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  1. i think meaningless is a bit strong but i fully understand were cms coming from,a 40lb from 1 waters not the same as a 40lb from every water, i also know that st johns/manor and hardwicke arent easy waters,if they ran a latest blank page alongside the latest catches itd be 10 times aslong.
  2. i dont think they enjoy the fish,they certainly enjoy the weights and social media fame though
  3. yeah they lost a few through relocation to other lakes and the bacterial probs killed alot too,wouldnt have a clue how many tbh. alot of the fish simply moved to there other lakes. i do know that some surrounding lakes benefited from the floods, that is if you call simmos a benefit. its debateable if the oxlease common originated in oxlease aswell.
  4. although the place is run well its down to the anglers putting the amount of bait in why the fish are thriving
  5. good point,night temps are still up n down.
  6. depends on size/depth of lake, does seem a bit early though, are you seeing fish grouping up following the bigger fish?
  7. i use 18-22mm baits with 10-15mm seperaration respectivly.
  8. can anyone tell me the difference between red/black and basic halibut pellet from gjw titmus, apart from colour and cost the discriptions the same, cheers.
  9. depends what size fish your targeting, if your after anything go as low as poss, a taller pop up (4inch) definately puts off the smaller carp but not the tench though,not sure why.
  10. i had my pb chub on freelined slug, dropped breadflake then sweetcorn in front of it and it pushed it further under the bush, miscast a slug near the bush and it shot out and had it first time.
  11. ive used slugs for freelining around pads and margins, killer method,good casting weight and very durable,i think theirs legal issues with swan mussels,so iwas told by a baliff.
  12. thought there might be some issues with moving from water to water, just been looking at diy snail traps on you tube, plenty of info and food for thought on there.
  13. garden ponds mainly,i did think about collecting from another lake but was concerned about transfering from water to water.
  14. i fished 3 on a size 8 stiff rigger and it covered all but the point,theyre roughly 5mm.
  15. just been out moochin for a few hours on the hemp n snails,managed a good tench and 4 good bream, seems like a good combo,ill make it up myself next time and save some money. is there any legal/health issues using pond snails as bait?
  16. i think flouros a good compromise between mono and braid,minimal stretch,better contact with fish. i use the original gr60 on weedy waters were i find tigerline too heavy or need more distance,but everything else its 20lb tiger line. ive never been able to get on with braid,too many fingercuts,tip ring replacements,not very forgiving under the tip and not as easy too sink.
  17. any idea when the ridge monkeys back in stock dal, ive been lookin at pie irons instead but the handles look to long.
  18. depends what amount youve frozen, i froze about 5kg of hemp and it took more than 24hrs to defrost, had to smash it to bits with a mallet in the end,thinking about it now that might of been in the colder months
  19. particles take alot longer to defrost than boilles due to them freezing in a big lump.
  20. if you know anyone with a bookers card get yourself in there,its like a treasure trove for bait.
  21. i dont think ive ever looked at a water and thought i couldnt catch from their, carp are carp after all they do the same thing in 2 acres as they do in 200+ acres. imo carp in big pits are harder to find easier to catch, small pits easy to find harder to catch. never fished 200+ acres but cant see it would be any different.
  22. i thought id fish them the same way as the dlivers so i can get an accurate opinion on em. i did an overnighter on the scent from hell popups on a different lake and caught 2 so im fairly confident in there bait already.
  23. tommorow will be the first time ive actually used it on the hook mate,been baiting a few spots over oxford way,havnt been able to get out due to work,heading down for a 3 night session,quite confident though after seeing how much cleare the spots are now.
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