation nige as thered be more water pressure on the line which would then transfer to the hookpoint.
  3. ive only seen brownies in the isbourne chillfactor,nice to see theres different species in there, did you come across any fruit farm escapees after 2007 floods?
  4. someone got out of bed the wrong side today? maybe i dont use the chod rig enough to fully understand the mechanics off it, but in my head it seems counterproductive to fish it tight, as chillfactor said youd end up with a clothesline effect or end up pulling it into what your trying to avoid by using the rig in the first place.on the indication side as the baits behind the lead its not in theory slack line fishing as the lines pinned onto the lakebed which is what aids hooking. someone please correct me if im wrong as ive said its not a rig ive had much sucsess with and maybe ive misunderstoo
  5. surely a chod rig needs to be fished on a slack line to make it affective, if your fishing it on a tight line your pulling it into weed/debris your trying to avoid. i thought the idea of a chod was it lays over the top of anything not in it?
  6. go for black baits mate, if using bottom baits soak in mollasses, blackens em right up and added attraction
  7. good to see you back turnip,where you been hiding
  8. how much are people paying to post rods, i got quoted £30 through parcel force,seems excessive to me?
  9. its the impact this style of angling has on the purer side of the sport that worrys me though cm,if a place like wraysbury can be sacrificed then anywheres possible. ive seen it happen on a lake i dabble on,stunning lake,low stock of carp doing respectable weights,rarely fished for and even rarer to catch,its now been stocked with 900 odd fish because theyve turned it into "a highly stocked runs water". another lake i fish is under threat from danny fairbrass and his embryo scheme. i thought otters were a threat to the sport,this style of fishing is far more of a threat to my angling than otte
  10. ive got the jrc stealth, near on 10yrs old now and still going strong,il be takeing my daughter night fishing over half terms so been looking at the sonik bedchair as an extra. flat/6 legs and light as a feather, £90 on ebay delivered, sounds ideal. anyone on here own one or know anyone that has?
  11. agree with most of what you said newmarket, apart from a 50lb carp being a 50lb carp. to me a 50lb carp is a fish that picks up anglers bait when it wants to, not because it has to,if it has to its an unbalanced and unhealthy lake and anything in it should be classed as artificially reared in catch reports etc.
  12. much better than mono for playing fish on aswell,you fell like your more in control because of much less stretch in the line, which i also think helps with the accuracy and distance.
  13. im sure this new rule will be overlooked when it comes to the select faces on there
  14. me too,even brought a smile to my miserable face.
  15. hutch made a good point that could relate to this, maybe fishing the zigs too high up in the water resulting in foul hooking or dropped fish.
  16. no the float method, obviously its used for match/coarse carp angling but has anyone used it for bigger carp. could see silvers being a problem.
  17. ive thought about trying this myself,has does anyone use this method.
  18. is this stoneys aswell or just the day tickets?
  19. has anyone seen the pics on facebook. if these blokes were throwing stones then there a bunch of idiots that deserve everything thats coming to them. but and theres allways a but looking at the situation from another point of view could they of been simply baiting up and a boilie went astray,from a non anglers take on it the women could of thought that they were stones and aimed at her?
  20. i suppose it depends on how big the fish that approaches the rig is and what angle its feeding at. if it was approached from above it probably wouldnt look out of place thinking about it.
  21. your hookbait will be sat high up but free offerings on the deck,not ideal really
  22. tie it off with a swivel to allow it to twist before stretching
  23. depends what im fishing for and if im fishing it as a single or over a spread of boilies. if its a single or im trying to avoid smaller fish then its about 3to4 inch, any size fish its about 2inch.
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