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  1. i use the hsr and just change the boom section to suit what im fishing over.
  2. no issues with the pack down,although the side storm poles have been full of water after heavy rain which is a slight concern as their inside.
  3. zyliss cafetiere mug, no more instant crap.
  4. another vote for the supa compact,up in seconds and solid.hutch,nigewoodcock do you find yours takes ages to dry, also do you know if the supa brolly wrap fits the compact?
  5. weed rake then buckets of hemp.
  6. good choice,it might seem expensive but lasts a lot longer than other flouros so works out cheaper in the long run. if your not chucking at range half it and load two spools.
  7. cech and schniderlin moves happenin soon apparently,definate steps in the right direction if they actually happen.
  8. put a light inside the shed at night and stand outside so you can see any holes that need filling,also get some cheap traps (poundland/range)make sure you fix em to the floor though or theyll run of while still attached.
  9. cheers for that mate,glad i didnt get a ticket now.
  10. cant you do nights on any of there lakes
  11. isnt the kingsbury water park near cov
  12. 25kg halibut pellet,ridge monkey,alocs stove
  13. have you tryed cork inserts instead of the foam hutch,i seem to get more pick ups this way,just need to figure out how to convert takes into landed fish.
  14. i have to take a list and not deviate from it when im in a tackle shop,worse than a kid in a sweetshop.
  15. i did put apart from colour dal as i was expecting this answer and thought id cover myself.
  16. they shouldnt be but have seen it in the past. its usually localised to certain areas so you could fish elsewere if you really wanted to but defo shouldnt be fishing anywere near spawning activity imo.
  17. give yourself a shake turnip even i know how to quote, previous to this forum my interweb experience stretched to porn hub and ebay. i think the 30/40lb fish in a lake puts the kiss of death on it especially when its plastered all over facebook and the like,give me a lake with a few pretty fish and no 30s and ill bet therel be no carp anglers, everyones obssesed by weight nowadays. you make a good point about the clean lake thing. i can only see one solution to the otter issue but i wont give my onions on that one here.
  18. everythings more expensive now that theres a bigger market,it was only 3 odd years ago hooks were £3.00 now averaging £5-6, i know what your saying, in theory as theres such a big market we should be paying less but while theres some thatll pay near on a grand for a reel prices will keep going up. its almost like tackle firms are still testing the market to see how stupid they think we are.
  19. 37. i dont know which way to read the above mate, do you mean drop the number of anglers but charge more, if so i reckon most that fish there would pay more for a bit more exclusiveness(if thats even a word),tbh linears prices are one thing that knowbody can complain about.
  20. also try suiting your rigs to your baiting approach,ie short hooklengths/bolt rigs over spodded baits, running rigs for spreads of boilies etc. theres no hard and fast rules but certain rigs suit certain scenarios better than others. you need to know why a rigs working/not working before you change/tweak it.
  21. its when theyve finished and are mugging themselves thats the problem.
  22. and there wouldnt be half as many bods out carping, sounds good to me. i know everything has to move on,but i think carping moving a bit too fast for its own good.
  23. maybe your chopping and changing to much mate,pick a rig and go for small adjustments on either rod.
  24. slightly off topic, whats peoples thoughts on lakes closing for a couple of weeks after there fish have spawned to allow the fish to recover. its somthing i feel quite strongly about, afterall lake owners implement bans on leadcore,nuts,blah blah blah,but when the fish are at there weakest there happy for people to catch them?
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